Best Attachable Bidet

For personal hygiene, some people may prefer bidets to toilet paper. It’s an excellent hygiene feature for folks who have mobility issues in the restroom. You can use mild soap for exterior skin cleansing, but water alone is sufficient.

Water pressure and temperature are crucial issues for all users, new and old. It’s vital to remember that water can be rather forceful, and you don’t want to cause any discomfort by delivering pressured water to a sensitive area.

We evaluated many of the best attachable bidets based on their pressure settings, self-cleaning capabilities, cost, and ease of installation. We studied the design during the development process to aid you in picking the best decision for your needs. Bidet attachments have grown in popularity in recent years.

Best Attachable Bidet

How We Made the List

For three months, we put a variety of bidets through their paces. As a result, we installed each bidet and used it for at least two days, observing how effective and adjustable each function was. Aside from performance, quality, and design, our testing was broken down into two primary categories: Our testing covered everything from the simplicity of installation to many options, spray quality, and more for each bidet in each category. All of our experiments are listed below:

Easy to use

There are three controls in most bidet seats: on-seat buttons, dials on the seat, and remote controls. Those with mobility concerns may find it difficult to use the other two options, only visible when you twist to the right on the remote control. Bidet seats can be more user-friendly by providing clear and simple-to-understand visuals or phrases for each button.

Number of additional features

Pre-mist, heated seat, and user settings were some of the other features we counted. We also looked at stream patterns, night light, slow-close lid, and deodorizer.


Remote control for a feature-rich bidet is easier to operate than reaching a control panel on the side of the seat, which is more difficult to reach.

Seat sensor

There was a seat sensor in all of the warm-water electric bidets we looked at, allowing water to be sprayed only when someone was seated on the seat, which was convenient. Cold-water models without this feature aren’t recommended for families with curious small children.

Enema function

Bidets featured either an enema function or a pressure setting that could simulate one. You could harm the anal and rectal areas due to this procedure.

How do you clean a bidet attachment

Best Attachable Bidets Summary

Best Attachable Bidets Review

Best Attachable Bidet: Tushy Classic 3.0

TUSHY Classic 3.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment -...
1,341 Reviews
TUSHY Classic 3.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment -...
  • Patented Self Cleaning SmartSpray nozzle rinses before and after each use for a better clean. Automatically retracts when Classic 3.0 is...
  • Easy install in 8 ½ minutes or less on most standard toilets.
  • Universal fit on almost any toilet with adjustable seat fasteners that firmly secure your TUSHY between the toilet bowl and seat.


Self-described “toilet crusaders,” Tushy designs bidet attachments and bathroom goods to eliminate wastefulness. After establishing itself in the toilet game in 2015, Tushy has been covered in high-profile media outlets, including Business Insider and TechCrunch.

You can adjust the pressure and angle of the Tushy Classic bidet. It’ll spray precisely where you want it to, preventing unnecessary messes. So you don’t have to worry about it because the nozzle is self-cleaning. It lowers when the Tushy is used and then hides away in a safe place to keep it clean. The bidet is firmly attached to your toilet through a sliding fastener.

Tushy Classics emit the same temperature of the water as your faucet. “A chilly shower of water right on your bum is incredibly nice on your warm, post-boo bottom,” Tushy says. A cold spray on your butt isn’t for everyone, so you’ll want to check out the Tushy Spa model.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer: ‎TUSHY
Item Weight: ‎2.72 pounds
Package Dimensions: ‎17.72 x 10.47 x 3.82 inches
Color: ‎White/Bamboo
Style‎Classic: 3.0 Bidet Attachment
Batteries Included: ‎No
Batteries Required: ‎No

Ratings by feature

Easy to install: 4.6/5
Softness: 4.3/5
Temperature Control: 3.3/5


TUSHY Classic has been redesigned with new, improved functions that your buttocks will appreciate! TUSHY bidet toilet seat attachments make you want to crap on your porcelain throne and upgrade your lifestyle. Get rid of UTIs, hemorrhoids, skid marks, dingleberries, and more with a thorough cleaning.

Bidet attachment with a unique build-resistant design is the simplest to clean ever! Knobs from the TUSHY Classic line are virtually indestructible to fingerprints and other surface contamination. Shmutz ShieldTM and Smart SprayTM self-cleaning technologies keep nozzles free of buildup and filth.

TUSHY is a non-electric toilet paper dispenser that can save you thousands of dollars in toilet paper costs throughout a lifetime. TUSHY uses only one pint of water per wash, compared to the 15 million trees required to produce toilet paper each year. Every time a Tushy is purchased, we contribute to constructing clean toilets for the urban and rural underprivileged.

  • Committed to reducing their carbon footprint and improving their clients’ well-being
  • Bidet attachments are available in a wide range of hues
  • Incompatible with extended and round-toilet commodes
  • An excellent resource for learning how to use a bidet, as well as other frequently asked questions related to utilizing a bidet in different nations
  • On-site and off-site client satisfaction
  • Costly in comparison to comparable goods

Best Overall Bidet: Brondell SimpleSpa SS-250

Brondell SS-250 SimpleSpa Thinline Essential Bidet...
4,815 Reviews
Brondell SS-250 SimpleSpa Thinline Essential Bidet...
  • CLEAN AND REFRESHING: With this easy-to-install toilet bidet, your ideal wash is always by your side; Convenient side-arm controls give a...
  • TRUE PRESSURE CONTROL: Get an all-day fresh feeling with smooth turning controls that offer easy water pressure adjustment; Fixed-position...
  • THIN AND SIMPLE: At 0.2 inches the Thinline is thinner than most other bidet attachments; This slim profile means there is no toilet seat...


The 0.2-inch thick Brondell Thinline Dual Nozzle SimpleSpa is a great device for reducing waste. The bidet is simple to set up, and the distance between the bowl and the seat is minimal. It’s unlikely that your toilet seat cover will fracture because of this product’s low profile. Because they are ceramic and brass, there are no corrosive interior parts. To prevent leakage, the attachments have been made secure.

In addition to the back and front wash nozzles, there are two retractable nozzles. As a result, you’ll be able to stay as sanitary as possible. You can conveniently use the knob on the control panel to adjust the pressure.

In contrast to step controls, the smooth pressure control lets you precisely regulate the amount of water pressure. A metal T-valve and braided metal line are used to connect to the water supply. As a result, your bidet will last longer and be less likely to sustain damage.

It’s simple to set up, and you won’t need a plumber’s help. You need to ensure no water leakage and that the sprays are directed to the proper places—a high-quality item from a well-known company.


Manufacturer: ‎Brondell
Item Weight‎: 9.6 ounces
Product Dimensions: ‎15.4 x 9.15 x 0.2 inches
Style‎: Dual Nozzle
Batteries Included: No
Batteries Required: No

Ratings by feature

Easy to use: 4.9/5
Easy to install: 4.6/5
Remote Control: 4.2/5
Softness: 4.1/5


The SimpleSpa Dual Nozzle bidet attachment is one of the thinnest available. In contrast to thicker attachments, its small profile retains the toilet seat at a level height. Aside from making your toilet seat less noticeable, this also minimizes the stress points that might lead to cracking.

The SimpleSpa’s sonic-sealed outer shell protects the sturdy brass and ceramic interior components from corrosion and wear. This attachment body has many leak-proofing features. With a simple dial turn, you can fine-tune your wash experience. In addition to the sturdy metal hose and t-valve, the SimpleSpa Dual Nozzle comes with everything you need for a conventional installation. The nozzle guard and retractable nozzles ensure that your wash is always clean and hygienic.

  • Provides rear and front wash with water spray bidet and nozzle guard
  • Controls that are easy to turn make it simple to regulate the pressure
  • It comes with an easy-to-install metal braided hose and t-valve
  • A mediocre nozzle may not survive as long as one of better quality

Best Dual Nozzle Bidet: LUXE Bidet NEO 180 

LUXE Bidet NEO 180 - Self-Cleaning, Dual Nozzle,...
  • DUAL WASH MODES – The rear wash sprays a stronger flow towards the rear. The feminine wash sprays a softer flow towards the front. The...
  • HYGIENIC PROTECTION – The guard gate is designed to shield the nozzles for your ultimate sanitary experience. The nozzles automatically...
  • THE ULTIMATE VALUE – With a sleek design and high-quality parts, our bidet attachment will give your bathroom a next-level look....


If you want a bidet attachment for your toilet seat, the LUXE Neo Elite 180 is a great option. The adjustable warm water wash is the only feature lacking from this seat. This, along with the seat’s affordable price, makes it one of our most popular add-ons. The LUXE Neo Elite 180 has male and female nozzles as part of its dual-nozzle configuration. It has a side control knob for washing water pressure adjustment.

The LUXE Neo Elite 180’s nozzle guard keeps them safe when not in use. The nozzles retract behind the guard when they are not in use. The LUXE Neo Elite 180 has self-cleaning nozzles to ensure the most sanitary experience. When the nozzles are not in use, the nozzle guard on the LUXE Neo Elite 180 helps keep them safe. It comes with an 18-month warranty and features high-pressure valves and braided steel hoses for long-term durability.


Manyfacturer: ‎LUXE Bidet
Finish Type: ‎Polished
Material‎: Plastic
Color: ‎White
Style‎: Dual Nozzle
Handle Type‎: Knob
Installation Method: ‎Single Hole
Item Dimensions: LxWxH‎17 x 10 x 3 inches
Handle Material‎: Ceramic
Item Weight‎: 2.05 Pounds
Warranty Type: ‎Limited
Batteries Included: No
Batteries Required: No
Warranty Description‎: 18-month warranty for bidet and its accessories

Ratings by feature

Easy to install: 4.6/5
Softness: 4.2/5
Temperature Control: 3.6/5


Dual nozzles on the Luxe Bidet Neo Elite 180 provide several wash options for the rear and front of the toilet. It has become one of our most popular Luxe Toilet neo elite 180 bidet seat accessories at a very reasonable price point. You can customize the water pressure on the Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 freshwater bidets. This makes it possible for different family members to customize it to their preferences and needs.

The most important consideration when using a bidet is cleanliness. A nozzle guard is included with the Luxe Bidet neo elite 180. Self-cleaning begins as soon as the bidet is finished, with the nozzles pulling behind the guard. Every time you use it, you’ll have a fresh experience.

From start to end, you may install the Luxe Bidet neo elite 180 toilet seat attachment within 15 to 20 minutes. This bidet seat requires a screwdriver and a wrench to be installed. Other than that, it’s a complete product. If you have a 2 piece toilet, the bidet will fit.

  • It has two nozzles
  • A feature that automatically cleans itself
  • It comes with an 18-month guarantee
  • A self-cleaning, retractable nozzle
  • Security gate
  • Budget-friendly
  • Models to choose from
  • The user-friendly controls
  • A lack of hot water

Easiest Installation: Puro Bidet Attachment

Puro Bidet Attachment For Toilet With Adjustable Water...
  • 🛠 EASY 10-MINUTE INSTALL: No need to call the handyman to install your new toilet bidet. In just 6 simple steps, you'll be on your way to...
  • 💦 ADJUSTABLE WATER PRESSURE: Everyone from kids to the elderly can use this bidet attachment. Simply turn the button to adjust pressure,...
  • ✅ INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED: No need to run to the hardware store and fumble with confusing instructions. Your new bidet attachment...


Bidet attachments from Puro can be quickly installed on any toilet seat thanks to their simple set-up and included equipment. It has a sleek, modern design that lends a dash of luxury to an otherwise average bathroom. It has an adjustable nozzle to set the water pressure to any desired level. To adjust, simply turn the button on. Each nozzle is self-cleaning and does not use any batteries or electricity. You may switch to a more environmentally friendly option with these bidets and save money on toilet paper.

Just do it yourself, and you’ll be ready to use your new toilet bidet. You can achieve a clean bottom in only six simple steps. Scan the QR code on the accompanying instructions for a video walk-through of the installation process!


Manufacturer: ‎Puro
Item Weight‎: 1.81 pounds
Package Dimensions‎: 17.44 x 8.07 x 3.23 inches
Batteries Included: No
Batteries Required: ‎No
Warranty Description: ‎One-Year Warranty

Ratings by feature

Comfort: 5.0/5
Value for money: 4.3/5
Easy to install: 4.0/5
Softness: 4.0/5


This bidet attachment is suitable for all ages, from young children to the elderly. It’s as simple as pressing a button to change the pressure and adjusting the nozzle to get a clear shot. There’s no need to schlep to the hardware shop and sift through instructions that are difficult to follow. Bidet attachments may be installed with standard home improvement equipment and are compatible with any standard toilet seat!

With the Puro bidet attachment, clogging is a thing of the past. As a result, this bidet attachment requires no batteries or electricity, making it the perfect low-maintenance bathroom addition. The Puro bidet attachment not only saves money and reduces waste, but it also cleans your bottom better than toilet paper that comes apart and leaves behind debris!

  • Produced using environmentally friendly materials
  • Water pressure varies from place to another
  • It has a variety of wash cycles
  • An ultra-thin style
  • There is no thermostat setting that allows for a warm temperature

Best Bidet With Warm Water: Hibbent Toilet Seat Bidet 

Hibbent Toilet Seat Bidet with Self Cleaning Dual...
  • Dual Self Cleaning Nozzle: The dual nozzles offer both rear and front cleaning, providing added benefits for feminine hygiene. When not in...
  • Both Cold and Hot Water Spray: This toilet seat bidet provides two functions of COLD/HOT Water according to your comfort and preference....
  • Water Temperature and Pressure are Controllable: The bidet attachment features ultra-smooth control valves that allow you to adjust the...


First-time bidet users will be pleased to learn that Hibbent’s Non-Electric Bidet Seat is worthy of our list. The available inventory is designed to fit toilets 16.5-18 inches in diameter. Because of this, it may be used for both toilet seats and bidets. Despite this, you should always take measurements of your toilet before purchasing a bidet seat to be safe. Any other size option that suits your seat can be selected as well.

Having a more hygienic restroom is easier with the seat and lid shutting softly. To wash the front and back of your body, the Hibbent Non-Electric Bidet Seat includes two nozzles. Pressing the control knob backward is for the front/feminine wash and pressing it forward is for the rear wash. Just something to think about. 


Manufacturer‎: Hibbent
Item Weight‎: 2.83 pounds
Package Dimensions: ‎17.76 x 10.2 x 3.7 inches
Color‎: White
Style‎: White-Cold & Hot Water
Batteries Included: No
Batteries Required: ‎No

Ratings by feature

Easy to use: 4.5/5
Temperature Control: 4.5/5
Softness: 4.4/5
Easy to install: 4.2/5


A toilet seat with a soft-closing lid is ideal. When someone uses the toilet late at night, the loud bang as the lid closes is particularly inconvenient. In addition, if you bang the toilet seat shut by accident, you could end up damaging your toilet over time. Because of this, we appreciate that this Hibbent seat has a soft-close lid that gently closes with each usage, preventing a slam-bang noise.

The basic design of the Hibbent bidet seat makes it suitable for use in any bathroom. Maximum comfort and hygiene are achieved by creating the seat with an extended shape. Designed to blend in perfectly with your current bathroom fixtures, such as the toilet, the Hibbent seat is an excellent choice.

Additionally, this bidet seat features two nozzles for cleaning the rear and front of your genitals. The water pressure and aim vary for each of these alternatives because they are so different. Because the seat is fully set up with both options ready to go, you won’t have to worry about adjusting the nozzle.

  • Bathrooms that are both modern and minimalist benefit from design
  • For both the front and backwash, there is the option of using two flushes
  • The lid closes softly
  • A water-conservation plan
  • The compact shape saves on floor area and prevents clogging or leakage
  • Some people may find the low profile seat uncomfortable

Factors You Should Consider While Choosing Attachable Bidet Brands

Factors You Should Consider While Choosing Attachable Bidets

Nozzle type

In some cases, bidet attachments have one wide-spray nozzle, while others have two nozzles that can control the water used. Ensure that you can place the water stream appropriately if you choose a single-nozzle attachment with an adjustable angle. If the nozzle can be retracted and has antibacterial characteristics, that’s another plus.

Temperature control

Look for a bidet attachment with temperature adjustment if you want warm water. Running a water line to your sink to connect to the hot and cold water supply lines is a necessary step. Choosing a bidet with merely ambient water temperature may be more convenient, but other individuals prefer the option to utilize warmer water instead.

Handheld attachments

Consider a bidet with a portable attachment if you’re searching for more accurate cleaning from a toilet. A wall near the toilet tank or the toilet itself is where these attachments are most commonly seen. Keep in mind where you’ll keep your attachment and whether or not the chord is long enough to get where you need to go.

Quality of part

This is critical to the bidet’s operation. For water inlets, metal-braided hoses are preferable over plastic pipes. These hoses are long-lasting and sturdy. For smooth operation, the valve must include ceramic and brass parts. Because water runs continually via the valve, corrosion will also be avoided. When purchasing a bidet, make sure that the other parts are strong enough. Because the seat sits on the bidet, it’s important to know that it can support your weight. Buying a bidet constructed of a sturdy material that can handle your weight is the best option.

A toilet attachment will serve the purpose

You’ll have to pay more for a full bidet seat. There are more affordable options, such as a basic bidet attachment that you can install under your toilet seat. Dual nozzles and varied spray pressures will be included. Some models come equipped with hot and cold water inlets for added convenience. There is only one disadvantage to using a bidet attachment: it may cause harm to the toilet seat by raising it slightly. Bumpers, which many manufacturers provide with the bidet, help alleviate this problem.

Electric or non-electric

Compared to non-electric variants, electric bidet seats are the most expensive option. As long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, these models will do the job just fine. To get the most out of an electric model, you’ll need a constant power source. Hot and cold water sprays can be found on most non-electric types, as can various other features. Your hot water faucet is all that is needed. These types have knobs for adjusting the hot and cold water temperature. Water from the nozzle will not be as cold even though it comes out in a tiny spray. This implies that you can do without the hot and cold water features unless you reside in an area with subzero temperatures.

The Benefits of Using a Bidet

The Benefits of Using a Bidet

What are the most compelling arguments in favor of utilizing a bidet? There are numerous advantages to considering this.

Better cleanliness

Water bidets are a big draw for people since they help you clean yourself in ways that toilet paper can’t. We all know that a stream of water is more powerful in cleaning than paper or tissue. More hygienic options include bidets with air drying and self-cleaning capabilities.

Better for the environment

Using a bidet instead of toilet paper is better for the environment. The United States consumes a large part of the world’s toilet paper. Is there a major cause behind this? Bidets aren’t something we use here. On the other hand, making the conversion reduces the amount of paper you use significantly. Compared to the amount of water used in producing a roll of toilet paper, using a bidet consumes less water.

Better for your wallet

Using a bidet can save you a lot of money in the long run. Bidet users save an average of 75% of their toilet paper each year, saving a lot of money for some households! In addition, they stock up on toilet paper whenever there is a huge storm or a significant snowfall. Avoid the last-minute trip to the shop if you have a bidet in your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a bidet attachment different from a bidet?

A normal bidet replaces the toilet seat entirely instead of a bidet attachment, which lies between the toilet seat and the bowl. Water spray options, pressure adjustment, and even self-cleaning features are common on attachments. In contrast, bidet seats might include additional functions such as a heated seat or an air deodorizer.

How do you clean a bidet attachment?

Cleaning your bidet attachment with bleach is generally not recommended. O-rings and gaskets in your bidet attachment can degrade if you often use cleaning chemicals with high chlorine content. Regular use of the wash nozzle feature on your bidet attachment will help maintain it free of debris and germs. Using a wet cloth and a moderate cleaning solution like dish soap or ammonia-free Windex will allow you to get the most out of your attachment. When it comes to cleaning the inside of the nozzle, an old toothbrush can also do the trick.

How do bidet attachments work?

Using a bidet, you can clean up any messes you make in the bathroom with a full squirt of water. The water pressure can be adjusted to suit your needs. The more pressure you use, the more debris you’ll remove. As a result, begin with light pressure and gradually increase it as you become more comfortable. It’s also advisable to use warm water to clean. You don’t have to be concerned about the water getting too hot unless you have a non-electric bidet that gets warm water from the hot water pipe under your sink. Around 100 degrees is the upper limit for most models.

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Is a bidet better than toilet paper?

In addition to decreasing the amount of time spent wiping, using a bidet eliminates any residue that could cause itching, soiling, or even sickness, according to Palm Beach Colorectal Surgery’s colon and rectal surgery specialist.

“Dry, cracked skin, bleeding, irritation, and soreness are all possible side effects of excessive wiping. Bidets can help patients who have had vaginal deliveries, inflammatory bowel diseases, or an itchy, irritable bowel syndrome relieve their discomfort and improve overall health.”

Take a moment to consider how you clean the rest of your body. When you wash your hands, bathe, or shower, you do so with water. You don’t just swab your body with a dry towel. Using a bidet instead of toilet paper is preferable in this regard.

How do you install a bidet attachment?

Shut off your toilet’s water supply and run a flush to remove any remaining water. If this doesn’t work, you may have to turn off the water supply to your entire house. Then, install a bidet attachment. Remove your old toilet seat without causing any damage to the screws or hardware. Connect the provided T-valve in its location of the water supply hose from the toilet tank fill valve. Since there may be extra water in the water supply hose during this stage, having a towel handy can be beneficial. After installing the T-valve to your toilet, attach the water supply line to the bottom and the bidet hose to the other side.

Take the bidet attachment and place the nozzle in your toilet bowl. After that, you may line up the bolt holes on the attachment with the holes on the attachment’s top. Reattaching your seat is as simple as lining up the existing hardware and tightening it down.

The cold water intake on your bidet should be connected to the open end of the bidet hose at this point. Turn on the water supply gently and check for leaks after the job is done. We presume that you’re putting a bidet attachment on a regular two-piece toilet without a hot water function in this guide. Ensure that you have long enough tubing to link your bidet attachment to your under-sink hot water supply valve if you have a hot water feature.

How do bidet attachments work

Will my bidet fit my toilet seat?

Bidet toilet seats come in both round and elongated varieties like toilet seats. Use a tape measure to note the distance between the front lip of the bowl and the center of the bolt holes where your current toilet seat is fastened to your toilet. Generally speaking, most round toilets are roughly 16.5 inches long from the toilet seat to the front lip. The length of an extra-long toilet is 18.5 inches. Both designs are available, so you should be able to locate one that fits your toilet.

What is the price range of a bidet?

The cost of installing a bidet can vary depending on the model you select. Each type of bidet has a varied price range, but the average bidet costs around $250 and can go as high as $70. Installing a bidet can cost up to $200, not including the supply costs of another $20. A typical bidet installation will set you back $1,000 and $1,200.

The cost of installing a bidet is more than the bidet itself. As a result, the first thing to think about when shopping for a bidet is your financial situation. On the other hand, Bidet attachments are far less expensive than standalone bidets. You should expect to pay between $30 and $60. A bidet attachment is ideal if you desire the convenience of a bidet but lack the funds or extra space to install a full-size bidet in your home.

How does a bidet help protect the environment?

Previously, people used toilet paper to clean themselves. Wood is used to make toilet paper. To meet the demand for toilet paper, millions of trees have to be felled each year by people. This caused an enormous environmental impact. The manufacturing of toilet paper rolls requires a significant amount of water. A bidet instead of a toilet paper roll saves a lot of trees and is better for the environment. As a bonus, the budget consumes far less water.


More people are moving to water because of the widespread use of corona and improved awareness of personal cleanliness. Cheaper models are in high demand, and there are plenty on the market today that will work for you. Before buying a bidet, make sure you know what kind of toilet seat you have (round or elongated) and whether your bathroom has the necessary plumbing and an outlet. So, with the information in this article, you can learn everything you need to know about purchasing the best attachable bidet.

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