How To Dry Off After Using a Bidet

After making use of the bidet, the next step is to dry yourself. For many new bidet users, this part may come off as confusing. But fortunately, it is not. For those who don’t know, there are various ways to dry yourself after using a bidet. We will explain each method in detail.

How Do You Dry Off After Using a Bidet

How To Dry Off After Using a Bidet

The simple answer? You can either use an inbuilt bidet air-dryer, a bidet towel, tissue paper, or a clean piece of old cloth or naturally air dry yourself down there, after that using a bidet.

As easy as it may seem, each of these methods comes with its downsides and ways to use them.

Bidet users don’t necessarily have to use all the methods mentioned above to dry themselves down there. Instead, choose one that perfectly fits the type of bidet you have and most especially makes you feel comfortable.

How to Dry Yourself Using an Inbuilt Bidet Air-Dryer

The bidet in-built air dryer is one of the most advanced features with the most high-quality advanced bidet toilet seats or bidet toilet combos. Usually, this feature in the bidet makes it a little pricey compared to the ones that don’t have it.

As the name implies, it is built within the bidet seat or toilet bidet combo. And it is most times difficult to find this feature in bidets like bidet attachment and bidet hose or sprayer.

Making use of the inbuilt bidet air-dryer is quite easy as you mostly don’t need to do anything. You just need to sit back on the toilet without standing up after using the bidet and let the air-dryer dry you up.

Most of the bidet air-dryer control is usually found on the left or right-side panel of the bidet or on the external wireless remote controls that come with the bidet.

The downside of it is that it sometimes takes time to get the user dry completely. Also, the lady’s front region may be difficult to target if the air dryer is not strong. But, aside from that, it’s stress-free.

How to Use a Bidet Towel

If you have a bidet sprayer, standalone bidet, portable bidet, bidet attachment or a bidet seat that does not come with an inbuilt air-dryer, your best option is to use a bidet towel.

A bidet towel is a handy small-sized towel that you can use to wipe down there, after using a bidet. It is usually hung on a bidet towel rack very close to the toilet for easy access.

To make use of the bidet towel, after using your bidet, reach out for the little towel and pat dry down there.

When drying your private part, it’s best to start from the front area all the way to the rear area- this mostly applies to the ladies.

Doing this helps prevent the spread of germs from your rear region (bum) to your lady part.

How To Dry Off After Using a Bidet

Using Tissue Paper or Wipes for Drying

There are a few bidet towel etiquettes that you should know and follow. These are the most vital things when it comes to using a bidet towel. The most important of it all is never to share a bidet towel.

The downside of using bidet towels is that you will need to wash them constantly; aside from this, it is quick and easy.

If you don’t have a bidet towel, you can also dry yourself by using tissue paper. This can be of help to those who forget to go out with their bidet towel.

Since it’s always easy to find tissue paper in the bathroom, it makes it quite accessible.

To use tissue paper for drying off, roll out a paltry amount of the tissue, and dampen your private part from the front area to the rear area. There is no need to roll out a lot of it since you are only pat drying out water down there.  

The downside of it is that there is the possibility of having pieces of tissue remaining on your private part after using it. Some people who are going green or downsizing from extra waste may not prefer this method. Also, some people who haven’t used this method before may find themselves using more excessive tissue paper than they should use.

Using a Clean Piece of Old Cloth for Drying

This is very similar to using a bidet towel. The only difference here is that you will be making one by yourself instead of buying the little towel.

Get any cloth you won’t be needing anymore. Preferably a clean cotton shirt. Cut it up to a squarely or rectangular shape. You should have about seven to eight pieces of this for easy daily change.

Wash and sterilize it with hot water, and spray to dry. And there is your reusable bidet towel.

The downside is the same as the bidet towel, which is that it will require you to change and wash it constantly.

Leaving Yourself to Naturally Air Dry

If you feel there is no need to use any methods and go with the natural air, it’s up to you. For example, you can choose to let the natural air dry you off before wearing your pants.

The one disadvantage of it is that it takes way more time to naturally air-dry. Thus, it’s not recommended when you are in a hurry. And when it finally does, there is a high possibility that you won’t be fully dry.

Is It a Must to Wipe After Using the Bidet?

It’s not recommended to wear your undies back immediately as this can cause irritation and possibly other health issues.

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How Long Does a Bidet Take to Dry 

If you are using the air-dryer that comes with a bidet, it takes about 1-3 minutes to dry you completely. However, using a bidet towel will consume less time than that.

And as explained above, leaving yourself to naturally air-dry will take even more time.

Bidet Air-Dryer Not Drying

If you notice that the air-dryer in your bidet is not working, then it could be that you did not increase the pressure from the control panel or remote control.

If you did, and it seems to be still slow, it could be that it probably `defaulted or developed an issue.

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