How Should a Woman Use a Bidet? (The Right Ways)

How Should a Woman Use a Bidet?

The bidet is an essential household item that has proven useful, most especially for females. However, even though the bidet is for all genders, using it as a woman can be confusing. Thus, if you are wondering how to use a bidet as a woman, this article is a complete guide to guide you through.

Here, I explain how a woman can use all the different bidets available in the market.

Use the table of content below to jump to the type of bidet you are curious about.

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How to Use a Bidet Seat as a Woman

The bidet toilet seat is the most popular type of bidet in the market, as it replaces an existing toilet seat.

Using a bidet toilet seat can differ because there are different types of bidet seats with different functionalities. It can be fully automated with high-tech structures, or it can come with basic functions.

To make use of this type of bidet as a lady:

  • First, you can start by using tissue paper to remove the first layer of feces. However, this is not compulsory or needed, especially if you have a high-pressure bidet seat. However, if you only pee and don’t poop, there is no need to wipe your lady area with tissue first. The bidet water can wash you thoroughly.
  • After the above, then turn on the frontal wash in the bidet seat. This can be found in either the left or right side panel on the bidet seat or in the remote control; if your bidet has one. The frontal wash will automatically target the front part of your lady area. So, you don’t need to adjust your seating.
  • After using the frontal wash, then proceed to the rear wash. Again, this can be found on the side panel of your bidet or the remote. No need to adjust your seating. If you want, you can use plain, unscented white soap to give it an extra touch. But this is not compulsory.
  • When you are done washing your lady’s area or your bum with either the frontal or rear wash, proceed to air dry it.

Some bidet seats come with an automatic inbuilt air-dryer, while some don’t. If your bidet seat doesn’t have an air-dryer, you can use a bidet towel.

We explained what the bidet towel is and the etiquette for using it in these articles.

How to Use a Bidet Hose as a Female

Using a bidet hose as a lady is likewise simple. For some newbies, it may be quite confusing, but it’s not. Again, the key factor is to position and aim properly.

Our article here covers everything you need to know about using the bidet sprayer, whether as a male or female.

However, here are the key factors for females:

  • Since the bidet hose or sprayer is manually operated, you can still use it without causing a mess. You don’t need to stand up and flush your toilet before making use of the bidet hose. Doing this can expose your private area to a lot of bacteria.
  • You can either choose to wipe with tissue paper first or not, depending on if you pooped or peed.
  • So after making use of your toilet while still sitting back like you would if you are making use of the toilet. Reach for the bidet hose or sprayer from its stand, which is usually beside the toilet or tank.
  • To wash your front lady area, put the bidet hose between your thighs and aim for it. You can control the water pressure from the lever pull on the bidet hose head.
  • To wash the bum, put the bidet hose behind your rear, target, and wash.
  • You can choose to use plain white soap if you prefer.
  • Since the bidet hose does not come with an air dryer, you will have to use a bidet towel to dry up.

How to Use a Standalone Bidet as a Woman

The standalone is the traditional type of bidet, and it is usually found beside a toilet. However, it’s not always popular in the modern toilet because modern bidets like the bidet seats and bidet combos are introduced.

To use a standalone bidet as a woman:

  • When you are done using your toilet for pooping, clean your butt with tissue paper to remove feces first. Then move to the standalone bidet beside the toilet.
  • Unlike other types of bidets, the way a woman sits on a standalone bidet is always different. So, instead of only sitting on it like you would when pooping or peeing, you are required to straddle it ( facing the water jet) when washing your frontal lady part and backing the water jet when washing your bum.
  • If you are lucky enough to find one, some standalone bidet comes with a warm and cold water option. You can choose from this.
  • If you want, you can go in with your hand and soap for extra touch or cleanliness.
  • Your last step is to stand up and dry yourself with a bidet towel because standalone bidets do not come with an air dryer.

Note: If you are wondering if you can pee in a bidet or standalone bidet, this article explains it here.

How to Use a Portable or Traveler Bidet as a Woman

The portable or traveler can always come in handy for female travelers or ladies who are always on the move. Using it can be very easy, just like you would when using a bidet hose.

  • Start by filling the bottle with either cold or warm water.
  • After you have used the toilet, clean your bum with tissue paper to remove excess feces.
  • Still sitting in that position, target your front area by putting the bidet between your thighs and squeeze the bottle. The water will rush out from the nozzle to your lady area.
  • For your bum area, put the bottle behind you and target your bum. Then squeeze the bottle so that water can rush out.
  • You can use your hand and soap if you want to.
  • Dry yourself with a bidet towel.

How a Woman Can Use a Bidet Attachment 

Using the bidet attachment is not complicated since the bidet is mostly attached to the bidet seat. The good thing about it is that it always comes with simple settings.

Thus, to make use of it;

  • Make use of your toilet like you would for either popping or peeing, then clean up with tissue paper.
  • Turn on the bidet from the side panel and choose from the cold or warm water if your bidet comes with that feature. You can go in with a bar of soap if you prefer.
  • When you are done, dry yourself with a bidet towel because the bidet attachment does not come with an air dryer.

Whether you are a man or a woman, this article is a complete guide to using a bidet attachment.

How to Make Use of a Bidet Toilet Combo as a Woman

As a female, using a bidet combo can be very relaxing because you don’t have to do anything! As the bidet toilet combo is fully automated and capable of handling all the cleaning processes.

All you have to do is to do your toilet business. While still sitting there;

  • Wipe your bum with tissue paper (optional).
  • Use the remote control and press the ‘front wash’ button to wash your lady area and the ‘rear wash’ to wash your behind. Since this type of bidet is fully mechanized, it can target these areas properly.
  • From the wireless remote, you can adjust the water pressure to the choice you might prefer.
  • When done, press the air-dryer button to dry you up down there.

That’s pretty much it!

Are Bidets Good for Women?

If you are still asking this question, the answer is YES. Bidets are super hygienic for women and can be used in taking care of the lady area during pregnancy, menstruation, and after birth.

Since the female private area requires mostly water to keep it clean and healthy thus, the bidet is the best product for every female washroom.

What are the best bidets for females?

In our article here, I thoroughly reviewed the best bidet for females, including the bidet hose, bidet seat, bidet attachment, and portable bidets.  

To add, unlike traditional bidets, the most recent bidets now come with a dedicated feminine wash, as indicated in the guides above. These features are mostly seen in advanced bidet seats, bidet attachments, and standalone bidets.

However, one excellent feature of any bidet for females is good pressure and an effective sanitary nozzle.

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