Is Using a Bidet the Same as Douching?

One of the health goals of every female is to have an odor-free lady area. Even though the female genital can self-clean or have a natural cleaning mechanism, many females do feel that they should do more to keep their private parts clean.

One of the popular ways in which a lot of females tend to achieve cleanliness down there is by douching. However, with introducing the bidet to modern society and its functions, many ladies are confused if using a bidet is a similar thing to douching. So, let’s discuss ladies, is using a bidet the same as douching? 

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Is using a Bidet the Same as Douching?

Is Using a Bidet the Same as Douching?

No, using a bidet is not the same as douching. However, you can achieve a certain benefit or result from a bidet as you would when douching. And this depends on how you use the bidet.

Even though these two might seem similar because they almost likely perform the same function in the female genital organs, their method of application differentiates them. And so is the content or liquid in them and what they do to the female lady area.  

What Exactly Is Douching?

Douching or private part flushing is an act of washing or cleaning the female private part with water or liquids which contain a combination of fluids. These fluids or waterworks perform the action of eradicating odor and cleansing the lady area and sometimes help to balance its PH level.

However, on the other hand, using a bidet to clean the female private part does not contain any mixture of liquids but plain water. This is most times the best and recommended way of cleansing the lady area. Using water only to wash the female genital organ helps to maintain its PH level, which is usually between 3.8 and 4.5, without altering it since it can clean itself.

Application of Douche vs. Making Use of a Bidet

One huge thing that segregates the way a user makes use of a bidet from douching is the application method. Even though the application bottle for douching may look like a portable bidet bottle or traveler bidet, which is most used by those who are always on the go; they are never the same.

In making use of a douche bottle or a douche bag, the user is expected to put the tube of the bottle inside or mid-way ‘up there’, then squirt in the water or fluid. On the other hand, when using a bidet, you wash outside the lady area.

The water alone can go into the lady parts to cleanse it and not the tube or nozzle.

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Difference Between Douching and Using a Bidet

From the write-up above, the difference between this two; the equipment and the act are the application methods and the equipment. As stated earlier, the douching bottle or bag may look like a portable bidet bottle but can’t be inserted inside.

There is also the mixture inside them. When you purchase a douche bottle or bag, you can find a mix of baking soda, vinegar, water, apple cider vinegar, iodine, or even a designated mixture fluid. However, you can also purchase an empty douche bottle, in which you can put plain water in it or any mixture of your choice.

However, for a bidet, you will always find water that flows from your water supply system. Here is a complete article that explains where the water of a bidet comes from.

Additionally, douching only targets the lady area, leaving out the bum, and this is where the bidet puts in more work. A bidet that comes with a front and rear wash can help target and cleanse your frontal region and backside, thus eliminating odor.

Similar Effects One Can Achieve When Using a Bidet as a Douche

Since both the bidet and douche aim to cleanse the female sex organ, it can be sanitary if the fluid in the douche is healthy enough for the lady area.

During mensuration, using a bidet or putting plain water in a douche bag or bottle and washing the surface of the lady parts can help keep it clean and germ-free.

Which Is Safer? Douching or Using a Bidet?

While we retort to the inquiry “is using a bidet the same as douching” users can be chaotic about which is safer, but this shouldn’t be an issue.

Since the bidet brings out only plain cold or warm water for washing up there, it also does not come in contact with it.

This makes it safer for the ladies’ area.

Douching can also be useful for your lady part, especially when what is in the bottle is plain water. However, if a douche comes with an assortment of fluids, be too sure of what the contents are.

If you are unconvinced of what it is made up of, dispose it and put it in plain water or your own mixture. Remember, fluids that are not healthy for the female sex organ can alter its PH balance.

How to Clean Your Private Part With a Bidet or a Douche?

For a douche, when you purchase one, there are instructions on how to apply it or make use of it. Carefully follow the instructions, but first, you should contact your doctor before you proceed in making use of a douche.

For the bidet, position yourself on your toilet like you would when pooping or defecting, turn on the bidet, or target your genital organs; depending on the type of bidet you can turn on either the cold or warm water to wash off.

What to Do When You Have an Infection?

Never intend to treat an infection with a bidet or douche. You can use either of them to protect your lady’s area from contact with an infection and keep it clean.

However, if you notice any signs of infection, at this stage, only washing there cannot cure the infection, so it’s best to visit your doctor for a proper medical prescription.

Nevertheless, using a bidet or washing with warm water from the bidet can help lessen itchiness, and irritation, or wash away discharges during infection and keep it from spreading. And so does a douche bag that contains plain water.

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