What to Do When There is no Toilet Paper

what to do when there is no toilet paper

Never has one imagined that the most common household item that is always available whenever you visit the store for your grocery could suddenly go on shortage. If you are in a situation whereby there is a sudden shortage of tissue paper, we have compelled this article to help you find a solution to what to do when there is no toilet paper. 

If anything can go on shortage on the planet, we can’t imagine it being tissue paper. The year 2020 reminds us that anything is possible. 

As the year 2020 witnessed a sudden pandemic that spread from one country to another, globally, many people have been advised to stay at home. However, to survive, some people feel that stocking up tissue paper would help them survive. They do this without imagining that it will take a toll on others who might need it.

When you are short of tissue paper, you don’t have to panic as there are good alternatives to toilet paper that can provide an adequate function. And the good thing about these alternatives is that they are equally cheap and easy to maintain. In most cases, you don’t need to renew them nor repurchase. 

What to do when there is no toilet paper in the bathroom?

The bathroom is one of the top places where tissue paper is highly desirable; a shortage of it can indeed cause panic and leave the user confused about what next to do. If you don’t have a tissue for your bathroom, below are other alternatives to make use of 

Bidets: the existence of a bidet has become the game-changer to our toilet routine. To achieve a cleaner butt, many people now include a bidet after first wiping your butt with tissue paper. However, you can use a bidet straightaway without using toilet paper. There are different types of bidets, and they can be used in the bathroom. If you have a bidet that does not come with an automated air-dryer, you can use a bidet towel for drying. Also, you can use a bidet even after peeping in a toilet. 

Wet Wipes: Using wet wipes to clean your butt after pooping is also good. The tenderness of the wipes makes it delicate for your genitals. So far, you don’t discard the wet wipes into the toilet to avoid clogging; you have nothing to worry about. To ensure you are safe, avoid buying wet wipes with fragrance. 

Small towels or old clothes: Using small towels or cutting your old clothes into small square pieces can help a toilet paper supernumerary. Always wash them with warm water and mild detergents that are suitable for your skin. Also, never wash them together with your usual wears. If you wish to continually discard them after every use, never put it inside the toilet but on a toilet trash can.

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What to use for your baby or kids when there is no tissue paper

Water or a baby bidet sprayer: Washing kids or babies with water is just perfect for keeping them clean and fresh. Please put them in the sink or specific bowl where it will be convenient for them and wash them off. There are also available bidet sprayers on the market that are good for babies when changing their diapers. Likewise, comfortable bidets that teens or kids can use that are less difficult. 

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Wipes: we don’t need to introduce this; there are dedicated kids wipes for kids always, which can substitute for tissue paper.

What to use in the kitchen when there is no tissue paper

Small Towel: If there is food or liquid split on your kitchen counter, and there is no tissue paper lying around, make use of a little towel. What makes this towel perfect is that it can be reused after washing. It would help if you had one or two that stayed for a long time when cared for, unlike the tissue paper that needs periodic purchase. It’s best to have a small towel that comes in a darker color, so you don’t have to worry about stains for food or liquid that won’t go away even after washing.

What to do when there is no toilet paper for your guest

Disposable towel: Another perfect alternative for tissue paper is the disposable towel, which can make your guest feel less messy or awkward. Many disposable towels out there have the best gentle texture; they don’t come with any fragrance and are also recyclable. 

Bidet: The bidets are made for everyone. Therefore there is no exception even for your guest. Even if you don’t want to spend a lot of money for a bidet in your guest toilet, there are great cheap bidet attachments or seats that can serve the same purpose as toilet paper. If the bidet you have for your guest does not come with a dryer, don’t put a washable bidet towel for them but a disposable towel for hygienic purposes. 

Tissue Paper alternative to use for pets

Water or bidet sprayer for pets: The best choice for tissue paper for pets is water; we believe that nothing can beat this. To make work easier, get a pet bidet hose or bidet sprayer for your pets; it doesn’t cost a fortune and doesn’t need repurchasing.

Outdoors solution when there is no tissue paper 

Portable bidets/ Traveler bidet: there are portable bidets suitable for bidet users, which doesn’t require being fixed in the toilet. Therefore, whenever you are on the go, this bottle like bidet is always with you. To dry off, ensure you have a bidet towel with you, so you don’t have to wet your cloth.

Bottled water: if you don’t want to buy a portable bidet, use a bottle and fill it with water. The critical point is that you have your water wherever you go. 

What if you are in a territory where water is scarce? Here is what to do when there is no toilet paper or water.

Old newspapers or old paper: this can come in handy. It may not be soft for the skin, but at least it will get the job done. 

Leaves: You are in the forest and only surrounded by trees and leaves; use the leaves. For this situation, this is what the cavemen have used to survive. Leaves like maple leaves, large-leaved Aster, Hazelnut leaves, Cottonwood leaves, Mullein leaves, bolted lettuce, and even corn hulks can be tender on the skin. Even though you will not smell all rosy, it can still get the job down. 

Note: if you are allergic to any of these leaves, please avoid them. 

Snow: So what if there are no leaves, water, or old papers around but the snow; what will you do? Use the snow. It’s all about surviving, right? Rather than leaving your butt unattended, this might be your only option. Just be ready for some butt chilling. 

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