TOTO C100 Review

Some people are more obsessed with a clean bathroom than a clean room. We can’t blame them because hygiene is essential. As technology advances, we notice changes in bathroom accessories and hardware manufacturing. Individuals are more likely to make their bathrooms sophisticated and elegant.

A bathroom does make a difference in lifestyle and improves your experience. There are many amazing toilet seats on the market. However, the TOTO C100 appears to have won everyone’s hearts with its cutting-edge technology. TOTO is among the most well-known brands of bathroom accessories and bidets.

We don’t blame them for being morally connected to the brand because they use cutting-edge technologies. They have a very effective toilet seat and incorporate every element to improve the user experience. So, continue reading this TOTO C100 review to learn more about the toilet seat.

Brand Overview

TOTO is a corporation that had its beginnings in Japan but has now expanded its operations worldwide.

How Does TOTO C100 Work

This company places a premium on being at the leading edge of technological advancement, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness, creating aesthetically pleasing designs, doing its part to protect the natural world, and creating goods that make the lives of its customers easier.

Consequently, it has become a respected name in the market, nearly synonymous with providing an exceptional bathroom experience.

TOTO is a brand that, apart from the design of its products, makes a significant amount of effort to become a responsible organization, both from a social and an environmental point of view.

TOTO C100 Review

TOTO SW2033R#01 C100 Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing...
  • A REFRESHING CLEAN FOR EVERYONE - Gentle yet powerful water spray provides an effective clean; Adjustable warm water and pressure settings;...
  • STEP INTO A LAVISH STANDARD OF LIVING -SoftClose heated bidet seat provides consistent warmth coverage over full seat surface; Air...
  • CLEAN INNOVATIONS OFFER PEACE OF MIND - PREMIST helps prevent waste from sticking by using the incoming water supply to mist the toilet bowl...

One item that provides you with cutting-edge technology in your bathroom is the TOTO Washlet C100 electric toilet seat. The extended bidet seat on the Washlet C100 strikes the ideal combination between quality, elegance, and cost.

The customer will have a more sanitary and stimulating experience if the design is simplified and a wide range of options are available in the package.

The seat has a gentle closing mechanism and a front and rear wash as standard. When you click the button on a tank reservoir model, you gain quick access to warm water stored in the tank.

TOTO distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering a control panel equipped with a spray control, an auto deodorizer, and a warm air dryer. The installation of the Washlet is simple, with the possible exception of the need to install an electrical outlet close to the toilet.


Self-cleaning system

The automated self-cleaning feature of the TOTO C100 toilet seat is something that customers will love. The self-cleaning technology does a fantastic job of removing residue from the sides of the toilet seat. You don’t have to feel bad about leaving the bathroom in chaos. It is ideal for keeping a clean bathroom and preserving hygiene.

Energy saver

The energy saver function is exclusive to TOTO bidet toilet seats. The energy saver conserves energy during uncommon use times such as bedtime and afternoon hours when everyone is gone.

The energy saver is a smart function that calculates less frequent and no-use periods automatically. Before recognizing toilet use habits, your seat undergoes a ten-day learning process.

Once the C100 learns, your seat will automatically enter energy-saving mode as long as the feature is enabled. When not used, the C100 automatically enters energy saver mode and decreases the seat temperature.


The TOTO Washlet C100 has a built-in deodorizer, an excellent feature for a low-cost bidet toilet seat. The automated deodorization feature begins as you sit down and ends two minutes later. You can switch the feature on and off whenever you want more control over deodorization.

The deodorizer includes a simple-to-clean filter. TOTO suggests cleaning the filter once a month. The deodorizer filter is located on the right side of the toilet seat. Unplug the power and take out the filter to clean it. Scrub the entire filter area with a soft bristle toothbrush. Allow the filter to dry completely before reconnecting the power cord.

Seat warmer and dryer

The seat drying and warming feature will be useful if you live in a chilly region. Before sitting, warm up the toilet seat and turn on the drying function to swiftly dry the toilet seat before leaving.

Pre-mist function

In this TOTO C100 review, we found that people purchase bidets for two reasons: luxury or cleanliness. However, you get the best of both worlds because of extremely functional options. 

Pre-misting technology is excellent for deep cleaning. It aids in the removal of any residue that may have become caught inside the toilet. The toilet seat is ideal for people with OCD or who enjoy cleaning their surroundings.

  • Heated water and seat
  • Energy saver option
  • Easy to install
  • Deodorizer is included
  • It has a self-cleaning system
  • Turns the heat of the seat down when it’s not in use
  • Practical design
  • Not accommodating for every toilet

How Does TOTO C100 Work

This electric toilet seat performs effectively because of features like front and back warm water washing with adjustable temperature and pressure settings. The revolutionary air-in wonder wave technology provides a steady but gentle water stream. 

How Does TOTO C100 Work

Air is added to the water to expand the droplets and improve cleaning without being overly aggressive. Different water discharge rates cause smaller droplets to collide with larger ones and fill with more air.

The premise function is one of TOTO Washlets’ unique features. A thin layer of water is sprayed on the toilet bowl before use to ensure no waste sticks to the porcelain and increases flushing efficiency. Warm air dryers are soothing and pleasant for drying. However, some individuals find them to be excessively slow.


A bidet toilet seat is an expensive purchase. As a frequently used item, you want to ensure that your bidet seat lasts for many years. You will also require a bidet seat that is appropriate for your needs. Here are some additional benefits and reasons to buy this toilet seat.

  • A heated seat with warm water and cleaning choices that you can modify
  • Control panel that incorporates smart technology
  • The control panel is secured to the toilet seat
  • It saves you energy
  • Simple to clean and odorless
  • Warm air dryer to reduce toilet paper usage
  • A price point of less than $500

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How to Install TOTO C100


For a year after the date of purchase, TOTO USA assures that all of its goods will be free from manufacturing defects when used and serviced according to normal conditions. This warranty covers only the original purchaser. 

In line with this guarantee, TOTO’s obligations are restricted to repairing or replacing any items or parts that are proven ineffective, at TOTO’s discretion, provided that the defective products were installed and used by the manual. 

TOTO has the right to perform any required inspections to identify the source of the fault. TOTO won’t charge for labor or supplies for repairs or replacements covered by a warranty. The price of removing, returning, and reinstalling products is not TOTO’s responsibility. This warranty does not cover these items:

  • Damage or loss brought on by a natural disaster, such as a fire, an earthquake, a flood, a thunderstorm with lightning, etc;
  • Any unreasonably excessive usage, abuse, neglect, or poor maintenance of the device may result in damage or loss;
  • Damage or loss brought on by the product’s removal, incorrect repair, or alteration;
  • Damage or loss brought on by alien objects or silt in a water system;
  • Damage or loss brought on by incorrect installation or by placing a Washlet in a dangerous or harsh environment.

How to Install TOTO C100

Before you start

Before you start installing the washlet, your power outlet must be linked to a GFCI/RCD breaker per national and international electrical rules to reduce the risk of electric shock injuries. You can link another outlet to your toilet if a nearby GFCI outlet is conveniently located; simply connect the extra outlet to the breaker’s “load” contacts.

Connect the junction valve

Disconnect the water supply from the toilet and turn it off. You must shut off the water supply to the toilet using the valve feeding from the wall because you’ll be installing a bidet. 

To reduce backflow afterwards, you must flush the toilet to empty the toilet tank. After that, disconnect the water supply by removing the tubing from the water inlet while using a bucket to collect the water.

Attach the washlet

To get started, put together the paper template provided with the washlet. This will serve as a guide for where to place your markings. The distance between the toilet’s openings and edge should be measured. An elongated toilet is 47 cm (19 inches) long. You have a round toilet if the distance is 42 centimeters (17 inches).

Line up the bolts with the place marked “elongated” on the paper template if your toilet is elongated. If not, align the bolts with the paper template’s position “round.” Before tightening the bolts to hold the toilet, fit the rubber bushings into the mounting holes. Since you still need to position the washlet, don’t completely tighten the bolt.

You should now discard the paper template because you no longer require it. You should pull it out from under the base plate. Next, insert the washlet until you hear a click.

The toilet seat shouldn’t hang over the edge and should be as close to the toilet bowl as feasible. Use the side release button to take the Washlet out once it has been properly positioned.

Connect the washlet

To the right of the washlet, screw the washlet hose. Turn the washlet’s hex lock into the water intake using a wrench; avoid over-tightening. Plug the hose’s other end into the junction valve. First, ensure the water supply coupler’s ring is properly positioned on the hose’s edge. Once you hear a click, insert the washlet pipe into the coupler.

Check the connector hose’s length. The hose must be long enough to allow you to simultaneously unplug and reinstall the Washlet. This will be required for recurring upkeep and cleaning.

Verify for leaks; restart the water supply momentarily. You might have a loose connection someplace if there are leaks. Disconnect the water supply, remove the hose, and put it back on before checking again.

TOTO C100 Design

The C100 Washlet bidet toilet seat is the most basic model in the TOTO collection. When you sit on the toilet, an easy-to-see control panel appears on your right side. LED lights to indicate the useful functions and the on/off wand cleaning settings. The following are some of the control panel’s use buttons:

  • Energy saver
  • Seat
  • Front and rear wash
  • Stop
  • Soft rear wash
  • Power
  • Water
  • Low, medium, and high dryer settings
  • Five washing point positions
  • Five water pressure levels.

TOTO C100 Design

The Washlet C100 is an elongated toilet seat that measures approximately 18.5 inches from the back mounting bolts to the seat front. The seat is designed to fit most one-piece or two-piece toilets, although it may not fit a one-piece French curve toilet.

The C100 measures 20 7/8 inches long by 18 13/16 inches broad, including the side control panel. The Washlet C100 only comes in the elongated seat type in two colors; Cotton White and Sedona Beige.


If you are interested in improving the quality of your lifestyle, then you should begin with your bathroom. People need to experiment with the radical idea of a soft and electronic toilet seat to make their time spent in the bathroom more pleasurable. 

The TOTO C100 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a toilet seat that is easy to use and comes with various cleaning choices.

You’ll be able to go to the bathroom in complete peace, secure that you’ll leave behind a clean and sanitary environment for the next person to use once you’ve finished using all of its remarkable features and most luxurious comfort settings. 

We hope that this TOTO C100 review has helped you make your decision; just know that you won’t make a mistake by purchasing this toilet seat.

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