Best Wall Hung Toilets

You have definitely seen a wall-hung toilet in a modern restaurant or a cafe bar. The modern and compact design gives the bathroom a modern appearance, allowing you to keep sanitary hygiene at a high level at the same time.

It always looks better when the water tank is hidden behind the wall. “Floating” toilets save space and are more practical for use. Some of them even support modern hi-tech functions, allowing you to live a few decades in the future.

So, why is it important to invest in a wall-hung toilet?

We all know that those few minutes we spend in the toilet are the minutes of full privacy. The toilet bowl seat and size should match our needs for comfort and also be more hygienic. The best thing here is the fact that you can even choose the color, shape, and size of the toilet bowl.

Give your bathroom a modern detail. Let us show you some of the best-looking and modern wall-hung toilets on Amazon, affordable for everyone’s wallet.

Best Wall Hung Toilets

How We Made Our Choice

Modern design

The modern and compact design got our attention and made us do a little more research before making our choice. The chosen toilets in this article are made with innovative technology and attractive design. They still look simple, but their look has a modern touch that catches sight. Besides their modern look, they also seem comfortable.

The design of most wall-hung toilets is excellent for every household. They are adjustable and easy to clean. The modern look can suit even the most traditional bathroom without changing its style dramatically. Our chosen brands understand the new era and designed toilets to meet everyone’s needs.


Compared to many other toilets, our chosen ones are compact and fit every bathroom, whether small or big. Because it is not necessary to buy a large toilet that may only take place rather than be usable, we decided to choose smaller toilets that will give you the same comfort.

Compared to traditional toilets, these wall-hung toilets allow you to use the space underneath the same toilet. Whether you want to put something there or just place the bathroom carpet properly. You would not be mistaken if you chose a floating toilet bowl because its water tank is also placed into the wall, saving even more space.


The chosen toilets are made with high hygienic and antibacterial technology. Their surfaces are coated with innovative technologies that keep the bacteria and microbes further from the toilet’s seat and external surface. This is quite helpful in maintaining toilet hygiene.

The dual flush technology allows you to clean most bacteria on the inside. The floating look also is good for cleaning since it can be cleaned on the entire surface, even underneath it. Standard toilets usually have a lot of bacteria in the area where the toilet touches the floor. So, having a clean toilet and bathroom should be your priority. You are not going to make a mistake with any wall-hung toilet you choose.

Can be mounted at any height

This option was mutual for all of our chosen toilets. This allows everyone to manage the height of the toilet seat since it does not touch the ground and can be installed higher or lower than standard. Some people might face difficulties with the toilet’s height, which is a big issue that makes toilet use uncomfortable.

However, these toilets can be installed higher or lower, depending on your personal preferences. It does not have strict rules about the minimum and maximum height of the toilet, but some brands recommend placing the toilet bowl 15 to 19 inches from the floor.

Soft and silent closing technology

If you are tired of listening to someone making noise while opening and closing the toilet seat, especially at night, then these toilets are the thing you need. All five brands used soft-close technology so the toilet seat would not make noise while opening and closing. Their mechanism allows the seat to be closed slowly, making it soft-close when it comes to an end.

You are not going to hear slamming anymore. Choosing a soft-close toilet seat brings a lot of benefits, including children’s safety so that they would not hurt their fingers if the seat unexpectedly closes, it keeps the toilet cleaner, and well-closed.

Best Wall Hung Toilets on the Market

Best Wall Hung Toilets Review

Woodbridge Intelligent

Best Wall Hung Toilets 1Best Wall Hung Toilets 2

Woodbridge is a company specializing in manufacturing and distributing top-quality bathroom and kitchen products. The company works diligently to make hi-tech and compact products suitable for every household.

You can find various high-quality Woodbridge bathtubs, toilets, bidets, shower doors, shower bases, vanity tops, vanities, faucets, kitchen sinks, and other parts. The company believes in the quality of all its products and gives every customer a 14-day refund guarantee.

Every product comes with a 1-year warranty and 14 days of a money-back guarantee. Every customer who wants to initiate refunds should know that the product must be in its original condition, packed with all accessories, and unused.


Woodbridge intelligent wall hung toilet includes a tank system of rough material, mounting hardware, toilet bidet, and an installation manual. The size of the product is 23.88 x 15.63 x 44.9 inches.

The material is marble and comes in white color. The bidet seat is comfortable, with hygiene wash, seat heat, water heater, hot air dryer, and oscillating massage pulse functions. The Woodbridge’s toilet has a high-performance dual flush feature. The toilet also has a light feature in blue color.

The mounting hardware, water tank, waterway connections, and carrier system are designed for a seamless and clean look. The marble stone plates are slim and durable, resistant to scratches, mechanical damage, and abrasion. They are not sensitive to temperature changes and moisture and would not fade or lose their glow if often cleaned.

The toilet bowl can save up to 12 inches of space under the bowl, making it better and more accessible for cleaning. Its modern and compact look is suitable even for tiny bathrooms. You can easily install the toilet following manual guidance. Feel free to get yourself a plumber if you are not that good at plumbing stuff.

  • Incredible hi-tech features
  • Surface and water heat system
  • Made of white marble of high quality
  • Easy for cleaning and installing
  • Has a dual flush feature
  • Comes with a year of warranty and 14 days refund period
  • The package does not include a wax ring kit and bolts
  • The toilet might need professional installation

Swiss Madison Ivy SM-WT450

Best Wall Hung Toilets 3Best Wall Hung Toilets 4

Swiss Madison is a company committed to manufacturing modern and superior bath products. The company is proud to say that its products are made with the latest technology and innovation. Their customer service is always available for the customers, prepared to answer all your concerns and questions about the Swiss Madison products.

The modern and luxurious designs are waiting for you. The company offers incredible products that fit every bathroom, whether a small lavatory or a large home spa. You can purchase your favorite Swiss Madison product knowing it comes with a year of warranty and 30 days of return guarantee.


The size of the Swiss Madison SM-WT450 model toilet is 20.68 x 1475 x 13.37 inches. The material is shiny ceramic and comes in white color. The toilet weighs 48 pounds.

We like this model because it is simple and elegant at the same time. Its design is seamless and keeps it concealed. This toilet has a soft close feature so that you can use the toilet and not make noise when opening and closing it.

The dual flush system has high-performance gravity of 28 gallons per flush. The toilet bowl is not touching the floor, allowing you to keep your bathroom floor clean even under the toilet. The design is compact and space-saving.

The toilet’s height is adjustable, and it can reach 19 inches. This toilet has an incredible customer reputation and high grades for its material, design, flushing power, installation simplicity, and value for money.

The installation is simple and does not require professional plumber work. Do it by yourself or call a plumber if you have no knowledge of the plumbing sector. In case some parts of the toilet get broken or damaged, you can contact the Swiss Madison company and ask the support team to give you the needed replacement part.

  • Glossy white ceramic material
  • The toilet is floating and does not touch the floor
  • Easy for cleaning and maintaining hygiene
  • Powerful dual flush flushing system
  • Adjustable height of 15 to 19 inches
  • A soft-closing seat that makes no noise
  • Does not have modern functions like heat and light
  • The toilet bowl is too simple

Fine Fixtures Vogue

Best Wall Hung Toilets 5Best Wall Hung Toilets 6

This brand was founded in 2005 by Joel Hartman and Joseph Ostreicher. Their main goal was to enrich the market with high-quality bathroom products since the current ones on the market were cheap, poor-quality, and too simple-looking.

Fine Fixtures offers tempting, luxurious, and average-priced toilets and bathroom products that many customers can afford to buy. The quality and modern design have pushed this company further, making it one of the best in the interior design industry. Each product made by Fine Fixtures comes with a 1-year limited warranty against defects.

The support team is always available to solve your issues and concerns. Feel free to email the company directly if some issues appear.


The Vogue model will save you a lot of space in the bathroom but give you comfort and a modern look in your whole bathroom. The toilet weighs 60 pounds, while its dimensions are 21.5 x 14.12 x 14.5 inches.

The toilet bowl is made of shiny white ceramic and comes in a bright white color. The wall-hung design makes the toilet bowl appear floating, allowing you to clean better under the same toilet. The toilet is fully glazed, preventing clocking. The plumbing is hidden inside the wall, allowing everything to appear tidy and super hygienic. 

The water tank fits well with other similar in-wall tanks, so you would not face some serious installation issues. The seller says that the installation is much easier and simpler than other complicated toilets.

The Vogue toilet model has dual-flush technology and a soft-close system. This feature allows you to open and close the toilet seat quietly without making a loud noise. The covers are ultra-thin, making the toilet soft and comfortable for use.

Most customers wrote that the toilet is very smooth and elegant, a total money-worth investment even for small bathrooms. You can purchase this toilet on Amazon or directly from the official Fine Fixtures website.

  • Modern, elegant, and space-saving toilet
  • Dual flush technology
  • Soft-close no noise making toilet seat
  • Excellent quality for an affordable price
  • Easy for cleaning even underneath the toilet bowl
  • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty
  • Does not have an exceptionally modern design
  • No other unique features

Duravit 2537090092

Best Wall Hung Toilets 7Best Wall Hung Toilets 8

Duravit is your best choice for bathroom furniture. Its products are made with iconic design, making them modern-looking and comfortable for use and hygiene maintenance. The company is relatively new, which is the main arrow pointing to its modern and upgraded design.

The perfect design and technology combination made this company grow in a record short time. This company has everything for your bathroom, including sanitary ceramics, bathtubs, shower trays, toilets, faucets, accessories, and bathroom furniture. Each product comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 or 3 years, depending on the product.

The brand allows you to purchase original parts for all products in case you want to replace them.


The Durastyle technology wall hung toilet is flat and unusually elegant. This technology gives an innovative impression and compact design. The Durastyle toilet is perfect for any taste and bathroom size.

The toilet’s size is 14.63 x 24.38 x 13.63 inches. Its size is 66 pounds and is easy to install. The package comes with all needed accessories, parts, and a manual for at-home installation. You can open the website and download the installation videos that might be much more helpful if you decide to install the toilet on your own.

The toilet has WonderGliss technology, a ceramics coated with an incredibly innovative formula that keeps the toilet smooth and clean for a long time. This technology will also be helpful in the maintenance of the toilet’s hygiene.

You can choose the toilet’s color, which can be simple white or HygieneGlaze with extra antibacterial coating. The toilet seat is flat, elongated, and easily removable. All parts are stainless steel, preventing corrosion. It has a slow and soft-close system that prevents making noise when using the toilet.

The height is adjustable and can be between 17 and 19 inches. It also has dual flush technology and maintenance instructions.

  • Compact and comfortable
  • Flat seat design and soft-close system
  • Adjustable height of 17 to 19 inches
  • Dual flush technology
  • Comes with all needed parts and installation manual
  • WonderGliss hygiene coat technology
  • The product description is too poor and lacks information
  • The toilet has no special or advanced features

Sani Canada 8010D

Best Wall Hung Toilets 9Best Wall Hung Toilets 10

Sani Canada is a company selling unique and luxurious sanitary furniture and accessories. This company offers innovative and affordable bathroom products that meet everyone’s budget. The products seem like they are made of high-quality materials, but there is no information about them.

The wall-hung toilet is the brand’s best-selling product because of its affordable price and compact design. This model allows you to maintain hygiene around the toilet bowl and underneath it. All products come with a 1-year warranty. The website has all replacing parts of each product so that everyone can order a replacement part in case the original one is damaged.


The 8010D Sani Canada toilet comes with all essential parts, like a water tank, plastic seat, toilet bowl, and other accessory parts essential for installation. The size of this model is 22 x 14 x 16 inches. There is no information about the weight of the toilet.

The toilet bowl is made out of white ceramic and comes only in white color. The toilet seat is elongated and comfortable for everyone. The toilet has a slow and soft-close feature. This allows the users to open and close the toilet seat without making noise.

The flushing power is incredible and features dual flush technology. There are some videos on youtube that show how the flushing power of Sani Canada toilets. Feel free to open their channel and see how their products work and how to install the 8010D wall hung toilet.

The product comes with free delivery for the USA and Canada. The wall mount tank can be installed without a plumber’s help, and it is compatible with Durabut, Grohe, and Gerebit’s career frame since the toilet comes without the tank wall carrier.

This model has no special features like heat, light, or self-clean.

  • Simple and suitable for every bathroom space
  • Affordable for everyone’s budget
  • Dual flush technology
  • Silent and soft-close technology
  • Free delivery for the USA and Canada
  • Easy to clean the toilet bowl and underneath it
  • Poor product description and lack of essential information
  • No customer reviews or testimonials

Factors to Consider When Choosing Best Wall Hung Toilets

Factors to Consider When Choosing Best Wall Hung Toilets

Size and shape

Technology development and innovation of the 21st century allow the manufacturers and companies to sell toilets in various sizes and shapes so everyone can find the one that makes him feel comfortable while using the toilet. You can easily select the toilet seat size and shape that might suit your needs and give you better comfort and satisfaction.

Ensure that the chosen toilet size matches your standards and needs. The size can not be dramatically bigger or smaller than the average standard, but the shape can vary. There are elongated, square, round, ellipsoid, and many other shapes of toilet seats. You can select the shape and size that matches both your preferences and your bathroom style. 

Color shade and material

Toilets also come in various materials and shades. Whether you prefer standard white, glossy white, or colored toiled, you can find it everywhere. You can choose a toilet that matches your bathroom style and color, giving an exceptional interior touch.

On the other hand, the material is essential for the toilet’s quality. Most toilets are made of ceramic, which is the most common material used for bathroom furniture. But, some high-quality and extra toilets can be made of marble, which gives a luxurious look and long-term quality. Marble is always pricier. You can manage your finances and choose a ceramic toilet that might be of the same quality as some pricier materials.

Modern features

Many modern wall hung toilets have modern features. The basic features might be a dual flush system and a soft-close seat. These two features are common on most toilets and are not increasing the price dramatically.

Every other feature might determine the toilet’s price and increase it. For example, you can find wall-hung toilets with heating seats, heating water, massagers, self-clean feature, a hot air dryer, lighted toilet seats, and a lot more. But, these features might cost you thousands of dollars. Calculate your budget and compare your needs. You might not need too many advanced features on your toilet.

Dual flush option

Wall hung toilets are not connected to the floor and might need more powerful flushing to clean the dirt. Most toilets come with dual flush technology, which is not something special that will increase the toilet’s price. Ensure that the toilet you choose has this option because many people complain that their single flush toilets are not that powerful to clean the dirt in total.

The dual flush option might not be an essential factor to consider when searching for a quality toilet, but it is always better to have it. So, check the product’s description and see its flushing technology. The dual power leaves the toilet clean and helps in maintaining toilet hygiene.

Warranty and refund guarantee

Many companies that believe in their products offer warranty for them. The warranty will make you feel safe that the product will not show defects for the first year or more when you buy it. It is not good to buy products that might damage or break quickly, especially toilets. Search for a warranty guarantee before buying a poor-quality toilet.

The brands that offer warranties for their products usually offer a refund and return guarantee. This might be helpful for you in case you change your mind and want to return the toilet, or the arrived toilet is not what you expected. The refund and return policies usually last from 14 to 30 days and require unopened and unused products. So, ensure you really want the purchased toiled before actually opening it. Otherwise, it would not be eligible for a refund or return.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wall-hung toilet?

A wall-hung toilet is actually a regular toilet attached to the sidewall instead of to the floor. These types of toilets are also known as floating toilets because they are mounted on the wall and are not touching the floor. These toilets give your bathroom an elegant, luxurious, and stylish look. Their design is focused on minimalism, making the toiled simpler and easier to clean.

The water inlet and outlet pile are mounted inside the wall and are invisible from the outside. This also saves more space in the bathroom. These types of toilets allow you to see only the toilet bowl and use the toilet seat. Everything else is hidden in the wall.

How does the wall-hung toilet work?

These toilets work the same as the standard ones, but you are not able to see all the parts and outlets where the water comes and goes. The buttons to flush the toilet are visible on the wall. They require a single press, just like the regular toilet. Only the position of the buttons is different. Behind the wall goes the water tank, which is much more compact than the regular one.

The water tank is mounted on a steel frame that comes together with the toilet. On the career frame, you should attach the toilet bowl until it is solidly anchored. The floating toilet is secured on the framework, same as the standard toilets are attached to the floor.

Is there any weight limit on the wall-hung toilets?

This information is not always shared in the toilet description. You should ask the seller about the weight the toilet can support and get the right answer. On average, there is no precise standard for the weight limit of the standard toilet. On average, it might be around 1.000 pounds because the toilet has a pedestal under the bowl that supports the toilet to the floor.

On the other hand, the floating toilet might support up to 500 pounds based on the national standard of the maximum weight tolerance of the wall-hung toilets. However, it depends on multiple factors, like the built support in the wall base, etc.

What are the good sides of getting a wall-hung toilet?

The thing we like the most is the modern and elegant look. Their bottomless appearance makes these toilets appear luxurious and easier to clean. The ground underneath the toilet bowl is more accessible for cleaning, and you do not have to rub the areas around the toilet hold anymore.

No bottom holder means more space generally, which makes your bathroom appear much bigger visually. The wall-mounted toilets have stylish designs that give your bathroom an incredible touch, especially if you are a minimalist person.

Another great advantage is that these toilets are suitable for people with disabilities. The height of the wall-hung toilet might be more comfortable and accessible for those who face issues using the toilet because of their physical disability.

What are the disadvantages of wall-hung toilets?

Some of the disadvantages might include difficulties with installation. Some toilets might be easy for at-home installation, while others might include schemes and tools that only professional plumbers have. The most difficult thing about wall-hung toilet installation is the water tank that should go inside the wall.

These toilets might be hard to fit in some bathrooms because there might be sufficient space on the wall. If you already have a standard toilet, you might have to cut the wall and make a mess. This process requires opening a hole in the wall big enough to fit the water tank and other water pipes.

Best Wall Hung Toilets on Amazon

What are the differences between a standard and a wall-hung toilet?

Wall-mounted toilets are easier to clean. The standard toilet is difficult to clean around and underneath.

The standard toilet is easy to mount and fit into any bathroom. On the other hand, the wall-mounted toilet may be hard to install in every bathroom because its water tank should be upgraded into the wall.

Because the wall-hung toilets require complex installation procedures, they might also be difficult to repair in the case when a defect appears. Standard toilets are always easy to fix. You do not even need a plumber to do the job.

Wall-hung toilet gives more space and makes the bathroom appear bigger visually. The standard toilets usually take more space and look massive.


Wall-hung toilets can be a good investment if you want to make your bathroom modern. You do not have to waste too much money to get yourself a wall-mounted toilet. Amazon has incredible bathroom furniture partners that are here to give you high-quality products.

Choose the shape and size that fits your bathroom the most. The market offers various shades, shapes, and sizes so everyone can find the best one.

We hope that our article helped you find the best wall hung toilets on the market.

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