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When you use or own a bidet without an automatic dryer, you resort to drying off with either tissue paper or bidet towels. For some people, using a bidet means they can finally do away with tissue paper or use less of it. Therefore, to do away with tissue paper or use less of it, you should get a bidet that comes with a dryer.

The types of bidets that come with an automatic dryer are bidet toilet combos or integrated bidet toilet seats and bidet seats. However, if you own a bidet attachment or bidet hose, a must-have for drying is the bidet towel or tissue paper.

To make use of a bidet towel, you have to understand what it is. Therefore, this brings us to answering the question, “what is a bidet towel?”

What is a Bidet Towel?

A bidet towel is a small-sized towel that is used for drying your bum or genital area after using certain types of bidets like the standalone bidet, bidet hose, and attachment.

While it comes in handy, it is usually placed in a bidet holder or hanger where it is accessible near your toilet.

When purchasing a bidet towel, it is recommended you get one with a soft texture, made of cotton or bamboo. By doing this, it will be gentle for your private area. Below are the recommended or best bidet towels you can own.

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Best Bidet Towels

Pinzon Organic Cotton Hand Bidet Towel

Made of quality organic cotton, the Pinzon organic cotton hand towel is a quality hand towel used as a bidet towel. It comes in 2, 4, 6, and 12 packs, which makes it suitable to use and change them daily.   

It comes in different colors to choose from. The weight of a towel can be a great sign of quality and performance. Normally, towel density is measured in grams per square meter (GSM) and sorts from 300 to 900 GSM. Thus, this hand towel grams per square meter measures 700. This speaks of its luxury.  

AmazonBasics Fast Drying Terry Cotton Washcloths

With over 10,000+ reviews in Amazon, this washcloth is suitable for users in drying up their private area. Not only is it part of AmazonBascis, but it is also one of their best-selling washcloths. Made of a hundred percent looped-terry cotton, this supports its high absorbing, strength, and quick-drying propensity.

The texture is soft and lightweight. It even gets softer when you use it often. Its size is 12 X 12 inches, which makes it more portable to handle. Being 24-counts or 24 pieces long, users can conveniently change it daily before completely throwing it all into the washing machine.

AmazonBasics Fade-Resistant Cotton Washcloths for Bidet Towel

Another 12 X12 inches sized washcloth that is quite suitable for a bidet towel is this AmazonBasics Fade-Resistant Cotton Washcloth. This little towel is worth owning because of the quality. It is 100% cotton, which supports its softness and durability.

While it is fade-resistant, it comes in different colors of navy blue, black, crimson, acorn, grey, and teal. Therefore, you can comfortably choose the navy blue or teal hue without the fear of it washing away. Aside from it being fade-resistant, it also absorbs moisture fast. You can choose from 12-set washcloths or 6 set hand towels.

BloominGoods Disposable Clothes-Feel Tissue Paper as Bidet Towel

This disposable cloth-feel tissue paper serves well for guests to use as a bidet towel. It does not feel extremely soft like tissue paper but still strong enough to wipe your private area without scattering. This is because the texture feels like cloth and also like tissue.

The size measures 12 X 17 in inches when it unfolds or is laid apart. However, when it is folded, it measures 8.5 x 4 inches. Aside from the product quality, it is also multipurpose. As it can be used anywhere aside from the bathroom.

Cavepop Disposable White Dinner Napkins 

The Cavepop 100 Set Disposable White Dinner Napkins is another suitable non-reusable napkin for guests. While these napkins are made in such a way that it can prevent the spread of germs, their texture is commendable. This quality makes it good enough for your guest.

You may regard the touch of this disposable napkin as tissue paper and as well as a cloth. It is because it is made of cloth-like paper. This promotes its luxuries and also makes it comfortable to use. It is also easy to absorb moisture quickly and remains delicate on the skin.

eDayDeal Disposable Clothes-Like Paper Hand Guest Towels

Whether you regard it as a towel or a cloth-like tissue paper, this product is also perfect for guests making use of a bidet without an automated air-dryer. As it is disposable, it makes it more hygienic for your guest.

When you fold it, the size lowers to 8 x 4 3/8 inches; however, when it is unfolded, it measures 16 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches. It is also multifunctional, as it can be used in either the dining room, kitchen or as well as the restaurant. Though, some users might find this product a bit thick or strong, unlike when compared to toilet paper.

Monogrammed Hand Towel for Bidet Towel

This 100% Turkish cotton is another perfect with good quality. Been a premium quality product with novel design, it is as well durable and soft. It grams per square meter (GSM) is of a good grade, also which is 750 GSM. Thus, this towel will rightly last long.

It comes in two colors of both grey and navy, which can help with identification. Aside from the color differentiation, there is an embroidered letter script on it. This assists with personalization. That is, the user or users can easily identify each towel according to the letter of their names!

Luxury Bamboo Facial Washcloths

Though it may be facial washcloths, this luxury product can also be used as bidet towels. After using either a handheld bidet or a bidet attachment, it is perfect for users who don’t want to go for the cotton product yet need something closer to that.

Made from the finest part of bamboo, this luxury bamboo washcloth feels softer and plusher on the skin. While it is USDA-certified, it comes in 6-sets and measures 10 x 10 inches. Apart from its feelings on the skin, one thing you will love about this product is its admirable packaging.

Face Cloth Made From Bamboo from Tia & Fey

This washcloth from Tia and Fey is also of 100% Bamboo. It is not only soothing and softer on the skin but also made of quality texture. While it not only comes with a luxurious package, it has an interesting guarantee for effective use.

The size is 10 X 10 inches and not only suitable for after-bidet use but also for alternative bathroom uses. Interestingly, this towel is quick to absorb moisture easily. It comes in six sets, which helps to alternate for everyday use.

Channing & Yates Premium Baby Washcloths

Finally, on our list of best bidet towels are Channing and Yates Premium Baby Washcloths. According to the company, this little towel is a hundred percent organic. They also state that it contains natural antibacterial, as it’s made from high-quality bamboo and cotton. It contains 70 percent Viscose bamboo and 30 percent cotton.

The size is 10 X 10 inches, and the thickness or grams per square meter (GSM) is 500, which makes it one with reliable quality. Owners can differentiate and specialize their towels through different colors from Beige, Blue, Pink, Blue/Green, and Pink/Green.

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What is the perfect size for a bidet towel?

Even though there is no specific particular size for bidet towels, have in mind that they should not be huge like a body towel. Therefore, the size could range from 10 X 10 inches to 12 X 17 inches or any portable size. Also, note that the structure of your bidet towel holder also contributes to the size of your towel.

Finally, certain bidet towel etiquette is expected from users. This contributes to perfect hygiene to eliminate the spread of germs.  

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