Is Bidet Water Cold?

Are you among the thousands of users who use or intend to use any bidet but wondering, “is bidet water cold?”. This concern has made many people shy away from using or getting the bidet because the traditional bidet, a standalone bidet, is known to be very chilling when the water hits the user’s prevent area. 

Throughout this article, you’ll find the answer regarding the bidet water temperature and more. Therefore, do not hesitate to continue reading! 

Is Bidet Water Cold?

Is Bidet Water Cold?

Bidet water is not cold in particular; it’s just unheated. Its temperature can vary based on the present climate condition, location, and how the user prefers it.

Electric bidet seats spray warm water, but non-electric bidets spray unheated water, which could be too cold and freezing for some, depending on what each user likes and their body’s temperature. The normal average temperature of cold bidet water ranges from 40°F to 70°F. 

Since the unheated water is the same as the water from a regular tap, some people do not find it uncomfortable. At the same time, some people find it uncomfortable due to their nature. 

However, the unheated water could be uncomfortable during winter for many people with cold intolerance. For someone who is heat intolerant, it might be an advantage to enjoy the coldness of the water. 

What Temperature Is the Water in a Bidet?

Generally, the cold water in a bidet is considered unheated and not so cold, but it could be so cold for some due to the user’s location. The average temperature of unheated water in the United States is around 40°F to 70°F. Though, this temperature varies according to the weather climate of states in the US.

For example, the average temperature of unheated water in a bidet in Alabama is around 50°F while that of Michigan is 45°F. You would notice changes in temperatures of these locations, and it’s due to how the coldness in these places varies from one another. In addition, during winter, the temperature is likely to drop by 10°F. 

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Is the Cold Bidet Water Uncomfortable?

The comfortability of bidet water depends on some factors, which are;

Location temperature

It could be uncomfortable for some users due to their locations. Bidet water might be uncomfortable for those who live in freezing environments. When the environment or climate is cold, it increases the rate at which the bidet water gets cold since its average temperature can get colder.

Different body temperature

The body temperature of each person differs. Some people can perfectly handle every cold water level while others can’t. It means that what is comfortable for you might be too hot or too cold for others, and what is uncomfortable for them might be comfortable for you. Thus, it depends on the user’s ability to deal with the cold.

New user fear

For new users, most information online has declared that the bidet water might be freezing in the private area. So many users have this fear in mind even before using the bidet and feel it will be uncomfortable. It’s best to unwind and try using the different temperatures of bidet water to determine the one that suits your skin’s sensation. However, when using a warm wash, never go for an ‘intense hot wash’. 

Being familiar with it

If you take cold showers, you might have gotten used to the average temperature of the water since the water that comes out of the bidet is the same temperature as that which you used to shower most times. So when using a bidet, it makes no difference.

Bidet temperature settings

Suppose you have a bidet with adjustable water temperatures like the bidet seat, bidet attachment, and bidet combo; when you don’t set your bidet water temperature right, it becomes uncomfortable. So try to play around with the adjuster as much as possible to get the perfect temperature.

Is Cold Bidet Water Bad for Your Health?

Cold bidet water is not bad for your health because it is also the water that comes out of your shower or faucets and can neither freeze up your private area. If you live in a freezing location, the only discomforting feeling you get when using cold bidet water is chilly down there, but it’s not something that will throw you off or make you pass out. 

How to Make Your Cold Bidet Water Warm

How to Make Your Cold Bidet Water Warm

Are you living in a cold area, or do you dislike the shivery feeling of bidet water, and might be wondering how to make your cold bidet water warm? Well, you can warm your bidet water but it also depends on these factors below:

Your bidet type matters 

If you are using a non-electric bidet seat, you won’t be able to warm your water because it wasn’t made for that purpose. So, you will have to connect it to a warm water supply to allow it to dispense warm water. 

Most automated bidets can automatically heat the water prior to using your toilet. If you have a bidet that doesn’t heat automatically but provides a warm water connection place it close to your shower or faucet which has a water heating system or any other warm water supply. It depends on the type of the bidet, of course. 

Change your bidet 

If you are using a non-electric bidet seat and still don’t have a warm water supply closer to your toilet, then you have to change your bidet to an electric one. An electric bidet seat’s warm water increases your wonderful cleaning experience whenever you use the bidet. Getting one would make you comfortable and provide you with the warm water you need every time.

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In Summary 

Is bidet water cold? We believe this article answers everything you need to know on the topic. Know that the normal water temperature of a bidet might be cold to some users while it’s comfortable to others. It depends on the preference of the user and the ‌environment they inhabit. 

As stated, if you are not comfortable with the cold water of your bidet, try getting an electric bidet seat to warm your bidet water for you.

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