Alpha UX Pearl Review

Bidets are becoming more and more common as the recent toilet paper crisis fades into distant memory. Even though toilet paper is more widely available, there are still compelling arguments for putting a bidet in your bathroom.

In this post, we examine the UX Pearl, the newest seat from Alpha Bidet. The Pearl is touted as a high-end bidet. Overall, especially considering the price, it’s a fantastic bidet. This is one of the more affordable choices, given that opulent bidets can cost up to $1,000 or more.

In this article, we have a detailed Alpha UX Pearl review for you. With no further ado, let’s get started!

Brand Overview

Alpha Bidet was developed with more than ten years of industry knowledge to reduce the anxiety related to buying a bidet seat. Alpha Bidets are intended to be sleek, contemporary, and low profile, with valuable touch points like stable lids and LED nightlights. They offer powerful, warm water sprays that efficiently clean your delicate areas.

Alpha UX Pearl Review

Budget-busting should not apply to bidet seats. We think bidet seats need to be affordable for all income levels, and Alpha Bidets offer the best value on the market. There should already be a water supply to your toilet’s left. Alpha Bidets use the same fresh water that you use to shower.

Alpha UX Pearl Review

The all-new Alpha UX Pearl is the premium bidet seat from Alpha Bidet’s next generation, seamlessly fusing the most recent advancements in hygiene technology with an ultra-compact design. The UX Pearl is only 4.5″ tall in the back and has a stunning, contemporary look thanks to its sleek form and LED lighting.

It is powered by a tankless, energy-efficient water heating technology that sends unlimited hot water through a stainless steel nozzle in the shape of an arc. This particular nozzle shape improves reach while reducing contamination and splash-back.

The UX Pearl, packed with cutting-edge technology, has a unique Pure Breeze system that uses an onboard air plasma generator to clean the toilet bowl between uses. Learn what makes the Alpha UX Pearl the newest gem in the world of luxury bidets.

Features of Alpha UX Pearl


When using this product, you can see that it finishes spraying automatically after every session, including the highest pressure setting (the 5th level). A typical spraying session lasts about two minutes.

The above-average water volume (also known as pressure), which ranges from 0.6 liters to 1 liter per minute depending on the model, is one of the critical advantages of Alpha bidets in terms of how thoroughly they clean.

The closest measurement to water pressure is water volume, determined by how many liters or gallons the nozzle sprays per minute. At 0.6 liter per minute, the water flow rate is slightly lower than other Alpha bidets, although the aerated spray might be to blame. The jet stream has a rigid yet supple texture typical of aerated cleaning systems.

Hot water feature

The Alpha UX Pearl provides limitless warm water because it is a bidet of the highest class. There are 6 options for water temperature, including off. You can select between ambient temperature (or the inlet water temperature) and a range of 80°F to 102°F. Like with all instant heaters, the amount of water entering will determine how hot the water becomes.

Bidets in the lower price range rely on a small warm water tank. The user must finish the session with cold water when the tank is empty. Cleaning up is always comfortable with the UX Pearl, whether you use the bidet for 30 seconds or more. It can be used back-to-back by different users without running cold for extended sitz bath sessions, single-session rear and frontal washing, and extended sitz bath sessions.


The elongated UX-EW is the only variation of the UX Pearl. It only fits elongated toilets, then. It’s the only bidet in the Alpha lineup that hasn’t yet been made around, but that could change.

Alpha UX Pearl design

The UX Pearl’s rear measures 4.5″ in height, 15″ in width, and 20.4″ in length. This measures 51.8 centimeters long by 38.1 centimeters wide by 11.43 centimeters (H). Due to its shape, the UX can operate with a variety of “difficult” toilets.

The changes in design are one of the first things we noticed. The UX boasts a sleek, low-profile design that complements contemporary bathrooms. With a rear height of just 4.5 inches, it’s among the slimmest bidets we’ve ever seen. The UX is significantly lower in the back than the typical bidet by about 1.5 inches.

Simple spray features

The Alpha UX Pearl provides essential back and frontal cleansing, nozzle oscillation, and pulse settings. As with other Alpha bidets, there is no “Rear+” or turbo (high-pressure) button. Thus, to get maximum pressure, you must adjust upward with the pressure arrows. Despite the lack of a dedicated button for bidet enemas, the pressure is more than sufficient for enemas.

Cleaning the front and rear

Since the UX Pearl features a conventional nozzle design, no extra-soft frontal cleansing option exists. The lower pressure level is light enough for extra-gentle cleaning for posterior and front feminine hygiene, despite the lack of sitz bath, gentle, or broad front spray options.

Massage and oscillation modes

Utilizing the oscillation is simple. A bidet cleaning wand oscillates when it moves back and forth in a predictable rhythm, in case you’re unfamiliar with the term. The bidet moves this way, covering more ground, so you don’t have to move about as much to bring the water where it needs to be.

“REAR/oscillate” and “FRONT/oscillate” are the labels on the buttons. So, to oscillate, simply click the appropriate cleansing button twice. For instance, press the Back/oscillate button twice to clean the rear and once more to move the nozzle.

The Alpha UX Pearl also includes a massage mode. Hold down the current wash button (Rear/oscillate or Front/oscillate) for three seconds to start the massage mode. The bidet will massage the skin as it alternates between firm pressure and gentler cleaning.


Alpha UX Pearl remote

As expected, the Alpha UX Pearl provides a handheld remote rather than a side panel. It lacks an LCD screen and is not double-sided. Instead, the remote conserves space by omitting some feature-specific buttons. You can access some functionalities by pressing and/or holding other unrelated buttons or a specific combination of buttons.

For instance, press and hold the stop button for a short period to activate the energy-saving mode. At the rear of the seat, there are also analog auxiliary controls. Simply turn the knob clockwise for frontal cleaning and counterclockwise for the rear. The front and/or rear complete wash cycles are followed by dry sessions when utilizing the dial.

  • Endlessly warm water with a tankless heating system
  • LED nightlight in white, with a backlit side control knob
  • Stainless steel nozzle with an angle
  • Robust lid with a slow-closing mechanism
  • Wall-mountable remote control that is wireless
  • Warm air drier with temperature control
  • Temp-adjustable heated seat
  • Won’t fit all the seats

How Does Alpha UX Pearl Work

How Does Alpha UX Pearl Work

Users may receive a high-quality wash and dry session using auto modes without having to click multiple buttons. Additionally, thanks to the features, people who wouldn’t typically know how to use a bidet or what settings to choose can now use one. Therefore, it’s perfect for children, the elderly, and visitors.

There are two auto settings on the UX Pearl:

Simple wash

This option offers a washing session. High water pressure and oscillatory cleaning are both used. The wash mode of this bidet lasts for one and a half minutes, which is a lot compared to others. 

Vehicle wash/dry

The following steps start when you press Auto Wash/Dry: a 20-second basic rear cleaning, a 30-second oscillation cleaning, and a final 40-second regular cleaning. After that, 180 seconds of drying complete the session.

This feature’s exciting aspect is that you can save your favorite simple wash mode settings. The current water pressure, water temperature, and nozzle position are saved by pressing and holding the button for 5 seconds.

Benefits of Alpha Bidets

Energy saving

The most energy-intensive bidet parts are the water and seat surface warmers. Since it only uses energy when necessary, the UX Pearl water heater is among the most efficient ones on the market. Compared to other bidets we’ve examined thus far, the UX uses less energy.

Alpha UX Pearl energy saving

The bidet only costs about 20 cents a month when used at rest with the seat removed (regardless of the number of users). If each person uses the bidet for 5 minutes per day at full blast (hot water, seat, and air temps), it will cost an additional 10 cents per person per month.

The immediate heat transfer eliminates the need to heat a small water stock continuously. When engaged, the power-saving eco mode keeps the seat on low between bidet operations. When someone sits down, the seat reheats itself. To turn the setting on or off, press and hold the Stop button for three seconds.

Dryer air

The Alpha UX Pearl has a warm air dryer that can be adjusted and has six settings. Although the temperature range wasn’t specified, it was tested at a maximum temperature of 120.9° F (49.4° C), which we found to be more than warm enough.

Although some dryers on the market can produce air as hot as 140° F, that temperature is quickly uncomfortable. The most effective bidet dryers have the most robust fans since high air temperatures are uncomfortable.

The best long-term savings can be achieved by exclusively using an air dryer, so investing in a decent warm air dryer is crucial. Toilet paper won’t be required for dabbing dry, for example.

People who use toilet paper for drying still drastically reduce the amount of paper they consume overall, not fully realizing the potential savings. The cost of replacing toilet paper can help the bidet pay for itself because a single individual can use up to $400 worth of toilet paper in a year. To make the most of your dryer, you’ll need to practice since there is still a learning curve.


The purpose of bidet nightlights is to prevent users from any accidents when using the toilet in the dark and not disturb their eyesight with the bathroom lights at night. These lights give the toilet a better look, and the bidet nightlight on the UX Pearl is among the best ones.

Air freshener

Automatic air deodorizers are a typical component of luxury bidets. The first bidet from Alpha to offer the feature is the UX Pearl. Through the capture and breakdown of the airborne molecules that cause foul odors, this feature eliminates them.

Installation Guide for Alpha UX Pearl

  1. Remove your current toilet seat and lid before installing a bidet toilet seat. After thoroughly flushing the toilet tank, shut off the water supply valve.
  2. Installing the 7/8″ T-valve requires disconnecting the supply pipe from the toilet tank. After that, secure the water supply hose to the T-vale’s base.
  3. A mounting bracket and two mounting bolts are included with bidet toilet seats. You should insert the mounting bolts after positioning the bracket over the holes. You can go back and forth adjusting the mounting bracket for better alignment with your toilet. Using the plastic nuts, tighten the bolts from the bowl’s bottom.
  4. You can secure the bidet seat position by relocating the unit to its mounting plate. When the seat is locked, there should be an audible click.
  5. Next, attach the bidet line and water filter to the T-valve. If there is no filter, attach the hose to the t-valve directly. You should connect the other end of the hose to the bidet seat.
  6. Open the wall shutoff valve once the piping is connected, then check for leaks. The electrical cord should then be plugged into a GFCI outlet.

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Warning and Safety Tips

  • Don’t use the product if it doesn’t work properly or is damaged
  • Don’t push the toilet seat closed
  • Don’t reach a product fallen into the water without unplugging
  • Don’t use an unstable loose outlet or power extension
  • Keep the cord away from heated surfaces
  • As an electric appliance, it mustn’t be placed near water, wet places (shower or steam rooms)
  • Never use water or detergent to wash the product, or power plug
  • Switch off the power plug and shut off the water supply when repairing it
  • Close supervision is a must when children and people with disabilities use it
  • Don’t use it while sleepy or drowsy
  • Don’t use the bidet/toilet while bathing


This is it! This was the Alpha UX Pearl review for you. It’s a terrific bidet all around. The UX Pearl provides unlimited warm water and simple and sophisticated spray features. It has one of the more potent air dryers, a minimal and attractive design, user settings, and two automatic functions. Additionally, it is the most effective bidet we have tested.

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