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Whether you’ve struggled with constipation or pelvic floor disorders, you know how difficult it may be to go to the bathroom. Bathroom stools, sometimes known as squatty potties, have saved the day for many people.

Squatty Potty’s toilet seat entered the public consciousness in 2015 thanks to a viral advertisement that showed a unicorn gleefully pooping out an entire conveyor belt’s worth of ice cream. They are currently very well-known.

What is the best place to buy the squatty potty? Congratulations! You’ve saved yourself the hassle of reading thousands of reviews by visiting our website.

In this article, we have compiled the list of the best squatty potty. With no further ado, let’s get started!

How We Made This List

Brand worth

Why would you buy a subpar brand that falls short of your requirements? There is a greater possibility that it won’t be trustworthy. A well-known brand prioritizes reputation maintenance above everything else.

The top toilet manufacturers set themselves apart from the competition with exceptional qualities. Therefore, we hope that one of our items will satisfy your needs.


Having dozens of features is not required. The essential qualities were considered when selecting the best squatty potty toilet stool. As a result, we looked at all the pertinent descriptions of these porta potties.


You can always gauge the quality quantitatively when you have access to numbers. Our article seeks out goods that offer better value than the norm while maintaining a healthy balance between squatty potty toilet stools.

Customer feedback

Before selecting these stools, we reviewed many customer reviews. We made sure the reviews were authentic to determine the customer satisfaction for each brand.

Ranking of sellers

You must admit this aspect is fascinating. If a brand wants to succeed, it needs to offer more than simply an excellent squatty potty toilet stool. Quality and success are interrelated.

These products’ user bases are expanding, proving their success. An expanding client base should help manufacturers provide better quality and after-sales support.


The two concepts of dependability and durability are closely related. Due to its strength and durability, you can use the squatty potty toilet stool for many months. The products on our list are all trustworthy.

The manufacturer needs to stand behind its products and marketing. We aim to highlight goods from a restricted group of reliable sellers—if not more.

Best Squatty Potty

Best Squatty Potty

Best Squatty Potty: Reviews

Squatty Potty The Original

Squatty Potty The Original Toilet Stool - Bamboo Flip,...
12,014 Reviews
Squatty Potty The Original Toilet Stool - Bamboo Flip,...
  • Doctor recommended
  • Easy to alternate between 7" Stool & 9" Stool
  • Made of 100% natural bamboo

By using the Bamboo Flip Toilet Stool, you may squat naturally. This completely relaxes the puborectalis, a muscle in our body explicitly made to hold in waste. Although incredibly convenient, a conventional toilet forces you to sit down. Because the muscle is only partially released, your body must use more effort to relieve itself fully. The Squatty Potty combines a modern toilet’s practicality with a comfortable bathroom posture.

Simply sit, place your feet on the toilet stool, and settle to approximate a squatting position. If you prefer the 7″ Height, but another household member needs the 9″ Height, there is a solution. With simply a flip, this Squatty Potty switches between the two heights. Its ingenious construction makes satisfying anyone’s squatting demands incredibly easy.

For most individuals, 7′′ Height is the most comfortable. Sometimes, people who have comfortable height toilets prefer the 9′′ Height. Children do better when the height is 9″.

This stool is environmentally beneficial because it is constructed entirely of natural bamboo. Natural antibacterial qualities in bamboo shield the surface from jewels. Additionally, the design is resistant to water and mold. To clean it, just give it a quick wipe down. You can turn over the stool to a seven or nine-inch height, which is the most excellent part.


Observing the squat

Why not use the Squatty Potty when you need to relieve stress and join the 90% of people who do so for potential stress relief? In addition, 85% of users report having more time to empty their bowels, and 7% spend less time using the restroom. It improves your bowel movements in a way that has been professionally proved!

Naturally made

The bamboo used to make the Bamboo Flip Toilet Stool is untreated. As a result, it is both solid and comfortable to use. Adding bamboo can produce a cozy, lovely area in your bathroom.


This portable toilet can accommodate users with a height of between 7 and 9 inches and fits in all standard toilets. As a result, it is appropriate for use in any of the home bathrooms and by any family member.

Customer experience

A couple of the available evaluations voiced their disapproval of the platform’s warp or its lack of hardware. Others, on the other hand, agreed that putting together the stool was not difficult. They cherished the arrangement of the double-height space. Many people also complimented the trendy look and remarked on how long-lasting the material was.

  • Entirely natural bamboo
  • Switching between a 7″ and a 9″ stool is simple.
  • Minimalistic style
  • Clinically demonstrated to lessen tension possibly.
  • Mold and water resistant
  • Eco-friendly
  • Simply use a soft rag and your preferred cleaner to clean it
  • Made of wood, hence by cutting trees

Squatty Potty Simple

Squatty Potty Simple Bathroom Toilet Stool, White, 7'
45,240 Reviews
Squatty Potty Simple Bathroom Toilet Stool, White, 7"
  • Doctor recommended
  • A Squatty Potty Toilet stool helps you mimic a natural squat to properly align your colon
  • More complete & easier elimination

The Squatty Potty toilet stool puts your body back in its more efficient, natural position for ejecting waste. Your excretion may be more effective and comprehensive, thanks to this stool. The original toilet stool was designed to raise the user’s feet off the floor and open the colon to allow for more efficient excretion. Sitting on a toilet creates kinks and pressure in the puborectalis muscle, which only allows for partial relaxation. The puborectalis muscle is a tight muscle that surrounds the colon.

As a result, prolonged sitting delays altogether prevent the evacuation of waste. The Squatty Potty holds the solution. In a natural squat position, the puborectalis muscle unknots and completely relaxes, allowing the colon to empty quickly and thoroughly.

Simply slide out this Squatty Potty stool as a footrest before using the toilet. Then carry out your assignment. This stool is Made in the USA, is recommended by medical professionals, and has FDA registration. The Squatty Potty toilet stool is ideal for your bathroom if you wish for a more comfortable bowel movement.


A robust stool for you

The most well-liked beginning squatter we provide is constructed of sturdy plastic. It’s a squatting-friendly toilet seat with foot grips that is simple to clean. It should not be taken as a step. The goal is to lessen strain and position your body in a natural squat to unwind your colon.

Fitted to toilets in shape

This sleek toilet stool can fit around the base of a toilet, thanks to its curves. It tucks away underneath and is ready to help when you need to go. The slight incline forces you to squat and release the puborectalis muscle by elevating your feet so that your heels are higher than your toes.

Surfaces that don’t slip

Hass an anti-slip top surface for your feet’s comfort and stability. This surface prevents your feet from slipping and moving around. 

Customer experience

Some customers complained that the stool was too hefty in the bathroom and didn’t truly enforce a squat. Over time, it evolved into a typical footrest for children. Others, however, praised its high level of durability and safety. Others reported having far better bowel movements with less effort.

  • Recommended by doctors
  • You may align your colon appropriately by simulating a natural squat with the aid of a Squatty Potty toilet stool.
  • Easier and more thorough eradication
  • Transforming potential health advantages
  • Some customers had a problem with its height

Squatty Potty Original 2.0

Squatty Potty Original Toilet Stool 2.0 Base 7', White,...
4,305 Reviews
Squatty Potty Original Toilet Stool 2.0 Base 7", White,...
  • Doctor recommended/ endorsed, Strong & durable, Family-friendly and weight capacity-350 pounds
  • Featured on Shark Tank and Howard Stern
  • The Squatty Potty may feel different at first, but the body quickly adjusts and the new healthy way of eliminating quickly becomes second...

The Squatty Potty toilet stool looks fantastic. Its edges are not particularly angular or unpleasant. This makes it easy for the device to hug the toilet while not in use, so it isn’t as visible. Additionally, this Squatty Potty has two huge foot panels joined by a tiny bridge area.

The Squatty Potty is incredibly durable. It simply feels more substantial in the hands and can support 250 pounds. Perhaps the material is thicker, or it’s just the design of the toilet seat itself. Two sizes of the polyurethane plastic Squatty Potty toilet stool are available: 7 and 9 inches. As a result, it may offer a whole solution for both toilet sizes and specific human heights.

You have a spacious foot platform, no-slip rubber bottoms, a non-slip surface for your feet, strong plastic, and more! To encourage even better posture while using the toilet and Squatty Potty, the designers of this toilet even thought to tilt the footrest forward. The price of this Squatty Potty is reasonable. You benefit from a great deal and a high-quality toilet stool.


Complete footrest

It’s good to have two complete footrest spaces. Have you ever attempted to maintain a long-standing position on your toes? How about just a moment? An entire foot area is required for the right balance, even though it is uncomfortable. Your lower body can relax due to your heels being able to rest securely alongside your arches. Keep in mind that pooping calls for a relaxed pooper. Otherwise, an inadequate amount of bowel can (and most likely will) be removed.

A surface area with anti-slip

You have a pleasant texture by putting your feet on top of the Squatty Potty. As required, it gives your toes an additional grip strength. You might believe that this function is pointless. It may be helpful for those who have used the restroom before, during, or after a bath, shower, or swimming pool.

A slanted footrest

To ensure optimal stability, the footrest of this Squatty Potty toilet stool is angled forward. It is 6 3/4 inches tall in the front and 7 3/4 inches high at the back. Overall, only a minor incline. This encourages a proper squat on the toilet and keeps the user from becoming unbalanced. However, some users could discover that it elevates them into an awkward position.

Anti-skid mats

The no-skid pads give excellent stability and are a lovely addition. Since it expands people’s options for using their facilities, this balances out Squatty Potty’s benefits.

Customer experience

The users love this. This product has helped many in fighting constipation, according to the reviews. A few reviews say this product is a must for pregnant ladies. This squatty Potty is easy to clean and manage.

  • Helps you simulate a natural squat to help your colon align properly.
  • More effortless and more thorough eradication
  • Incredible potential health advantages
  • Using recycled materials made in the USA
  • Clinically proven 
  • Doesn’t feel premium

Squatty Potty Oslo

Squatty Potty Oslo Folding Bamboo Toilet Stool – 7...
1,770 Reviews
Squatty Potty Oslo Folding Bamboo Toilet Stool – 7...
  • Collapsible Step Stool – A modern foldable toilet seat designed with convenience. With a hinge pin, that makes it more comfortable to use...
  • Improve Your Bowel Health – Moves your colon into the ideal position to go for easier elimination without straining the muscle around the...
  • Ergonomically designed – A convenient footstool that mimics a natural squat position. This bathroom squatting stool is made of natural...

Sustainable bamboo was used to create the folding bamboo. The hinge locks into place to keep the secure stool while in use. Folding is quick and safe, thanks to the hinge’s simple release pin. To keep it out of the way yet accessible when needed, simply fold the legs and place it to the side of your toilet.

This product is fantastic and performs even better than we anticipated. This is the product you need if you want something that works! Wherever you decide to keep it, the device is easily transportable and can be stowed. We appreciate how durable and stylish it is.

It is moreover a medical device with FDA certification. To use this product, no assembly is necessary. Just remove it from the container and unfold it to begin using it. 

There is a velour dust cover included. With the help of this velour dust cover, you can protect your Oslo Bamboo Folding Stool from dust and dents. It is excellent for long-term storage as well as packing for trips!


Easily foldable step stool

A contemporary, foldable toilet seat made with practicality in mind. It is more convenient to use with an easy-release lock safety when there is a hinge pin.

Improve the health of your gut

It helps position your colon in the best way possible for more uncomplicated elimination without putting undue stress on the colon’s muscles. This may lead to improved bowel emptiness, shorter bowel movements, and a healthier and more comfortable way to go.

Ergonomically constructed

A practical footstool that resembles the squat position in nature. This natural bamboo squatting stool for the bathroom is 7 inches tall, suited for most users, and has a range of toilet heights. This can provide the highest level of comfort for adults and children.

Design that is non-installable and foldable

The toilet stool is simply folded for storage and features a collapsible design that makes it perfect for a private restroom or even traveling with the Carrying Satchel.

With a Stable and Comfortable Design, this footstool incorporates non-slip mats and grooves to make it easy for you and your family to stand comfortably. It has a smooth texture that’s simple to clean and may be rinsed with water or wiped with a moist cloth.

Customer experience

Customers gush about how pleasant this squatty Potty is. First, they were a bit hesitant to buy a folding model because of the weight. But later, they dropped huge hot deuces using the squatty for more than a month. Customers enthusiastically endorse this solution for anyone needing additional assistance using the bathroom.

  • FDA-registered and recommended by doctors
  • Helps you simulate a natural squat to align your intestines appropriately and ease the strain
  • More effortless and more thorough eradication
  • A low-profile hinge with a simple lock for security
  • Eco-friendly bamboo’s inherent antibacterial qualities help shield you from harmful microorganisms
  • There have been few complaints about wood splintering

Squatty Potty Fold N Stow

Squatty Potty Fold N Stow Compact Foldable Toilet...
2,535 Reviews
Squatty Potty Fold N Stow Compact Foldable Toilet...
  • Easily folds and stores to the side of your toilet
  • Doctor recommended/ endorsed, Strong & durable, Family-friendly and weight capacity-50 pounds Material: Polypropylene
  • Folds to less than 3" thick for easy storage

With this Squatty Potty Toilet Stool, you may benefit from good toilet posture and a speedier, more effective, and more thorough elimination. For storage next to your toilet or in any other convenient spot, the Fold N Stow is simply folded up.

This stool is perfect for you whether you have limited bathroom space or want to put it away when not using it. It might assist you in adopting the appropriate stance and posture for a more straightforward restroom experience. Put this toilet stool in the bathroom next to the toilet and use it as a step stool as you sit down. This makes it easier to squat in a more natural position, which may safely assist the user in becoming more regular without needing medicine.

The durable bamboo stool is delivered deflated and is contained in a small box with an elegant suede drawstring bag for privacy. Simply pulling opens the painted legs, which lock into position until you manually push and hold a button to fold them back down. It prevents the stool from collapsing in the middle of usage and eliminates the need to unfold it when you immediately need it.


Simple to stow away

For guest rooms and communal bathrooms where you don’t need anyone to know how you’re doing, Fold N Stow is perfect. When you need it, pull out your folded Fold N Stow Squatty Potty and expand it. Store it in a small area. The small, folded toilet stool can go next to your toilet, on a shelf, and maybe even under your sink!

Go and lock

Lock your Fold-N-Stow as soon as it is unfolded. It only takes 3 easy steps to set up, and it does so quickly: Pull first, then click, then squat. You could hear two clicks when inserting the tabs into the holes on the support legs. More information is provided in a straightforward instruction leaflet.

Stow it quick

It’s quick and easy to fold up for storage. To fold it, gently lift the locking tabs on the support legs. It can be stored either standing up next to the toilet or, if you’d choose, somewhere less obvious.

Robust stool for you

This firm toilet stool is made of hard plastic to withstand use. It is straightforward to clean. Please note that this is a portable toilet stool, not a step. Thanks to the foot grip lines on top, your feet will stay on the stool while you are moving.

Customer experience

Because clients adore this stool, the days of idly reading through Facebook while hoping a tiny Hershey kiss might fall from the bum are over. The fold and keep it anyplace feature was well-liked by customers. Although some consumers complained that it takes up a lot of room, most are content with its size. They express gratitude to the business for its durable quality.

  • Minimalistic technique
  • Less than 3′′ thick when folded for simple storage
  • Locks securely in place for the operation
  • Produced with recycled materials
  • Mold and water resistant
  • Takes more space as compared to others

Buying Guide for the Best Squatty Potty

Buying Guide for the Best Squatty Potty

Choosing a specific toilet stool may seem simple enough. The device might not improve bowel movement if it were the improper height or made of the wrong material. As a result, the following buying guide will highlight important factors to consider when selecting a toilet stool.

Identify the required stool height

The height is likely the most crucial factor when selecting a toilet stool. After all, its primary function is to raise your feet to an optimal sitting position for bowel movements.

Adults using standard toilet bowls typically need a height of seven inches or less on the toilet stool. However, the required elevation must be increased for taller stool users. For instance, someone over six feet two would find it more comfortable to utilize an eight or nine inches high stool.

Pick up a secure and non-slip stool

Stability is essential when selecting a toilet seat, especially when young children or older adults are involved. Stability depends on the material, with hardwood stools advertised as the most stable available.

Although some plastic stools can support a lot of weight and have rubberized soles to prevent slipping, they are not far behind in popularity. The bottoms of toilet stools should be non-slip, but they should also be stable for your feet. For further safety while using, we advise one with grooves or additional cushioning on the foot platform.

Due to their grainy finish, wooden stools naturally provide friction for the feet; nevertheless, be aware that some models may have a coating or paint that may be slippery when wet.

Look for bonus benefits

A stool that delivers extra benefits would be helpful if you like to read or unwind on the toilet. To watch films or movies in a comfortable position, you can choose stools with a built-in tablet or phone holder.

Some stools even incorporate concealed compartments to keep wet wipes, or other small objects close at hand and out of sight. You might choose stools that fold and stretch for simple storage when not in use.

When you have visitors or male users who need to stand in front of the toilet, you may store the folding chairs away. Choose a stool with an open base if you intend to keep it permanently so people who need to stand in front can approach without being obstructed.

How Does a Squatty Potty Work

What Is a Squatty Potty?

We can all agree that good posture is vital when we sit, walk, or stand, but have you ever thought about your posture while using the restroom? Did you know that using a standard toilet may cause hemorrhoids, pelvic floor problems, colon disease, and constipation?

And did you know that, before the development of the modern toilet, squatting was the only healthy and natural position for defecating? Doctors worldwide concur that too many risks are associated with using a modern toilet. Let’s face it: we might have been pooping incorrectly for a long time!

Knowing is only half the battle, though. What can we do to deal with this, then? Buy a squatty toilet! It’s a beautifully made stool that conforms to the contours of a toilet and raises your feet and knees to create a 35-degree angle for squatting.

In other terms, the squatty potty corrects your posture while using it. Without going into too much detail, our body may relieve itself much more quickly, efficiently, and effectively, which helps us avoid potential colon problems. We firmly feel that every family ought to own a squatty potty because of this.

How Does a Squatty Potty Work

Your colon and rectum areas are constricted by your puborectalis muscle when you usually are sitting on the toilet. Constipation or a slowed evacuation may result if the area becomes overly stressed. Hemorrhoids are another risk you face.

These issues and more may be all but eliminated with a toilet stool, i.e., a Squatty Potty. Your bowel motions will happen the way your body was intended to if you merely bend your knees more into a “squatting” position. You won’t have to work as hard, and men’s prostates might feel better. Squatting on a stool is the only way to use the bathroom, in our opinion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What might I expect from a squatty potty?

Using a Squatty Potty may seem awkward at first, like anything new, but you’ll quickly get used to it and even miss having one. While most people experience improvements right away, it may take some individuals up to a week to get used to and feel comfortable in the new situation.

What size do I require?

You must first measure your toilet in order to decide the size you need. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the bowl after lifting the seat to make it a little simpler. You can determine whether your toilet is at comfort height or standard height from this.

What is the squatty potty method?

Your toilet is perfectly positioned beneath the Squatty Potty. Simply take a seat and move it forward so you can put your feet up on it without discomfort. Then, in order to mimic the natural squatting stance, lean slightly forward.

Is it important to use a squatty potty?

While it might not offer comfort for everyone, shifting your position might be helpful if you’re having difficulty getting a bowel movement. The Squatty Potty’s angle may aid in opening the rectum for simpler bowel movements. This gadget may be helpful if issues seem to be related to stool release.

How to maintain your squatty potty?

You want your squatty potty to be durable. We advise you to assume the duty of giving it suitable care. Several excellent online videos can instruct you on how to accomplish that.

Does one’s position during a bowel movement affect how easily one goes?

Experts claim squatting is the best position for defecation. Your stomach contracts when you squat, which helps with excretion by churning and moving waste through your colon.

Squatting allows for the total elimination of the feces, possibly reducing constipation, appendicitis, and other conditions that may lead to colon cancer.

Is style required?

Given the potential health advantages, even if the cost of any of these toilet stools were doubled, they would still be worthwhile. You may be able to reduce your risk of hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, and the amount of strain you experience during bowel movements. The stool’s appearance is something you should consider if the bathroom aesthetic is essential to you.


This is it! These were the best squatty potty in the market for you. We chose these products based on various factors that may benefit you. We have also introduced a buying guide as part of our effort to give our readers the best experience possible. Please feel free to select any of the items stated in the article above. If you face any medical problems, we kindly recommend seeking professional help and following your doctor’s advice.

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