TOTO C200 Review

As you seek the best toilet for your home, comfort and cleanliness are likely at the forefront of your mind. TOTO Washlets are equipped with bidet technology, which allows for effortless self-cleaning. With heated water, seat technology, and several cleaning wand options, you can always personalize your experience.

In this TOTO C200 review, we will examine the features of the seat, how it operates, and important recommendations. We will discuss the package’s contents, product benefits, and drawbacks, as well as where you may acquire the seat.

TOTO C200 Review

Brand Overview

TOTO, a Japanese toilet manufacturer founded in 1917 and headquartered in Japan, has set the global standard for toilets. TOTO is the world’s leading toilet and bidet manufacturer, renowned for its revolutionary innovations and seamless integration of luxury features.

The TOTO Group aspires to be an organization that consistently assumes a leading role in the fulfillment of a sustainable society through the creation of societally beneficial added value and employment, as well as autonomous and responsible acts through fair and unrestricted competition.

The TOTO Group strives for consumer pleasure and provides goods and services that are environmentally friendly, safe, and simple to use through innovation in order to achieve sustainable economic growth and address social challenges.

TOTO C200 Review

TOTO washlets are valued for their high quality and long durability, making them one of the company’s finest products. The TOTO washlet C200 is a high-end bidet toilet seat that uses warm water to clean your private parts.

Five temperature and water pressure settings can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. The C200 washlet model was created to enhance cleanliness and provide the highest level of comfort. 

How Does TOTO C200 Work

The C200 is equipped with a wireless remote for operation. The wireless remote is 7 inches in length and 2.4 inches in width and includes a magnetic wall mount bracket. The remote can be used to start and operate the C200.

It has an automatic air deodorizer which serves to prevent odors. Moreover, there is a powerful filter within the TOTO Washlet. The adjustability of the air dryer’s temperature is a crucial and indispensable aspect of cleaning.

The package includes all parts and attachments necessary for a complete and simple installation. Easy installation should take no more than 30 minutes for the average DIYer. 

The bidet is designed and manufactured using the finest materials for its durability and longevity. Those interested in the TOTO brand and looking for a more basic model at a lower price point than their other washlets will find this a very good value.



Closing the lid reveals the C200’s smooth cover, which slopes upward toward the back of the device. The right side of the TOTO Washlet has four indicator lights that light up when the appropriate feature is engaged: power, seat, water, and energy saver. The TOTO Washlet logo is located at the top of the rear piece.

A black rectangle, the remote control receiver, can be seen next to the indicator lights. When facing the toilet, the C200’s back left side is where the water supply connector and power cord are attached. They are carefully tucked away and do not protrude from the side, connecting in a recessed region.

The exhaust vent for the integrated air deodorizer is a rectangular vent located on the right rear portion of the appliance. The wireless remote controls all functions; using its buttons makes it easier to use the toilet.


At its greatest point in the rear, the TOTO C200 measures around 7.1 inches. The elongated variant has a width of 14.9 inches and a length from the front to the rear of 20.9 inches. The diameter of the circular variant is roughly 19.4 inches. The length of the power cord is 48 inches, and the water supply hose is 20 inches. The product is approximately 16 pounds in weight.

Air dry

The presence of a Washlet toilet with air drying would be beneficial. With the addition of this feature, the TOTO C200 Washlet is upgraded. For the buttocks to be dried after being washed with water, you’ll require the air dryer.

The bathroom might become exceptional if there is a pleasant element there. And you’re aware that your dress may damp in various locations after concluding your business on the toilet. To combat this problem, you need to air dry.

Wireless remote control

The C200 is straightforward; the streamlined remote is one of its distinguishing features. The TOTO Washlet C200 remote is a dual-sided gadget that can be adjusted for two users. The front of the remote contains often utilized functionalities.

So that you can change infrequently used functionalities, control is distributed across the front and back of the device. The front panel is silver with black text and icons containing function buttons. On the top is the stop button, which can be used to terminate any active function.

Wireless remote control

The rear wash and front wash are present after the stop button. The dryer button follows it. In conclusion, two user buttons can be assigned to two distinct users.

On the left side of the remote are buttons for activating and deactivating wash functions. Below that are up and down buttons for adjusting water pressure. The right side of the remote contains other settings as well.

There is a button for oscillating wash functions and an up and down button for nozzle adjustment. Adjustments are made to the back options for seat temperature, water temperature, and air dryer temperature.

Air deodorizer

The odor-sucking blowers and air deodorizers are the fundamental components of hygienic air circulation. Then, the air in the bathroom will remain healthy and fresh. A filter is used to clean the air. You can easily replace the filter after six months. Performing this, there is no possibility of odor after using the toilet.

Relaxing and soothing wash

The combination of oscillation and pulse wash provides the user with a relaxing and therapeutic wash. This bidet feature is useful for anyone suffering from restroom sensitivity and pain.

Additionally, the sensor controls an automatic night light that turns on when the lid is opened and turns off when the lid is closed. The seat and lid may be opened and closed by pressing a single button on the remote control.

  • Air deodorizer built-in
  • Contains two user configurations for convenient access
  • Dual-action spray incorporating oscillation
  • Thermic seat and warm air dryer
  • The standard warranty duration is one year
  • Conveniently sized slim wireless remote with illuminated touchpad
  • The temperature and volume of water can be adjusted
  • Space-restrictive for people who are tall and overweight
  • Limited warm water availability

Useful Tips C200

How Does TOTO C200 Work

The TOTO C200 Washlet utilizes a dual-action, single-spray nozzle with separate sprays for the rear and front wash. The nozzle position is changeable with five different position settings that may be changed whenever the rear or front wash spray is utilized.

The seat-closing mechanism functions well; lifting the lid and seat requires a little skill. It would help if you slid your hand to the side in order to find a handhold on the lid and then use your fingers to grab the seat.

The remote control in the C200 bidet is both appealing and a model of simplicity. There are clear icons and labels for all of the primary functions. The remote contains straightforward menu options for adjusting the seat temperature, water temperature, and air dryer temperature.

Both the water pressure and the water temperature may be modified, with a total of five preset settings for each. The heated water temperature ranges between about 94°F and 104°F at the highest setting.

If you want a gentler wash, the rear wash features a soft spray mode that lessens the spray pressure. By activating the oscillating function, the wash nozzle will move back and forth while washing. This feature is popular since it allows for a larger cleaning area to be covered.

Benefits of Using TOTO C200

Luxury at a good price

It delivers luxurious amenities at a moderate price that other moderately priced bidets do not. Its form and luxurious seat provide the highest level of comfort. The spray nozzle is self-cleaning, and the heated seat is controlled automatically, which is an additional feature. One of its distinctive traits is energy efficiency. The bidet automatically reduces the seat temperature and turns off the warm water when it is not in use.

Disinfects and cleans

Disinfects and cleans

The Washlet C200 seat’s pre-misting feature coats the toilet bowl when activated. Pre-misting wets the bowl’s surface, allowing solid waste to flow off the edge. Thus, the likelihood of adhesion is diminished. Warm water and air drying resulted in an increase in cleaning activity.

Warnings and Safety


  1. Do not install the Washlet in a moist or damp area, such as near a shower stall or bathtub. This might potentially cause a fire or an electrical shock.
  2. Use only tap water or potable well water (groundwater). Using water unfit for human consumption may cause skin irritation or damage.
  3. Do not use an electrical outlet or plug that is loose or defective. This might potentially cause a fire or an electrical shock.
  4. The connection hose must not be bent or crushed. If the connection hose is bent or crushed, water may spill.
  5. Do not elevate the toilet seat or seat cover while things are above the toilet, as this could cause the main unit to separate and cause damage.


  1. Ensure a grounding wire has been placed. The absence of a ground wire could result in electrical shock in the event of a failure or short circuit.
  2. Ensure that the electrical wire is appropriately plugged into the wall outlet to avoid fire or electrical shock.
  3. After cleaning the water filter, reinstall it in the drain valve and tighten the drain valve to prevent water from leaking.

Useful Tips

Cleaning dust from plug

Any dust or material on the plug and blades of the TOTO washlet may cause harm. Remove the power cord and wipe the blades clean with a dry towel. Do not clean the plug with a moist towel.

Cleaning of deodorizer filter

When a TOTO washlet is used, the deodorizing filter helps remove odors. You should clean the deodorizing filter once a month or whenever you detect unpleasant scents. A toothbrush is the recommended instrument. Locate the filter’s knob and pull it outwards with caution. Afterwards, scrub it with the toothbrush.

Cleaning of washlet

Benefits of Using TOTO C200

We advise daily cleaning of the washlet with a soft cloth. After completely wringing out a soft cloth soaked in water, use it to clean the TOTO washlet. If the Washlet is soiled, a neutral, diluted kitchen cleanser may be used. Use no harsh or acidic cleaners that may cause damage to the product. After cleaning the TOTO Washlet, keep the toilet seat in the upright position to allow it to dry.

Cleaning of the toilet bowl

We recommend monthly cleaning of the space between the toilet bowl and the lid. To fully clean this area, like a standard toilet, the seat or washlet must be removed from the main toilet. Put the washlet in the outlet and then unplug it. The washlet must then be removed by pushing the removal button on the right side and then being carefully pulled in your direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TOTO C200 sanitary?

TOTO C200 is a very healthy and clean option for everyone. As a result of the water-cleansing factor, you will receive fresh cleaning. In addition, this TOTO Washlet features warm water that oscillates. It also contains a self-cleaning wand. You can adjust the water and seat temperature and also feature a night light.

What makes a TOTO C200 so unique?

TOTO is one of the most well-known and influential toilet and bathroom accessories brands. People are obsessed with the wonderful features of all the TOTO toilets and bidets and like owning their products. Moreover, TOTO C200 features the most modern technological advancements; thus, it is a unique product in the market.


With its contemporary appearance and elegant design, the TOTO Washlet C200 is ideal for your comfort and your bathroom’s beauty. Installing a C200 Washlet bidet will completely eliminate toilet paper usage.

We hope this TOTO C200 review has helped you learn more about the product. It provides improved hygiene for disease prevention and aid in treating health issues such as constipation, diarrhea, and hemorrhoids. In addition to making you feel cleaner, the TOTO C200 Washlet is eco-friendly.

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