(WITH PICTURES) Can you Pee or Poop in a Bidet? 5 Best Bidets for it

If you are new to using a bidet, one of the many inquiries that has to do with how we use a bidet is ‘can you pee in a bidet’. When I started my bidet journey, I equally asked this same question because it confuses the user.

Just like you are doing now, the internet was my first place to seek answers. However, I was a little unsatisfied with the bit of information provided on this topic. Luckily for some bidet users, they understood the whole concept quicker, as they had to figure things out by themselves.

Well, it’s okay to ask questions as it provides a more profound knowledge on the topic.

If this same question drove you here, then I hope this article gives you the answers you need. Without wasting much time, a straightforward answer will be best.

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Can you pee in a bidet? Here is all you need to know.

You may or may not pee in a bidet. The reason for this is that bidets come in different types, and some of them can handle pee or feces while some can’t. 

Many frown at the idea of peeing in a bidet as unhygienic. But it’s mostly if you are doing it in the wrong washlet.

When we mention bidet, what most people cannot understand is that ‘bidet attachment’ and ‘bidet sprayer’ shouldn’t just be regarded as ‘bidet’, singularly. For a better understanding of their functions, they should have their specific names attached to it.

Traditionally, when we say a ‘bidet’ “it is a low oval basin used for washing your genital areas, which also includes the anal region.” However, that is not the only bidet available in the market right now. Companies are recreating what we know about older bidets for high-tech replicas.

There are fanciers and luxury bidets on the market, which even come with distinct features for comfortability and usage; unlike the basic old-fashioned bidet. This makes it easier to adapt as a new user.

Here are five bidets you can pee on :

1) The stand-alone bidet

Picture of a standalone bidet

 This is the type of bidet that has come a long way since the evolution of bidet, and it is commonly what you will find in hotels or restaurants making use of it. Because of the way they structure it, this bidet can very well handle urine.

Sometimes you might find a standard toilet sited next to it. Then, you should use the toilet first, then move to the bidet for proper cleansing. I know it might sound like a lot of work, but soon enough you will get used to it. Besides, having clean genitals is the paramount goal here.

I remember visiting a small stop-by restaurant some time ago, which has a trivial space strictly for urinating for visitors; they had only a stand-alone bidet in it. I’m not sure why they made no toilet provision for the other toilet businesses. The thing is, visitors made use of its purpose.

While you may pee in this type of bidet, please never throw toilet paper into it or stand to pee in it. It is simply gross. Even trying to pee on the wall-mounted ones can be a mess and discomforting.

Key Point: To avoid confusing you; the stand-alone bidet can handle pee. It is because urine is in liquid form, like water. So it can easily pass through and also the water from the bidet helps to wash it away too; thus keeping it clean.

Should there be a provision of a toilet and a stand-alone bidet next to it, do the appropriate thing by urinating in the toilet, then move to the bidet to wash. If you have one mounted on the wall, don’t even bother peeing on it.

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2) Bidet hose

Picture of the bidet hose Photo courtesy: JoyBuy

Also known as bidet sprayer or handheld bidet; this is another type of bidet that makes urinating appropriate and less messy or unhealthy.

From the name, you should probably understand that this is not the usual washlet but the hose type. You can mostly see it hanging by the side of the toilet where it is typically reachable.

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Having this type of bidet, you can do your habitual toilet deeds, then use the bidet hose or sprayer to wash off. There are no germs build-up as you are still making use of your traditional toilet. Remember to flush the toilet, as you would always do.

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Key point: suitable for urinating as you are still making use of your toilet but cleaning with the exterior bidet hose.

3) Built-in Bidet or All-in-one Bidet

This luxurious type of bidet can handle anything (relating to pee or defecates, obviously). This is the major purpose of its construction. When you make use of it, do as you would do in a regular toilet. The only difference is that you emerge out of the restroom with a cleaner butt/genital.

There is no stress of peeing in a standard toilet, then moving to wash in a bidet or using the hose to target the spot you are washing.

Key point: Peeping is ideally allowed. It is more like a standard toilet but has an in-built bidet in it. So, you can do all your toilet deeds in the same spot; you can poop or pee in this bidet

4) Bidet attachment

can you pee or poop in a bidet?

I’m guessing your response might be “what is this doing on the list’? And I would say, yes, a bidet attachment gives you the ease to pee in a toilet too. Let me explain.

Since the bidet here is just an attachment and not the whole toilet, you are still making use of your toilet as you would. The bidet attachment is only attached to the toilet seat; there is no contact with peeping or spread of germs. Thus, good hygiene is maintained. Turn on the knot when you want to wash up.

Key point: appropriate for urinating. You are making use of your typical toilet as the bidet attachment is on the toilet seat.

5) Bidet toilet seat

Picture of a bidet seat

This type of bidet gives you a “yes” on your question of if you can pee or even poop in a bidet. Just like the bidet attachment, it is on the toilet seat and has nothing to do with where the urine enters.

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It permits you to make use of your toilet, as usual. The only difference is that you won’t be having a regular toilet seat, but a toilet seat that has a bidet built within it. As a man, you should take it up before urinating and replace it after it’s done. It contributes to keeping it clean too.

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Key point: You can pee in a bidet toilet seat because the toilet seat is only where your bidet is installed, thus your urine won’t come in contact with your bidet seat.

Can you poop in a bidet? Here is what you should know.

Having answered your question of how possible it is for you to pee in a bidet, another issue that arises is if you can poop in a bidet? Just like the counterpart question, this question is mostly uprising and creates different arguments from users who are new in the game.

The answer to this question is the same about urinating in a bidet, too. Here is an article that fully explains the question of “Can you poop in a bidet?”

Listed types of bidets to poop on; the reasons are as previously explained (as that of pee).

  • All-in-one or Built-in bidet
  • Bidet hose
  • Bidet attachment
  • Bidet seat

One bidet that you should never poop on is the ‘stand-alone bidet.’ This type of bidet is built in such that only liquid substances can pass through. Aside from that, excreting into this can create and endorse the breeding of bacteria.

Thus, making it very insalubrious for human genital areas. Another mess you would be creating is directly begging for a clogged drain of the bidet.

So, there you have it, I know this topic can be arguable, but I hope reading this article answers your question of if you can pee in a bidet or even poop in it or not.

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