BidetMate 2000 Review

Choosing a toilet seat is easy, but this doesn’t apply to everyone. There are a number of designs and attributes that can make your porcelain throne more cozy and convenient to use, like soft-close hinges and additional bidet capabilities.

Your home’s worth increases as your family’s demands and design preferences are met by a remodeled bathroom. Toilets may significantly improve the appearance of your bathroom and vanity areas. In addition to being unsightly, a toilet seat that appears fragile or damaged is a sign of a poor product that can make a bathroom appear dirty.

In this article, we have presented a BidetMate 2000 review for you. It is one of the best electric toilet seats out there. With no further ado, let’s get started!

Brand Overview

The bidet isn’t actually considered a luxury item by BidetMate; rather, it’s a sensible addition to your morning, evening, or whenever routine. They were considering, exploring, and educating people about the wonders of the bidet even before the epidemic deprived us of our bathroom tissue. They want as many people as possible to learn about this great bathroom addition. Besides, they aim to eliminate the notion that it represents luxury.

Bidetmate 2000 Review

In our technological age, it makes sense. Why not the best high-tech cleaning for your behind if you desire the best high-tech headphones for your ears and the finest high-tech sunglasses for your eyes? The goal of BidetMate is to educate people on how simple it is to use a bidet. You won’t be placed in a higher tax bracket as a result. It is a lovely, energizing method to maintain the back end tidy and clean.

Their products also benefit the environment, but that isn’t enough. More needs to be done. BidetMate gives a portion of all proceeds to charity because of this. Choose the cause you want to support during checkout. All the BidetMate products you purchase create an impact without costing you anything extra.

BidetMate 2000 Review

BidetMate 2000 will give your bathroom a brand-new, contemporary makeover. Every luxury imaginable feature is included in this bidet to make using the restroom as comfortable as possible. Comfortable bathroom breaks are guaranteed throughout the day thanks to ergonomic design.

With the extra advantages of improved usability at night and a deodorizer that keeps your bathroom fresh, it offers a gentle, refreshing clean for the entire family. A soft-closing seat eliminates loud slamming, and the stainless steel self-cleaning bidet nozzle sanitizes between uses.

This sophisticated bidet can clean surfaces that toilet paper simply cannot. Relaxing can be a game-changer for people with chronic UTI, fissures, hemorrhoids, and IBS disorders. Additionally, chafing will no longer be caused by toilet paper’s abrasive drying properties.

Bidetmate 2000

By decreasing the need for toilet paper, BidetMate also conserves trees and saves money. Eliminating TP improves both the environment and your home plumbing, and the energy-saving option makes sure that no electricity is ever wasted. A part of the revenues from BidetMate is given to organizations that support the environment and a cleaner planet.


Heated seat

BidetMate 2000 comes with a heated bidet seat which works amazingly. When it’s freezing outside, a heated bidet seat can provide the height of luxury by providing a warm place to sit down. The toilet seat freezing to your bare flesh when you use the restroom in the middle of the night or the first thing you do in the morning is the worst.

This heated bidet seat may make your trip fantastic, whether you’re a senior who has trouble falling back asleep after sitting on a cold seat or you’re younger but looking for extra comfort. Because heat helps to relax your muscles and reduce stress in your body, choosing the heated seat choice can also help you feel better.

Power savings

An energy-saving feature on the BidetMate 2000 helps you use less power and keep your energy costs down. The seat enters sleep mode while not in use, requiring very little energy. When someone sits down on the electric bidet toilet seat with energy savings, it powers back up and can save a sizable sum of money while maintaining all of the advantages that these toilet seats can provide. 

Many people live on fixed incomes or smaller monthly budgets, so even a tiny amount saved over time can add up. Cost-effective models that save energy are readily accessible.

Wireless remote control

A great option is an electric bidet seat with remote control; you might be surprised at how useful this function is. You can modify several settings with the remote, such as the warmth or pressure of the water used to clean your more delicate areas or to warm up a heated seat. This is a fantastic function that BidetMate 2000 provides, especially for elderly people and people who have reduced mobility as a result of accidents or age.

Bidetmate 2000 remote

When you select a type that comes with a remote, you can make adjustments without having to extend while using the electric bidet toilet seat. It typically mounts on any regular toilet seat in a short amount of time. There are affordable electric bidet toilet seats that allow remote operation without costing a small fortune, so you do not necessarily have to pay a lot of money.


Because of the scent that seems to remain after using the restroom and having a bowel movement, many people feel embarrassed. However, the BidetMate 2000 has a built-in deodorizer feature that can alleviate this worry. With this feature, you won’t notice a wide range of fragrances because the deodorizer truly eliminates odor rather than attempting to mask it.

The majority of electric bidet toilet seats with deodorizers employ a carbon filter to clean the air and get rid of any smell-causing particles. The air from the bathroom is drawn in by an intake fan, bringing the odor with it. This air is run through a carbon filter to remove any odors before exiting.

Dryer with heated air

A highly common feature of the BidetMate 2000 is the hot air dryer, which does away with the need for toilet paper or cloth for drying. In terms of how it works, the hot air dryer is comparable to a blow dryer that you may use on your hair. You may be able to select from a range of air pressures and temperatures. After the bidet has completed washing your posterior and genital area with water, a gentle spray of warm, comforting air gently dries them off.

You can dry off more comfortably since the warm circulation of air is comforting and calming. Because there is no need for toilet paper or a towel that needs to be laundered frequently, you will also spend less money.


Because they are worried about the previous user and any bacteria or debris that may have been left behind, many people shun the idea of using a bidet. Self-cleaning nozzles on the BidetMate 2000 can quickly address and fix this issue.

The self-cleaning nozzles use water to rinse the device after each use before it retracts, ensuring that no germs or debris are left behind to irritate you. As long as the bidet model is connected to your hot water supply, the self-cleaning nozzles can use hot water to flush off the gadget.

  • It quickly heats the water
  • Comes with a heated seat
  • Has heated dryer
  • Seat sensor
  • Deodorizer
  • Night light
  • Soft-closing lid
  • An automatic nozzle
  • A different setting for children
  • Economy mode
  • Remote control
  • The remote control is big

How Does BidetMate 2000 Work

How Does BidetMate 2000 Work

Using the BidetMate 2000 is a straightforward process. Having an operation panel accessible, you can finish the job quickly and effectively. To wash after the bidet use, simply press any of the buttons “Wash”, “Bidet”, and “Power Wash”. The bidet has a “Pulse Wash” and a “Massage Wash” as well. After that, you can use the “Dry” button for up to three minutes. 

You should press the “Stop” button for three seconds after every operation. With the help of the panel, you also have control over the water pressure and nozzle position.

Benefits of Using BidetMate Products

Best designs

With configurable features including aerated, pulse, feminine, power wash, massage, and child wash, BidetMate’s contemporary design and technology enable an effective, gentle, and refreshing clean for you. There are simple-to-use settings for a heated dryer, heated seat, and heated water. An air deodorizer made of charcoal and honeycomb gets rid of odors and gasses.


Outstanding customer support and a one-year warranty are provided by BidetMate. They are concerned about your experience and want you to feel at ease and secure dealing with them as well as when you make a purchase. With flat-back toilet bowls rather than French-curved ones, it is advised that there be a minimum of 40 millimeters between the mounting bolts and the front of the toilet tank.


Reduce the need for toilet paper to save money, forests, and resources. By doing away with TP, you can take better care of the environment and your plumbing, and the energy conservation option ensures that you never waste electricity. BidetMate distributes a portion of its earnings from sales to environmental causes that support better Earth.

Exotic features

It’s common to occasionally need to take care of your needs, especially your bottom. They include a soft-closing seat and a stainless steel self-cleaning bidet nozzle to prevent sudden slamming after each use.

Benefits of Using BidetMate Products

Since their bidets can clean surfaces that toilet paper cannot, they are very advantageous for health and hygiene. The soothing cleanse can completely transform the lives of people who experience recurrent UTIs, fissures, hemorrhoids, and IBS symptoms.

Warnings and Safety Tips

  • Don’t install the bidet next to heat sources
  • Never use the bidet while bathing
  • Don’t drop the bidet into liquids, including water
  • If the bidet has fallen into the water, you mustn’t reach it without unplugging it first
  • If used by children or handicapped people, supervision is a must
  • If the product gets damaged, don’t use it

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There is a one-year warranty for all customers who buy the BidetMate 2000. Whereas three years warranty for customers who have registered for it.

This warranty requires proof of purchase in order to be effective. For a period of three months after the product’s purchase date, if it is used commercially, BidetMate assures that it will be free from manufacturing and material flaws while being used normally. Except for the warranty’s length, all other provisions shall be applicable.

What to Consider When Installing or Repairing a BidetMate Bidet

Experience level

A toilet installation or repair may be something you may easily accomplish yourself if you have experience with home renovations and maintenance. This is particularly true if the task is straightforward, like replacing a damaged toilet seat.

The complexity of the installation or repair

On the other hand, if the installation or repair is more complicated, such as replacing a toilet with several parts and functional plumbing, you might want to hire a professional. A professional will have the knowledge and skills necessary to undertake any toilet installations or repairs swiftly and effectively, but if the repair or maintenance is straightforward, you can perform it yourself.

The type of your toilet

There are many various types of toilets that can be found on the market. If your toilet is a conventional model, you might be able to handle the installation or repair work yourself.

Tools and equipment

It’s crucial to have the proper tools and supplies handy while installing or repairing toilets. If you have access to this necessary equipment, doing it yourself will be simpler. However, you might want to leave the job to a specialist who can finish it swiftly and safely if you don’t have the right tools or experience utilizing them.


This is it! This was the BidetMate 2000 review for you. It is a complete bidet with a lot of features. The BidetMate smart toilet seats are full-sized seats that may take the place of any existing seat. Only the regular height is offered for the seats. We hope you got to know everything about this toilet seat in this article. Happy shopping!

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