How to Properly Use a Bidet Attachment

So you are wondering how to properly use a bidet attachment? Read on.

A bidet is a tool that cleanses your private area. However, there are different types of bidets, and one of them includes a bidet attachment.

Bidet attachment and some other kinds of bidets are part of the bidet innovation that makes bidets more portable, simple, and very accessible to everyone. However, no matter how simple this device may look, many people do not know how to use a bidet attachment.

Entailed in this article is a completely detailed guide on how to use it. So if you are also wondering if this attachment is suitable for you, continue reading this article.

How do you use a bidet attachment?

Before we jump into a detailed explanation of how to use a bidet attachment; quick enlightenment of what it is will give you proper assimilation.

What is a Bidet Attachment?

A bidet attachment or bidet toilet attachment is a type of bidet that does not need the installation of a whole new toilet or toilet seat.

It is only attached to the toilet seat to provide a few functions of a bidet. As it is usually attached, it got the name “bidet attachment”.

It offers a comparable spray wand or nozzle spray like the other bidets. It also gives the same sensation just as an ‘all-in-one bidet’ or ‘bidet toilet seat’ would.

Bidet attachments size

Another notable difference is that bidet attachments are usually smaller when compared to all the other types of bidets that can be used at home. Regardless of this, it does a perfect cleaning job.

This type of bidet is one of the super and exciting kinds of bidet innovations that gets a lot of interest from different bidet users when it hits the market. What makes this bidet somewhat special is that it is cheap, quick to install, and of course, easy to use; (though all bidets are easy to use).

Therefore, if you live in a rented apartment or house, are new to the bidet and want to try it out, or desperately need a bidet but are on a budget; then, you can purchase a bidet attachment.

So, how to use a bidet attachment…

How Does a Bidet Attachment Work?

Making use of a bidet attachment is no different from using a bidet seat or an all-in-one bidet, as your sitting position is usually the same.

However, the usage is very different when you are making use of the stand-alone bidet. The standalone is usually mounted separately on the toilet and will most likely require you to straddle it or face the wall of the bathroom (more like you are sitting on a horse but this time sitting backward).

The core point on how to use a bidet attachment is that it’s as simple as you can imagine; it includes the basic process of:

  1. Sitting on your toilet
  2. Wipe with tissue paper or not
  3. Turning on the bidet
  4. Manipulating the controls to your choice
  5. Wash off
  6. Dry off

On the other hand, because this is meant to be a detailed guideline, I won’t just list the hints of the steps without making an explanation for them for proper understanding.

How to Use a Bidet Attachment

Sitting on the toilet

I don’t mean just going to your toilet to sit on it, but after you do your toilet business, which could be either poop or pee or even peeing and washing as a lady after intimacy with your partner or whenever you chose to. Therefore, sitting on the toilet, position yourself in a way comfortable way like you would when pooping.

Wipe with tissue paper or not 

Still sitting on the toilet, you can either wipe before you use the bidet or use the bidet upfront.

Now, this step has been one that has raised several questions among users. Many people have asked if it’s important that you wipe before using the bidet, or if you use the bidet straight up. The point is, it is all about the one that makes you extra clean.

Some users have tried wiping with tissue paper first, then proceed to use the bidet and felt good with it. While others have used the bidet straightaway without wiping, and sworn it’s the best. So there are no extreme protocols there fellas.

When I urinate, I use the bidet to wash and then dry off, but for the other toilet business, I wipe first, use the bidet to wash, and dry off.

If you use tissue paper before using the bidet, feel free to throw the tissue paper in the toilet IF IT IS FLUSHABLE.  The use of a bidet attachment does not cause fear or bark of toilet clogging as the bidet is only attached to the toilet seat. 

Turning on the bidet

Just like almost every modern bidet, there are controllable switches that make it possible for the water to come out from the nozzle. So, turn it on.

Manipulate the controls of your choice

When you turn on the bidet, feel free to manipulate the controls to your choice on the control panel, which is usually shot out by the side of the toilet seat. Just take your time while washing; no need to rush.

You can either choose to use the clean cold water or use warm water or control the flow of the water.

Depending on the model you purchase, you can switch the ‘women’ cleaning feature for the feminine wash, which is suitable for the vagina, or switch to the ‘wash or nozzle cleaning’ for generally enhanced cleansing.

While you control the switches, you can also try adjusting your sitting position to get a better washing or water flow from the nozzle.

Although, to have a different type of control panel to manipulate a bidet attachment also depends on the model or type of bidet attachment you purchase.

Bidet attachment has different kinds from different manufacturers; finding the best should be your primacy when making purchases.

Wash off

Just take your time while washing; no need to rush.

Some users might want to use their hands or wash with a soap to get a perfect job done, the choice is yours, but I highly suggest your hands are clean to prevent the transfer of bacteria, and also, you should use a mild soap.

However, you can do multiple cleaning with the bidet on to get the cleanest private parts. Just wash till you feel you are clean enough but don’t overdo it, especially when you are using warm water.

Dry off

If you use a bidet attachment, you will need to do a manual drying; this is because a bidet attachment does not come with a dryer like the other bidets. This is the reason most people don’t go for it. However, if you still want to own a bidet attachment, dry off with a paper towel after washing or have a dedicated bidet towel.

Just endeavor to practice good bidet towel etiquette. Also, check out our ultimate guide on bidet etiquette.

One aspect that also contributes to the proper use of a bidet attachment is if you fix your bidet attachment correctly when installing it. Which brings us to the question of how to install a bidet attachment?

How to Install a Bidet Attachment

The installation process is not a tedious one and doesn’t even require the service of a plumber. When you purchase a bidet, normally, there is an included manual on how to install it or even use it. The process is as effortless as connecting the pipe, losing your standard toilet seat, then proceeding to fix the bidet attachment, and putting the toilet seat back. There is no need to meddle with the whole toilet.

Note that what most influences how to use a bidet attachment is when you install it correctly. Thus making use of it and controlling the water flow will be easier than you think.

Who Can Use This Type of Bidet?

Anyone who is capable of sitting comfortably in a typical toilet or can use a regular toilet properly can use a bidet attachment. This device is great for parents and growing teenagers, though for teens, it’s best that parent should monitor their teen kids when using the bidet attachment or other bidets. For young kids, the bidet attachment may not be suitable for them. It’s best when they grow to a considerable age before making use of it.

Concluding on how to use a bidet attachment properly; the process is not difficult nor confusing. Using the simple steps above can help a lot. This device is the best when starting your bidet journey; using it, you can then migrate to a more advanced type of bidets.

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