Do You Use Soap With a Bidet?

Do you use soap with a bidet? Most people also have this question because some soaps have various effects when used on the sensitive skin of genitalia.

However, not all soaps are unfit for washing the genitalia’s skin. If you are the type that can’t do without using a bar of soap to clean up, we advise you to make use of a mild soap-free cleanser as there are various kinds. Also, the answers to your question are embedded in this article; kindly go through them.

Do You Use Soap With a Bidet

Do You Use Soap With a Bidet?

The answer to this question is, not necessarily! Using a bar of soap with a bidet is unnecessary because most soaps are not produced for use on the genital area.

Many use bidets as a means to freshen up, as a mini-shower after having a bowel movement, and some use them to clean up after having sex. However, the use of soap is not necessary in these cases. But if you want to make use of soap because you can’t do without cleaning up without soap, ensure to use a mild soap-free cleanser.

Side Effects of Using Soap With a Bidet

You are not advised to use a soap with a bidet because of some effects that soap might have on your private region. Some of the effects are:

It may upset the PH balance of your genitalia

It’s normal for you when bathing to make use of soap because your normal skin isn’t as soft as the area of your genitalia and can handle soap. On the other hand, your genitalia is quite sensitive to your regular skin, and using a bar of soap on it can upset the balanced PH in your private parts.

However, if you are used to cleaning with soap because you won’t feel comfortable without it, you can try getting a mild, soap-free cleanser. It is better than using ordinary soap in your time zone.

It may remove the protective coating of your skin and makes it open to dryness

Soaps tend to open the sensitive skin of your protective coating, making the skin itchy. Itching the genitalia is unpleasant and can cause embarrassment in public; you wouldn’t want to experience that. It also causes complete dryness on your sensitive parts, leading to irritation.

Dryness and irritation of the skin may cause infections

When you irritate the skin and cause it to dry, it opens the way to the micro-tear of the genitalia. And when there is a tiny tear in the area, your private part is open to infections such as hemorrhoids

However, if you can’t do without using soap with a bidet, consider using the following soap-free cleansers, such as Dove, Summer’s eve, and fur oil. These soap-free cleansers are suitable for use with a bidet if you are a fan of using soap with a bidet. 

How to Use a Soap With a Bidet

How to Use a Soap With a Bidet

If you want to use soap with a bidet and you’re wondering how to go about it, then below is a step-by-step guide on how to go about it. 

Remember, you’re to use a mild soap-free cleanser with a bidet to avoid exposing the sensitive parts of your genitalia to infections. 

Take your position on the bidet

Ensure you take a comfortable position on your bidet and try to position yourself in a way that will allow the spray of water to reach every part of your private area.

Turn on the water

Be careful to adjust the pressure of the water accordingly. Adjusting it to high pressure might not be needed at first. However, warm water is more advisable if your bidet has the water heating feature.

Wash your private region with a mild soap-free cleanser

Apply your mild soap-free cleanser to the region and wash.

Rinse and repeat if necessary

When you have washed and rinsed and are unsatisfied with the outcome or result, be free to repeat the process as long as you wish.

Dry your genitalia

Once done with washing and rinsing, use the air-dryer system of your bidet to air dry. But if you use a bidet without that feature, use a dry bidet towel or quality toilet paper to dry the region gently.

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Will the Bidet Render a Perfect Cleaning Job Without Soap?

Yes, a bidet is designed to render a perfect cleaning without a bar of soap. It applies water to every part of your genitalia and washes off every unwanted particle. However, if you use a bidet after using a toilet, it’s advisable to wipe it first before engaging the bidet to remove solid fecal matter that might have stuck to your butt.

Also, a bidet can render a perfect cleaning job without soap when you know how to operate it. Some people do not know how to operate a bidet and thereby do not allow the bidet to work effectively and, as such, try to use soap with it.

Furthermore, a bidet will render a perfect cleaning job, especially when it releases warm water. Warm water helps wipe off possible germs and gives you a better cleaning experience. Lastly, soaps are not suitable for your genitalia system. Therefore, a bidet should render the perfect cleaning job you desire.

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We hope this article clarifies every concern related to the usage of soap with a bidet. 

You can use some types of cleansers with a bidet instead of using a bar of soap. This is because soaps are likely to cause dry skin, leading to irritated skin, and dry skin is open to infections such as hemorrhoids and others. So be careful and stay healthy!

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