TOTO K300 Review

Finding the most suitable washlet is a difficult task. However, a superior washlet system must remain in your bathroom to maintain toilet hygiene and bacteria-free surfaces. By reducing the demand for toilet paper, the washlet helps preserve the trees and water used to make each roll. 

As we age, our mobility may decline, making cleaning up after using the restroom more challenging. A washlet can boost your independence and help you feel cleaner with just one button press. Medical disorders and immobilizing illnesses can make using the bathroom alone nearly hard. 

The K300 washlet from TOTO is an automated luxury toilet seat that cleans you with warm water and leaves you feeling incredibly fresh. Instead of using harsh, ineffectual traditional toilet paper, the washlet rapidly and comfortably cleans with warm water at the push of a button. 

So, continue reading this TOTO K300 review to see the benefits and features of this beautiful washlet.

TOTO K300 Review

Brand Overview

TOTO was founded in Japan more than a century ago to develop ceramic sanitary ware that would promote healthier and cleaner living while also being kind to the environment. 

TOTO has continued to stay true to its rich, aesthetic Japanese heritage. It has grown internationally by utilizing premium materials and a designer edge in each product. TOTO has elevated itself to the peak of bathroom perfection thanks to ongoing innovation.

TOTO incorporates this design tenet into bathroom goods with very advanced technology without ever drawing attention. To balance form and function, they take a uniquely Japanese approach, which is well adapted to the European bathroom, and combine it with elegance and beauty that fits the style of the room.

As part of its global environmental vision, TOTO has made it its aim to develop goods that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing.

TOTO K300 Review

The TOTO K300 Washlet is the company’s most recent entry into the market for high-end toilet seats. It has high-end features, such as self-cleaning nozzles, heated seats, warm air dryers, deodorizers, and tankless water heating. 

The K300 is TOTO’s first bidet product to attempt to enter this mid-range segment; nonetheless, the company is more commonly known for its lower-end value seats and its ultra-high-end luxury seats. The TOTO K300 is more slender and low-profile than the lower-end variants. 


The K300’s design is far more contemporary than the older C series washlets, which are relatively bulky and about 8″–9″ tall in the back; the tankless water heating system offers endless warm water and improves energy efficiency, which is another significant advance.

The K300 washlet still offers a self-cleaning nozzle and a Premist system before each use, and it just lacks the sanitizing effects of the E-Water-Plus system. 

The seat and lid are slow closings to prevent slams; push them forward, and they will softly close on their own. The absence of TOTO’s E-Water-Plus system distinguishes the K300 from the others. Now, let’s take a look at the best features of this toilet!


Endless warm water

With the K300, you can select from “Off” (cold) and three temperature settings that range from 95° F to 104° F, or around 35° to 40° C. For a few reasons, the K300 Washlet receives a 10/10 in this category. The primary factor is the instantaneous water heater, which gives water at maximum temperature for however long it is required.

The cheapest TOTO bidet with an instantaneous water heater is the K300 Washlet. If you are unfamiliar with the topic, quick heaters are one of the most desired bidet amenities.

Bidet water is always warm thanks to the K300 heater, which warms it as needed. This significantly affects how much electricity the bidet uses, as covered in the energy efficiency section. As a result, the K300 is one of the market’s most energy-efficient bidets.

Warm air dryer

The warm air dryer on the TOTO K300 offers three temperature settings. You can see that the dryer performs admirably. TOTO’s dryer power consistently outperforms the other bidet manufacturers.

A 10.24 ft3/min air volume makes the K300 the TOTO bidet with the strongest dryer. The temperature ranges from 95 to 140° F or 35 to 60° C. Simply press the stop button when you begin to feel dry since the K300 has no preset length for dry sessions.

Wireless remote

Wireless remote K300

The K300 is one of many TOTO bidets that don’t have a control panel but come with a wireless remote. Therefore, there is no need to glance down and to the right to operate the bidet because the controls are not fixed to the side of the seat.

It is a stylish remote control with lit buttons, double-sided, and lacks an LCD. The best remotes are the TOTO ones. The remotes from many other companies are quite thin and delicate. The K300 remote offers a strong, high-quality, sturdy, solid feel.

Front side

The remote contains a tiny, white, magnetic wall mounting plate, which keeps it in place. The K300 remote control from TOTO has a two-sided design, with the less-frequently used features and temperature settings on the back and the most-used working keys on the front. The buttons on the remote control have black symbols on a white background.

Back side

The buttons for changing the seat, water, and air dryer temperatures are located on the remote’s rear. 

Additionally, there are three buttons for the energy-saving modes, a button to extend the nozzle for cleaning, a button to view the settings, and a power button to switch the washlet on or off. 

A battery indicator icon on the back of the remote flashes when the batteries need to be changed and are low.


If you don’t use the heated seat, the bidet will only use about 35 kWh per month, which translates to a maximum usage cost of $5 per month. On the conservative side, it might only cost $2 each month.

It depends on the size of the household and the number of users. The TOTO K300 Washlet is one of the market’s more energy-efficient bidets. It has a tankless heating system to start.

Water heaters that are tankless or instantaneous only utilize electricity when the bidet uses heated water to clean. Therefore, they don’t need constant electrical power to keep a water tank warm.

Oscillation and massage mode

It is good to have oscillating and pulsating features. The oscillation button causes the nozzle to move back and forth, covering a bigger area and providing a more thorough cleaning.

One of the more crucial features of contemporary electric bidets is this feature. Just try to wash your car or dishes while keeping the sprayer or hose stationary.

Lower and greater water pressure are alternated during the massage setting, which is meant to relax the sphincter muscles and encourage bowel movement.

Rear soft mode

There is a Rear soft cleaning feature on the K300. Although some people prefer softer cleaning, the function also has other applications. It can be used for a bidet sitz bath and to possibly soothe sensitive skin, such as that caused by hemorrhoids.

  • Water heating system
  • Dual action spray
  • Electric supply
  • Wireless remote
  • Energy-efficient
  • SoftClose heated seat
  • Two different user settings
  • Spends more water

How Does TOTO K300 Work

How Does TOTO K300 Work

A tankless water heating system is used by the TOTO K300 to continuously supply warm water for as long as you need to use the washer. 

When using the rear cleaning function, you can choose between the standard spray and a “soft” spray with a larger spray pattern. The wide spray option could be helpful for individuals who need a softer wash or are more sensitive.

There are five possible spray positions for the nozzle for the back and front wash and five options for the water pressure. 

With the two user preset buttons situated at the bottom front side of the remote, these settings, together with the temperature setting, can be set and remembered for two different users. When there are two principal users of the device, the user presets function is a useful addition.

The K300 also has an oscillating feature that causes the nozzle to rock back and forth to provide better coverage during the wash cycle. 

That is a convenient feature since it allows the spray to wash a greater area more thoroughly, improving overall cleanliness. Like previous TOTO models, the K300 employs a single plastic wash nozzle.

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Design of TOTO K300

The washlet featured in this TOTO K300 review is straightforward. The back of the device features a modest curvature that is slightly more evident when viewed from above. A black, round remote control receiver is located on the side facing the toilet water tank on the back. 

Design of TOTO K300

Three indicator lights can be found on the left side of the rear housing: a power light, a seat light for the heated seat, and an energy saver light. On the main housing center, the TOTO Washlet logo is printed.

There isn’t a huge gap between the lid and the main housing, but it doesn’t cover the entire device for a seamless appearance. The K300 has a rather slender profile and is only 5.18″, less than half an inch tall at the back.

When facing the toilet, the back left side of the bidet has the water supply line and power cord. The power chord is 46″ long, while the hose is 20″ long. 

Overall, this washlet has the stylish contemporary appearance you would anticipate from a more expensive tankless bidet seat.

Benefits of Using TOTO K300

  • Never runs out of hot water with tankless, immediate heating
  • Before each usage, the toilet bowl is misted with the incoming water supply to help prevent waste from clinging
  • Warm air dryer and a seat heater with five temperature settings
  • Using a remote control with two user memories, you can save your favorite settings
  • While seated, an automatic air deodorizer eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Warm water washing for the front and back with five controls for pressure and temperature adjustment
  • Oscillating stream option
  • Elongated front WASHLET bidet toilet seat that is fashionable and simplistic; mounting and connection components
  • Built-in SoftCloseunction for the lid and seat; no more shut-lid slams
  • Quick-release mechanism for easier toilet and washlet cleaning

How to Install TOTO K300 Washlet

Remove the old toilet seat

Installing TOTO K300 is pretty easy. You must first remove the previous toilet seat and always keep the surface around the mounting holes clean.

Install the washlet

Using a screwdriver, you need to tighten the screws enough to allow movement. Then, you can adjust it to align the seat perfectly.

Slide the washlet

Then, you need to slide the washlet seat back into the bracket and do that until you hear a click, which means that the seat is attached to the toilet.

Connect the hose

To relieve the pressure, you need to turn off the water supply and then you need to flush the toilet.

Turn on the washlet

Now, for the last step, you need to turn the water on and plug back the unit. When you see the LED light go on, the washlet is ready.


To conclude, if you want to buy a washlet or change your old one, this TOTO K300 review is for you. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it helped you decide about buying this washlet. We are sure this is the perfect fit for you with its many features and benefits.

Even though TOTO has many washlets that you can choose from, we believe that this particular washlet is the one for you. 

As previously stated, with that many features, you can always keep the washlet clean, and you don’t have to worry about any mess or unwanted smell. So, what are you waiting for, go and buy yourself a new washlet that can change your bathroom experience.

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