Can Bidet Be Harmful?

It’s commonly said that there is nothing that has advantages without a disadvantage. Regardless of the several benefits a bidet offers, one might still wonder, can bidet be harmful?

Making frequent use of the bidet and refusing to maintain other personal hygiene during the use of a bidet can cause infections. So if you have been asking if a bidet can be harmful or not, this article is for you as it gives answers to this question. 

But before we jump into the explanation, below is a quick explanation of what a bidet is, especially for those unaware of it. 

Can Bidet Be Harmful?

What Is a Bidet?

A bidet is a toilet bowl or related toilet equipment used to clean the genitalia after using the toilet. It, however, comes in different structures and systems, such as a hand spray, toilet seat, and bottle, which are electrically powered. While some are automatically operated, some can be operated manually. However, a bidet offers a beautiful cleaning experience, whether automatic or manual.

Benefits of Using a Bidet

There are lots of benefits attached to the use of a bidet after using the toilet. Some of these benefits are;

It promotes hygiene after using the toilet

Most times, we come out of the bathroom feeling not thoroughly washed up after using the toilet. A bidet, however, makes the feeling of being neat and hygienic spring up in you after you have washed your genitalia using it.

It saves a lot of stress

For the aged, some bidets will save them the stress of moving from the toilet to another place to clean themselves up. Bidets such as the bidet toilet combo or bidet seats with a remote can assist them with cleaning themselves without being stressed about the whole process.

It reduces the spread of germs 

Though a bidet doesn’t prevent germs, it reduces the rate at which germs are spread from one person to another or from one part of the body to another. By washing the genitalia with clean water, the bidet helps remove and wash off every possible germ in that area.

Great for pregnant women 

For pregnant women, using a bidet promotes a hassle-free way to take care of their lady area. Since they can be sensitive and need adequate care during pregnancy, the use of a bidet makes everything less complicated. 

Memorable toilet experience

Bidets make it comfortable for their users as they provide mind-blowing experiences in the bathroom. For example, a bidet combo allows the user to use it with less work. It is fully automated and can do a lot of things itself. It allows the user to be very comfortable when making use of it.

Regulated Water Temperature

Unlike the usual cold water used while using the toilet, some bidets can heat water for you to have warm water. It, however, allows the user to make use of warm water in cleaning and allows the user to enjoy its use. Also, the warm temperature of the water can eradicate or quickly kill germs that might want to surface.

Can Bidet Be Harmful?

Having stated a few benefits of bidets, so, can bidet be harmful? Well, It depends!  

Sometimes, misusing the bidet reduces how it promotes personal hygiene. Bidets can be harmful if its user is not careful while using them. Bidets can always increase the spread of infections when they are not well managed.

Possible Side Effects of Using a Bidet

Below are the possible side effects of using a bidet when misused:

Bidets are likely to cause physical injuries to users sometimes

Some bidets, like the standalone, are produced with ceramic materials and can easily break off. Breaking such a bidet when the user is using it can cause a lot of physical injuries and pain to the user. However, it would help if you were careful whenever you use a ceramic bidet to avoid breaking it and causing bodily injuries.

Contamination of the Nozzles

Bacteria may sometimes contaminate bidet toilet nozzle surfaces without the user knowing this. And this can cause the spread of bacteria to every user whenever they use the bidet to wash their private area after using the toilet.

Spread of anal pruritus

Anal pruritus is an infection that may occur in the anus due to the excessive use of bidets. Anal pruritus is the itching of the anus, which can be frustrating and embarrassing. However, when you notice this kind of infection, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Anal fissure

An anal fissure is a small tear in the lining of the anus, and this can be caused by the use of high-pressure bidet water jets. When the pressure of the bidets water jets is not regulated before use and applied, such can easily cause the tearing of the lining of the anus. Once this is experienced, You should consult a medical doctor immediately to avoid further implications.

Possible Side Effects of Using a Bidet

It can cause vaginal microflora in women

When women make regular use of the bidet, this can allow the vaginal microflora to be upset, which can further lead to bacterial vaginosis. The presence of bacterial vaginosis is a greyish vaginal discharge, which always gives a foul odor. It is due to the presence of lots of bacteria.

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Spread of germs

When the bidet is not correctly used and retains some fecal matter or urine, it can cause a user with dry skin who comes in contact with it to get infected. However, cleaning the bidet after use would be best to avoid spreading germs adequately.

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In Summary

Now that you have read so much information regarding bidets, we believe this article has helped clarify your doubts on this topic. 

In general, depending on how you use the bidet determines whether or not it would be harmful to you. The core part is to avoid using the bidet excessively to avoid infections like anal pruritus and bacterial vaginosis. Stay healthy!

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