How to Clean a Bidet Nozzle

Do you own a bidet and don’t know how to clean a bidet nozzle? Cleaning a bidet nozzle is indeed necessary to avoid germs and infections. But cleaning it properly might require some guidelines on how to do it. 

However, it’s an easy job. To clean a bidet nozzle, you need to use a wipe or a mild cleanser, then use a soft brush to brush it. Having done this, dry it with a paper towel, and you are good to go. This article gives more explanations on how to clean a bidet nozzle.

Before we jump into how to get this done, below is a quick explanation of a bidet nozzle and how it functions.

How to Clean a Bidet Nozzle

What Is a Bidet Nozzle?

A bidet nozzle is usually in the form of a short pipe or sprayer and helps the bidet to release water when using it. Bidet nozzles come in different forms and types; some take the shape of a sprayer, tap, and short pipes. They are designed to perform the same function, which is to help clean the anal region.

Good quality electric bidets mostly come with an automated function or two-in-one nozzle feature, which gives the user a better cleaning experience.

The Functions of a Bidet Nozzle

A bidet nozzle performs the following functions:

It helps to apply water

Without a bidet nozzle, you must apply water using your hand. But through the nozzle, you can apply water through the operating system of the bidet.

It helps to clean a wide area through its oscillating feature

Some bidet nozzles can oscillate in any area you want to apply water. It helps the user be in a fixed position, not having to move around.

Possession of special features

Some bidet nozzles have a unique self-cleaning feature which makes them wash before and after you have used the bidet.

Spraying of heated water

Bidet nozzles can also release warm water depending on the type of bidet and if it has a heating feature.

Regulation of pressure of water

You can adjust the water pressure. The bidet nozzle allows the pressure of the water to increase or decrease as adjusted by the user.

The Functions of a Bidet Nozzle

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Clean a Bidet Nozzle

Though some bidet nozzles have a unique self-cleaning feature that allows them to wash, it’s advisable that you also wash the nozzle manually to ensure its clean state.

But, If you have always been bothered about how to go about this, you wouldn’t want to miss this guideline on how it is done. Another good thing is that you can do it yourself without needing a plumber’s service. Here are the steps to doing so yourself.

Step 1. Use an antibacterial wipe or a mild cleanser to wipe the nozzle

It’s advisable to use an antibacterial wipe or mild cleanser at first to wipe the nozzle. It will help wash away every germ and stand against bacteria.

Step 2. Use a soft bristle brush to brush it

When cleaning a bidet nozzle, you must be careful not to destroy it. Using a stiff brush might add unnecessary pressure and damage it during extended use. Therefore, you should use a very soft bristle brush to brush it gently. Be careful not to be too hard on it. It has to be handled gently.

Step 3. Rinse with water

Remember to rinse the bidet with clean water to remove any impurities released after brushing.

Step 4. Dry the nozzle

Don’t be in haste to do this. Ensure you get a paper towel or a clean rag to dry the nozzle. Clean gently and slowly to avoid damage to the nozzle.

Step 5. Put the nozzle back in its place

If it’s an automatic detachable bidet, having cleaned its nozzle to your satisfaction, put the nozzle back into its place. If your bidet nozzle is not detachable, don’t force it into one.

Step 6. Clean the remote control

If it’s a remote-controlled bidet, it will have a remote controller. Therefore, gently pick up the remote and clean it. Avoid using water to clean the remote unless it’s waterproof to avoid spoilage.

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How Often Should I Clean My Bidet Nozzle

Now that you know how to clean a bidet nozzle, you might probably have this question about how often you should clean it. Well, a bidet nozzle should at least be cleaned once or twice a month, depending on how frequently you use the bidet. But if you notice any dirt or impurity on the bidet nozzle and feel like cleaning it up, do not hesitate.

Possible Effects of Not Cleaning a Bidet Nozzle Regularly

When you don’t clean the bidet nozzle regularly, it might get affected in the following ways:

It can retain bacteria and germs

One of the reasons you have your bath regularly is to wash off germs that might have stuck to your body. Similarly, when a bidet nozzle is not routinely cleaned, it might retain germs.

It can transfer diseases and infections to you

When a bidet nozzle is infected with germs and is not cleaned, it contaminates the water that comes out of it. The water gets into the anal region and releases germs which can later cause diseases and infections.

The nozzle’s tiny holes can get blocked

Nozzles release water through tiny holes, and when dirt blocks the holes, it reduces the pressure of the water. Cleaning the nozzle will help remove any dirt that might have gathered at its surface.

It reduces its durability

Used things must be cleaned in order to keep their hygiene and lifespan. When a bidet nozzle is not cleaned regularly, it reduces its durability and allows it to either get rusted or old within a short time.

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In Summary

Are you bothered about how to clean a bidet nozzle? As described above, it’s pretty straightforward; you must first wipe the nozzle with an antibacterial wipe, use a soft brush, and dry it. That’s all. However, it would be best if you don’t leave your bidet nozzle uncleaned for an entire month. Consider cleaning it at least once or twice a month.

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