Do You Wipe Before Using a Bidet?

You can choose to wipe before or after using a bidet. It mainly depends on what you want.

However, wiping before using a bidet helps to get rid of unwanted solid materials in the butt before using the bidet. 

Do you wipe before using a bidet? This article gives answers to all the questions arising in you concerning wiping before or after using a bidet. Do go through it carefully to get more answers.

Do You Wipe Before Using a Bidet?

Do You Wipe Before Using a Bidet?

Whether to wipe before using a bidet depends on whether or not you would love to. Some people don’t wipe before using the bidet as they believe it does not matter and feel comfortable with it. However, it’s better and advisable to wipe before using a bidet if perhaps your bidet works with low pressure.

It is because some fecal matter might still stick to your rear after using the toilet, and it’s better to wipe off the mess first before using a bidet to do thorough and deep cleaning. Though some prefer not to wipe before using a bidet when it works with high pressure, it does the work of wiping and cleaning.

Do You Wipe After Using a Bidet?

The answer to this question depends on the choices of individuals. Some prefer to keep having the wet feeling even after they have used the bidet. In contrast, some dislike being wet after using the bidet. They see it as irritating and embarrassing and would dry off the wet areas after cleaning with a bidet.

What Should You Use in Wiping Before Using a Bidet?

Wiping before using a bidet is mainly done to avoid excess fecal matter stain on your butt and bidet, especially if you use a standalone bidet. However, toilet paper is more appropriate and suitable for this as it helps you eliminate any unwanted matter in your genitalia before finally using the bidet to clean up. You should use quality toilet paper to make the wiping more effective.

What Should You Use in Wiping After Using a Bidet?

Wiping with an extra object after using a bidet is unnecessary if you have an automatic bidet with an air-dryer feature. But if you are using a bidet that does not have it, you should dry your genitalia with toilet paper after using a bidet.

You can also use a bidet towel to air-dry yourself after using the bidet. But, be careful not to use your dedicated hand towel as a bidet towel. 

How do You Wipe Before Using a Bidet

Wiping before cleaning with a bidet is not compulsory but reasonably necessary if your bidet doesn’t work at a high-pressure rate. However, wiping before using a bidet can be done by using toilet paper to clean any solid matter you may find around your private part to avoid staining your bidet when cleaning with it. Once this is perfectly done, you can go ahead and make use of your bidet to clean your genitalia thoroughly to give a feeling of cleanliness.

On the other hand, to wipe after using the bidet, use the air-dry system of your bidet if it’s an automatic or luxurious bidet. But if your bidet lacks this feature, you have nothing to fear! 

Steps to follow

Kindly follow these steps to wipe after using the bidet:

  • Knowing that your private parts are already cleaned, use toilet paper to soak the wet areas. It will reduce the degree of liquid material in that region. Once that is done, use dry toilet paper to wipe or dab the area. Remember, the bidet has cleaned that part already. One or two gentle dabs should be okay for the job.
  • If a bidet towel is close by, you can easily use it to air dry yourself. But, ensure it’s not a towel used in drying your hands but the genitalia to avoid infections getting into your private parts.

When using tissue paper, drying yourself should be the only case to use toilet paper after using a bidet. But, if you use toilet paper to clean feces after using a bidet, it means you have not been using it properly. 

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Advantages of Wiping Before and After Using a Bidet

  1.  Pre-wipe helps to get rid of fecal matter stuck to the butt

Pre-wipe is primarily advisable for those using a standalone bidet. It allows the butt to be pre-cleaned before using the bidet. Also, wiping before using a standalone helps prevent fecal matter from getting stuck and not going down the bidet drain, which can be embarrassing and irritating.

  1. Pre-wipe helps to reduce the time spent cleaning

When you pre-wipe, 50% of the cleaning has been done. It will reduce the time spent using the bidet to clean.

For those who do not have the luxurious type of bidet, wiping helps them dry their private parts after using the bidet just the way an air-dryer would. 

  1. It dries your private region faster if you are in a hurry

Using an automatic bidet with an air-drying system often takes a little time and might not be suitable for anyone in haste. However, wiping with toilet paper or a bidet towel makes it quicker to be out of the toilet to attend to other things.

  1. It helps satisfy those who do not know how to use a bidet

Making use of toilet paper to wipe after using a bidet helps those who lack the use of a bidet to confirm if they are spotless. And this helps them clean up well if the bidet wasn’t well operated to perform an efficient cleaning.

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Do you wipe before using a bidet? Wiping before or after using a bidet is not compulsory but mainly depends on the user. If you want to get cleaned on time, wipe before and after using the bidet. 

If your bidet lacks an air-drying feature, you should consider drying yourself with toilet paper or a bidet towel after using the bidet.

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