Bidet Etiquette: The Ultimate Guide

So you are curious about the proper bidet etiquette that makes you less of a novice but a pro? Well, keep reading.

Chances are, you are probably reading this article because you might have encountered a bidet somewhere and don’t know what to do with it. You don’t know if you are using it right. Or, you messed up the whole bathroom when trying to use one. Surreptitious? You are not alone!

A lot of people (and that includes me) have been in a similar position or situation before, so it’s okay cause you are obviously not alone.

If you probably visit a friend who has a bidet or you are in a country where every bathroom has a bidet, but you are lost on what to do with it, or you feel you are doing it wrong, then this article is for you.

This article is more like an overall guide that focuses on bidet toilet etiquette. It aims to inform you on how to make right and proper use of this washlet without embarrassing yourself or your host.

Whether you travel overseas to a bidet using country or walk into it in your place of residence, a restaurant, or a hotel, take this article as your little instructor.

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Bidet Etiquette In Your Home

If you are conjecturing why you need a lesson or lecturing on how to use the bidet in your house, it is because charity they say begins at home. How you use a bidet in your home says a lot about how you will use them outside when you encounter one. So, what’s the proper bidet etiquette at home?

If you have this washlet at home, using a bidet at home is not really a ‘hard specially constructed task’; it’s just as easy as doing your toilet business, then proceeding to wash your private areas with the bidet. However, the way you use your bidet at home or anywhere generally depends on the type of bidet you are using.

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So far, you are not using a stand-alone bidet that will require you to stand up from your standard toilet and move to the bidet where it is placed, to advance washing; you can simply proceed washing in every other bidet type. Using the bidet;

  • The bidet is structured in a way that the water flow comes with force, though the force is not too high to cause damage to the skin. So whether you pee or poop and you want to wash, you can first wipe with the tissue paper or use the bidet straight away. Whichever way you are comfortable with is okay.
  • You can also make use of soap to wash your private areas if you choose to, though women should use soap with less fragrance because of the vaginal PH.
  • After washing with the bidet, you can turn on the dryer on your bidet (if your type of bidet is equipped with that). Or you can pat dry with a tissue paper or a bidet towel. Also, remember to identify everyone’s bidet’s towel. If you stay alone, then you are good to go. Maintain proper cleanliness by washing this little towel if it is a reusable one.
  • Then, of course, wash your hands.
  • For men in the house, please try to lift the toilet/bidet seat up before peeing and put it back when down. It’s part of etiquette and sanitary for you and your lady.

Bidet Etiquette in a Host or Friend’s Place

In this case, let’s say you visited a friend or someone that has a bidet in their restroom. You will still practice the same bidet etiquette you practice at home in their restroom.

  • First, wipe with tissue paper if there is one provided. If there is none, you can proceed to use the bidet, or you can ask your host or hostess for it politely.
  • Still sitting comfortably on the toilet, turn on the bidet hose/ bidet attachment or toilet seat towards your private area (but not too directly towards it to avoid splashing) and wash it off.
  • Wash with soap if you choose to, if there is none, ask for one. Though most hosts usually place a bar of soap in their bathrooms.
  • After washing, still, sit on the bidet to air dry if the bidet comes with an inbuilt air dry. If not, wipe with toilet paper but NEVER use a bidet towel in your host bathroom. It is very much uncultured and moreover, that is a proper bidet towel etiquette. Or-else the bidet towel there is a new one which has never been used before; you can ask your host about this. Also, if you come with your bidet towel, then it’s okay. (Though I doubt many people will remember to leave their home with a bidet towel.)
  • Follow by maintaining the personal hygiene of washing your hands when leaving the bathroom.

Note: if the bidet in your host bathroom is a ‘stand-alone.’ You will have to move to it after wiping. It is usually next to the standard toilet with taps and looks like a basin. Using this bidet, it will require you to face the wall or the water to use it; more like in a straddle position. With this, the water will get in the right places without splashing everywhere.

Bidet Etiquette in Restroom or Hotel

As formerly stated, how you use your bidet at home can make it easier for you when you find one in a restroom or country that has bidets in each of its toilets. So the etiquette and usage are so similar to that of home usage or in a friend’s bathroom after pee or poop.

On the issue of using a bidet towel to pat dry yourself, most hotels usually provide a fresh, clean bidet towel for users. But, if you are still insecure about it, you can ask them to clarify if it is a new/fresh one or just pat dry with a tissue.

Though most hostels, especially those in the Asian countries, have mostly automated bidets. That is, they have air dryers inherent in the bidet to dry you up after using.

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Other Notable Etiquettes:

  • Never throw tissue paper inside a stand-alone bidet; it will clog it.
  • Never throw a non-reusable bidet towel in the toilet or bidet, put that in the toilet bin.
  • Adjust the flow of the water from the bidet to your preference, to avoid overflowing.
  • You can choose to use either warm or cold water.
  • When you are done washing your genitals, you should rinse away any particles in the bidet bowl to prevent the growth of germs.
  • Don’t use the hand, face, or body towel for your bidet towel; differentiate them all.
  • If you happen to splash water or drip on the floor, ensure you clean them. You don’t want the next person to land on the floor because of your mistake.

Don’t Do This if You Have a Stand-Alone Bidet

Using a bidet as a pet bathtub

A lot of people have been caught doing this, and to be sincere, this is not nice at all. People should ask questions instead of doing or using things the wrong way.

Use it as a refuse bin

A bidet is not a refuse bin. Never use it for that; doing so is just gross.

Washing of feet

Just because of the way this bidet is built, it can simply be passed as a pedicure bowl or something similar to that. However, it is not for that purpose; it’s a good thing to keep your feet clean but not inside a bidet.

So, these are all bidet etiquette you need to know for proper bidet usage. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and I will surely explain them. I know this little guide might seem like a lot to drill or handle, but trust me, when you start doing it right, it will be as easy as wiping your butt with tissue paper. Only that this time it will be a lot cleaner.

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