TOTO S500e Review

In contemporary homes, the use of electric bidet toilets is growing. This is hardly surprising given that toilet paper does not clean as thoroughly or gently as an adjustable water jet, which protects the environment.

Electric bidet toilets, as we all know, cost a lot of money and involve many plumbing difficulties during the installation. But what if we told you that an affordable alternative to the electric bidet toilet is the S500E TOTO washlet seat?

Without requiring significant installations, the S500E TOTO washlet can be mounted over the toilet you already have in your house. Who knew toilet use could be so much fun with the TOTO washlet? Once installed, it has so many exciting features that you will adore using it.

Continue reading, and your buying decision should be made easier due to this helpful background information provided in our TOTO S500E review. 

Brand Overview

TOTO established the global standard for toilets and is the biggest manufacturer of toilets and bidets worldwide. It is renowned for its cutting-edge innovations and seamless integration of luxury features, and it manufactures cutting-edge faucets, bathtubs, and other products in addition to toilets.

TOTO toilet products are stylish, cozy, and highly effective, and should definitely be on your list if you wish to upgrade your lifestyle.

TOTO S500e Review

The Japanese established this distinguished toilet-making company in 1917 and have since produced high-quality toilets worldwide.

With more than 100 years of experience producing and distributing distinctive toilet alternatives, you can be confident that your next TOTO toilet will include most of the critical features if not all.

The toilets are well-known and acclaimed for their unusual features, which include heated seats, water pumps that resemble bidets, and built-in dryers. You’ve come to the proper location for the correct answers if you’ve heard about TOTO toilets before but weren’t sure of their features and abilities.

TOTO S500e Review

TOTO S500E is one of the top electric bidet toilet seats. In fact, TOTO made the first electric bidet seats. They have pleasantly surprised us with their S500E washlet, a premium product that blends comfort and luxury at a competitive price.

The TOTO S500E’s new lid design boasts a host of functions and is sleek and contemporary in appearance. If you enjoy DIY projects, installing this bidet toilet seat is as easy as possible and doesn’t require an extra pair of hands.

TOTO S500e

When the TOTO S500E recognizes you, it sprays electrolyzed water onto the toilet to disinfect and wet it and keep anything from clinging to it.

Everyone knows the difficulty of sitting on a cold seat when nature calls, but that is no longer the case. With the Soft Close heated bidet seat, you may sit comfortably while taking care of business because it is constantly warm throughout the entire seat.

Using its brush, the TOTO S500E has a distinctive washing mechanism. Furthermore, its tankless water heating system offers adjustable temperature warm water that is available continuously.


Slim design

The slim form of the TOTO S500e complements any bathroom decor. TOTO goes even further than it has in the past with this model. They make it simple for you to choose the bidet style that will work best in your home by providing two distinct design types, contemporary and classic. 

The classic style has elegant beveled edges and will look lovely in various bathrooms, contrasting with the contemporary design’s clean and straightforward aesthetic. 

Contrary to what many people believe, this model demonstrates that a bidet toilet seat doesn’t necessarily require additional space in the bathroom. The TOTO S500e fits elegance well since it was created to look nice and function well.

Slow-close lid

You’re not the only one who despises things that “bump” in the night. Fortunately, TOTO shares this viewpoint, which is one of the reasons they designed the TOTO S500e to have a smooth, elegant, slow-close lid. 

A deodorizer is provided on the toilet, and the seat is also heated and slow-closing. Both the traditional and modern designs include a flat, smooth lid surface that appears to be more expensive than it is. 

Touchpad remote

The touchpad remote for the TOTO S500e is modern and straightforward to use. This touchpad has all the controls you’ll need to personalize your bidet experience, ensure you receive the wash, massage, and dry features you desire, and offer sensory radio frequency. You may save two user presets with the remote, ensuring you always get the same wash when you sit down.

TOTO S500e touchpad remote

The remote is distinctive in and of itself; it has a stainless-steel finish and is both dual-sided and highly ergonomic. The bidet’s fundamental features are located on the first side. At the same time, advanced settings and fine-tuning are available on the other side.

Powerful dryer

The hands-free dryer has five degrees of warm air drying adjustment. This dryer is a fantastic addition to your bathroom because it’s perfect for reducing the amount of toilet paper your family uses and improving the comfort of using a bidet seat.

Ample spray options

Since no two bodies are the same, neither should any two spray choices. TOTO understands this best. The TOTO S500e provides a powerful, dual-action, aerated stream. There are two distinct modes for the front and rear sprays, ranging from light to complex.

You may adjust the stream to five locations, different pressures, and a temperature range of 104 degrees or higher. The TOTO S500e toilet seat is different from many others on the market. It creates endless amounts of warm water, making it always soft and comforting to use.

Air deodorizer

While many bidet toilet seats have air deodorizers, the TOTO S500e’s automated feature makes it stand out from the competition. It’s also a feature you’ll appreciate if you’ve always disliked unpleasant bathroom smells. 

The deodorizer, which is automatically activated and filters air to help remove odors and leave the area fresh and clean for the following user, is designed to make using the bathroom more enjoyable.

  • Very easy to use
  • You can install it by yourself
  • Self-cleaning
  • It has a wireless remote
  • Great and slim design
  • Slow-closing lid
  • Energy-efficient
  • Very hygienic
  • It has memory settings
  • It’s a little pricey

Design of the TOTO S500e 

Even when the lid was closed in earlier models, the rear of the lid included a cutout that exposed the sensors and indicator lights on the seat. The S500e TOTO took a different approach and built a lid that encloses the entire seat from back to front. Pleasant to look at are the lid’s contours and the way it folds smoothly from back to front.

Design of the TOTO S500e

As we briefly mentioned, The TOTO S500e’s lid is another new design element, now available in two lid styles, contemporary and classic. This contemporary lid design has a clean appearance in a modern and minimalist style. Beveled curves surround the corners of the lid in the traditional lid shape, and the lid tapers down as you go closer to the edges. The contemporary design gives off a more modern, contemporary appearance with its clean lines.

The curved lid of the classic form gives it a fancier/classier appearance. The lid is the only distinction between modern and vintage designs. It is solely an aesthetic decision to match your preferences, tastes, and bathroom decor.

Benefits of Using TOTO S500e

Bidet toilet seats, like the TOTO S500E washlet, are becoming more and more well-liked among people of all ages. Particularly benefited are senior citizens and families with young children. This toilet attachment ensures a high level of comfort. It is also a relief in daycare facilities, hospitals, retirement homes, and dorm rooms. 

The TOTO S500E attachment may ease discomfort and possibly stop new hemorrhoids from forming if you already have hemorrhoids. TOTO S500E provides many benefits regardless of whether your mobility is limited, you have hemorrhoids, you have young children in the house, you care for family members, or you place a high value on hygiene.

Here are some other benefits of using this seat that you’ll find in this TOTO S500e review:

  • After using the restroom, you feel clean and renewed
  • Your genital and anal regions receive the best possible care
  • Since it is attached to an existing toilet, it preserves space
  • Your muscles will relax thanks to the water jet’s massage feature, which also may aid in relieving constipation and hemorrhoids.
  • Since you hardly ever need toilet paper and cleaning supplies, if any at all, the TOTO S500E is environmentally friendly.

How to Install TOTO S500e

Remove the old toilet seat

Start installing the TOTO S500e by finding the two caps behind your toilet seat and close the lid. These coverings hide the mounting holes for your toilet seat. You can open the caps by popping them or, if they become stuck, by using a flathead screwdriver. Each cap has a bolt underneath it. With your screwdriver, remove the bolts. Unscrew the bolts, take them out, and the seat will come off. Now scrub the toilet thoroughly.

Attach the S500e washlet

The hardware that comes with your TOTO S500e should be gathered. Put the mounting bracket for the washlet over the toilet’s mounting holes first. You should then use a Phillips-head screwdriver to tighten the mounting bracket. You shouldn’t set the screws too tightly. You can move the bracket as needed to position the seat to get them snug but not too tight. 

On the toilet, now position your TOTO S500e flat. When you hear a click, slide it onto the mounting bracket and toward the tank. Slide the bracket and washlet back and forth until the seat is in line with the front of your toilet. 

Release the seat from the bracket after everything has been properly aligned. Slide the TOTO S500e into position after ultimately tightening the screws on the mounting bracket. Make sure you can hear the click once more.

Connect the water supply

Turn off the current water supply to your toilet first. Once the water is completely turned off, find the water shut-off valve on the wall and turn it clockwise. Now flush the toilet and continue holding down the lever until all the water has been drained. The water supply hose that flows into your toilet tank must be unscrewed. 

TOTO advises releasing the hose’s connection to the valve directly below the tank. Please be aware that any remaining water may flow when disconnecting the hose, so be prepared with paper towels or a rag. Next, screw the “Junction T” of the washlet onto the fill valve while being careful not to cross-thread the nut. 

You will connect the white supply line to your washlet to the other “Junction T” opening and then reattach your original water supply hose to the bottom of that “Junction T.” 

Take the other end of the supply line, and until the O ring engages, press the plastic end into the “Junction T.” Once it’s stable, tighten the nut further. Restart the water now, and look for leaks.

Connect the power cord

The last step is to find the power cord and plug your TOTO S500e in if you don’t observe any leaks. The LED lights will turn on once plugged in to let you know it is ready to use.

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We highly recommend the TOTO Washlet S500e if you’re looking for a bidet seat for your toilet that has more functions and comfort than your standard model, is simple to install, and ensures that you won’t be dissatisfied with your purchase.

This is an excellent bidet seat. Suppose you’re looking for a high-end, luxurious toilet seat. In that case, we believe you’ll be satisfied with your decision if you want something that radiates pure luxury and elegance.

Also, in this TOTO S500e review, we mentioned some additional comfort features like the nightlight, remote control, wide front cleanse, and Ewater+ technology, which is exclusive to this product and their top-of-the-line washlet S500e that is also included.

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