Do You Have to Dry Yourself After Using a Bidet?

For bidet users who use manual or non-air dryer bidets, constantly reminding them to dry themselves can seem like an additional task. This reluctance usually raises the question of “do you have to dry yourself after using a bidet?”

Most users don’t mind taking this little additional step, but for others, this step may seem unnecessary.

If you wonder how important it may be, we explain the importance of drying yourself after using a bidet.

Do You Have to Dry Yourself After Using a Bidet

Do You Have to Dry Yourself After Using a Bidet?

Yes, you have to dry yourself each time you use a bidet. This is to prevent you from moving around with a wet butt.

Reasons Why You Should Dry After Using a Bidet

Above, we quickly answered your question about drying yourself after each bidet uses; however, for better understanding than the reply we stated above, below are the reasons you should.

  • Going around with a wet butt is our first response, and it’s because it is basically what happens when you wash your butt without drying it. 

If you are someone who dislikes this feeling or dislikes the idea of having watermarks on their pants or clothes that look like you just peed on yourself, then it’s better to dry yourself after each bidet use.

  • To prevent the growth of bacteria: If you don’t mind having wet pants each time you use a bidet or love walking around with it, then the thoughts of bacteria growing down there will make you reach for a bidet towel quicker.

Bacteria thrive very well in a moist environment. Therefore, the accumulation of dampness in your pant after every bidet use without drying up will accumulate the possibility of bacteria growth down there.

For ladies, this can cause other private area diseases like Bacterial Vaginosis or yeast infection as wet underwear or pants can trap germs.

Bad smells can occur both in the female lady area and in the male and female rear area.

How Do You Dry Your Bum After Using a Bidet

After using a bidet, you can dry yourself by either using the inbuilt bidet air-dryer, a bidet towel, using tissue paper, or allowing yourself to naturally air dry. 

Whichever method you choose to use, be assured that this promotes comfortability down there. And it’s way better than having moist underwear.

Our article on how to dry yourself after bidet use, gives better details on drying your private area using each method we listed above.

But trust us, these methods are just way simpler than you imagine.    

How Long Does It Take to Dry After Using a Bidet

It generally takes about 1-3 minutes to dry yourself after using a bidet fully. However, it can be even lesser depending on the drying method you use.

If you use a bidet towel or tissue paper, you won’t really use up to that three minutes as a two to three quick damping will make you dry. Also, ensure you don’t use another person bidet towel, a proper bidet towel etiquette should be followed.

For in-built bidet dryers, to get fully dry, you will have to wait till the dryer fully releases its air before standing up. To get fully dry, this can wholly take up to three minutes, as mentioned.

Can Using Tissue Paper to Dry After Bidet Usage Leave Tissue Pieces?

Yes, it might.

However, it depends on how much tissue paper you used and how wet you are down there. Moreover, the tissue residue is not something to worry about as it can come off immediately, especially when dry.

If you feel this process will be uncomfortable for you, go ahead and use a bidet towel.

Read more: Bidet Etiquette: The Ultimate Guide

What if you choose not to dry off

What if You Choose Not to Dry Off?

Fine. It’s up to you.

Just because we said it’s best to always wipe after using a bidet does not mean you cannot make your own choice.

You can choose to use dry after using a bidet, or you can choose to do the opposite. Just do what makes you feel comfortable down there.

Leaving yourself to naturally air dry is another way to go about this, but know that it will take a while before you dry up. This might not be the best option if you are in a hurry to leave the restroom.

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