Can You Poop in a Bidet? Best Bidets for It

Can you poop in a bidet?

In a previous post where I answered the question of “can you pee on a bidet,” I equally responded to the question “can you poop in a bidet,“.

That is, whether one can also poop in a bidet. However, I felt I didn’t emphasize it and gave a minimal answer that could confuse people seeking a specific answer to this question. Thus, this is what this article aims to clarify. 

Without much delay in answering the question, the simple answer to the question of if one can poop a bidet is YES; however, it highly depends on the type of bidet you own.

As I stated in that article, most people are confused about whether peeing or defecating is allowed in a bidet because they don’t regard or identify a bidet by its proper name. For instance, calling a bidet hose merely bidet will get you more confused and misinterpret its purpose. 

Having answered this, what type of bidets can one poop in? Though there is no selection for this, here are the bidets that bidet users can use for defecating. 

ALL in One Bidet

This is basically a toilet that comes with a bidet. It is the most advanced type of bidet because it comes with a toilet that has higher technology. Inasmuch as it can come pricey, this type of bidet can handle feces perfectly; you just have to sit properly, operate it accurately, and let it do its work.

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Bidet Toilet Seat

For this, instead of making use of your usual toilet seat, you make use of a bidet seat, too. All you have to do is to replace your toilet seat with a bidet toilet seat. Therefore, when you are using the bidet seat, you also use your typical toilet. If you are buying a bidet toilet seat, ensure you buy an elongated bidet seat if your toilet is elongated and a round bidet seat if your toilet is round. On how to use it, make use of your toilet, then operate the bidet seat to wash you. 

Bidet Attachment 

The bidet attachment also makes it convenient for pooping without feeling odd. This is because the bidet here is attached to your toilet seat; therefore, you still have your toilet. Additionally, you don’t have to remove your entire toilet seat like the bidet seat above requires; just fix the bidet attachment on your existing toilet seat. 

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Bidet Horse or Bidet Sprayer  

This is another attached type of bidet that won’t make you lose or feel strange when you are doing your toilet business. This bidet is attached beside your toilet; hence, you are not altering anything in your toilet. Thus, when you are through pooping, take it from the toilet side where it is usually hanged and wash, and then return it to its previous position when you are through. Here is a complete guide on how to use a bidet hose. 

Portable Bidet or Travelers Bidet

As the name implies, you take it anywhere you go. A portable bidet makes it okay for you when you intend to use the toilet without a bidet. It likewise doesn’t stop you or change the way you use your toilet. Instead, you only fill it with water and wash private areas. 

Can you poop in a bidet? Never poop in this type of bidet

While we have listed the type of bidet that doesn’t alter the way you poop in your toilet, there is one type of bidet that you should never poop on. This is the “standalone bidet.”

The Standalone Bidet

The standalone bidet is more like an ancient type of bidet that is specifically constructed for watching the genitals. Water or any liquid substance or even urine can pass through it but not feces. Excreting on it can clog it immediately and won’t even attempt to flush. Many people mistake it to be a toilet because of the little resemblance. 

Do you need to wipe yourself after pooping before using a bidet?

The introduction of the bidet for personal and toilet routine is to promote adequate cleanliness. Using the toilet and wiping with only tissue paper does not guarantee you will be absolutely odor-free down there after your toilet business. This is the issue the creation of a bidet is designed to resolve. Most people can brother less of using tissue paper and use the bidet straight away, whereas some feel more comfortable wiping with a small amount of tissue paper and following up with using a bidet. If you are used to using tissue paper, the least might be more comfortable for you.

To sum up, all that I have written, the answer to “can you poop in a bidet,” depends on the type of bidet you are using (listed above). Therefore, when describing or naming a bidet of your choice, never hesitate to call it correctly to not contradict its functions. 

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