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The JustBidet team is always up for contributing to the digital community and we do our part by providing you with the most recent, impartial and 100% honest content and reviews. But we could really use a hand sometimes!

Why Do We Need Your Help?

Despite our content being 100% free, unfortunately, we cannot continue working pro-bono forever.

Ads are one of the few ways a website can make a profit. But having in mind how much they interrupt your browsing experience, we’ve been obtaining a strict policy against ads as a way to gain income.

Thus, we found affiliate marketing to be much more suitable for our needs. Affiliate marketing allows us to compensate for the time and effort we put into the work we do, without subjecting the reader to inconveniences of any sort.

How Can You Support Us?

Affiliate marketing works by allowing a website to receive a commission for a product or service it promotes. To illustrate, whenever you choose to buy something from our partners via affiliate links posted on our website, we receive a small commission that helps us cover our Website expenses.

Shopping via affiliate links doesn’t require any additional fees, nor does it disclose any of your personal information, which makes it completely safe. In fact, it actually offers a few benefits. You’ve probably stumbled upon the countless special deals we offer whenever you decide to shop through the affiliate link, which is not likely to occur at other websites.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Your support is what keeps us going.

To ensure that we keep providing you with quality content and numerous deals and offers, please consider contributing to our Website. 

A click is all we need, which is entirely safe and sound!

Your support would be strongly appreciated, and in return, we’ll continue offering the best shopping tips and deals out there!

Thank you for supporting

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