Best Bidet With Remote Control in 2022

Best Bidet with remote control

Having a bidet with remote control makes usability super easy. Since you only need to mount these external remote controls on the wall next to your toilet, you don’t have to hustle to locate the buttons on the side panel of your bidets.

In this article, I went through the best bidet toilet seats with a remote control you can find in the market, including the bidets I used.

Premium Pick

Toto S550e

It’s a high tech advanced bidet toilet seat packed with all the features needed in any deluxe bidet seat. With the Toto S550e, expect your bidet experience to be quite fulfilling and super fun.

Best Overall

bidet toilet seat with remote
Toto C5

The considerable price and features make this bidet memorable after every toilet visit. Even with the tank at the bank of the bidet, this bidet sea still looks seamless without looking bulky like some bidet seat would.

Budget Pick

Alpha iX Hybrid

Features in the bidet you will enjoy as a user include self-cleaning stainless wands that are gentle and possess a strong wash mode. It also has other modes like the move and massage modes and the feminine wash that specifically targets the woman area.

The Best Bidet Seat with Remote?

Overall, the best bidet with remote is the Toto C5 and the Alpha JX. They come at fair, affordable prices, but most importantly, they have enough features to give you everything you may want in a bidet seat. They are both elongated in style, and installation and usability are likewise laid back.

5 Best Bidets with Remote

Premium: TOTO S550E

One of the most luxurious bidet seats with a remote is the Toto S550e. It’s a high tech advanced bidet toilet seat packed with all the features needed in any deluxe bidet seat. With the Toto S550e, expect your bidet experience to be quite fulfilling and super fun.

It has the famous ‘EWATER+ Technology’, a Toto technology, which focuses on cleaning the bowl of your toilet and the wand before and after every use. Additionally, the PREMIST feature also sprays water onto the bowl before each use. This action creates a slick surface on your toilet bowl.

With the Toto S550e, the warm water supply is continuous. This means that you don’t have to wait for your warm water to heat before using it, nor will it run out. The warm water is always available instantly whenever you want to use your bidet seat.

This bidet seat’s seat and lid close and open automatically and cause no slamming. This same seat is also heated, so there won’t be a chilling feeling on your bum cheek when you sit.

Other features you would enjoy in it are the air-dryer, LED night light for better navigation, and the deodorizer that aids in purifying bad toilet odor.

Its self-cleaning wand pluses and oscillates when cleaning. It can equally position differently to target angles when washing through either the rear or feminine wash.

The remote control is wireless and requires two AA batteries to function. To mount the remote on the wall, it comes with a magnetic tray that holds it perfectly even while hanging on the wall. The front of the remote control is sleek and has an image indicator of the function of the bidet for easy operation. On the other side of the remote is a small LD screen where you can easily see, operate and input settings on the remote.

My Toto S550e remote

What You May Not Like 

With all its high-tech features, the price of this bidet is quite costly and may be above budget for those who are on a budget.

Also, it comes only in an elongated style. Although it may fit some round toilets, however, if your toilet has a specific round design, this bidet seat may not fit.


A similarly luxurious option for the Toto S550e is the Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000. Unlike the Toto S550e, it has a round version for round toilets. Its remote control is wireless, and it can also be mountable on the wall. Both the buttons with images and a screen on the remote control of this bidet aid in operating the bidet easily.

Worth Mentioning: Brondell S1400-EW Swash

I can’t afford to make this listicle without mentioning the Brondell S1400-EW Swash bidet seat. This is an excellent bidet seat with a remote control packed with great features for the user’s benefit. Its great features and functions have been compared to good bidet seats like the Toto C5 and even the Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000.

One thing you will love about this bidet is the dual stainless steel nozzles that guarantee more hygiene because of its higher chances of harbouring less germ, and including this, the nozzle has other great functions.

With the programmable two users settings on the bidet, you and your partner can personalize your wash and initiate a one-touch auto mode that provides the most hygienic bathroom experience. With this home bidet’s endless combinations, you can create your ideal bathroom experience.    

Perfectly made for every bathroom.

The sleek design of this bidet can complement both your bathroom decor and your bathroom habits. The masked pocket hides the water and power connections, and the contoured lid looks modern and sophisticated on any toilet.

It likewise provides an endless flow of warm water when in need, and the temperature of the warm water and even that of the seat can be increased on decreases, preferably according to your choice.  

It has both an elongated and a round model.

The remote to this bidet is very self-explanatory with the help of both its images and written words. The remote control can be mounted on the wall, and it requires ‎4 Lithium Metal batteries to function. However, the company didn’t include this in their product kit.

What You May Not Like 

The unsatisfactory complaint about this product is not directly about the feature in the bidet but has everything to do with the company itself.

Unfortunately, the company’s customer service is not encouraging, which frustrates customers who are in dare need to communicate with them.  

Overall Best: TOTO C5

bidet toilet seat with remote

The best overall bidet toilet seat with remote is the Toto C5. The considerable price and features make this bidet memorable after every toilet visit. As one of Toto’s newly released bidet in the market, this bidet got massive attention from many users not because it’s a new bidet but because of its delivery.

It has the PREMIST features, which helps prevent your toilet waste or defecate from smearing on your toilet bowl by using the incoming water supply to mist the toilet bowl before every toilet use.

That’s why it’s called PRE-mist.

Aside from this feature, it also has the Ewater+ feature, which is the technology that cleans the nozzle of this bidet before and after every use, thus making this bidet nozzle self-cleaning.

This bidet seat also provides you with warm water; however, it is not instant, nor does it run continuously as it occurs in the Toto S550e and some other advanced bidet seats. The C5 has a tank at its back that reserves warm for usage. If the warm water is used up, heating another batch can take very few minutes.

Even with the tank at the bank of the bidet, this bidet sea still looks seamless without looking bulky like some bidet seat would. This seamless look matches up with all the other features every many users in it, including a functional nozzle, deodorizer, heated seat, and remote control.

What You May Not Like 

The non-instant warm water feature is a con most users complained about in this bidet. It’s not that the warm water provision in this bidet is not functional; it is, but the water in the tank loses its warmness when not used. So it requires heating up again, and that little waiting minute is what most users may not like.

Unfortunately, Toto reserve the instant water feature for only their higher models, S550e, S500e and the K300.

Also, Toto C5 does not have a round model.


A good substitute for the C5 is the ALPHA JX. This is an elongated bidet toilet seat with all the similar features of C5, including having LED night light.

Unlike the Toto C5, the ALPHA JX bidet has an instant, continuous water provision; thus, there’s a constant provision of water for you.

And also, unlike its counterpart, it has a round version which you can find here

You can also check out the best round bidet seats for round toilets in this article. There you can find even ones with remote control.

Also Great: BidetMate 2000 Series

The BidetMate 2000 Series is a bidet seat worth stating on this list. This elongated bidet seat is eco-friendly like every other bidet in the market, and it’s the highest model of all BidetMate range of bidets.

It comes with instant heating technology, which means there is a prompt and endless provision of warm water in your need. This combines with a heated seat that gives a comfortable warmness when in use.

The nozzle to this bidet seat is made of stainless steel, which helps the prevention of germs and diseases. Its self-cleaning feature guarantees sanitization between uses. This nozzle harbours other cleaning functions like the aerated wash, pulsing wash, and oscillating wash. All this targets both the rear and the front (feminine) area.

Its seat and lid are soft-closing, guaranteeing no loud and abrupt slamming after use. There is also a dryer and deodorizer. It also has a child wash. This feature is very handy for kids learning to use a bidet.

The remote control to this bidet is wireless and comes with vivid images and words for quick understanding and settings. It can be mounted on the wall, and it requires two AAA batteries to function.

What You May Not Like 

The BidetMate 2000 has a round model for a round toilet. However, the round design does not come with an external remote control but instead has a side panel. All the features in the round design with the side panel design and the elongated design are totally the same.  

Have this in mind when making purchases.


An alternative to the BidetMate 2000 is the Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet. It also has great features quite similar to the BidetMate 2000. It comes in both an elongated and round model; thus, if you have a round toilet, you should check out the Clean Sense DIB-1500R Bidet Seat for Round Toilets.

Best on Budget- Alpha iX Hybrid

For bidet seats with a remote, their budget price may seem like a moderate price for a bidet with a side panel, which is because of the availability of the remote control.

That being said, a budget-friendly bidet seat with a remote is the Alpha iX Hybrid. With its many good features, you can have a comforting bum wash thoroughly controlled through the external remote control.

Features in the bidet you will enjoy as a user include self-cleaning stainless wands that are gentle and possess a strong wash mode. It also has other modes like the move and massage modes and the feminine wash that specifically targets the woman area.

This bidet seat has four wash modes available:

  • A regular rear wash
  • A front feminine wash
  • A rear+ wash with a narrower stream
  • A child mode

It has a simple warm water cycle provided by an advanced hybrid heating technology for a comfortable cleaning experience. You also don’t need any plumbers for installation as you can handle the installation process yourself, which takes only a few minutes.

This bidet seat not only comes in an elongated bidet but also in a round model for dedicated toilet styles.

The remote to this bidet is quite portable and can be stuck and mounted on the wall, just like every other bidet remote. It’s easy to operate, and the diagram is easy to comprehend.  

What You May Not Like 

This bidet seat advertised that its warm water supply is “endless” even for its low price. However, sometimes (once in a long while), it shoots out cold water. This occurs even after you have configured it.

This mostly has to do with its technical problem, but it’s not often. 


A good alternative to the Alpha iX Hybrid bidet seat is the SmartBidet SB-1000WE. It’s a decent bidet seat with a remote control that comes at the same price as the iX Hybrid and has interesting similar functions.

Its round model for a round toilet is the SmartBidet SB-1000WR.

How Does a Bidet Remote Work?

Just like a bidet seat is powered by plugging it into a wall socket outlet in your toilet, a bidet remote is powered by either an AA or AAA battery. This battery requirement defers to every type of bidet and its remote.

So instead of rushing off to buy any batteries for your bidet remote, check the required specific battery, which is usually specified on the bidet seat manual before purchasing.

Your bidet remote should power up immediately when you insert the needed batteries.

You can proceed to operate your bidet seat through the remote control. You can also customize how you want your bidet to function according to your preference and ensure you save it.

If your bidet remote supports two or dual user settings, you and your partner or whoever you’re using the bidet can customize the different settings and save it.

Your bidet will remember these settings each time you want to use them.

The Benefits of Having a Bidet with Remote Control

There are a good number of benefits of using a bidet with remote control. These include;

  • Easy Accessibility

Owning a bidet with remote control creates maximum room for easy access. You can quickly make use of your bidet while still sitting without any or less hassle. Since you can see your remote control and its buttons, it’s easier to identify the settings you are going for.

Additionally, mounting it on the wall makes it even more stress-free for you to reach for it without touching it.

  • Customization 

A bidet remote enables you to have more detailed customization of how you prefer your bidet to function, especially when you have to make more than one different customization.

  • Suitable for disabled

A bidet with a remote is perfect for users who are disabled because it requires less body movement and stress when washing when using.

What to Do if Your Bidet Remote Stops Working

  • If you notice that your bidet remote isn’t responding or working, the first thing to do is try removing and slotting back the battery or batteries. Sometimes, the batteries might have a slide-out which could cause the remote not to respond to power. Meanwhile, ensure you’re using the required battery as the bidet company instructed.
  • Contact your bidet company and explain the issue you’re experiencing. They can always recommend actions to take.
  • Sometimes, depending on the lighting in your bathroom, it can interfere with the signal between your bidet remote and your bidet seat or toilet. You can try reducing the brightness of your toilet light (or even turning it off) to determine if your remote control will work. If your bathroom lighting is too dull, try brightening it.

As funny as this might sound, this could be the problem since bidet remotes transmit through electromagnetic waves. 

  • If you’ve tried all you can and the remote still isn’t functioning, it’s time to purchase a new bidet remote. 

Most bidet companies do sell a separate bidet remote for their products. 

  • Also, you should try contacting your bidet company to confirm if your bidet warranty covers that of the remote control. For some companies, it doesn’t, but it’s best to contact them first before purchasing a new remote control.

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