How to Use a Bidet as a Man

A bidet is just a device used to cleanse your rectal or genital areas by spraying water. The proper use of a bidet and its accessories is not as complicated as many think it is. Once you try it, you will realize that it’s just like using the bathroom in any other way. It’s even more sanitary and hygienic than toilet paper alone.

We are going to show you how to use a bidet as a man and share a few guides with you in this article. You will never be confused again!

How to Use a Bidet as a Man

How to Use a Bidet as a Man

When discussing how to use a bidet as a man, there are several types of bidets on the market to consider. They are all designed specifically for men, just like it is for women.

Below are the different types of bidets and how to use them.

The standalone bidet

Standalone bidets are bathroom fixtures that resemble miniature toilets with a small bowl of water for rinsing. Standalone bidets are more prevalent in Italy or France homes. It is also called a “traditional bidet.” 

Women may be familiar with this type of bidet. There’s an easy way for men to use this device too.

Below, we outline what you need to know about using one: 

  1. To avoid defecating mess, always use the toilet before using this type of bidet because they don’t accommodate that except urine
  2. You can also clean yourself with toilet paper after using the toilet but don’t throw toilet tissue in a standalone bidet
  3. Seat as you would in your toilet position on this bidet; turn on your bidet and set it so that it runs water
  4. You can go in with your hand to make cleaning easy for you
  5. If there’s soap, you can use it and rinse away any residue with water
  6. To ensure you’re clean, give one last rinse before removing excess water left behind using toilet paper or a bidet towel

This is all there is to it!

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The bidet attachment and bidet seat

A bidet attachment or bidet seat are extras to your toilet seat and mostly attached to your toilet permanently or temporarily. The usage method for these two bidets is the same.

The steps below show you how to use a bidet seat or attachment as a man:

  1. Take a seat and use your toilet as you would
  2. Once you’re appropriately seated and ready to go, turn on the bidet. There is always a button or knob on the bidet seat and the attachment to turn on the bidet. It can release warm water if your bidet provides a warm water feature.
  3. These types of bidets come with good water pressure and may not need hand assistance
  4. Allow yourself time to dry before putting on clothing or touching anything else (especially fabrics). Some automated bidet seats come with a bidet dryer, while bidet attachments don’t come with one. 

The bidet sprayer

A bidet sprayer is a handheld bidet that allows men to wash and clean their rear ends with ease and rinse away any fecal residue. 

A bidet sprayer must be connected to the water system before use. When connected, adjust it to spray at a comfortable pressure.

If you’re having trouble using your bidet sprayer, here are some tips on using it effectively. 

To properly operate a bidet sprayer:

  1. Ensure your bidet sprayer is appropriately connected.
  2. You should always be seated while using it. If you stand up while spraying, the water will shoot out and hit walls, possibly even causing damage!
  3. Adjust its strength so that it sprays comfortably. If you want a gentle water flow, try adjusting its strength lower.
  4. The sprayer should always be used after defecation.
  5. Use the bidet sprayer by placing it under or behind your thigh to aim for your rear area to give you running water until you feel completely clean and refreshed!
  6. Make sure there isn’t too much slack in your hoses. You don’t want them to strain too much.
  7. Be careful not to overuse your bidet sprayer. Even though they’re great for men, overusing one can irritate them.
  8. After finishing up with your bidet sprayer, wipe away any remaining droplets of water from your rear with some toilet paper and dispose of them.
  9. Clean it after every use by rinsing it under running water. 
  10. Use toilet paper to wipe away any remaining water droplets on your rear. This will help keep everything clean and dry from wet pants.
  11. Air-dry the bidet sprayer thoroughly if possible.
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Using a bidet combo as a man

Many men think a bidet combo is only suitable for women to use. This is not true! A bidet combo is also known as an all-in-one and a two-in-one toilet. 

It is more convenient and hygienic for men than conventional toilets. With a bidet combo, you do less work.

Here are some tips for using a bidet combo for a man:

  1. While still seated, initiate the wash mode, and the bidet will automatically begin to wash you.
  2. After washing, turn on the air dryer for a wet-free rear side. You can go in with a bidet towel to quicken the drying process.


It might seem unusual when you think of how to use a bidet as a man at first. But once you start using one regularly, it becomes second nature. 

They can be convenient and save time when you need a quick clean-up. Also, they reduce toilet roll usage by up to 70%.

When paired with good hygiene, they are even more effective at keeping your genital area looking and feeling good all day long. So go out and get one right now!

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