How to Use a Bidet Hose

Wondering how to use a bidet hose? This article has got you covered. This article is a guided explanation that includes the complete steps on how to use a bidet hose that won’t get you confused. The simple outline?

  1. Have a clean throne
  2. Locate the bidet spray
  3. Switch on the T-Value
  4. Position yourself and aim
  5. Give yourself the perfect wash
  6. Replace and turn off the T-Value 
  7. Dry off

Before I jump into the enlightenment of the list, I want to quickly explain what a bidet hose or bidet sprayer is all about; for those who don’t know. If you already know what it is, you can skip that part for the next one.

How to use a bidet hose
Bidet hose
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What Is a Bidet Hose?

Also identified as bidet sprayer, handheld bidet, health faucet, Shattaf, or bum gun; call it whichever one you want. A bidet hose is a type of bidet that can be held by hand and controlled by the users for cleaning both the anal and the genital area as a whole. To use this type of bidet, the user will mostly do all the work, in aiming, positioning, and water control.

This non-electric type of bidet is more prevalent in the Middle East, where water is measured as an essential way of cleaning the genitals. There, it is popularly called ‘Shattaf’.

Although you can still find bidet sprayers in non-middle east homes, they are not as rampant as they are in most Muslim countries.

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How to Use a Bidet Hose

So, here is complete clarification on how to use a bidet hose or sprayer. I will explain each step plainly to avoid confusion.

Have a clean throne

Most users might not feel the need to do this step, but I recommend that you should flush your toilet before using a bidet bum gun.


It is because this bidet is different from other types of bidets that are automated to do most of the cleaning process. When using a bidet hose, you will be in charge of controlling the water flow. If you mistakenly splash the water on the toilet with your feces in there; it might splash on your butt.

Not that this WILL happen, but you have to be on the safer side. Especially when it’s your first time using it, unlike a pro. So, get up, flush the toilet, and then sit back.

Locate the bidet spray

When sited on the toilet, locate the bidet spray. It is usually hung on a hooker or its holder very close to the toilet tank for an easy grab. I have never seen it placed anywhere else.

If you happen to see it on the floor, you should know that’s a misplacement. Don’t worry; you can still use it as it’s not making contact with your butt.

Tip: If you find it on the floor, first ensure you run the first water spray into the toilet before spraying your butt. It’s a way of washing off any contamination on the sprayer nozzle.

However, if you find it on the holder, just grab it. Then it’s time for business.

Switch on the T-Value

Bidet hose T-Value
Courtesy: Desertcart

Every bidet hose comes with a T-Value. The function of the T-Value is to prevent water from weighing up in the bidet pipe when the bidet spray is not in use.

Thus, locate the T-Value under the toilet tank or flush tank (whichever one you call it) and turn it on. Don’t worry, the water won’t start flowing immediately until you press the trigger on the sprayer.

The image above is to show you what a bidet hose T-Value looks like. For some bidet spray, the ‘on’ might be facing downward and the ‘off’ facing sideward. Its direction depends on the installation and the product.

Tip: To be sure you switched ‘on’ or ‘off’ the T-Value, try pressing the trigger on the sprayer towards the toilet and see if water comes out from the nozzle. 

Position yourself and aim

Courtesy: RinseWorks

Seat in a comfortable position that will give you the perfect target. You don’t need to hover. Instead, sit like you would when using the toilet. It’s because the handheld bidet gives you the privilege to handle things your way.

You can either start from the front or rear; the choice is all yours. Though I think men would prefer starting from the rear or else if they want to wash the penis.

The position you spray the water should be at an angle where the water won’t splash into the toilet to touch the bidet sprayer and your private area too. So make a perfect aim that makes you comfortable. Getting the perfect angle might be difficult for some new users; however, using it once or twice, they will discover their ideal angle.

Give yourself the perfect wash

The moment we have been waiting for!

Press the trigger in the bidet sprayer and wash it till you feel clean! Water pressure can come with force; so control it from the trigger to avoid splashing everywhere.

Tip: if you prefer, you can use a bar of soap, but it’s really not necessary when you are doing it right. For women who prefer to use soap, use plain white soap with no fragrance for your lady area. 

Replace and turn off the T-Value 

When you are done with washing, replace the bidet hose in the hooker which is beside the toilet tank. NEVER keep it on the floor; that will be unhygienic. Then, turn off the T-Value.

Dry off

Proceed to dry your private area with tissue paper. One good thing about using a bidet is the reduced amount of tissue paper needed. You only need a little or a few rolls of tissue paper to dry off. If you don’t want to make use of tissue paper at all, you can opt-in for a bidet towel.

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Most bidet towels are disposable while some are reusable. When using a bidet towel, ensure you practice the right bidet towel etiquette for perfect hygiene.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I ‘always’ turn off the T-Value whenever I use the bidet spray?

When educating some people on how to use a bidet hose, the questions of if they should ‘always’ turn of the T-Value after using the bidet always pop up. For some bidet spray users, this simple task can seem ‘tiring’.

Answering this question, YES, you MUST turn off the T-Value after using the bidet sprayer. The reason for this is to prevent leakage and waste of water. Moreover, a bidet hose on which T-Value is switched can spray water randomly when the sprayer trigger is touched lightly or even graze the wall or toilet tanks.

It might sound like a hard task considering the fact you have to do this every time you want to use the toilet. Trust me; it’s a VERY SIMPLE task that won’t take many seconds to do. As time goes on, it will become part of your toilet routine.

Do you need to wash with your hands when using a bidet hose?

This question gets asked a lot as some users feel that washing with only the bidet won’t do the job well. Therefore, they prefer the use of the hand with the bidet spray to do it right.

Washing your butt or genitals with the bidet only can clean you up perfectly, thus no additional need of the hand. However, if you feel you want to use your hand, it’s up to you. No rules are guiding it. Ensure your hands are clean prior to and after it. Read Also: 12 Best Handheld Bidet Sprayers on the Market (Reviews) 

Who can use a bidet hose or spray?

When addressing how to use a bidet hose, does that include everyone?

Anyone who is old enough and can comfortably use a toilet without supervision can use a bidet hose. Consequently, a bidet hose can be used by a man, a woman, and kids who have come of age.

For seniors or disabled people, the use of bidet hoses might not be the best option because of mobility. There are quality bidets that are best for the elderly and disabled which are fully equipped.

So, there you have it: a complete guide on how to use a bidet hose, bidet sprayer, or handheld bidet. Practicing the steps listed in this article will make you an expert over time. Unlike most fully automated bidets, this bidet can have limits on its functions. If you are interested in how to use a bidet attachment, here is a complete guide to help you out.

You can also check out this  Youtube video from “Grrrltraveler”.

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