ALPHA GXR Wave Review

Have you ever been without any toilet paper on hand? Or have you ever overused toilet paper and clogged the drain?

Bidets are an alternative that is more environmentally friendly. Bidets use water to clean your buttocks, whether they are an attachment, seat, or full-on toilet, rather than using abrasive toilet paper or damaging wipes.

Bidets, which use a stream of water to clean your privates, are more hygienic and cost-effective than toilet paper. The bidet toilet seats or bidet attachments are the types of bidets that are mostly used in the US. Both designs fit your toilet and are simple for you to install on your own.

In this article, we have prepared the ALPHA GXR Wave review for you. This is a very popular bidet in the market. With no further ado, let’s get started!

Brand Overview

For more than 20 years, ALPHA BIDET has manufactured bidet toilet fixtures. They offer high-quality, reasonably priced, and technologically cutting-edge toilet and bidet accessories that can be utilized to enhance consumers’ personal hygiene. They have a selection of models, including single- and dual-toilet models, as well as models for use in boats, RVs, and camps, that can be put in bathrooms of various sizes and forms.

ALPHA GXR Wave Review

Many of the functions seen in top-tier spray systems are included in their bidet seat without breaking the wallet. At a lower cost than some of its rivals, the ALPHA BIDET has everything you would want from a high-quality bidet toilet seat. Their seat is simple to use, with a three-year warranty and a long list of impressive extras.

ALPHA GXR Wave Review

The much-anticipated addition to the ALPHA BIDETS “Wave Series”, the ALPHA GXR Wave bidet toilet seat, features a stylish, wireless remote control. The new GXR Wave bidet seat is focused on top-quality performance at an economical price, just like its side-paneled model, the GX Wave.

Strong spray pressure, three wash modes, an LED nightlight, a sit-down lid, and many other features are all included. The brand-new wireless remote control from GXR Wave has a contemporary, minimalistic appearance with simple-to-read buttons.

The ALPHA BIDETS GXR Wave bidet toilet seat is a high-end, performance-focused bidet seat. The GXR Wave is available in round and elongated versions, and it fits several 1-piece and 2-piece toilets without French curve designs. For people looking for pure bidet performance in a contemporary, low-profile design, the ALPHA GXR Wave is the best bidet toilet seat.

The GXR Wave offers an unparalleled combination of performance, style, and reasonably priced luxury, thanks to all of these subtle details. The GXR Wave by ALPHA BIDETS, which is recognized for producing fashionable, low-profile bidet seats, unquestionably carries on this tradition. 

The ALPHA GXR Wave adds a touch of class to any bathroom, despite standing just 5.4 inches tall at the back. When the lid is closed, the rear panel is concealed by the unibody design, which also eliminates the appearance of “bulkiness”.


System for hybrid heating

The ALPHA GXR Wave has hybrid heating technology, which warms the water instantly and keeps it warm throughout the wash cycle. Rear wash mode lasts around one minute, whereas Rear+ mode lasts only 40 seconds. The water never gets absolutely frigid, although the temperature does gradually drop over time.

Due to the hybrid heater, which gives an additional 15 seconds of warm water flow, the GXR performs better than average for a bidet in its class. By contrast, most bidets in this price range have tank-type heaters that provide a total of 30 seconds of warm water.

Elegant touches

ALPHA GXR Wave elegant touches

With its stainless steel nozzle, strong, stable lid (up to 200 pounds), and low profile design, the ALPHA GXR Wave also has a few luxuries (just 5.4 inches tall in the rear). The GXR Wave has an unparalleled combination of performance, design, and reasonably priced elegance, thanks to these subtle details.

Night light with LED

A soothing white LED night light is included with the GXR Wave and may be turned on or off to the user’s satisfaction (pulse button). The LED light will illuminate the toilet bowl, entertaining visitors and enhancing safety during late-night journeys to the restroom.

Mode Rear+ wash

The GXR Wave’s wash mode can dispense roughly 1 liter of warm water per minute. Regardless of price, the powerful spray and ample water volume deliver one of the best cleaning sprays on the market.

Positions for rear cleaning and nozzles

The fundamental front and rear cleansing modes perform admirably. The JX nozzle’s single-hole pattern is not used in the front-feminine mode because it only has one hole, but the pressure is still mild on the lower setting, which is ideal for feminine cleanliness. The GXR has five nozzle positions for accurate aiming, compared to the three that are available on other ALPHA bidets.

Remote capabilities

Although the GXR Wave remote is wonderful, it is quite simple. For instance, it lacks the JX remote’s LCD screen and is not double-sided.

ALPHA GXR Wave remote control

The GXR Wave’s remote control immediately demonstrates its high caliber. It feels nice and substantial, and pressing the actual buttons is simple.


  • Stylish remote control in solid white with many features
  • Since there is no side panel, installation issues are less likely to arise; therefore, not having a side panel will reduce the likelihood of installation complications if your toilet is in a small location or has French bends
  • Overweight people find it easier to use because it won’t dig into their side when using the bidet
  • Overall simpler to operate because the right buttons are easier to find without having to look down and to the side
  • Easier for people with a limited range of motion

Power saving

The GXR offers two environmental settings. The eco mode is really simple. While the bidet is not in use, you can conserve energy using one of two low-power settings.

After the user gets up, Mode 1 (the green LED light) holds the current water and seat temperature settings for 30 minutes before lowering them to 86°F and turning off the water heater. If the bidet is not used for 24 hours or more, the heater is switched off.

Until someone sits on the bidet, Mode 2 (the red LED light) cuts off the water and seat temperature. Every time someone sits down in either energy-saving mode, the water, and seat temperature return to the previously saved settings, and it typically takes 5 minutes for the temperatures to be reached.

  • Warm air drier with temperature control
  • Heated seat with temperature control
  • Up to 200 pounds sit-able lid
  • Feminine wash in front
  • Pulse and nozzle oscillation modes
  • The seat and lid slowly close
  • Doesn’t fit all the toilet bowls

Benefits of Using ALPHA BIDET GXR

Benefits of Using ALPHA BIDET

Encourages proper hygiene

This remains the main justification for choosing an ALPHA BIDET above other brands and common tissue paper. Specifically to improve hygiene.

Most people are unaware that you should not completely wipe off with toilet paper or tissue paper. While tissue paper can try to wipe the back, it won’t perform the job any better. After excreta, using the bidet to wash your buttocks can help remove feces. These particles encourage the growth of bacteria, which is usually what makes the bad smell.

Reduced costs

The ability to save money is another advantage of the ALPHA BIDET brand. Yes, the tissue paper may be less expensive. However, if you can figure out how much money you spend on tissue paper each week or month when you purchase a one-time bidet, you will quickly see the significant differences it will create.

For individuals who want to use a tissue to clean their hands before using a bidet. The use of tissue rolls will decrease as a result of the bidet’s inclusion in your hygiene routine, instead of continuously wiping with tissues, which won’t ultimately result in a cleaner buttock. The magic is achieved by using tissue paper once or twice, followed by a bidet.

Acceptable to expectant mothers

The use of ALPHA bidets is advantageous to expectant mothers. The bidets’ wands also help with hemorrhoids, which always appear when pregnant to a great extent and have the symptoms of itching, burning, and swelling. 

The perineum, urinary system, and even maintaining adequate cleanliness both during and after pregnancy are all benefits of using the bidet. In addition, a bidet can aid in maintaining proper cleanliness during lochia, the period of time following labor when the uterus sheds its lining.

Easy to use

Depending on the type of bidet, an electronic remote control may operate on all ALPHA bidets, making cleaning the toilet stress-free and independent of help.

Alpha GXR Warnings

Many people with impairments are urged to use the bidet because it is accessible to them. There is a relaxed wheelchair transfer for people who are impaired and have limited movement to get to the bathroom more quickly.


  • Never use it if you are sleepy
  • Never drop or place anything into a hose or an aperture
  • Use only inside or perform operations in areas where aerosol (spray) items are employed or where oxygen is being given
  • Never spray or pour water on the appliance
  • Avoid using steam cleaners
  • Keep the appliance away from flames and combustible materials
  • Disconnect the water supply used for industry
  • Avoid burns at low temperatures
  • Old hose-sets should not be reused; only the new hose-sets included with the appliance should be used
  • Use not permitted when bathing
  • Place or store the product away from areas where it might fall or be dragged into a tub or sink
  • Don’t drop or place in water or another liquid
  • A product that has fallen into the water should not be picked up. Unplug right away

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For a period of one (1) year following the date of purchase from an authorized retailer, ALPHA BIDET (WebGerms Health Inc) assures that the ALPHA GXR Wave will be free from manufacturing flaws when used and serviced ordinarily.

The only warranty provided by ALPHA BIDET is set forth in writing. The sole remedy accessible to the buyer shall be repair or replacement as described in this warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you use this bidet, do you still need toilet paper?

You’ll probably want to dry yourself off before putting your underwear back on if you use a bidet without a drying feature. Toilet paper comes in handy in this situation.

You may still want to use toilet paper to check the bidet’s operation to make sure you are completely clean there, even if the bidet has a drying feature. Most of the time, the bidet will handle everything, but it’s best to be certain by performing a final wipe.

However, owners of the GXR Wave report that it does include a dryer and that it performs admirably. You, therefore, don’t need toilet paper.

How does ALPHA GXR Wave work?

The controls for electric bidets are typically located on a side panel or remote. At first, the sheer quantity of choices could seem daunting, but don’t be scared to try something new. If you’re cleaning your front area or your hindquarters, you normally hit the “Wash” button on its remote. However, occasionally you’ll press the “Rear” or “Front” button instead.

There is a button for nozzle position adjustment, so you may place the nozzle exactly where you want the water to spray. You’ll discover a button that controls the water temperature and pressure, much like the non-electric version.


This is it! This was the ALPHA GXR Wave review for you. This is a perfectly made bidet, and it performs amazingly. It fits most of the toilets with ease. Every feature can be altered for the ideal configuration. You may alter the seat temperature, water temperature, water flow, and nozzle.

The GXR Wave is a bidet of the brand ALPHA BIDET, so it wouldn’t be complete without a sit-down cover and LED nightlight. Impress your visitors with a glowing toilet bowl while enjoying the security of a strong lid. Happy shopping!

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