Alpha iX Bidet Review

The Alpha iX bidet, which has quickly become one of the best-rated low-cost seats available on the market today, is for you if you’re searching for your first bidet seat or don’t want to spend a fortune on a toilet seat. 

The bidet has many functions, which we’ll review in the Alpha iX bidet review. So, let’s get started and discover more!

Brand Overview

The Alpha Bidet electronic bidets, particularly the Alpha iX bidet, are, without a doubt, category-defining electronic bidets. Their team is committed to promoting contemporary hygiene through cutting-edge bidet products and unrivaled service. 

Benefits of Using Alpha Bidets

Alpha Bidet created its electric bidets to eliminate the stress associated with looking for a bidet seat after more than ten years in the bidet industry. When making their bidets, they closely stick to predetermined standards. 

They are simple to use, fit almost any toilet and are supported by their team of professionals.

As a result, you may get in touch with their team of specialists, who are always accessible to answer your questions if any issues or questions arise.

Most customers give their seats high ratings and favorable reviews, with the majority stating that it is an excellent seat for the price. They are lauded for all the advantages a bidet can provide at such a cost. Stop wiping and use Alpha Bidet to improve your hygiene.

Alpha iX Bidet Review

The iX Hybrid is manufactured by Alpha Bidet to make it simple for you to try out a bidet seat and get your feet (butt) wet. 

Usually, you would have to spend a lot of money to get warm water that never runs out, an LED nightlight, a stainless steel nozzle, and a warm air dryer. The Alpha iX Hybrid is here to change people’s minds about that. 

A sophisticated hybrid heating system is the foundation of the Alpha iX Hybrid bidet toilet seat. From beginning to end, this ceramic core water heater offers an endless supply of warm water. There are four different washing options:

  • A standard rear wash
  • A front feminine wash
  • An additional rear+ wash with a narrower stream
  • A child mode.

Each iX Hybrid washes function can be changed with nozzle oscillation or a pulsing stream, in addition to completely adjustable water temperature and spray pressure. 

Alpha iX Bidet

Along with other high-end features, the Alpha iX Hybrid contains a warm air drier with temperature control, a stainless steel nozzle, and an LED nightlight. 

The dryer is ideal for people with restricted mobility who can’t manually wipe.

It’s also a practical choice for those who want to stop using toilet paper completely. The dryer is ideal for people with restricted mobility who can’t manually wipe and want to stop using toilet paper completely. The iX Hybrid is compatible with various one-piece toilets without French curves and elongated two-piece toilets.


Self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle

From what you’ve learned, any bidet should have a stainless steel nozzle that cleans itself by now. Alpha iX won’t disappoint you either, right here. It is one of the great features that the Alpha iX has.

Between each use, it remains exceptionally hygienically clean, relieving you of the tension and worry that comes with the concern that it might not be completely hygienic. It can oscillate back and forth for a broader spray pattern and features different portions for the various wash functions.


If you know how to use an adjustable wrench and can switch off the water supply to the toilet, you can install the Alpha iX bidet without the assistance of a plumber. We are pleased to report that we installed our bidet in approximately 40 minutes.

Additionally, the Alpha iX bidet needs an electrical outlet within 3.5 feet of the toilet. If you don’t already have one, an electrician will need to accomplish that. 

To achieve a suitable fit, you must determine if your toilet seat is round or elongated before purchasing any bidet seat. The Alpha iX is available in both sizes, with measurement charts on the website.

Automatic lid

The Alpha iX bidet automatic open/close lid feature is great if you’re a germaphobe or don’t like handling toilet lids. This model’s lid has a motion sensor that senses when someone approaches and opens the lid when they do. 

Lifting and lowering the seat is as easy as pressing a button on the remote control. The lid automatically closes after you’re done, and you walk away.

Warm water

The Alpha iX bidet offers warm water options, so you can choose the temperature of your wash, as is true with most of Alpha iX’s bidets. This is accomplished using the iX bidet’s tank water heating mechanism, which ensures that you always have access to hot water.

Many people use this heating technique since it produces instantaneous and reliable warm water. The only bad thing about this method is that there isn’t much warm water. 

Check out the hybrid heating system on the Alpha iX bidet if you’re seeking a water heating system on a bidet that provides quick, limitless warm water.

Few additional features

The sleek slate gray contrast and white background of the programmable remote control make it simple to read and press buttons at night. Once you’ve programmed the setting, you can forget about it with the touch of a button. The Alpha iX Hybrid was constructed with no shortcuts. 

Alpha iX Bidet night light

The construction materials are sturdy, the wash functions are effective, the design is cutting-edge, and the price is unmatched. The lid is uniquely shaped with the modern, low-profile appearance that has come to represent Alpha iX bidet products. 

Additionally, it has a useful and visually beautiful blue LED night light. When nature calls at night, use it to illuminate your route to the bathroom. 

A warm air drier will finish the cycle once you are done with the warm water cleanup, so you only need to use the bare minimum of toilet paper if necessary. You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable the price is for what you receive, especially when combined with its heated seat, rounded edges, and sleek appearance.

  • Easy to install
  • The night light is a fantastic addition to prevent your eyes from being burned by the bathroom light
  • Most of the time, customer service representatives are kind and provide great support
  • One of the few functioning bidet dryers is the Alpha iX air dryer
  • The ultimate in convenience is the wall-mounted remote control
  • In the cold, the heated seat reliably performs as intended
  • The one-year warranty period if the equipment fails is the most significant disadvantage of this unit
  • The seat needs a separate GFCI outlet; otherwise, issues like flickering lights may arise

How Does the Alpha iX Bidet Work

The Alpha iX Hybrid Bidet Toilet Seat is quite beautiful to look at. The iX Hybrid gives any bathroom a modern appearance because of its streamlined, unibody design. But don’t be fooled by its price. The Alpha iX Hybrid offers high-quality technology at a good price.

How Does the Alpha iX Bidet Work

Modern hybrid heating technology, a stainless steel nozzle, a blue LED night light, a warm air dryer, and many more features are all present and correct in this product. The self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle maintains cleanliness between usage. Even better, it can oscillate back and forth to spray in a broader pattern.

It has a stylish blue LED light that is great for stunning guests and late-night toilet journeys. Speaking of the seat, it is strong and reliable and can hold up to 320 pounds. To prevent spamming, the lid and seat hinge both close gradually.

Regarding toilet compatibility, the most popular domestic-style toilet, the two-piece toilet, is compatible with the Alpha iX bidet. Only a select few one-piece toilets are compatible with the Alpha iX bidet, so please check the list before purchasing the bidet if you have one.

Benefits of Using Alpha Bidets

Transparency reporting

You can tell that Alpha Bidet is committed to being 100% transparent to its customer base by looking at its basic beliefs and technology, among other things. After all, if you don’t uphold the values of honesty and transparency, how can you claim that you want to enhance both the lives of your customers and the earth you live on?

It is fundamental to give customers complete information about the products they should use and the moral principles guiding the brand’s business practices.

Shipping policy

For orders above $99 at Alpha Bidet, ground shipping is offered. For orders under $99, shipping is $5.95 flat-rate. Orders for ground shipping can be delivered by many carriers, such as FedEx, USPS, and UPS. 

Duty fees from Canada apply to any cargo coming from the US. Depending on the value, the cost typically varies from $40 to $80.

Customer policy

Do not accept ownership of broken goods if you discover them while the carrier is still on the job site. Take pictures of the damage instead, get copies of the paperwork from the courier if you can, and decline delivery. 

Next, get in touch with customer service. Take pictures of the damage and inform Alpha Bidet customer care staff if you discover hidden damage after delivery. 

Ground shipping items must be reported within 30 days. Freight carriers give only two business days following delivery for filing a freight claim. They won’t be able to help you if you have a problem with the product after it has been installed or changed, even if the problem is visible.

Alpha iX Bidet Review

Warning and Safety

After childbirth

A woman’s vaginal area feels uncomfortable and inflamed after giving birth. Cleaning the region with a cool, feminine wash will ease some discomforts and help the swelling heal more quickly.


If one doesn’t frequently clean their toilet seat or bidet attachments like bidet toilet spray, they may develop a urinary tract infection (UTI), skin issues, or bacterial vaginosis. Bacteria and diseases are waiting to prey on your genital health in a dirty, filthy bidet.

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Useful Cleaning Tips

  1. Use the nozzle wash function on your bidet every day to clean the nozzle by running water over it.
  2. Use a soft, somewhat wet cloth to clean any light dust or grime off the seat and any crevices you can access without removing the bidet. Use a mild cleaner, such as Simple Green or Windex’s ammonia-free variety. While some bidets feature plastic that is resistant to germs, you should still wipe off dirt every day.
  3. Use a soft, slightly moist cloth dipped in a diluted dish detergent with a neutral pH to remove heavy grime. If your bidet has a control panel or remote, clean it by softly misting a cloth with a gentle spray cleanser. Just be careful not to overspray them with cleaning or submerge the remote control or controls in water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an installation manual on the Alpha Bidet website?

Yes, the Alpha bidet’s official website does have an installation tutorial. Each type of bidet they sell has a proper installation guide provided. Overall, installing an Alpha Bidet bidet is simple to perform and doesn’t require the services of a plumber.

What appeals to buyers about it?

Most customers adore the heated seat feature, especially those in chilly climates. They also adore how warm water is always available, how simple it is to operate with the wireless remote control, and how it has settings you don’t have to change often.

Is Alpha Bidet a reliable company?

We think Alpha Bidet is a fantastic company. Their electric bidet series has some of the best features in a bidet that you can buy, and they have some of the top bidets on the market. They also have one of the greatest designs and can easily support all two-piece toilets.


We hope our Alpha iX bidet review covered everything you needed to know about the device and the brand. We don’t know if there is a better bidet on the market than the Alpha Bidet iX. 

The Alpha Bidet iX is a clear winner in most categories, regardless of price or features. The seat you select depends on your individual needs and preferences. 

Choosing between options is difficult; therefore, we hoped this article might shed some light on the ideal choice.

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