Kohler C3 230 Review

When it comes to fixtures for bathrooms, the Kohler Bidet is renowned. This brand name is constantly heard in the market due to the various toilet seats it produces. The Kohler Bidet line of toilet seats is difficult to dismiss.

The variety of features that Kohler Bidet offers put it at the top. This product’s innovative elements may help you perform a routine task. We have a Kohler C3 230 review for you in this article to help you better understand this product and its features. We’ll go through its attributes, benefits, drawbacks, and other aspects so that you can decide before buying.

With no further ado, let’s get started!

Brand Overview

It is unnecessary to describe Kohler as a brand. Its products are present in many homes and have altered many lives. As more people recognize its dominance in the market, it will continue to be their first choice for such products.

This brand offers quality, usability, kindness to the environment, and many other positive aspects. It meets the needs of people when using the restrooms, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Kohler C3 230 Review

Their products are reasonably priced and well worth the money. The toilet seats exhibit immense care in every aspect of their production, design, functionality, and cutting-edge accessories that offer value for every dollar invested.

Kohler C3 230 Review

Let’s start by mentioning the seat that can heat up when discussing the innovative Kohler C3 230. After that, a temperature-tuning feature ensures that you always have warm water when you need it. The feather touches the remote control, making doing its duties simple.

There is a lot to consider regarding its energy-saving capacities due to the use of alkaline batteries, which are used in pairs for each set to conserve power. The modest voltage of 120 volts lessens the heat that escapes into the air.

With a host of plentiful features and a chic form, the ultra-sleek Kohler C3 230 will enhance the appearance of any bathroom.

How does it work

The front and rear wash modes, limitless warm wash water, and completely changeable settings make cleaning enjoyable from beginning to end.

While the nozzle oscillates to move the wash wand back and forth for better cleaning coverage, the seat’s pulsing option instantly changes the pressure of the wash spray for a soothing massage. The heated seat of the C3 230 is ideal for chilly mornings, and the deodorizer effectively eliminates unpleasant odors by pulling air from the toilet bowl via a carbon filter.

kohler c3 230

Once you’ve finished using the bidet to clean yourself, you may either blot dry with toilet paper or benefit from the warm air dryer integrated into the seat. The Kohler C3 230 has you covered in terms of comfort. A built-in LED nightlight softly lights the toilet bowl for easier nighttime navigation.

With the preset option, two users can program the seat with their preferred settings for individualized cleaning at the touch of a button. The Kohler C3 230 even has a UV-light sanitizing system that keeps the seat’s stainless steel nozzles clean and free of any potentially hazardous germs as an added measure of cleanliness.



The Kohler C3-230 has a tankless water heating system, unlike most other Kohler bidets, which use tank or hybrid water heating systems. This type of heating system uses less energy than the other two since it can deliver warm water whenever needed.

One advantage of using a bidet with a tankless water heating system is that it doesn’t appear as big and has a more streamlined design. This specific model isn’t the slimmest we’ve seen, but it’s also not the bulkiest.


The seat contains a heater, so it is always heated to your preference. This increases your comfort when using the seat. Since there are five temperature settings to choose from, adjusting the seat’s temperature is simple. You’ll undoubtedly discover a setting that suits you. With this seat, you can also change the temperature and water pressure. The seat incorporates a carbon filter to get rid of smells.

UV stick

UV light is used to sterilize the water wand. After each usage, the device will remain germ-free and clean. By doing so, there are no risks of infection or other issues. The sanitation system in the wand ensures that you always remain clean while using the restroom.

Remote control

One of the first things you might think about while looking for a bidet seat is whether you want a bidet with an integrated control panel or remote control. There are benefits and drawbacks to each. For instance, because the attached control is attached to the toilet’s side, you must ensure there is adequate room on the side of your toilet to install the seat.

Kohler C3 230 remote

Your toilet seat will be smaller if it has a remote control, but they are more expensive and require regular battery replacement. An incredible touchscreen remote control is used to run the Kohler C3-230. You can preset wash settings for two people on this touchscreen remote control so that you can always access your customized settings when you go to the bathroom.

Fits elongated toilets

The Kohler C3-230 only fits elongated toilets. Round toilets are not intended for it. Round toilets have a circular form and are roughly 16.5 inches long from the rear, whereas elongated toilets have an oval shape and are roughly 18.5 inches long from the mounting bolts at the back to the front.

Cleaning procedures

The Kohler C3 230’s cleaning features offer a lot of customization. The wand position and water temperature can both be changed by five levels. As mentioned, another feature of this bidet is a heated seat with 5 different heat settings.

Air dryer

Along with the heated seat and warm water wash, this bidet also has a warm air dryer that you can set to 5 different temperature levels, giving you all the essential components for a comfortable cleaning experience.


The deodorizer is another excellent function. The deodorizer lowers odor, which is fantastic if more people will use the toilet where you intend to place it. The bidet seat can also be easily removed with the push of a button so that you may quickly clean the area around the toilet.


Kohler C3 230 night light

A nightlight is the one nice feature that most Kohler bidets include. A nightlight is usually a valuable feature, but it typically costs extra and is only included with a small number of bidets. You may use the toilet at night without turning on a bright bathroom light thanks to the nightlight, an LED light that illuminates the bowl.

Lid with a quick release and quick closing

You can easily remove the seat for cleaning without needing tools, thanks to Kohler’s straightforward yet creative technology. You are prepared to tackle that intricate cleaning job that has previously been challenging by simply popping up the caps and gently pulling the seat forward.

The last feature we want to highlight is the soft closing lid on this bidet, which allows it to close without banging.

  • Feature for automatic deodorization
  • Water pressure and temperature adjustments
  • Designed ergonomically for comfortable seating
  • Stainless steel wand with built-in self-sanitizing UV light
  • If they have been used or are not in their original packing, buyers cannot return toilet seats to Kohler
  • Adjustable temperature heating for the seat
  • Warm-air drying system with programmable temperature and air-speed
  • The bowl is illuminated by LED illumination, acting as a nightlight
  • Selectable air blower function for air speed and temperature
  • The blue night light is very bright

Benefits of Kohler

All clean

Kohler bidet toilet seats offer a cleaner, more refreshing experience thanks to their adjustable, dual-mode sprays and wide array of additional options.

Benefits of Kohler

A basic necessity in contemporary life is to feel clean. We feel more confident and better equipped to tackle the day when we are clean. The truth is that using toilet paper alone won’t make you as clean as you could be. 

Never trade off style for cleanliness

Kohler bidet toilet seats are low-profile, streamlined designs that blend sleek form with a spotless clean. These seats have a profile that fits any bathroom’s style and is made to accommodate the majority of toilets. KOHLER bidet seats allow you to enjoy cleanliness without sacrificing your sense of elegance across the board.

Upgrade to the better seat

While Kohler C3 230 fits elongated seats, Kohler offers both elongated and round-front bidet seats to accommodate any toilet. Thus, making it simple to update your existing toilet without having to remodel your bathroom. 

Their full-featured electric variants are just as easy to install if an electrical outlet is close to the toilet. Their manual bidet seats install easily with tools you presumably already have around the house.

Simple and elegant

The best way to experience the bidet difference is with a manual bidet toilet seat because of its straightforward operation, affordable pricing, and straightforward DIY installation. In order to deliver personalized and revitalizing clean, manual bidet seats connect directly to the toilet’s water supply line, eliminating the need for batteries or an electrical outlet.

The water pressure and wand position are adjustable for a more customized and comfortable cleaning experience. For confidence-boosting hygiene, the wand automatically rinses itself before and after each use. Additionally, Kohler manual bidet seats are virtually indistinguishable from regular toilet seats thanks to their compact, low-profile design.

Personalized cleanliness and comfort

Kohler electric toilet bidet seats include features like remote control operation, heated seats, warm-water cleaning, and warm-air drying to give you a personalized and comfortable cleaning experience. You can choose the characteristics most appealing to you from their extensive selection of electric bidet toilet seats. With a Kohler electric bidet toilet seat, you can experience a new level of cleanliness and relaxation.


Note that these are merely the fundamental steps. For a detailed description of the installation process, read your user manual.

  1. Before installing the seat, carefully read the directions.
  2. Turn the water knob to the off position to stop the flow of water.
  3. Take out the old set from the toilet.
  4. Use a towel to absorb any spills on the floor.
  5. Take off the water hose and replace it with the seat’s new one.
  6. Install the seat following the directions.
  7. Secure seat nuts and bolts.
  8. Connect an additional water hose to the seat using the main water supply.
  9. Plug the seat’s power wire into the wall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the bidet fit my toilet seat?

Toilets come in two shapes: elongated and circular. Measure from the toilet’s front lip to where the seat fastens to determine what you have. You should order a round bidet toilet seat if the space is 16.5 inches. Get an elongated model of 18.5 inches.

How does a bidet function?

Bidets spray a focused stream of water at your back or front to remove the waste left behind after using the restroom. To suit your comfort level, you can change the water pressure. Starting with light pressure is what we advise.

How should I use the bidet?

Press the proper cleaning button on your electric bidet if you have one. Press the stop button when finished, then pat yourself dry or use the bidet’s dryer. If you have a non-electric bidet, steadily adjust the water pressure knob to the desired level.

Do bidet seats make sense?

According to research, bidets may benefit people with urogenital and anal issues. Some claim they amass bacteria. Some assert that they don’t, or at least not enough to cause an issue. There doesn’t seem to be much agreement regarding the health benefits of bidets.


This is it! This was the Kohler C3 230 review for you. This bidet seat’s heated seat, warm water wash, stainless steel wand with UV light sanitization, warm air dryer, touch screen remote control, etc., are just a few of its remarkable features. The Kohler C3-230 is a fantastic option if you have an extended toilet!

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