Where Does Bidet Water Come From? Is the Bidet Water Clean?

“So, is the bidet water clean?” “Where does bidet water come from?” One of the many skeptical reasons why many people are contemplating on using the washlet or bidet is the uncertainty of how clean is the water and if the bidet water cleans feces properly.  These questions are among the many misconceptions of using a bidet; as many people have rumored how toxic the water is for human health.

To clear this fallacy, a perfect understanding of how the internal edifice of the bidet works will help a lot. At least, it’s keen to say that if you are using something, you need to understand how it functions or came to be.

Even if it’s not about clearing your doubts, at least it makes you less ‘novice’ when been attacked by any anti-bidet (if there is such a word) on how polluted the whole thing is.

Moreover, as a concerned human, you have every right to be aware of what comes in contact with your skin. Since the principal aim here is having a cleaner anus, other possible effects of this need discussing too.

If the water from a bidet is infected or unclean, then there are high chances that there will be higher skin reactions and, most importantly, skin diseases. It could bring severe itchiness that, in turn, leads to rashes on the skin too, which is why answering this question is essential.

Where Does Bidet Water Come From
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How Clean Is Bidet Water

YES, the water from a bidet is clean and has no connection with the used or contaminated water from the toilet.  Another good tiding is that the bidet water cleans you properly.

If you are irritated or agitated of the thought of your poop water mixing with the water coming forth of your bidet, then please don’t be. Be certainly assured that the water is as clean as the one running out of your bathroom shower.

To top it all, with the way a bidet is designed, the clean water makes contact with your skin FIRST before going inside the toilet. So it, all clean and fresh. There is no need to worry if you will be having any skin reaction or rashes when the water from bidet makes a connection with your skin.

Or else if the person is suffering from a rare water allergy called Aquagenic urticarial/Aquagenic Pruritus. This allergy is not particularly caused by using a bidet or anything closer to it but to using water generally or even coming in contact with one’s sweat, urine or, tears. It is rare and mostly medically diagnosed.   

Having said that, if you can comfortably take a daily shower, with no issues before getting a bidet; then you can contentedly use a bidet as the water from it is truly clean.

If the Bidet Water Is Clean, Where Does Bidet Water Come From?

Note this; Bidet water is NOT Greywater/Graywater either.

In as much, it has been measured and attributed that greywater is gentle, at low risk and, reused; it is still not what comes out from a bidet.

A little update for you, just in case you are wondering what greywater/graywater (whichever way you spell it) is all about. Greywater is the USED water from your showers, bathroom sinks, tubs, washing machine, or any wastewater collected from either your office or home. This water does not contain fecal water or any used water from the toilet.

Therefore, as bidet water does not originate from greywater or water from the toilet, this subsidizes its cleanliness.  Hence, it comes from or flows in like every other clean water in your house, which is from the main water supply. Consequently, the purity is absolute.

Therefore, if the water that comes into your home is clean; then that of the bidet should be too as they are the same. If it’s not, then you should resolve and know where your primary water source is coming from; trace it back to it.

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Which Temperature of Clean Water Comes Out of a Bidet? Cold, Hot or Warm?

There is no way we will discuss how clean the bidet water is or “where does bidet water come from” without considering the temperature of the water itself. This issue has left a lot of people wondering. What most people do is to wait to get their bidet and test thing out themselves.

If you are a lover of either warm or cold showers, and wondering if this bidet of a thing will fit into your lifestyle, I will tell you now, that it can absolutely be.

Previously before the emergence of recent versatile high techy and luxurious bidets, the traditional bidet which is the stand-alone bidet was only the bidet available and known then. Unfortunately, it only came with the function of cold water, which made it very uncomfortable for some users.

While the water that comes out from these stand-alone bidets is also clean, they are mostly non-electrical. Thus the water that does come out from the bidet tap, which is likewise from the home water supply, is nothing but quite chilly.

You can imagine using a bidet that runs only cold water on a snowing or freezing day, only to have your butt chilled out as a result of this. This experience is what made some people who are interested in bidet hesitate on getting it.

Thankfully, nowadays, bidet makers are making provision of both cold and hot water (mostly warm) functionality in bidets for user preference. Realistically, the hot here is not extremely hot factually that would cause a first or second-degree burn but mild enough for the skin. It is mostly warm as the same temperature of warm water is good enough for bathing.

In recent days washlet has quick and straightforward control for easy swapping from cold to warm water directly from the bidet.

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Hot or Cold Water: Which Cleans the Best

Hot or Cold Water: Which Cleans the Best?

The argument that follows “is the bidet water clean?” is no other than  “which temperature of water from the bidet cleans the best?”  This question has been ongoing since the beginning of improved bidets. Many people swear of how they have the cleanest butt after using warm water while others insist on the opposite. Judging from what different users have testified; it is more like a personal preference.

If you are looking for the best answer to this, the truth is that both cold water and hot water do the perfect job. To top this up, whether you wipe with a tissue paper before using a bidet or use the bidet straight forward; the clean warm or cold water can still give you that freshness.

One thing that should be put into consideration when using a bidet for a cleaner anus is the pressure flow of the water from it. The water pressure from the bidet is what mostly assists in pushing off or removing the dense or residual of feces and at the same time cleansing the skin layer.

Usually, the pressure of the water is generally not intense but CAN come out with force. However using the modern bidets, you can control the flow.  Either through the knots or customized buttons for both bidet attachments and bidet seats; thus allowing it to gently clean you up.

Therefore, using any of the water temperatures is totally up to you, your body preference, and also the weather. During the summer or when the weather can be too hot; it might feel awkward using hot or warm water from the bidet for cleanings. It is another way the cold water can be the right choice then.

The main point is choosing the one your skin loves and feels relaxed with, coupled with making you cleaner.

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Is the Bidet Water Clean? Final Thought

Whether you are going for the traditional stand-alone bidet or one of the modern type; a bidet should be one of the many household items that make a home complete. There is that joy that you derive knowing that that the very part of your body; which is most times ignored, is all sparkling and odorless.

Having understood the whole misconception and dispute about how clean the bidet water is and where it emerged. I hope this settles your fear of its purity and answers the question properly; that tends to be an uninterrupted query for most bidet users.

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