BidetMate 700 Review

Bidets are extremely common worldwide but have not yet fully taken off in America. People worldwide are looking for alternatives due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the possibility of another national toilet paper shortage.

To focus on bidet possibilities for your home, let’s wash away your concern that you won’t be able to buy toilet paper. Using a bidet will make you cleaner than using toilet paper, which is its main advantage.

In this article, we have the BidetMate 700 review for you. Therefore, with no further ado, let’s get started and discover more!

Brand Overview

BidetMate 700 Review

Concerning this highly approachable and simple-to-use bathroom element, BidetMate began to clarify myths and misunderstandings. The desire to show Americans a better method to maintain personal hygiene led to the creation of BidetMate. 

The wonders of a bidet have been considered, tested, and discussed with people long before the pandemic deprived us of our toilet paper.

Your purchases affect the world when you use them. Your purchase of a bidet contributes money to environmental charities. With every usage, all the BidetMate products not only help the environment; a portion of the proceeds are also given to charity. 

What’s best? You get to choose where your effect goes at no extra cost! What could feel better than a charity cleanse?

BidetMate 700 Review

BidetMate 700S Series Electric Bidet Smart Toilet Seat...
  • GENTLE AND REFRESHING CLEAN FOR EVERYONE | Personalized multi-wash functions improve hygiene. Perfect for menstruating or pregnant women,...
  • HEALTH BENEFITS AND HYGIENE | A smart bidet has the power to clean things toilet paper can’t. The soothing cleanse is life-changing for...
  • EVERYDAY LUXURY | Adjustable, easy-to-use settings. Instant heated water with steel mesh water filter. Heated seat ensures you always have a...

The bathroom is one of the areas of the home that gets used the most. You require fixtures that dazzle with their good appearance and reliable function in such a high-traffic location. The BidetMate is a simple method to instantly improve bathroom comfort for you and visitors while adding instant beauty to your house.

It has a clean, simplistic design. A straightforward, modern bathroom design is complemented by the grace and sophistication of this bidet. It is perfect for those who are aesthetically daring with its dramatic curves and exquisite appearance, and it instantly updates your bathroom.

The 700 Series Bidet is fantastic. With this bidet, you may modify the seat and water temperature to enhance your comfort. You will always enjoy a comfortable cleaning experience because of the heated seat. The self-cleaning stainless steel wand sanitizes in between applications. No more loud, abrupt slamming, thanks to a seat with a smooth closing.

This bidet has every imaginable luxury to ensure your toilet experience is as flawless as possible. Its ergonomic design and heated and electric bidet seats ensure that bathroom breaks are always comfortable. 

It contains a heated seat and water to clean comfortably while sitting down. It also complies with ADA standards. This bidet is elegant and practical, making it the ideal choice for any bathroom.


Color: White
Brand: BidetMate
Material: Stainless Steel
Style: 700 Series | Elongated | No Dryer
Shape: Oval
Item Weight: 8.93 pounds
Product Dimensions: 20 x 14.72 x 3.35 inches
Size: ‎Elongated
Material: ‎Stainless Steel

Ratings by feature

Easy to use: 4.5
Easy to install: 4.4
Value for money: 4.3
Softness: 4.3


Side knob control

BidetMate 700 side knob

The side knob on this bidet controls the water pressure. When grabbed and spun by a human operator, a control knob is a rotating device used to make manual input adjustments to a mechanical/electrical system. The control knobs enable the bidet to move at exact angles in a regulated circular motion.

Different wash modes

Hygiene is improved with custom multi-wash features. Ideal for women who are in menstruation or pregnant, as well as guys with difficult posteriors. It enables independence for senior citizens and people with mobility issues. In the event of a power outage, the bidet will still operate.

This bidet offers different types of washing modes. It has a regular wash, a normal wash offered by most of the bidets. Also, it has a feminine wash option. 

After the basic wash, the feminine nozzle position option is the second most common upgrade to a basic feature. The feminine wash function of a bidet changes the angle of the nozzle such that it points a few inches forward for women and a few inches backward for the posterior. This feature is not necessary if only men will use the bidet. If a girl uses it, it might be a vital decision.

It also has an oscillating wash. Some bidets also come with an oscillating cleanser as an extra feature. Although not necessary, most individuals find it to be good to have. Oscillating clean aids in providing more width without adjusting your body by covering a larger spray area. 

That function is not a “must,” like many others, but it’s a nice bonus if you want the highest level of comfort and cleanliness.

Heated seat and dryer

Many people find this function useful because it allows you to sit in a heated seat. Wintertime is a great time to enjoy this. However, this option can be disabled at will. Many clients like the possibility of having a warm seat to sit on.

The heated air dry feature is another significant bidet update that adds a second phase to the current bidet process. A warm airflow can be activated after using the bidet to dry the area behind the back. 

Regarding air pressure and temperature, similar warm air hand dryers can be found in restaurants and retail bathrooms. This is a nice improvement that can quickly dry the damp region. No toilet paper may be required if heated air drying is chosen.


Bidets with intelligence can clean surfaces that toilet paper cannot. Relaxing can be a game-changer for people with chronic UTI, fissures, hemorrhoid, and IBS disorders. Additionally, chafing will no longer be caused by toilet paper’s abrasive drying properties.


It may be adjusted, and the settings are simple to use. It comes with a steel mesh water filter and instantly heats the water. You will always enjoy a comfortable cleaning experience because of the heated seat. 

Between applications, the self-cleaning nozzle sanitizes. Its seat softly closes, so there will be no more loud banging or sudden slamming.

Self-cleaning nozzles

BidetMate 700 nozzle

The self-cleaning nozzle is one unique feature of the BidetMate 700. This is a reassuring feature that is present in the majority of bidets, and it aids in keeping the bidet as clean as possible. Since we like everything in the bathroom to be as clean as possible, we think this function is great.


By using less toilet paper, you can save money and trees and you may protect the environment and your home’s plumbing. Electricity waste is prevented via the energy-saving mode. 

A part of each sale made by BidetMate is donated to organizations that work to protect the environment and keep the planet clean.

  • Seat heater
  • Warming dryer
  • Instantly warming water
  • Lid with a soft close
  • Cleans the nozzle itself
  • Water filter with steel mesh
  • When there is no power, it can be used
  • Option of feminine wash
  • It also comes with a power wash
  • Has oscillating wash
  • There are no printed instructions

How Does It Work

How Does It Work

Beginning with the adjustable knob or digital panel, the water pressure mechanism regulates how much water is released from the seat’s sprayer head. This allows you to decide how much spray you want when using the restroom.

The water direction is determined by the nozzle position control. The majority of nozzle position controls are found at the front or on the side of the seat. You can target particular regions by adjusting the sprayer head’s angle by the joystick’s back-and-forth movement.

Your bathroom experience can be completely customized to your preferences, thanks to the pressure and placement combination.


Installing this 700 series Bidet is super easy. Here are the steps you must follow:

  1. Remove the old cover by loosening the connection nut; put the mounting template where it is indicated on the ceramic. Align it with the toilet’s rim.
  2. Insert the expansion bolt into the ceramic hole by positioning the fixing plate in the template’s notch. Place the plate and the adjustment sheet into the fixing plate. Lastly, align the expansion bolt hole, and tighten up.
  3. Before installing the product, please click the reset button to ensure functionality.
  4. When you hear a “click” to indicate that the cover has been placed in position, gently push the cover into the fixing plate.
  5. Shut off the water valve, and affix a braided hose.
  6. Set up the tee. The tee is often mounted on the angle valve. You can install the tee under the inlet if the angle valve and wall are too close.
  7. To check for a leak, open the angle valve, and to see if the nozzle is sticking out, turn the knob.
  8. Enjoy using your new bidet by plugging it into a power source.

Benefits of BidetMate

Using a BidetMate toilet seat has many advantages, including better hygiene and higher comfort. Additionally, by lowering the amount of toilet paper you use, these seats can aid in water conservation.

You can avoid using toilet paper by cleaning yourself with a stream of water after using the restroom. This helps you save money on toilet paper while also having a smaller negative environmental impact.

Bidet toilet seats can also be an excellent option for people who struggle to use toilet paper due to physical limitations or mobility concerns. Using a bidet seat, they can take care of their personal hygiene without anybody else’s assistance. The following are the advantages of using BidetMate:

Take a seat

It features a user sensor incorporated into the seat to ensure you are ready to use the bidet. By doing this, accidental button pushing is avoided. Get comfy, sit down, and open a humorous YouTube video. Just carry on as usual.

Perform your tasks

Here, nothing is altered; simply do your business. The only change you might notice is the heated, comfy seat that traditional toilets lacked.

Wash & dry

On the remote, choose the wash setting you desire. Enjoy the clean environment and the warm, refreshing water. Then, choose the “Dry” setting to keep your buns toasty and dry.

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BidetMate 700 Warranty

For one year from the date of purchase for all customers and three years from the date of purchase for customers who register their warranty, BidetMate warrants that its bidets will be free from defects in materials and quality under normal use when properly installed and serviced.

This limited warranty is not assignable to anyone else and is only given to the original buyer of the smart toilet seat. This covers all subsequent buyers and owners of the smart toilet seat but is not limited to them.

Any of the following things are not covered by this BidetMate 700 warranty:

BidetMate 700 Warranty
  • A natural disaster, such as a fire, earthquake, flood, thunderstorm, electrical storm, etc., can cause damage or loss.
  • Any accident, unreasonable usage, misuse, abuse, neglect, poor care, cleaning, or maintenance of the smart toilet seat may result in damage or loss.
  • Damage or loss brought on by alien objects or silt in a water system.

Useful Tips

  • Your legs should be spread out as you sit down on the toilet.
  • The water temperature should be adjusted. Most bidets will have a hot and cold water knob that you can use to change the water’s temperature. Set it initially at a welcoming, warm temperature.
  • Aim the bidet nozzle at your behind. The water should flow toward your front from the nozzle when it is pointed at your anal orifice. Ask someone for assistance if you’re unsure about how to position yourself.
  • Put the nozzle gently into your anus. The bidet should fit without needing to be pushed in. Use your hand to steer the water flow after installing the nozzle.
  • Let the water flow for around 30 seconds. You will have ample time to thoroughly clean yourself as a result. Since most germs prefer to congregate in the area around your anus, be extra careful there.


Well, we have come to the very end of this article. So, we hope we have provided enough useful information with this BidetMate 700 review. 

Using a bidet can be a terrific method to enhance your hygiene, but it can be challenging if you’re unfamiliar with how they operate. 

BidetMate seats are a terrific choice if you want to save money and the environment while having a more comfortable toilet experience. These chairs are becoming more and more common in households all around the world because of their numerous advantages.

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