TOTO Aquia IV Review

It’s natural to be confused by toilets. Since numerous brands and types of toilets are on the market, you can’t decide which one to get. Most people are unable to select the best one for them. Relax; we’re here to help you locate the greatest one.

TOTO Aquia IV is the ideal pick for you due to its unique design, providing adequate comfort. A cleaning system features a forceful flush that uses less water while providing the exact force needed to clean the toilet efficiently.

The sleek contemporary appearance of the TOTO Aquia makes it an ideal addition to any home. The compact dimension takes up minimal space and is ideal for smaller powder apartments and bathrooms.

In this article, we will provide a detailed TOTO Aquia IV review to help you make a decision about this purchase.

Toto Aquia IV Review

Brand Overview

TOTO is a Japanese company that swiftly expanded to become a global phenomenon. This brand believes in embracing technology, striving for the highest level of cleanliness, applying elegant designs, doing its part for the environment, and inventing products to enrich the lives of its customers. As a result, it has become a trusted brand in the industry, practically associated with a great bathroom experience.

TOTO is a global leader in the manufacture and development of toilets and toilet technologies. TOTO has been making and marketing high-quality toilets for more than 100 years, having been founded in 1917. The Washlet, a toilet seat with bidet-style water pumps, a heated seat, and built-in dryers that eliminate the need for toilet paper, is one of the company’s products.

TOTO toilets range from the most basic to the most opulent, with remote controls, heated seats, built-in bidets, dryers, and even air fresheners. TOTO is known for producing luxury bathroom fixtures with a premium appearance, feel, and performance. The Aquia toilet line exemplifies this, with clean looks that can improve any bathroom.

Toto Aquia IV Review

Aquia IV is a customized toilet that people of all ages may use. A bathroom is an essential area of your home that must be flawless. The Aquia IV toilet is the only option for a modern design in your bathroom.

It also includes a dynamic flushing system that washes effectively. DynaMax Tornado Flush is an effective flushing method that also saves water. It can clean the entire toilet at once. Even beyond its visually appealing design, this toilet has a lot to offer beyond its visually appealing design.

The two-piece design of the TOTO Aquia toilet is suitable for tiny bathrooms. This tiny yet robust modern toilet is reasonably priced and available in various colors. The bowl’s skirted design decreases flow resistance and turbulence, resulting in a quiet flush. This design also makes this toilet easier to keep clean than conventional two-piece toilets.

Aquia IV is a good toilet for individuals looking for a mid-range solution that blends style and efficiency. Because of the powerful Tornado flushing technology, the new Aquia generation utilizes 10 gallons less water per day than prior versions. It prevents waste buildup on the rim and the remainder of the interior surfaces.


Color: Cotton
Brand: TOTO
Item Weight: 119 Pounds
Product Dimensions:  27.56 x 15.56 x 29.56 inches
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Shape: ‎ Oblong


This two-piece toilet is ideal for compact and narrow places. The Aquia is small and elegant, fitting in any bathroom and packed with fantastic functions. Aquia is simple to use and clean but offers pleasant seating.


The two-piece TOTO Aquia toilet is ideal for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms due to its small, compact design. The Aquia is a lightweight toilet with a 30-pound base and a 60-pound tank that is simple to move, put, and install. This toilet is also ideal for use as a corner toilet.

The SanaGloss or CeFIONtect coating on Aquia’s sleek modern design provides a smooth, glossy finish that is easy to maintain. The advanced, ultra-smooth coating keeps solid waste from adhering to the bowl surface.

Various colors

Like other TOTO products, it comes in several color options to match most bath color schemes. Cotton, Ebony, Bone, Colonial White, and Sedona Beige are the available colors for the Aquia, with Ebony not available in the CeFIONtect (SanaGloss) glazing.

A semi-skirted base mimics the appearance of a skirted design while avoiding interference with the wall water supply pipe. The Aquia is made of vitreous china and has a chrome twin button flush on the tank top.

Bowl shape

Many customers believe the elongated bowl to be one of the nicest characteristics of the TOTO Aquia. The bowl form makes it easier to use the toilet and provides optimal seating comfort.

Health care providers prescribe the elongated bowl for the elderly or those with impairments or back difficulties. The bowl shape supports the thighs and evenly distributes body weight, providing users maximum comfort. Aside from increasing user comfort, the elongated type bowl provides a bigger holding capacity, reducing the possibility of clogging and overflow.

Seat height

TOTO Aquia’s two-piece toilet features a Universal height, making it somewhat compliant with ADA regulations. The only thing that prevents the Aquia from being fully compliant is the two-button flushing system rather than lever flushing.

Since the overall bowl height is 15.25 inches, it is more suitable for taller people and the elderly. The Aquia does not come with a seat, which must be purchased separately. Most regular elongated toilet seats are compatible with the TOTO Aquia toilet.

Water flush

Since the TOTO Aquia’s minimal water usage can be used in any city or state, the tiny toilet flushes very little water, meeting the EPA WaterSense certification of 1.6 gallons maximum per flush.

Older traditional toilets use an average of 6 gallons of water per flush, making them a tremendous water waste. The federal government mandates a GPF of 1.6 gallons for all toilets manufactured and installed.

With water consumption of 1.28 GPF, the TOTO Aquia exceeds the federal 1.6 GPF standard. Aquia’s lower water consumption qualifies it for utility provider incentives in some areas.

Flushing system

The dual-max flushing technology on the TOTO Aquia makes it the most water-efficient toilet on the market. Dual-max efficiently disposes of solid waste while meeting EPA WaterSense criteria.

The Aquia’s faultless two-button flush means it runs more quietly than conventional toilets and has less possibility of sticking buttons. Depending on your demands, you can select a half system, or 0.9 gallons per flush, or a full 1.6 gallons per flush.

Cleaning and maintenance

The Aquia is easier to maintain and clean than many regular toilets due to its powerful flushing technology and semi-skirted design. You spend less time cleaning since solid trash is removed promptly and efficiently.

The elongated design aids in faster bowl cleaning, and the CeFIONtect finish prevents accumulation. A little cleanser and disinfectant go a long way toward keeping your Aquia shining.

The TOTO Aquia’s longevity is enhanced by high-quality vitreous china and chrome buttons. The Aquia is an excellent investment for years of continuous usage because it is less prone to breakage and has fewer clogs.

  • Sleek design
  • Fits in every bathroom
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy installation
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Universal height
  • Very comfortable
  • Elegant bowl
  • Dual flush
  • Dynamax tornado flush
  • Little bit expensive
  • Doesn’t include a wax ring

How Does TOTO Aquia IV Work

How Does TOTO Aquia IV Work

It’s the most amazing toilet, and you won’t be sorry that you purchased it. It’s so simple to use, and maybe you’ll have some issues with the installation, but nothing big that you need to worry about. Just follow the instructions, and you won’t need to call the plumber since the instructions are step-by-step.

With all the features of this toilet, you won’t have any trouble using it. When you are all set up, you can finally enjoy it.

Every process is simple and well described, and the toilet itself it’s not that complicated. Since it has a dual flush and a Dynamax tornado flush, you won’t have to worry about anything.

How to Install Aquia IV

Benefits of Using TOTO Aquia

Amazing design

The design of this toilet is both elegant and modern. It will complement a wide range of bathroom styles. This toilet is available in multiple colors, but it will complement the majority of bathrooms.

It is suitable for any size bathroom. This is an excellent space-saving option for small bathrooms. It is also simple to install in larger spaces. Moreover, it is available in an elongated version. Elongated bowls have a more natural and comfortable feel than round bowls.


This ceramic toilet is coated in a CEFIONTECT glaze, which is softer than standard ceramic glaze and allows the flush to remove waste more easily.

The manufacturer also claims that the material causes an ion barrier, which is difficult to verify. However, the cleaner surface cannot be denied. You can expect to clean this bowl 35% less frequently.

Conserving water

However, this toilet uses so little water, with each flush as a tradeoff. As previously stated, this can result in a messier bowl, but it also has some advantages. When you switch to this toilet, you should see a decrease in your water bill.

The Aquia has a dual-flush mechanism, and both flushes are very cost-effective. However, there is some variation among Aquia models. Some of these toilets have flushes that range between 0.8 and 1.28 gallons. Other models use 0.8 to 1.0 gallons of water per flush. However, we discovered that these models have a much more difficult time getting all the waste off the sides of the bowl.

Great flushing technology

The TOTO Aquia IV toilet uses the TOTO Dynamax Tornado flush system, which directs water through the rim. Multiple tests and positive TOTO Aquia toilet reviews demonstrate that this flush effortlessly removes waste.

The flush is sufficiently quiet due to the flow and turbulence-resistant tank. Depending on which button you press, the flushing power is 1.28/0.8 GPF. This is lower than what regular toilets use and can save up to 10 gallons daily.

That equates to about 3,700 gallons saved per year and hundreds of dollars saved. The water saved will pay for the toilet and installation in less than a year.

Always clean

However, that ceramic glaze serves another purpose – it prevents dirt and bacteria from adhering. Since none of the nastiness adheres to the surface, cleaning the outside of this toilet is a breeze.

The skirted trap ways improve matters by decreasing the number of places where dirt and grime can become trapped. Since the sides are smooth, urine, bacteria, dirt, and other messes have nowhere to accumulate.

The bowl, on the other hand, is a different story. Although the Dynamax Tornado flush appears to reach the entire bowl, the small amount of water used with each flush means solid waste can occasionally stick to the bowl.

How to Install Aquia IV

Step 1

Remove the package from the Unifit Rough-In. To finish the rough-in installation, follow the Unifit Rough-In installation instructions.

Step 2

To prepare for installing the toilet bowl, position the template and follow the instructions on the template. You should not move the Unifit Rough. After the wax seal has been set, place it on the Floor Flange. If this warning is ignored, throw away the wax ring and replace it with a new wax ring.

Step 3

Set the toilet bowl on top of the Unifit Rough-In and the two mounting blocks by lining up the bowl outlet and the Unifit Rough-In opening. Place the toilet in its final position. If this notice is ignored, leakage may occur.

Step 4

Place the toilet parallel to the side walls and perpendicular to the back wall. It should not be crooked or diagonally positioned.

Step 5

Attach the mounting blocks with the side screws. Cover the screw head with the screw caps provided.

Step 6

Connect the fill valve to the water supply hose. Before beginning the tank-to-bowl installation, connect the water supply hose to the fill valve. TOTO suggests a long, flexible supply hose.

Step 7

You should install the tank-to-bowl mounting hardware on the tank. Avoid over-tightening as it may break the china material and cause personal injury or property damage.

Step 8

Place the tank on some padding, upside down. Inspect the smaller fill and larger flush valve nut for a secure connection. Tighten the nuts with your hands if possible. If the nut is loose, tighten it hand tight and an additional 1/4 turn for the smaller fill valve nut and 1/2 turn for the larger flush tower nut. While tightening, ensure the fill valve does not turn and hit the tank.

Step 9

Attach the flush tower nut to the tank-to-bowl gasket. Spread the gasket over the nut while pressing down until it touches the bottom of the tank. It is acceptable to have a small gap between both the tank bottom and the gasket.

Toto Aquia IV Review

Step 10

Pick up the tank and carefully guide the water supply hose over the bowl’s fill valve hole, then align the tank-to-bowl gasket over the bowl’s inlet, and the tank bolts over the bowl’s bolt holes.

Step 11

Hand-tighten the provided tank-tight nuts evenly until the tank sits tightly on each of the three contact points on the bowl. The mounting bolts should not be over-tightened. As mentioned previously, overtightening may cause the china to break, resulting in personal injury or property damage.

Step 12

Connect the flexible supply hose to the angle stop. Check that the hose is not kinked.

Step 13

Place the lid on top of the tank carefully, making sure the full flush push button is on the left side.

Step 14

Adjust the length of the push button rods as needed. They are factory set to the proper length, so only use these steps if they apply to your situation. The push buttons will not sit properly if the push button rods are too short. If the push button rods are too long, the button may constantly activate the flushing valve.

  • Turn the lock nuts counterclockwise to loosen them
  • To shorten, turn the rods clockwise, and to lengthen, turn them counter-clockwise
  • Close the tank’s lid to check the adjustment
  • Tighten the lock nut once the adjustment is complete

Step 15

At the angle stop, turn on the water supply. Examine all the connections for leaks. As needed, make repairs.

Step 16

The toilet seat is attached to the toilet with the seat top mounting hardware. Refer to the installation instructions for the seat.

Benefits of Using TOTO Aquia

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the parts in the toilet last?

First and foremost, it is dependent on the material’s quality. You’ll be able to adjust the quality of the water when flushing. The parts will not last long if your water contains a high chlorine concentration. 

However, if your water is not too salty, it will last for a long time. And if any details are damaged, you can easily replace them.

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Why should TOTO IV be my top priority?

The TOTO Aquia IV toilet has several sophisticated features, including the Dynamax Tornado flush method, which cleans every toilet area. The TOTO Aquia’s fully adjustable height may benefit everyone. Another advantage of the skirted bowl is that it produces a quieter flush. Because of its design, this toilet is also easier to maintain than other two-piece toilets.

How can I know if my toilet flush is working well?

Flushing has a lot of power in modern toilets. This device can clean the entire toilet bowl in a single flush. Suppose your flush cannot produce enough water and clean the toilet thoroughly. In that case, you should check the flush because this indicates that your flush is not working properly.

Is the toilet seat comfortable?

The Aquia can be ordered with a washlet bidet seat placed on the toilet seat. There is also a soft-close seat available. However, most versions do not include one. In addition, a wax ring and installation hardware are required.

Why is Aquia IV the best on the market?

In terms of toilets, Aquia IV toilets are among the best available. It is the best because it is made of high-quality materials and has a long lifespan. Its flushing system is powerful enough to clean the entire toilet with a single flush.

What should be the distance between the wall and the toilet?

You must first evaluate this distance from the center of the toilet. Not from the toilet’s edge. There is a set distance between the walls and the toilet. That equates to 15 inches. If your bathroom is large enough, you can extend this distance as far as you consider it enough.

What is the most comfortable height for the toilet?

The most important consideration is selecting an appropriate toilet height. Toilets come in various sizes. It’s all about your convenience. For optimal comfort, toilets with a height of 17 to 19 inches are recommended.

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The bathroom is the smallest room in the house, yet it is the most important. We are concerned with your demands and comfort. The TOTO Aquia IV toilet has a luxury appearance that will complement almost any bathroom. It’s a little pricey, but it has several nice features, such as skirted trap-ways and an incredibly economical dual flush that consumes very little water.

Expect to clean the bowl more frequently than with conventional toilets, as the limited amount of water has a difficult time removing all of the waste. Despite the expensive price, the toilet is easy to maintain and boasts clean looks that appeal to many.

While past generations of TOTO Aquia provided ambiguous value, this one stands out. Although it is slightly more expensive than the ordinary, it is far more efficient than most inexpensive toilets. With its dual-flush system, the Aquia serves all of your basic needs while saving water and money. Don’t forget about the design.

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