How to Use a Bidet Bottle

The bidet bottle or portable bidet is the type of bidet best used when you’re on the go. However, not many users who own it know how to use it. 

Most users also toss aside the bidet bottle or won’t even consider buying it because they feel it’s ineffective.

If you’re wondering how to use a bidet bottle, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will guide you on using one without making a mess.

How to Use a Bidet Bottle

How to Use a Bidet Bottle

It will require you to do more work because it’s a non-electric and manually operated type of bidet.

Follow the steps below.

Fill the bottle with water 

Unlike the other bidets in the toilet, which take their water from the water source in your bathroom, the bidet bottle requires you to fill it with water manually. 

You can either choose to put either cold or warm water in it. Bidet companies ideally produce most of their bidet bottles on the market to handle warm water, so you don’t have to worry about bottle melting. 

To do this, simply open the tube, which is likewise the nozzle for some portable bidet. Pour in the water and close it back. 

Position yourself

Your position when using a bidet bottle in the toilet and out in the woods when hiking or camping slightly differs.

To use a bidet bottle in your toilet at home, you must be in a similar toilet position when peeing or pooping. On the other hand, when using a bidet bottle outside, you need to be in and maintain a squat position. The reason for this is to prevent the spray of water and get a perfect aim down there.

It’s also essential for you not to squat in the same spot you did your toilet business. The reason for this is to prevent the splash of feces or water in your private area. So use another spot.

Wipe with tissue paper first

When using a bidet bottle, it’s recommended to clean it first with tissue paper. The tissue paper helps remove the first layer of excess feces from the skin’s surface. 

If you’re using a bidet seat, bidet sprayer, bidet attachment, or bidet combo with high pressure, this step may not be necessary. However, the water pressure is usually not strong enough to remove thick feces in portable bidets or bidet bottles. 

The good thing about using a bidet is that the amount of tissue paper you’ll need will be less than when a bidet is not in use.

Hand positioning 

The angle you position your hand when using a bidet bottle or portable bidet is critical. When you position it correctly, there will be a perfect aim. There will also be less to no water splashing carelessly everywhere. This aids in water management, especially if your bidet bottle only holds a small amount of water.

For both men and women who are first-timers, when washing the back area, instead of positioning the bidet bottle directly to your rear area, put it at a 90-degree angle. However, you can also set it directly to your back area.

Whether you position it at a 90-degree or straight angle, you’re required to move your hand to the bottle in different directions. 

As a lady, to wash and target your front area, put the bidet bottle between your thighs. This helps to aim directly at any part you want to clean without wasting more water.

Squeeze the bottle 

Unlike other advanced types of bidets that automatically bring out water when you press an auto button, a bidet bottle doesn’t work that way.

You will need to squeeze your bottle to make the water flow out and add pressure to the water flow. Though not a hard squeeze but a mild, soft one. However, there are instances where you don’t need to squeeze, especially if you have an electric bidet bottle. Though not a hard squeeze but a mild, soft one. 

These types of bidet bottles are rechargeable and have a button you can press to initiate the washing process. This process also makes water automatically rush out without you squeezing the bottle.

However, the downside is that the water pressure is not intense, and you constantly need to recharge it for good water pressure.

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Going in with your hand

One of the many questions we get asked is if it’s okay to use your hand too when washing with a bidet bottle. And the answer remains that it ‘depends.’ You can choose to use your hand to enhance your washing further down there. And you can likewise decide not to. 

One reason many users are reluctant to use their hands down there is the nasty thought of touching their feces. These thoughts are entirely understandable. 

However, remember that using the tissue at first has removed the feces. Using the bidet here is to give you thorough cleanliness down there. 

Choosing to use soap

Like using your hand, there is likewise the question of whether or not you can use soap. Also, this depends on the user’s choice. 

If you have soap available, you can go in with soap to give yourself extra cleanliness. If there’s no soap, you’re not doing anything wrong.

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Drying off

Our guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this step. When using this type of bidet, be sure you have a bidet towel readily available to dry you up. 

If you don’t have a bidet towel, you should wait to air-dry a bit before wearing your clothing. Also, if you don’t have a bidet towel, you can use a clean old shirt to dry down there. 

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Using a bidet bottle is not complicated at all but easy. As a first-timer, it may seem like a difficult task, but frequent use makes you master it.

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