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Thank you for visiting JustBidet (hereafter as “we”, “us”, “our”). For legal reasons, please read the following Terms of Use (“Terms”). These terms are set forth to manage and control your use of our site JustBidet.com (the “Website”). If you find our Terms disagreeable or not suitable to your personal beliefs, please do not visit our website.

We obtain the right to update and/or adjust the Terms. In the event that any changes occur, they will be published to the website promptly. By continuing to use our website, you fully agree to these terms.

  1. Website utilization
    1. You cannot use the Website:
      • In a way that is counterfeit, deceptive, indecent or hurtful.
      • To post and submit any kind of insulting, threatening, coarse or disagreeable material.
      • To interrupt the use of the Website of another person, or try to deceive another person.
      • To submit and post scam content, or any illegal and unlicensed advertisements and marketing materials.
      • In a way that would be regarded as a criminal act or interfere with any country’s official rules and regulations.
      • In a way that violates patents, copyrights or trademarks or any other kind of intangible assets.
      • To obtain and keep personal data about other people that use the Website unless you have an official written agreement to do so.
    2. You must not gain access to the Website’s content with automated software, devices that are “scraping” and “crawling” unless you have an official agreement with us to take out any kind of content and information. The use of these query programs is firmly against our terms and strictly forbidden.
    3. Any content you post beside your private and personal data will not be considered copyrighted or confidential. We have no responsibility and obligations regarding the material that you submit on the Website.
  2. Intangible Assets
    1. We own everything posted on the Website (articles, graphic designs, text and images) unless declared otherwise.
    2. All of the articles, reviews, images and designs are protected by trademarks, copyright and other intangible assets.
    3. Any content on the Website can be used as a print copy for a personal and non-profit benefit, only if and when:
      1. Our intangible assets have remained untouched.
      2. Our content is not copied and/or replicated for any trading and commercial purposes.
      3. If you decide to use the Website’s content and material for commercial use, you have an obligation to contact us for official approval. 
  3. Limitation of Liability
    1. We have no liability over the direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages and the loss of profit and data that could happen to you on the Website.
    2. We are making an effort to provide the most accurate data and information; however, we do not guarantee that our content is complete, precise or correct. We hold no liability for any reliance on our content and material, by you or a third party.
    3. On our Website, we post reviews that are only based on the opinion of the reviewers. We are in no way liable for any imprecise information, writing errors or any mistakes in these reviews, or the damage that might compromise you or the reputation that you have, based on these reviews.
    4. We have no liability over the content of third-party links that we post on our Website.
    5. Our Website may include commercial and sponsored material. We hold no responsibility for the content that the advertising companies post. Advertisers and sponsors assure their content is in accordance with relevant laws and code of conduct.
  4. Availability of the Website
    1. We are not responsible if our Website doesn’t meet your expectations, requirements and conditions. If any kind of error occurs on our behalf, be sure to notify us to try to sort out the problem as soon as we can.
    2. Sometimes, access will be denied on the Website if we are maintaining, fixing, restoring or establishing new services. We will recover access to the Website as quickly as possible.
  5. Reviews
    1. Reviewers (people who post reviews on our Website) assure that:
      • They will write authentic, sincere and independent opinions of the reviews that will not undermine or ruin the reputation of the subject matter of the review.
      • They will not profit in any way from a third party.
      • The reviews will not be reproduced or copied from another source.
      • They will write original and genuine content based on the facts and statistics that they have gathered.
      • JustBidet.com has authority to use these reviews in any sort of context, time and circumstance.
    2. We at JustBidet.com are entitled and have the right to take off content from our Website, at any time and any place.
  6. General Terms
    1. For the Website to function correctly and adequately or because of legal and legislative reasons, these Terms may be open to changes.
    2. If there is any kind of change applied to the Terms, there will be an adequate statement posted on the Website. If by any reason you do not accept the new Terms, please do not continue to use and visit the Website.
    3. If you continue to visit and use the Website, you agree in full with the new Terms.
    4. Your rights and responsibilities might not be appointed and transferred to any other individual under these Terms.
    5. We hold no liability over any kind of violations of these Terms resulting from conditions and occurrences exceeding our control.
  7. Law and Jurisdictions
    1. These Terms are regulated and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Australia.
    2. We do not promise that any content on the Website is in agreement with laws and regulations outside of Australia. That said, if you access the Website or post content from another country, you will be held responsible for not complying with the relevant rules and regulations.
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