How to Use a Bidet Without Making a Mess

Have you used a bidet and ended up making a mess? And you’re wondering whether you will ever learn how to use a bidet without making a mess? Don’t fret! You have the answers right in front of you. 

To use a bidet without making a mess, you must test its nozzle, know where to direct the water, pull off your undies before using it, and go through the manufacturer’s guidelines. However, to fully understand how to use a bidet without making a mess, kindly go through this article patiently.

How to Use a Bidet Without Making a Mess

How to Use a Bidet Without Making a Mess

Here are some tips to help you learn how to use a bidet without making a mess:

Tip 1. Ensure you test the nozzle

When you want to use a bidet in a public toilet or as a guest at a friend’s house, ensure you test the nozzle first. Turn the nozzle on before you use it for cleaning to know from where the water will come out and what the water pressure might be.

It is so that you don’t get surprised and disappointed seeing the water come out from an unexpected angle. Testing the nozzle will enable you to position yourself well around the nozzle. 

Tip 2. Know where to direct the water

If you are a female, you should clean your vulva from front to back just as you do when using toilet paper. But, if you are a male, try cleaning from the back to the frontal region. However, this is not mandatory, depending on how you’re used to cleaning your private parts. It’s just a guide to avoiding making every possible mess.

Tip 3. Do not poop in the bidet

Pooping in a bidet that is not a bidet toilet is not advised. Pooping in a standalone bidet will make a mess, and you wouldn’t like the aftermath.

Tip 4. Pull off your undies or clothes if necessary

You might have to pull off your clothes, shorts, undies, or pants to avoid messing up. Though, it’s okay if you can have your way around that by pulling them down only without messing them up. You won’t have to pull them off completely.

Tip 5. Don’t dry your private region with any towel you see around

Most toilets with bidets have a towel hanging nearby. However, this towel is for cleaning hands only, do not use it to dry your private region after cleaning. You might get infected by the bacteria transferred from other people’s hands. Don’t be tempted to use it. If you need to dry yourself, try to get a wipe or toilet paper to do the job.

Tip 6. Read through the manufacturer’s guidelines

Always ensure you go through the manual or guide that comes with your bidet. It is necessary, especially when you’ve got a bidet for use at home. Going through the manufacturer’s guidelines will help you know how to maintain and clean your bidet the right way to avoid messing yourself up.

Tip 7. Switch off the T-value

Specifically, for the handheld bidet, do not forget to turn off the T-value after using the bidet. Leaving it on after use can cause water to splash everywhere when touched by another person. Therefore, just as you remembered putting it on when you started cleaning, remember to put it off when done.

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A Quick Guide on Using a Bidet Sprayer Without Making a Mess

A handheld bidet aka a bidet sprayer consists of a hose with a nozzle attached to one end of the hose. Of all the bidets available, it’s the most common one that can easily cause a mess when used inappropriately. Kindly go through this guide on how to use a bidet without making a mess. Here is how to:

Study the handheld bidet before use

It would be best to look at the handheld bidet before using it to know how and where the water would spring out. Since you will be in control of its operation, you have to see where the stream of water would emerge.

Ensure the bidet is clean

You should clean the handheld bidet with tissue paper if you use it for the first time. You can also clean it if you come across it in a public toilet to ensure it’s free from microscopic organisms.

Handle the bidet sprayer the right way

Always ensure you handle the sprayer the right way and not the wrong way. Holding it the wrong way can damage it or make it inefficient.

It’s not necessary to use soap during cleaning

Most people use the bidet after sexual intercourse, after taking a nap, after exercising, or after defecating. However, using soap with this bidet to clean is not necessary. But if you don’t feel clean without soap, you can make use of a mild soap-free cleanser for the job instead of a regular bar of soap.

Always turn it off after use

Always remember to turn off the bidet sprayer’s T-valve after cleaning. Failure to do this will result in the leaking of the bidet.

Don’t always be in haste to operate it

Trying to rush or handle the bidet sprayer in haste can result in the water splashing your face or body. We’re sure you wouldn’t like that. So, to avoid such, do not rush to press the nozzle.

A Quick Guide on Using a Bidet Sprayer Without Making a Mess

Be conscious of its use

As a female using a bidet, do not direct the water from back to front, even if you like cleaning that way. It would be best if you handled it from front to back to prevent the bacteria and germs from spreading to your vulva.

Flush the toilet if you are a beginner at using a bidet sprayer

If you are a beginner at using a bidet sprayer and using it for the first time, ensure to flush the toilet before using the bidet. It prevents water from splashing on your feces and bouncing on your private area. This only happens when you handle the sprayer with force. 

Be sure to close the toilet lid before flushing to prevent “toilet plume aerosols” and wait a few minutes for this to wind down before washing with a bidet sprayer.

In Summary

We believe this article gives you a better understanding of how to use a bidet without making a mess. However, you must read through the manufacturer’s guidelines to use a bidet and avoid the mess. Aside from that, it is also essential to aim properly and practice other steps in this article.

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