Bidet Benefits & Advantages

As you may know, the sole aim of using a bidet is for the user to achieve better cleanliness in their private area. Especially the rear area in which some cases are most times given lesser attention. Many bidet users provide assertions on how using or adding a bidet to their home becomes a life changer in their hygienic routine. However, the many benefits of using a bidet have few efficiencies.

Aside from washing the private areas, some bidet users are unaware of all the other bidet benefits. So, if you are using a bidet as a man or woman or planning to get one soon, here are the benefits of a bidet to you, to the environment and to others.

The 9 Amazing Benefits of Bidet

In this article, we will provide you with a vivid explanation of all the advantages and benefits of the bidet. Here are the quick highlights:

  • Promotes better subjective hygiene and cleanness
  • Has a decent positive impact on the environment
  • Saves money
  • Prevention of constant toilet clogging
  • Promotion of healthy skin
  • Benefits of the bidet to the seniors, old or elderly
  • Bidet benefits to the disabled
  • Bidet health benefits to women
  • Benefits of the bidet to men

Benefits of Using a Bidet

Promotes better subjective hygiene and cleanness 

This still resorts to the top reason why people opt to use a bidet instead of the usual tissue paper. That is, to get better hygiene.

What most people don’t know is that using a toilet paper or tissue paper, do not COMPLETELY wipe off faeces. A tissue paper can aim in wiping the rear area but don’t do it better.

Using bidet to wash your butt after pooping can assist in eradicating faecal particles. These particles promotes the buildup of bacteria that most times causes butt smell.

Has a decent positive impact on the environment

The world is alternating to using items and technologies which are environment friendly . Bidet is one product that has a good effect on the environment.

It is common to hear that America is one of the big countries that are reluctant in making use of the bidet. When you compare it to most advanced countries in the world, they have the largest market of tissue paper.

In 2009, a report estimated that Americans uses about 23.6 toilet rolls per person per year. Likewise, an average American uses about 23 kilograms of tissue paper per year. It is about 50% greater than in other regular countries. The use of this much tissues has vast effects on the trees. it is because trees are one of the top sources for the production of tissues papers.

Most people have complained that using bidet equals to wasting of water, surprisingly, using a tissue paper wastes water more. How is this impossible? In the production of a single roll of tissue paper, it requires about 37 gallons of water; this includes 1.3 kilowatts/hours (KWh) of electricity and also approximately 1.5 pounds of wood. Now compare this.

Moreover, there are advanced bidets and bidet toilet seat in the market now that requires the use of less water. They include the Brondell Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet and the SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet.

The point here is that making use of bidet instead of the tissue paper reduces the number of tissue papers used daily. Hopefully, in the future; there will be a complete purge of it.

Saves money

Another benefit of bidet is that it saves you money. The tissue paper may cost less, yes. Yet, if you can calculate the amounts, you spend on tissue paper weekly or monthly. You will realize the huge differences it will make when you buy a one-time bidet.

For those who love to wipe first with tissue paper before using a bidet. The input of bidet in your hygiene process will reduce the number of tissue rolls you make use of. Instead, of continually wiping with tissue that will not give you a cleaner butt at the end. Once or twice wiping with the tissue paper, followed by a bidet does the magic.

Prevention of constant toilet clogging

The prevention and deduction of continual clogging of the toilet are another one of bidet benefit; if you repetitively experience it. Justly, tissue paper is produced in such a way that it can easily dissolve in the toilet, but putting too much toilet paper in the toilet can clog it.

Using a bidet, you reduce or even eliminate the need or service of a plumber for a clogged toilet. Just like we stated above, there will be a reduction in the tissue paper you use and an even greater reduction when you have a bidet that air dries after washing. As you don’t need to pat dry with a tissue.

Promotion of healthy skin

An additional health benefit of bidet is the elevation of healthy skin. In the production of some tissue paper, there are certain chemicals and fragrances which some users can be allergic to. Fact is, to make tissue paperwhite or whiter, there is a need to implement chlorine-based bleach in it. This bleach may not be harmful, but too much of it can cause sick irritation. Having a bidet can promote healthy skin in the private area for both men and women.

Benefits of Bidet to the Seniors, Old or Elderly

The benefit of bidet is also extended to the seniors too. Caregivers who take care of the elderly usually recommended the use of bidet for the following reasons;


One of the many illnesses that come with old age is arthritis. Coupled with this are some physical restrictions that are a result of muscular decrease and weakening in its elasticity. These problems cause seniors to have poor toilet hygiene because of reduced movement. As a result of this, seniors with this kind of issue should make use of the bidets. It makes cleaning easier without the struggle to wipe with tissue paper.

Urine incontinence

Urine incontinence has been one of the paramount problems for older females. This problem is known to attract further bacterial infections in the absence of proper cleaning of the lady area. The use of a washlet helps reduces this common illness and its treatment.

Toilet independence

For the elderly who always need assistance in using the toilet; a bidet makes them independent. As bidet is easy to use and associated with reducing the time spent in the toilet; many older people who use them won’t require the assistance of a caregiver or their family member when doing their toilet business.

Benefits of Bidet to the Disabled

Just like it is beneficial to the elderly, the bidet has so many benefits to disabilities. Some of the benefits of the bidet to the disabled include the subsequent doles.

Easy usage

The ability to access it easily is one of the reasons why many disabilities are encouraged to make use of the bidet. For the disabled with limited mobility, there is a laid-back wheelchair transfer to make it quicker to move to the toilet. After usage, depending on the type of bidet, there is electronic remote control that controls the entire bidet and makes the toilet cleaning process stress-free without requiring assistance.


Aside from promoting maximum hygiene for disabled people who don’t need to tussle to get a cleaner butt or private area. The bidet also provides excellent comfort. With advanced techy or luxury bidet, users with physical disabilities can switch the way the bidet is to meet their satisfaction. This includes and is not partial to controlling the flow of water, switching or alternating to either warm or cold water and making use of the air-dry feature. Interestingly, all these are possible through customized settings. Also, depending on the kind of the bidet you purchase, you can always adjust the sitting just like the way you modify a car seat.

Benefits of Bidet to Women

The importance and benefit of the bidet to women are not underrated as women’s sexual organs, or private parts are structured uniquely. The use of plain water for washing the woman’s private part has continuously been encouraged even without the need for soap, most especially scented soap. Therefore the bidet remains the best option for maintaining a healthy frontal region and butt.

Private part irritation

Some women react to tissue paper or feminine wipes when used on the private part; thus, the bidet is beneficial for females.

Menstruation cleansing

Menstruation is a combination of blood, cervical, and lady part mucus. This can cause an unpleasant odor, especially when a proper cleansing of the private part is not done. Using the bidet or the feminine wash feature available in some bidets can wash it properly.

Effective for yeast and urinary tract infections

While bidet cannot cure urinary tract disease or yeast infection, it can assist during the treatment process. Using a bidet can help smoothen the itchiness and keeps it clean why do you take recommended treatment from your doctor.

Suitable for pregnant women

Pregnant women can also benefit from the use of the bidet. This washlet also assists with Hemorrhoids whose symptoms are itchiness, burning and swelling that always surface when heavily pregnant. The bidet also helps with the urinary tract, Perineum and even maintains proper hygiene during and after the pregnancy period. A bidet can also help maintain good hygiene during Lochia which occurs after childbirth; when the uterus sheds its lining.

Benefits of Bidet to Men

Many male bidet users have asked if a bidet is benefiting men as it is for women and the simple answer is, yes. The benefit of bidet extends to male users which practically begins with the promotion of personal.

Personal hygiene

Washing your rear region as a man with a bidet helps to eradicate trapped feces or feces that aren’t correctly wiped by the tissue paper; thus causing awful odors.

Assist with sweaty butt

Even though this also applies to the woman, bidet benefits also outspread the management of sweaty butt crack.

Management of constipation, hemorrhoids or jock itch

The warm water from the bidet can be relieving. Also, it aids in the caring of either constipation, hemorrhoids or jock itch in men while using the recommended treatment.

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With the listed benefits of a bidet, what else is preventing you from using this washlet? If the environmental benefits didn’t do the magic, then your health should be an additional backing. Aside from the men and women; children of considerable age are also encouraged to use the washlet. Teach them proper hygiene while they are still young.

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