Are Bidets Sanitary for Females?

Are you a female, and you are planning on getting a bidet? Are bidets sanitary for females? Yes! Bidets are sanitary for everybody, including females. Bidets help females to freshen up during their periods, during pregnancy, and even when nursing infants.

However, you can get infections if you misuse the bidet. Cleaning the bidet often is necessary, and it’s better to ensure that you wash from the frontal region to the back to avoid spreading infections from your anus to your private part. Kindly go through this article to learn more about it. 

Are Bidets Sanitary for Females

Are Bidets Sanitary for Females?

Bidets are safe and sanitary for both genders, making females inclusive. Using bidets as a female helps take care of the genitalia well. Here are the reasons bidets are sanitary for females;

Bidets can clean females up during their periods

A bidet spray renders a perfect cleaning job for you when you are on your period more than wet wipes. Wet wipes have some chemicals, which can irritate the vulva and create minor wounds, but a bidet helps avoid that if used properly.

Bidets create convenience for pregnant women

If you are pregnant, using a bidet will ease stress. It may stop you from bending with a protruding belly to use wet wipes to clean yourself. Its use comes with ease and yet renders a fantastic job.

Some bidets have a feminine wash feature

Some bidets come with a feminine wash feature that releases warm water to wash the genitalia. It may relax the muscles around that region and helps to relieve you of menstrual cramps.

It helps prevent UTI

Bidets help to clean up after sex to prevent UTIs. You wouldn’t need to shower as it also helps freshen up.

Bidets help nursing mothers

Someone who just gave birth would be faced with the issue of visiting the toilet regularly for cleaning. However, using a bidet helps to reduce the stress you would have to go through in the bathroom after giving birth.

Can Girls Get Infections From Using Bidets

Can Girls Get Infections From Using Bidets?

Are bidets sanitary for females? We believe you must have gotten your answer from the explanations above. However, are you still worried about knowing whether you can get infections from using bidets? The answer to your question is: yes!

As much as bidets are sanitary for females, they can also get infections from using bidets if they are not careful enough. For you to be informed of the various ways you can get infections using a bidet, kindly go through the following ones;

Contamination of bidets nozzles can cause the transfer of infections

When bacteria, germs, and viruses rest on the bidet’s nozzles, they can easily be transferred to your genitalia when cleaning. Such germs will also pollute the clean water from the nozzles and make it unfit for use.

Using the bidet excessively can cause an unhealthy vagina microflora

When the bidet becomes a habit and is used excessively, it can disturb the vaginal microflora. When the vagina microflora is disturbed, it can cause your genitalia to be affected.

Not cleaning the bidet often can cause infections when used

Due to the germs and bacteria that are likely to pollute the bidet and its nozzles, it would be best if you cleaned the bidet regularly to reduce the risk of getting infected by these germs.

 Bidets may cause vaginosis infection

When bidets are misused, they can cause diseases such as vaginosis in the private region.

Does a Bidet Clean Lady Parts?

Yes, it does! A bidet cleans lady parts. However, as a female, it is better that you clean from the frontal region to the back to avoid spreading infections to your vulva. Cleaning back to the front always heightens the risk of spreading diseases from the anus to the vagina.

Also, a handheld bidet is very useful in cleaning lady parts as it will help you control it to your satisfaction since it’s manually controlled. It’s suitable for freshening up and cleaning up after sex or after using the toilet.

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How to Use a Bidet as a Female

Kindly go through this guide to learn more;

Read the instructions first

Always ensure you go through the instructions, both the maintenance and cleaning instructions. It will help you know how to clean and maintain the bidet to avoid getting infected at the slightest negligence. Also, remember to switch on filters regularly if your bidet has this feature.

Test the bidet and how it works

Before cleaning, ensure you test the bidet and its nozzles to know if they are functioning correctly. It is to see how the bidet works and from which angle its stream of water shoots out.

Take a comfortable position and regulate the water stream 

To ensure you don’t get burnt with hot water, regulate its temperature and pressure after positioning yourself comfortably on the bidet.

Once done, use the air drying feature of the bidet or a wet wipe/bidet towel

Once you are done cleaning, use the air drying feature of the bidet if it has one. But if you use a non-electric bidet that doesn’t have that feature, kindly use a wet wipe.

You can also use a bidet towel to dry your genitalia, but be careful you are not using the towel meant for drying hands to dry your private region to avoid infections. 

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In Summary

You have got all the answers you need in this article. Bidets are sanitary for females as they help to clean up after using the toilet, after sex, and even during their periods. If you are pregnant, it’s also suitable for use but ensures you use it properly to avoid getting infected. So, keep calm and don’t be worried.

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