How Much Water Does It Take To Flush a Toilet

Flushing toilets has been a significant concern for some people due to the number of gallons of water it requires to flush the toilet. People’s complaints about the toilet using a large amount of water when flushing has brought this never-ending question of how much water does it take to flush a toilet?

And the question arises because of the increase in their water bills, which makes them spend more. The amount of water used by the toilet can’t be precisely calculated because the amount varies with the model and how long the toilet has been used.

How Much Water Does It Take To Flush a Toilet

How Much Water Does It Take to Flush a Toilet

It takes 1.5–1.6 gallons to flush a new toilet, while an older toilet requires 5-7 gallons of water. This simply implies that there is no precise amount of water for flushing the toilet due to the model of the toilet and the length the toilet has been used.

The excessive use of water in the toilet has made many people reconsider purchasing a specific toilet model. Especially the old toilet model made a long time ago which can be found in an old home where that model is used and can’t be replaced but needs to conserve water due to the increase in water bills. The following are ways to conserve water.

Water conservation tips

The first way of conserving water is to adjust your toilet flapper by checking your toilet model to know the best flapper for your toilet. When the flapper is adjusted, it helps to control the flow of water that goes in when flushing.

Another way to conserve water is by putting a new tank bag in your toilet tank. Although many people use brick as an alternative, it is not advisable because it can dissolve later and cause blockage. Don’t forget to fill the tank bag before installing it inside the toilet tank.

You also need to check for cracks or holes that could cause water leakage in the toilet. This requires a thorough inspection so that you will be able to detect and fix it. To ease your stress when checking, you can simply check under the toilet to see if there is any hole or opening in the pipe or check the surface of the toilet tank. This will conserve water and prevent waste.

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How Much Water Does It Take to Flush a Toilet Manually

Flushing a toilet manually is simply flushing without pressing the water button on the toilet tank for some reasons, which might include the tank not being refilled or faulty, and maybe the button is no longer functioning either way when such a situation happens. Manual flushing is the next option. 

Many people have been asking diverse questions about how much water it takes to flush the toilet manually, and the simple answer is that it takes 1 to 2 buckets to flush, depending on the force put into it. The force depends on the person performing the action, although some might not be used to the process. The following are the step-by-step procedures to follow when flushing manually.

  1. The first thing to do is to get a bucket and fill it with water. It is advisable to get a bigger bucket, although not too big, but at least a medium bucket, and make sure the water fills up the bucket.
  2. The second thing to do is to carry the bucket filled with water and lift it. Pour it slowly at first, then put more force by pouring out all the water, as the force will make the water flush immediately.
  3. The last thing to do is to wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly, as this helps to prevent you from getting germs.

Is It a Waste of Water to Flush the Toilet?

It is not a waste of water to flush the toilet when it is done appropriately. Many people consider it a waste of water, while some see it as a necessity to be carried out. People using the older toilet model will see it as a waste of water for reasons like the toilet taking longer to flush, which could be traced to a faulty toilet or when the toilet takes more water before it gets flushed. 

People with new model toilets will see flushing as the norm because their toilet consumes less water. All the same, once flushing is appropriately done, it is never a waste of water.

Types of Toilets That Take the Most Water

Types of Toilets That Take the Most Water

There are different toilets made for human use, but some toilets waste a lot of water, especially during flushing. As said previously, when a toilet is used for many years, it tends to consume more water, but some models typically use more water. The following are the types of toilets that use the most water: 

Dual flush toilets

Dual flush toilets are manufactured primarily to reduce the rate at which water is wasted when flushing the toilet. That is why the manufacturer provides a button that helps in half flushing, commonly pressed after urinating, and complete flushing, which is commonly used after defecating. 

But for various reasons, such as when the toilet is manufactured, and the material used is of poor quality, leakage may occur, and the valve, which is meant to open when flushing fails to close, may cause the dual flush toilet to wastewater.

Flush toilets

The flush toilet, also known as a traditional toilet, is a type commonly used by people and was invented long ago. We can simply call them the older toilets. They are types of toilets that waste more water because their old-fashioned model makes the water-saving efficiency low.


When answering about how much water does it take to flush a toilet, bear in mind that excessive water use for flushing is a waste of water and money. Especially for citizens who live in the countryside where their water bills increase due to the water used in the toilet. 

While we cannot avoid using the toilet because it is necessary for everyday life, it is best to find a model that fits your budget or simply research alternative water conservation models while purchasing a new toilet. You can also follow the appropriate procedures to conserve water while flushing your toilet.

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