How Much Does a Bidet Cost

Planning on improving your bathroom with a bidet, and you are wondering how much a bidet costs? Or do you want to buy a bidet but do not know how much it costs to purchase and install one? The cost of bidets ranges from $30 to $2600.

However, the prices of bidets vary depending on how fantastic the features and the functions are. Some bidets are cheap, while some are costly. Calculate your cost before choosing the bidet to buy. Kindly review this article to learn more about how much bidets cost.

How Much Does a Bidet Cost

How Much Does a Bidet Cost

Do you plan to get a bidet and you’re searching about how much does a bidet cost? It’s good to know the cost of a bidet, but you must understand that the prices of bidets vary. However, the cost of bidets ranges from $30 to $2600 and even more. Bidets are of different types; some are sophisticated with great features, while some have limited and less sophisticated features.

Bidets’ price range

The price ranges of different bidets are below:

  1. Standalone bidets – standalone bidets come in the form of ceramics most times, making them a little bit costly. Their price ranges from $200 to $700.
  2. Bidet toilet seats – they are simple toilet bowls that look like a toilet. They range from $150 to $600.
  3. Bidet attachment – this type of bidet is quite affordable because it’s usually simply attached to the toilet seat. It ranges from $50 to $100.
  4. Handheld bidet – this is also cheap and can range from $50 to $80. It’s a bit cheap because it comprises only a hose with a nozzle and connects to a toilet tank. 
  5. Portable bidet – this is the cheapest of all bidets. You can carry it around because it’s portable. It also has limited functions and ranges between $30 to $50. Quite cheap, isn’t it?
  6. Bidet seat – this replaces your toilet seat and costs between $100 to $500.
  7. Bidet toilet – this is the most expensive type of bidet, being a 2-in-1 bidet system comprising both a regular toilet and a bidet. It also has excellent functions and beautiful features. It ranges from $2000 to $2600.
  8. Philippine tabo – a Philippine tabo is one of the cheapest types of bidet and can cost $20 or less. It is a bidet in the form of a bowl with a handle.

Cheap and expensive types of bidets

Bathroom fixtures are a part of daily developments; bidets keep improving and upgrading. Different bidets come with various features and high and low prices. 

However, if you want to get a very cheap bidet due to the budget and wish that you will be able to use it anywhere, go for a portable bidet. It would be best if you went for this instead of a Philippine tabo because a Philippine tabo is for use in the bathroom only. It’s just a bowl that cannot retain the water needed for use when traveling.

A portable bidet is the second cheapest after a Philippine tabo and only ranges from $30 to $50. It’s portable and easy to use. Though it has limited functions and features, it can retain water for use when traveling and has a covering to secure the water in the bottle. You can check out on our website different types of portable bidets to buy.

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Cheap and expensive types of bidets

Expensive bidets

The most expensive type of bidet is the bidet toilet. It’s also called an intelligent toilet and is costly due to its numerous functions. It ranges from $2000 to $2600. It does a lot of work itself with less human effort. It is a bidet with a regular toilet, so you don’t have to make use of a toilet before using the bidet. It is for both purposes.

However, you can also get other bidets that are less costly but a bit higher in price than the portable; Bidets, such as bidet attachments and bidet toilet seats. But if you have a high budget and are looking for the best bidet, It’s advisable to buy a bidet smart toilet as it’s very smart and requires no separate toilet. A bidet toilet seat is a regular toilet alternative. 

Is the installation of a bidet costly?

The installation of a bidet depends on the type of bidet and how sophisticated the bidet is. Some do not require installation by a plumber, while you cannot install some unless you are a plumber or you hire one. The average installation cost of bidets ranges from $500 to $1500, depending on the type of bidet you want to install. 

The truth is that the more expensive a bidet is, the higher its installation costs. For bidets like the portable ones, you do not need anyone to install them. All you have to do is, buy it, read through the manual if it has one, and use it. It’s as simple as that!

However, installing a standalone bidet can cost you between $500 to $1000, while establishing a bidet toilet can cost you close to $2000 due to its technicality. So, you should bear it in mind when you go for an expensive bidet because the cost of its installation would also increase.

Can anyone afford a bidet

Can anyone afford a bidet?

Yes, anyone can afford a bidet! However, it depends on the type of bidet and the budget at hand. You don’t need to have much to get a cheap bidet unless you plan to get an expensive bidet. However, checking the budget first before determining to buy the bidet is advisable.

If you are planning a low-budget bidet, kindly go for a portable bidet, a Philippine tabo, a bidet attachment, a handheld bidet, or a bidet toilet seat. But, if you have the financial capability to go for a high-cost bidet, try getting a smart bidet toilet. It will suit your requirements. Our website presents a list of bidet toilets you can buy.

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In Summary

Are you in need of a bidet but troubled about how much does a bidet cost to fit your budget? Do not panic! Bidets vary in price, and you can get them considering the budget you have at hand. But never be too forward to go to a bidet shop without knowing the cost of the bidet you want to buy. Lastly, knowing bidet types and how much bidets cost will help you plan your budget well and choose the one that you prefer the most.

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