How Does a Bidet Work?

Most bidets have nozzles that shoot out when you are about to use them. Some have nozzles that you can operate manually, while some operate automatically.

However, know that different bidets have different modes of operation. Therefore, know how your bidet works to allow easy maintenance and usage. To learn about the different bidets and their operating methods, go through this article to find out how does a bidet work, and you will be glad you did.

How Does a Bidet Work

How Does a Bidet Work?

How does a bidet work? Did you buy a bidet but don’t know how it works? This explicit guide on how a bidet works will enlighten you more on the topic. But, first of all, what is a bidet? 

A bidet is a piece of equipment majorly designed to clean the private parts of its users. Bidets are produced in different styles and forms. Here is a step-by-step guide to how the different types of bidets work:

Bidet attachment

The bidet attachment is a simple and small device connected to your existing toilet. Most bidet attachments do not use electricity and cannot produce warm water. This non-electric bidet works by redirecting water from your toilet source to its nozzle, which you control. 

The water source doesn’t come from your toilet bowl or tank but the same with the water you use during a shower. This basic bidet allows you to have easy control as well as a pleasant cleaning. It has options that will enable you to use its on/off dial to control its pressure. The dial provides greater water pressure by expanding the opening in the valve through which water flows.

However, there are advanced bidet attachments allowing warm water spray. They are designed to connect it to a warm water supply to get warm water. The only difference between it and a basic bidet attachment is the option to connect to a warm water supply. Also, it is designed in a way that makes it possible to control the water temperature as you desire. 

Bidet toilet seats

A bidet toilet seat is a toilet cover with an inbuilt bidet system. It replaces your toilet seat and provides you with a fantastic cleaning experience. It allows you to easily clean from the back to the frontal region because of how its nozzles are attached. However, most basic bidet seats do not use electricity to operate

Its mode of operation is triggered by the water pressure from the toilet’s water supply and activated when a knob is turned on, releasing water into the bidet. Once the water is released into the bidet, a nozzle shoots out from the bidet, spraying a regulated water stream to your private region. But when the knob is turned off, the nozzle stops shooting out its water and enters into the bidet.

However, an advanced bidet toilet seat has high-tech features, which include a remote. This remote is used to control its pressure and seat temperature and also used to control its air drying system. Unfortunately, these unique features, including the remote, cannot be operated without electricity and the remote AA batteries.

But, when it’s connected to electricity, the remote will control all these special features through infrared technology. For example, as the bidet water flows from your toilet’s pipes, it is heated up before or after the user is done using the toilet. Making it ready for the users. For a bidet seat with a non-continuous water system, you will have to wait a few minutes for the water to heat up before use. 

Every bidet toilet seat has the same mode of operation; the only difference is that there are high-tech types with lots of features that use electricity, unlike the non-electric types with limited features.

Standalone bidet

A standalone bidet is the oldest form of bidet among other bidets. Its shape is like a wash hand basin with a tap mounted on its top. The fixture placed on it is the nozzle of the bidet and releases water based on how it is controlled. This bidet type is located close to a toilet and may look like a sink.

Standalone bidets do not warm water automatically, nor do they require electricity. You can make them shoot warm water by channeling their plumbing to a warm water supply. However, to use it, you have to position yourself well on it and use the knob of its tap to control the pressure of its water.

Handheld bidets

A handheld bidet is a hose with a nozzle at its head that allows you to spray your private region in any direction you desire. This bidet is always attached to the toilet’s tank or very close to the toilet.

Its hose is usually connected to the toilet’s water supply, allowing water to pass through the hose to the nozzle, which allows spraying. It requires no electricity and cannot spray warm water unless connected to a warm water supply. 

It’s a simple bidet you hold and spray by controlling its pressure through its head. It also allows you to wash from any direction because it’s flexible. 

Portable bidets

A portable bidet is also called a “traveler’s bidet”. It’s a very simple, small, portable bidet that can easily be carried anywhere. It requires no electricity and has no special features like the air-dryer, water heater, or remote control feature. This bidet is a small bottle with a pipe-like lid at its top through which water flows out to your private region.

The bidet comes in different styles, but the most common type is the type that allows you to squeeze the bottle gently to determine its water pressure. The more the pressure on the bottle, the more the water pressure comes out. 

Bidet toilets combos

A bidet toilet is a 2-in-1 intelligent high-tech bidet that functions fully as a toilet and a bidet. This bidet is the most expensive of all bidets and comes with many unique features. It is an automatic bidet that highly requires electricity.

However, this high-tech has all the tech features that start with washing, drying and cleaning the nozzle. It also has an automatic flush that flushes the toilet once you’re done. It automatically opens and closes its lid through the motion-detecting sensor and can also heat the seat to give a better sitting experience. One feature that makes this bidet highly expensive is its minimal look.

Most of its operations only require touching the specific buttons needed while it works independently. This bidet works like a robot and highly reduces stress. 

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In Summary

If you have been wondering how does a bidet work we believe now you know how the various types of bidets work. However, to learn more about your bidet, go through its manufacturer’s manual after purchase to see how it works. It will also help you know more about the bidet that you purchased. Lastly, having learned how bidets work, kindly operate and use them appropriately to avoid damage to them.

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