How To Use a Bidet for Pleasure? Things You Should Know

Can You Use a Bidet for Pleasure

The bidet is very popular for its use as a bum cleaner. However, some people might want to use it for something extra, which is for the derivation of pleasure.

Since we have pledged to answer all your questions on bidets, no matter how boring, embarrassing, or weird it may sound. We are likewise providing information on this topic.

Therefore, if you are wondering if using a bidet for pleasure is a norm or how it is achieved, this article is in-depth information on all you need to know.

Can You Use a Bidet for Pleasure?

As individual preferences can differ, this question might sound embarrassing for some people. Whereas for some, it is not.

Answering the question, yes, a bidet can give you a certain degree of pleasure when using it. Though, it is not what the bidet was created for. 

However, the major way to achieve this pleasure when using a bidet is all based on the water pressure.

The water that rushes out from a bidet is the power host of any bidet. Without it, a bidet is more or less useless.

That being said, if you want to trigger your private area, ensure that the bidet you are using has enough pressure. But that does not mean that the pressure should be of full force.

If you can comfortably handle or adjust it properly to the pressure of the water that rushes out from your bidet when washing your bum, you can use it for the front area.

Aside from pressure being a key factor here, you can adjust the water pressure from your bidet to suit you. However, this depends on the type of bidet you are using because some bidet does not come with a pressure adjuster

Who Can Use a Bidet?

Anyone can use a bidet.

A bidet is not specifically designed for any gender and there are equally no rules guiding it. Here is an article that has an in penetrating explanation of using a bidet either as a man or woman.

As interesting as it may sound, even children can use a bidet. However, for kids, their type of bidet should be less equip or less techy to avoid confusing them.

Is There Any Danger of Using a Bidet for Pleasure?

In general, there is no danger in using a bidet. Thus, there is likewise no danger in using it for pleasure purpose as you are only spraying water in your private area. Which in turn triggers it.

And so far, there has been no medical or scientific research that goes against it.

However, what won’t be right when using a bidet is trying to infuse the bidet head or nozzle into your private part.

That is wrong and unhealthy.

Another concern should be if the water coming out of your bidet is clean. Whether it is hot or cold, the bidet uses the same water that runs out of your home water supply.

Check out this article that explains everything about where bidet water comes from.

Also, the state of cleanliness of your bidet is another contributing factor. Some bidet comes with an automatic self-cleaning nozzle. On the other hand, if you are using a handheld bidet, it will be your duty to keep it clean.

Should a Bidet Replace Your Sex Toy?

Since we explained the non-exciting danger of using a bidet for sexual pleasure, some readers might wonder if the bidet should replace their sex toys.

NO. A bidet should never replace your sex toys.

Why? It is simply because that’s not what the bidet is made for. And even though the sensation of the water may be triggering to the skin or down there; it still shouldn’t replace it.

Should You Use a Bar of Soap?

If you want to use a bidet along with soap, you can. Though, it is more useful for your rear area than it is for your frontal area, especially for the ladies.

This question has been asked numerous times and likewise controversial because some bidet users do not see the need for it. While others feel it’s essential.  

The point is, do the one that you feel makes you clean.

Provided the soap you are using is non-scented, especially for the ladies; you are good to go. And for both males and females, consider a soap that is non-allergic to your skin.

What Is The Best Bidet For Pleasure?

You can use any bidet to gain pleasure. But, just like we have mentioned before, the best bidet should be one that has a good amount of pressure. Luckily there are many bidets out there that have good pressure.

They likewise come at different versions and prices.

And the good thing about using a bidet that comes with “controllable” pressure is that it likewise helps to cut down your use of toilet paper.

Some bidet users may prefer the handheld bidet sprayer for this purpose because it helps to target the frontal area more specifically. But there are advanced bidets out there that have specific features for the frontal and rear wash. They help to target way more easily, plus it will require less work.

All you need is to position yourself properly. Like you would do when using a toilet.

Should You Flush Your Toilet Before Using a Bidet?

Many fears of using a bidet are that there are chances that poop water will splash on the user’s bum when washing a bidet. However, this is not the case.

This incident rarely happens.

The only time this can happen is if the user is using a handheld bidet sprayer. If a bidet user is a first user, there are chances this incident might occur. The user might not know how to target properly.

So, there is a possibility of the user directing the sprayer head towards the toilet instead of their frontal or rear area. This will cause a mess of poop water splashing everywhere.

For bidet seat users; this cannot happen. The bidet seats are designed in a way that it directs to the user’s rear or front area.

If you are using a handheld, the best thing to do is to stand up and flush the toilet before proceeding to use the hand bidet.  

Doing this prevents the possibility of having poop water splashing on you.

For more information on how to use the handheld bidet sprayer, check out this article. To find the best bidet sprayers, here is an article to assist you.

Final Thought

Even though there is no harm to it. Instead of using the bidet for sexual deeds, we would suggest you don’t. A bidet shouldn’t replace your sex toys.

There are so many sex toys out there that come with different varieties of price even for those on a low budget. It makes it convenient for any interested person to own one.

If you are someone who loves to alternative a product for different purposes, you can give it a shot. But bear in mind that the bidet is specifically designed to keep you fresh down there.

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