Pros and Cons of Bidet Attachment

The bidet attachment is usually the go-to bidet for some people new to using the bidet. And for most people who are under a very tight budget for the amount they’re willing to spend on a bidet.

If you are searching for the pros and cons of a bidet attachment before making up your mind to purchase one, I totally understand. As no matter how much the price may be, it’s best to know the pros and cons of what you will spend your money on before making a final purchase.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Pros of Bidet Attachment

The following grounds are the advantages of owning or purchasing a bidet attachment.


Of all the various types of bidets in the market, the bidet attachment is among the cheap ones out there.

Depending on the company or brand, you could find a bidet attachment that ranges from $20-$50.

The price can also depend on the features available in it.

Most basic bidet attachment only comes with basic features such as a nozzle, water pressure control and knobs or levers for turning it off and on.

While on advanced bidet attachments, you will have basic features and other features such as double nozzles, dedicated feminine wash, and even hot water provision.

Even with these features, it won’t still cost much.

No Electric Outlet

You don’t need to install an electric outlet in your bathroom with bidet attachments.

The particular reason for not installing an electric outlet in a bathroom is why most people opt for it sometimes.

Even with a bidet attachment that provides warm/hot water, you don’t need an electric outlet. Instead, you only connect the hot water through your toilet sink.

Cheap to Run

Since you don’t need electricity to run or use a bidet attachment, it incurs no bill without spending on your electricity bill.

Not that bidets powered by electricity consume much electricity; they don’t. The highest they can incur on your electricity bill is about $15-$20 per month or even less, depending on how often you use it and its features.

Easy to Use

Since its functions are quite minimal, operating it is very easy. 

Most, if not all, come with simple knobs and levers to operate the functions.

Easy to Install

They usually come with complete kits, which makes the installation process easy without calling or paying a plumber. 

Kids friendly

Teaching kids how to use this type of bidet can be very easy as it only requires knobs, levers or switches.

Its usability is straightforward for kids to understand.

Good for Renters

A bidet attachment can be a good option for renters who are skeptical about changing their toilet seats for a bidet seat because of apartment rules or landlord laws. 

Cons of Bidet Attachment

Below are the reasons why the bidet attachment may not be your favourite type of bidet.

Very Few Features

The features available in a bidet attachment are very minimal. 

If you want to have an adventurous bidet journey, this may not be the type of bidet that will give you that pleasure.

You would be missing features such as a warm seat, dryer, deodoriser, simple connected and instant warm water, LED night light, remote control, and more.

Hot Water Connection Issues

Even though I mentioned that some bidet attachment gives you the privilege to make a hot water connection, it still comes with its disadvantages.

A bidet attachment that provides a hot water connection needs to be connected to a toilet sink or sometimes from your shower connection.

Now, if your sink or shower is far away from your toilet, making this connection is difficult.

Some people might want to tweak it by purchasing a long hose to make this connection. This is not a very good option as it can cause you to spend more and possibly cause leakage.

It’s not a good sight to wake up to a flooded bathroom in the morning!

Cold Water

People who are not lucky enough to have their sink closer to their toilet; end up with cold water.

Of course, if you live in a warm region, the splash of cold water ‘down there’ can be refreshing.

We can’t say the same for people living in the cold region. 

The constant splash of chilly water whenever you want to use your bidet can be uncomfortable. You might even end up dumping your bidet because of this.

Not Favorable for Disabled People

For most disabled people, the bidet attachment is not the right bidet. As its control panel, it’s usually by its side. Locating and operating it can be tasking.

So we can say that they are not ADA compliant.

Though, for the seniors, it’s easier to tweak it with a raised toilet seat.

For a disabled person, a bidet seat with a remote should be their go-to.

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Are bidet attachments worth it?

Yes, bidet attachments are worth it. They make a great purchase when you are on a budget. It’s also a good alternative to a bidet seat when you are ready to begin your bidet journey without getting things complicated.

Gladly, there are so many good bidet attachments from both new and popular different companies. 

Like every other type of bidet, a bidet attachment helps keep you clean down there and it reduce the generous amount of tissue paper you use in the toilet daily.

In addition, washing with water gives an extra touch down there.

Bidet Attachment With Remote Control?

No, there are no bidet attachments with remote control on the market for now.

Bidet attachments are non-electrical. since modern remote control functions through the electromagnetic spectrum and the sensor on the bidet seat. When there is no electricity, this won’t work.

Again, if you’re curious about using a bidet attachment, it’s quite simple.

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