Is a Bidet for a Man or Woman?

Is a bidet for a man or woman? In a nutshell, YES, it can be used by a man or woman; so it is not specifically designed for any particular gender, ethnic group or culture. The question of who should use a bidet has been majorly asked by new bidet users and those who want to understand the genuine concept of ‘bidet’.

The understanding and assimilation of why a man should be using a bidet like a woman might sound confusing to many people. As women are believed to be the only gender that should care more for their private parts.

To make it easier to understand; It is merely because everyone ‘poops’ and the opening of the human end of the alimentary canal, ‘rear region’ is the same for all gender. After you are through with your “toilet business”; the better (close to the best) way to get a cleaner behind is by using a bidet.

Even if you are a man or woman, having pieces of several residual feces after wiping can create an awful smell and as well forms bacteria. You might not perceive it, but certainly, the person sitting next to you might. Using wet wipes or tissue paper might be useful but not as good as water.

How to Use a Bidet as a Woman

How to Use a Bidet as a Woman

To use a bidet as a woman depends on the type of bidet you are using. There are simple bidets that provide only a water sprayer or a bidet hose for cleaning after urinating or doing other toilet business. While other advanced bidets expressly offer a front and rear wash, which can be more convenient for female use to get the perfect swap.

These advanced bidets have other features of choosing the different temperatures of water to be released and even air drying after use. Note that either a man or woman can also use advanced bidets.

  • To use a bidet as a female after peeping; you can use a bidet sprayer or bidet hose to wash off, then pat dry with a tissue or bidet towel. It goes the same if the bidet or bidet attachment seat you are using comes with a simple nozzle. For the advanced bidet, which sometimes comes pricey for some brands, this is where the front feminine wash option comes to play.
  •  Simply, station yourself in a convenient position in the fancy bidet and operate the inflow of water from the settings embedded in the washlet. You may not need to wipe dry with tissue or towel after using an advanced bidet as most (if not all) come with an air-dry feature.
  • For the other toilet action, you can either choose to wipe first with toilet paper or use the bidet straight away. Many users have found it better off to wash straight without using toilet paper while others find it discomforting. You just have to experiment with the two to find the one that feels comfortable or makes you cleaner. Good thing there is no protocol guarding it.
  • Using an improved washlet or bidet to clean after the pooping can be fun for a female. For this, you sit in the position you would when you are doing your toilet business. Then press the ‘rear wash or the feminine posterior wash’ (name may vary depending on the type of bidets). Then air dry; it’s as simple as that.

Advantages of Using Bidet as a Female

There are several benefits of using a washlet as a woman which contributes to why many people assume that only females should use it. Unlike men, the female reproductive and sex organs are much more open and visible. It’s possible and easier for infections to get into the body through the female sex organs.

Improper or little care for the female genitals can lead to an increase and exposure to bacteria and infections. Medical consultants have mostly recommended that plain water is the best cleaner for female sex organs, which makes bidet the best product for that. The use of bidets can help eliminate and reduce the spray of impurities as it is plain water that comes out of a washlet.

Below are the health benefits of using a bidet as a woman:

  1. The female private part is truly a self-cleaning oven, and it’s the outer part of it is where you should concentrate when using a bidet. Using heavily scented soaps can kill the good bacteria in there, thus attracting harmful bacteria, which most times cause a fishy odor and itchiness.
  2. As stated above, water has always been the best option to pamper your sex organs as a woman. As a woman, making use of a bidet can give you that feminine freshness as most microorganisms’ buildups are easily washed off with water. At the same time, this also maintains the pH balance there.
  3. Improper or non-cleansing of the lady area after peeping can accumulate microbes. The use of warm (or cold) water from the bidet has always been the best option in getting rid of such residual up there.
  4. Just try not to overuse it.
  5. There is also a conceivable reduction in sexual insecurity. Let’s face it; a cleaner sex organ leads to healthier sex life. Whichever type of sexual style or method you and your partner explore, odors that are imminent from both the front the rear region can be a huge turn-off for your partner. Most women who want to give their sex organs the utmost care mostly acknowledge how useful a bidet has been for better sex life.
  6. The use of bidet has also helped in the hindrance and management of some medical issues in females, which includes urinary tract infections, some bladder infections, and hemorrhoids. Added to this are problems that have to do with menstrual cycles.
  7. This backs up why most doctors usually recommend it to their patients, especially some patients with hemorrhoids. Some bidet users who got to know about bidet are often through doctor’s commendation; they recommend the bidet for a man or woman.
  8. It is also very fitting for pregnant women. During pregnancy, women’s sex organs are usually open, and there are constant flows of mucus. Using a bidet to clean there can help a lot in keeping it clean. Added to this is the cleaning of water loss or breaking during pregnancy.

 Subsequently childbirth, the washlet can provide comfort and cleanliness for new mothers after their first few weeks of delivery. There is no use or less usage of wipes for cleaning during then, and as the body is in the healing process, the bidet is a perfect choice.

How to Use a Bidet as a Man

Just because the reproductive organ of a man is structured differently from that of a woman does not make them less entitled to use a bidet.

If you are a man and sceptical of installing a bidet in your house, don’t be! Go ahead and install one or make use of it when you see it in a hotel or at a friend’s place.

Knowing that a bidet is for both a man and a woman, how do you use a bidet as a man? As a man, using this washlet is even easier than using it as a woman (not literally). The procedure works the same; if you are using a bidet hose, a bidet seat attachment, the sprayer type, or the advance bidet.

  •  You will only need or use a bidet after poops. Just position or sit the way you would when doing the call of nature.
  • As mentioned before, you can either wipe before or just use a bidet. Do what works best for you and makes you comfortable. Then initiate the bidet rear or posterior wash, you can use the bidet sprayer if that’s the type you have.
  • After that, you can either pat dry with tissue paper or air dry if your washlet comes with that feature. That’s it; it’s all you need to do. It’s easier than you think.
  • For men suffering from Tinea cruris or Jock itch, which is mostly called “jock itch”; it is recommended to wash the affected area properly with the fore wash features. After washing, dry accurately, then apply the medication prescribed by your doctor.

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Advantages of Using Bidet as a Male

Just like women, men can also benefit from using a bidet.  These benefits include:

  1. Residuals of fecal, which accumulates and causes infections, can be managed and prevented by using a bidet. This value has been one crucial feature of using a bidet.
  2. It can also assist in the handling of itchiness in the male sex organ.
  3. Using a bidet can also boast about men’s sex life too. Sometimes, most men tend to neglect the need to care for their rear region/butt. To manage their ego, their partners may not discuss this but resolve it in sexual denial.
Is a Bidet for a Man or Woman?

Is a Bidet for a Man or Woman? Different Bidets for Separate Genders

No. don’t purchase different bidets; a bidet for a man or woman does not require different genders to use separate toilets. A man or a woman can use the same bidet provided both sexes cleanly maintain it.

Is a bidet for a man or woman? We hope now you know the answer! It is also necessary to include now that this washlet can also be used by grown-up kids too. That is because it can provide several health-related benefits.

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