Best Round Bidet Toilet Seats

There are many elongated bidet toilet seats in the market but not so many round bidet toilet seats. The reason for this is that most bidet manufacturers believe that the majority of bidet users are making use of the elongated toilet seat. If you own a round toilet in your home, don’t worry, you won’t be left out as we have selected the best for you.

We have selected the best round bidet toilet seat for you in this article. These bidet seats are from trusted brands and have good numbers of positive reviews from its many users.

For one reason or another, you should know that you should never make the mistake of using an elongated bidet seat for a round toilet. The reason for this is that the bidet seat will not fit properly with your round toilet. When you make use of it, it will be discomforting and won’t target accurately.

Furthermore, without wasting must time, let’s jump to the listing!

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Best Round Bidet Toilet Seat

Best Round Bidet Toilet Seat Reviews

Brondell Swash SE600

We made the Brondell Swash SE600 bidet seat the first on our list of best bidet seats for round toilets for many reasons. The ultimate reason is its cleaning feature and durability. This premium bidet seat does a perfect job of cleaning both the front and rear parts. It comes with a stainless steel nozzle that has an oscillating feature that has a gentle massaging pulse. However, the wand also comes with a self-cleaning function, and it is positional, which makes washing more easily.

This bidet seat can also be helpful for those with mobility issues, as most of its functionality can be controlled with a remote. The remote control is a wireless one that can be powered by two AAA batteries and is also mountable making it more fun to use. Images on the remote are well specific with written words that make them easy to understand.

It also comes with a heated seat, warm water, and air dry features in which temperatures can be adjusted according to preference. The seat has a blue LED light that glows well at night for easy navigation for that midnight trip to the toilet. The seat is generally strong enough to accommodate a user of 270 pounds.  

  • Budget-friendly
  • A durable seat
  • A wireless remote control
  • Stainless steel self-cleaning nozzle that oscillates and massages
  • Positional Nozzle
  • Rear and front wash feature
  • Blue LED light
  • Deodorizer
  • Adjustable temperatures
  • Auto mode wash
  • Finally, it easy to install
  • No soft-close lid feature
  • No auto open or close lid feature
  • Also, some users may feel that the massage feature is weak


An alternative to the Brondell Swash SE600 bidet seat is the Alpha JX round bidet. The best thing about this bidet seat is that it meets almost all the qualities of a premium bidet seat at a very accommodating price. This round bidet toilet seat comes with an aluminum nozzle wash that self-cleans. This nozzle also has an anti-microbial feature, which is part of the sanitary features. It also has the function of both front and rear wash for the perfect cleansing of the private parts.

Another good part of the nozzle spray is that you can adjust the flow/pressure of the water. Alpha JX bidet seats have a tankless on-demand water heating feature. This feature provides warm water on the go for you, so you don’t have to wait for long for the water to heat up before using it. It also has the feature to control the temperature that flows out of the water. After washing, you can dry off quickly with the inbuilt air-dryer that comes with it.

If you don’t like a slamming toilet lid, don’t worry as this toilet seat has a soft close feature that slowly closes without slamming. However, the down part about it is that it does not come with an automatic closing and opening lid. It also comes with wireless remote control that can be mounted on the wall for easy access.  

  • Tankless warm water supply
  • Front and rear aluminum self-cleaning nozzle spray
  • Soft closing lid
  • Air-drying feature
  • White LED night light
  • Easy to mount
  • The nozzle spray oscillates.
  • Affordable prices.
  • It comes with a mountable remote control with both written and displayed icons.
  • Durable lid that can accommodate a user of 250-300 lbs
  • No auto opening or closing lid
  • No deodorizer

SmartBidet SB-1000

If you are on a budget and need a simple bidet for your round toilet seat, the SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat for Round Toilets may be your choice. While you should not expect many features, this bidet is good enough to get you cleaned up. 

This round bidet toilet seat comes with an oscillating nozzle with a self-cleaning feature that has a turbo, feminine, and posterior wash. After washing, you can also use the dryer feature to dry up. Both the temperature of the dryer and the water flow pressure can be adjusted to the desired level of up to five. Another exciting piece you will like about this bidet seat is that the oscillating nozzle, which moves back and forth when washing, can be adjusted into five different positions. These functions, which are mostly in the luxury bidet seat, are set up to give you the perfect wash. 

The seat is also heated, which is good for cold mornings. The temperature of the seat and the temperature of the water is adjustable to level four. The lid of the seat soft closes and its skin senor, thus it activates itself ready for when the user approaches it. The remote control controls all of the functions of this bidet seat. An AAA battery powers this remote.

  • Budget-friendly
  • 3 in 1 oscillating self-cleaning nozzle with five different positions
  • Soft lid close
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable Heated seat and air dry feature
  • There is also a warm water supply with a modifiable temperature
  • Can accommodate users of 250-300lbs weight
  • A remote control
  • No LED light
  • Plastic nozzle
  • Though the lid tend to be reliable, it’s not strong enough

Brondell Swash SE400

The Brondell Swash SE400 bidet seat is the lower version of the Brondell Swash SE600 Bidet seat. For many users who have used this bidet seat, they see no need to upgrade to the higher version because this bidet is still serving its purpose.

This round bidet toilet seat does not come with a remote but a side panel for controlling its features. Therefore, if you are looking for a bidet with a remote, it may not be the right choice. However, neglecting this, you should expect amazing features like the stainless steel nozzle, which oscillates. It is easy to use and also easy to install, making it the right choice for newbies. Though, generally, almost all bidet seats are easy to use. 

The nozzle, which comes with a rear and front wash, has a gentle massaging feature. There is an auto mode button for an automatic wash. If you don’t like the flow of the water pressure, the dryer, the temperature of the heated seat, and warm water; you can customize it on the side panel. The blue LED light equips in it will always do well to navigate the toilet at night. A user of 200-250lbs can also make use of it.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Self-cleaning Stainless Steel oscillating nozzle
  • heated seat and dryer that can be customized
  • Blue LED light
  • Easy installation
  • Auto mode feature
  • There is also a warm water supply with a modifiable temperature
  • Gentle closing lid seat
  • No deodorizer
  • And there is also no wireless remote

Lotus ATS-800

Not many bidet users know about Lotus bidets, nor know that they make options for round toilet seats. Though, not that there is a unique feature in the Lotus ATS-800 Advanced Smart Toilet Seat Bidet that you won’t find in other round bidet toilet seats. However, the budget price of this bidet seat makes it fall on the list of alternate choices. 

Equally, The nozzle of this bidet comes with a self-cleaning function, and you can adjust it to suit your positions. Additionally, it comes with a heated water supply and heated seat function with a button to adjust the temperature of either the water or the heated seat. You can also change the heat of the dryer to either high or low.

While the nozzle is in plastic form, it has the regular bidet wash, ladies or feminine wash, and also turbo wash. To get the oscillating function from the nozzle, you can press the buttons of either of the wash options twice to get this feature. One feature you may like about this bidet seat is that it also comes with an energy saver feature just like most advanced bidets would. This helps to reduce the high consumption of electricity. All the functions of this bidet seat can be controlled from the buttons on the side panel.

  • Budget price
  • Heated seat
  • Air dryer
  • Positional nozzle wash
  • Ladies, rear and turbo wash
  • Adjustable temperature of air-dry, water and heated seat
  • Easy to install
  • We expected an LED light since most budget price bidet seats do come with that
  • The warm seat may be too weak for some users

Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600

Bio Bidet is one of the reputable companies in the bidet industry, and they are known for their quality bidet seats, especially for their BB models. The Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 is one of their popular bidet seat, which lots of customers have given positive reviews over the years. Thankfully, it not only come in an elongated version but also in a round version.

Coming at an affordable, fair price, what we love about this bidet seat is because of the well-displayed kid wash modes. Nonetheless, some bidet seats are also suitable for kids, but only a few displayed this feature like this bidet seat. Aside from this, it comes with other amazing structures such as the heated seat on its soft closing lid. 

The nozzle comes with a massaging feature for a clean rear and feminine wash couple with the oscillating function. All the duties of this round bidet toilet seat can be controlled in the control panel on the side. Thus, there is no wireless remote control. In the control panel are adjustment buttons for altering the temperature of the water and the heated seat. Additionally, the seat can accommodate a user of 200lbs.

  • Good for kids users
  • Soft closing seat function
  • Warm-dry features
  • Oscillating massaging nozzle with rear and feminine wash
  • Fair price
  • Easy installation
  • Tank Reservoir warm water supply
  • it equally comes with heated seat
  • Adjustable temperature of both water and the seat
  • Auto wash mode
  • No remote control
  • For the price, we expected a deodorizer
  • Some user complained of a weak auto-mode feature


If you are looking for an alternative to the Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 that falls almost within the price range, then the TOTO SW2043R#01 WASHLET C200 Electronic may be an option. This bidet seat, which is also designed for a round toilet, also has beneficiary functions in it, which meet the needs of its users.

Also, as you would expect, TOTO has been in the industry for many years and has gained a positive reputation. Therefore you should expect quality products from them. While we can still say that this bidet seat may be lacking in some features as we expected more from the price, this bidet seat can still get the primary job done.

One of the features we love about this bidet is the pre-mist function, which is mostly available in some premium TOTO’s washlet. What this per-mist does is to spray and cleanse the toilet bowl before and after every use. Thus, making it ready and more hygienic for the user to use. The nozzle of the bidet has an oscillating utility that moves back and forth when washing, and it’s also self-cleaning.

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For the price you will pay, it also comes with a deodorizer that naturalizes toilet odors. It also comes with a sleek remote control that makes controlling all the features easy. It can accommodate a user of 200-270lbs. However, there is no LED night light for night navigation. 

  • Fair price
  • Has a Per-mist
  • Available automatic air deodorizer
  • Heated seat with soft close lid
  • Oscillating self-cleaning nozzle with front and rear wash
  • An air dryer is available
  • Warm water supply that comes with five pressure and three temperature settings
  • The temperature of the air dry and that of the heated seat can be adjusted
  • Easy installation is additionally assured
  • There is no auto open and close lid
  • No LED toilet light

Oasis by Bio Bidet Smart Toilet Seat

Oasis is another bidet toilet seat from reputable bidet company Bio Bidet that comes in both elongated and round styling. This round bidet toilet seat recently hit the market in 2019, unlike the others that have been around for some time. Irrespective of it being a recent product, it has won the heart of some users.

Furthermore, one positive thing about this bidet toilet seat is that the pricing is fair enough and affordable for the features that come with it. It comes with modern improved technologies that make using it much more fun and easy. Its nozzle is of stainless steel that self-cleans and also comes with a turbo and bidet wash. To make washing comfortable for you, you have an option to position the nozzle in different positions. There is also an option to alter the temperature of the water and the temperature of the heated seat too.

This bidet seat is kids friendly as it has an option for kid use. There is also a wireless remote control that panels all the functions of the bidet seat, but it comes in a bulky size, which some users may not like. Also, a user of 200-250lbs can make use of it.

  • Wireless remote control
  • Easy to install
  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • Air dryer
  • Heated seat
  • Blue LED light
  • Its price is affordable and fair
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Child function
  • Some users who have made use of other bidets might find the water flow to have less pressure
  • No deodorizer
  • The lid does not come soft-close

Brondell Swash

One best round bidet toilet seat that comes in a non-electric form is the Brondell Swash Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat. Coming at a low price, this bidet seat, which does not require electricity usage, still makes provision for warm water. However, this warm water feature has to be from your home supply. Therefore, you are expected to connect it to a faucet nearby that supplies heated water. This faucet may be from your shower supply or the sink hot water supply.

However, this may be a down part for users who don’t have a nearby faucet warm water supply. Therefore, washing up with warm water will not be an option for them. Aside from this, this bidet seat is easy to install and easy to use as well. It comes with a rear and a front feminine wash nozzle feature, and you can also position the nozzle in any position you prefer. You should know that the nozzle is dual, therefore washing up is quite easy too.

Another aspect of this bidet toilet seat you would love is the slimness of this bidet seat. It’s not bulky; thus, portability is assured. The lid is also soft close, so no slamming of the toilet seat, and it is also suitable enough for a user of 250-270lbs.

  • Non-electric usage
  • Dual nozzle for front and rear wash
  • Adjusted water pressure
  • Cheap
  • Provision of warm water through a hot water faucet
  • Easy to install
  • Soft closing lid
  • Slim look
  • No dryer
  • No heated seat
  • The warm water provision may be useless if there is no nearby hot water faucet supplier

Saniwise Toilet Bidet Seat

The Saniwise Toilet Round Bidet Toilet Seat is a bidet seat that comes with no electricity usage too. Therefore, if you need a bidet toilet that does the simple function of just washing you up after doing your toilet business, this might be the bidet for you. It is an alternative to the Brondell Swash Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat. Additionally, it comes at an affordable price to get you started in your bidet journey.

Also, with the price, it has fewer features, yet the features added to it function perfectly without a doubt, which contributes to its good rating from its different users. This non-electric round bidet toilet seat comes with a dual nozzle, which has a self-cleaning function. The wand can also oscillate and gently massage when washing. It also comes with a rear and front wash.

Moreover to that, if you don’t like the flow of the water, if you want to make it flow with pressure or you can easily make it flow faster, you can easily adjust it.        

Another good thing about this bidet toilet seat is that it comes with a soft-closing lid. However, for this bidet, there is no heated water function nor an air-dryer function. This might be a problem during the winter when the weather is freezing. Also, a user that weighs up to 200-270lbs can comfortably make use of it.

  • It comes with an affordable price
  • No electricity nor batteries required
  • Soft closing lid
  • Positional dual self-cleaning oscillating nozzle
  • There is also an adjustable water flow
  • Installation is quite easy
  • Easy to use
  • No heated water function
  • The seat is non-heated
  • There is also no air drying feature

Brondell Swash 1400

Certainly, we can’t complete this list without adding a luxury bidet toilet seat for bidet users who want an upgraded version of their previous bidet seat. Or, you simply just want every feature in their bidet toilet seat. Choosing an advanced, luxurious bidet seat, you should expect it comes with almost the features that are missing in the other bidet seat.

For a luxurious round bidet toilet seat, the Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat made it to our list. You should notice by now that the Brondell is precisely one of the known brands in the bidet seat market. Also, they have been making the best round bidet seats.

For the Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat, you should expect a stainless steel dual nozzle with an oscillation utility. Additionally, the exciting feature about this bidet nozzle is that it comes with a sterilization feature. This self-cleansing makes the nozzle clean and ready for the user to use. To get the most decent wash, you can adjust the nozzle up to its seven positions.

While it comes with an endless warm water supply where you won’t lack warm water for washing, you can also adjust the flow and temperature of it. Also, the lid is durable enough for users of 300lbs. Every feature in this bidet seat can be controlled from its wireless remote control, which can be mounted on the wall for easy access.

  • Dual self-cleaning oscillating stainless steel nozzle.
  • Endless warm water supply with modifiable pressure
  • Ability to adjust the nozzle to seven positions
  • It has a heated seat
  • Also, an air dryer
  • Adjustable temperature of the heated seat, air-dryer, and warm water.
  • Gentle close-lid seat
  • Also comes with an auto-wash mode
  • Deodorizer
  • Wireless mounted remote control
  • The installation process is also easy
  • Simultaneously, there is a blue LED light
  • Price may above the budget for users
  • No automatic open and close lid
  • Additionally, no enema function

KOHLER K-BH93-N0 Novita

If you feel the price of the Brondell Swash 1400 Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat is too pricey for you, then an alternative luxurious bidet seat to it is the KOHLER K-BH93-N0 Novita. Debunking with modern featured bidet seats, KOHLER has a good number of quality bidet seats in the market. Thus, their round bidet seat is no exception.

Just like its counterpart, it comes with a stainless steel nozzle that also has an automatic cleaning feature too that cleans before and after every use. It also comes with a rear and front wash; therefore, choose anyone that matches your choice.

The beautiful part about this bidet is that it also comes with a child washing feature. This is one thing Brondell missed. Even though kids can use most bidets with ease, having a specific child feature is just an addiction plus that makes things easier. Another winning point about this bidet toilet seat is that it comes with an automatic open and close function.

The round bidet toilet seat has a sensor detection that detects users immediately after the user approaches the toilet; the seat automatically opens on its own and automatically closes when the user is also done. Unlike the elongated bidet toilet seat version with this feature, this is one round bidet toilet seat that comes with this technology. It is also suitable for a user of 270lbs.

  • It comes with an affordable price
  • Hybrid heater constant warm water supply
  • Air-dryer
  • Adjusted water pressure and temperature of the heated seat and heated water
  • There is a deodorizer too
  • There is also an automatic open and close lid
  • Blue LED light
  • Front, rear and turbo wash
  • Stainless steel oscillating nozzle that self-cleans
  • Wireless mountable remote control
  • There is no enema function

What You Should Consider When Buying a Round Bidet Seat

There are certain things you are expected to consider when purchasing a round bidet toilet seat to avoid aftermath regards. These are not far from;

Is it round or elongated?

Before you run off to buy a round bidet toilet seat, it is essential to know if your toilet seat is round or elongated. Many bidet buyers make this mistake; only to discover it when the bidet seat doesn’t fit in. Aside from the features that come with a bidet seat, the fitting of the bidet seat matters when trying to get the perfect wash. Usually, round toilet seats are below 18 inches while the elongated seat is above it

Though this can also depend on the type of toilet you are using. So instead of making a mental calculation or merely looking at it to determine, you should measure it. Here is a video that can guide you on how to do it right.

Using an elongated bidet seat on a round toilet

As previously stated, do not use an elongated bidet seat on a round toilet. We always advise users against doing so. Using the wrong bidet seat can make the seat shaky with extras and also damage the bidet seat. Therefore go for the right and the best round bidet toilet seat if you have a round toilet to avoid wasting money.

Having Specific Features

In as much as purchasing a bidet seat for your round toilet may be the dominant concern, it is still best to keep in mind some paramount features. Do you want the round bidet toilet seat to come with the best water pressure? Do you want it to be kid-friendly? Or do you want it to come with the best feminine wash?

Having these major concerns will not deprive you of benefiting from others of its many features but help in making the right choice.

Having a Budget 

Every shopping needs a budget, and so does shopping for a bidet toilet seat. You need to have a budget for the type of bidet seat you intend to buy. However, do not let your budget deprive you of choosing the best seat. Remember, it’s a one-time payment, and this cost-effective reason makes up one of the many benefits of having a bidet seat.

Installing your round bidet toilet seat

Whether you are installing the round or elongated bidet seat, generally, the installation process of a bidet is easy. You don’t need the help of a technician/plumber, nor need to be one to know how to do it. Almost all the bidet seats come with manuals, which show how to install them. Also, the installation process of bidet seats is almost the same. However, here is a video to put you through how to install your round bidet toilet seat.

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