SmartBidet SB-3000 Review

An electric bidet toilet seat is one of the best bathroom accessories you can purchase for your home concerning personal cleanliness. Automated bidet toilet seats have been gaining popularity in the US over the past few years since bidets have been a widely established way of personal hygiene in Europe for hundreds of years. 

Now, you might wonder if these gadgets perform and if their price tag is justified. Their primary benefit is that they offer greater comfort and cleaning than regular toilet paper after using the bathroom, improving one’s total personal hygiene.

More importantly, the money you save on toilet paper will also enable you to install an electric bidet toilet seat, which will pay for itself rather soon. Therefore, we suggest that you read our SmartBidet SB-3000 review if you’re thinking about purchasing your own electric bidet toilet seat.

What Is SmartBidet?

The SmartBidet 3000 bidet is a plug-in bidet with numerous functionalities. It offers warm water, a heated seat, numerous wash settings, feminine washing options, and air drying.

What Is In the Box?

SmartBidet SB-3000 Review

  • The hose connecting the water supply to the bidet
  • The water hose running from the wall to the toilet
  • Line splitter to connect the water pipe to the bidet hose
  • Plastic clip for attaching the bidet hose to the bidet
  • Bracket hardware
  • A wall bracket-mounted remote control
  • Bidet toilet seat and user guide

Brand Overview

Hitrons Solutions, Inc., an exclusive distributor for small- to medium-sized businesses in Korea, sells SmartBidet. Although it is not a major brand, it is currently rather well-known in the US.

The cost-effectiveness of the Smartbidet bidet is a major factor in why so many individuals decide to purchase one. For a reasonable price, you may get an excellent bidet toilet seat with many functions.

SmartBidet SB-3000 Review

SmartBidet SB-3000 Electric Bidet Toilet Seat for...
3,206 Reviews
SmartBidet SB-3000 Electric Bidet Toilet Seat for...
  • All the Features You Imagine in One Model. Seat Hole Dimensions-7.9 x 11.5 inches ; Seat Thickness: 1.3" ; Length of Power Cord: 3'10"
  • Posterior Wash is for His/Her Back. Feminine Wash is a gentler, wider wash for her front. Spiral Stream or Turbo Wash is the strongest, most...
  • On Demand, Unlimited Warm Water Our Hybrid Heating System allows the water to be instantly and continuously warm at your desired...

Many companies are working to create some opulent bidet toilet seats to satisfy the demands of clients who desire an exceptional experience. The premium SmartBidet 3000 bidet seat is made in the USA and is one of the company’s products.

It is an elongated bidet toilet seat in cotton white. There are five temperature and pressure settings available. The heated seat and warm air dryer built into the electronic bidet toilet seat add to the user’s comfort. This prevents you from touching pathogens and keeps you dry and clean throughout the day.

Compared to other products, this high-end SmartBidet bidet has various distinctive features. An endless supply of warm water is at your disposal, and the LED nightlight will keep you from falling. The elderly and others with poor vision will profit from it. Dislike the unpleasant smell you caused? You’ll feel a lot better after using this automated deodorizer.

The seat includes the same four degrees of adjustment and, when you’re through, warm air drying, which is fantastic on chilly mornings. It also helps you use less toilet paper; if you’re courageous enough, even less of it is all together.


The SmartBidet SB is an electronic bidet toilet seat specifically made to fit the majority of regular elongated toilets. It has all the functions required to fully satisfy the personal hygiene requirements of men, women, and kids.

Design and specification

This electric bidet toilet seat is specifically made to accommodate the majority of regular elongated toilets, starting with its dimensions. As a result, the device is exactly 10.3 lbs and measures 20.9 inches long and deep, 15.4 inches broad, and 6.3 inches tall.

Like most current automatic toilet seats, the SmartBidet SB-3000 has a sleek, ultra-modern design that covers its full white body. The seat of this electronic bidet toilet seat is made of high-quality PP Plastic, which makes it exceptionally robust and incredibly solid. It also includes a very sturdy overall structure.

Additionally, if the SB-3000’s seat is heated, closing its unique Top-Lid considerably aids in keeping the heat contained. This will help you conserve energy whenever you need to reheat the SB-3000 seat in subsequent toilet usage.

It’s also important to note that the seat of the SB-3000 has a built-in Skin Sensor that can be activated to start the device’s Automatic Deodorizer feature immediately.


SmartBidet SB-3000 interface

Now let’s talk about the interface for the SB-3000, namely its separate Control Panel for its Water Spray Wash features. As previously said, this electronic bidet toilet seat also has a built-in Operation Panel that is conveniently located directly on its right side.

Its Operation Panel also has a Backlit LED Nightlight, which gives customers good illumination when using it at night.

It’s also important to note that the device’s top lid has an integrated operation LED window screen that you may use to see whether or not the SB-3000’s three trigger functions, the Smart Skin Sensor function, the Energy Save Function, and the Power Function (On/Off) are active.

Multiple wash modes

As previously said, this electronic bidet toilet seat’s numerous Water Spray Wash features are specifically created to fulfill the personal hygiene requirements of men, women, and children.

There is a Posterior Wash function (middle waterhole) for the user’s back, a Gentler and Wider Feminine Wash Stream function (bottom waterhole) for the user’s front, and a Child Wash function that is developed just for kids.

The SB-3000’s most vital water pressure functionality also includes the more potent Spiral / Turbo Stream Wash feature (top waterhole), which uses a bubble infusion wash technology to help stimulate bowel movement and treat constipation.

More importantly, these various Water Spray Wash features include unlimited, on-demand warm water.

Automatic heated seat

For each user’s added comfort, the seat of the SB-3000 is also built to function as a Smart Heated Seat, with three distinct Heating Levels to choose from.

Warm air dryer

A Warm Air Dryer (placed to the right of its Stainless Steel Nozzle) gives consumers more comfort after utilizing any of the several Water Spray Wash capabilities offered. This electronic bidet toilet seat also has all the fantastic features already described.

To dry your private parts quickly and extremely comfortable, the SB-3000’s Warm Air Dryer offers five different Adjustable Temperature Levels that can be efficiently designed according to your personal preferences. This means that you could choose to have it blow either warm air (for colder days) or cool air (for warmer/hotter days).

Wireless remote control

Along with this fantastic and feature-rich electronic bidet toilet seat, a large wireless screen remote control is also included. This remote control can quickly configure and alter the SmartBidet SB’s various features.

The top side of this full-sized wireless remote control has a built-in display screen that makes it simple to read all the customizable settings for the unit’s various functions. It is also relatively comfortable to hold.

SmartBidet SB-3000 remote

To be more precise, customers may completely tailor the temperature and pressure of the dryer and water functions, as well as the nozzle’s many capabilities, using the unit’s unique Wireless Remote Control. Remember that every time you utilize one of the device’s hygiene features, the unit’s specialized Wireless Remote Control counts down and chimes.

Your chosen settings will immediately take over as the SB-3000’s default settings when you configure them for the various functions. Additionally, the specific wireless remote control for this toilet seat is simply stored in a remote magnetic mount that can be installed next to the toilet when not in use.

  • Unlimited warm water
  • Heated seat
  • Automatic deodorizer
  • LED night light
  • Wireless remote control
  • Warm air dryer
  • High price

How Does the Product Work

The following is the functionality of the SmartBidet 3000 bidet button:


Stops the wash or dry function that is currently active.


This button activates the tushy wash.


This button activates the more forward feminine wash.


This button activates the dryer.


Only applies to the posterior (it sprays up and into the anus) and is useful for bowel motions.


How to Clean Smartbidet

Activates the deodorizer – it should be mentioned that the deodorizer is activated automatically when it detects skin on the seat.


This causes the water beam to swing back and forth and applies to both the posterior and feminine wash.


A child’s wash and dry setting. Wash for 30 seconds before drying for 1 minute.

Plus and minus buttons

You can also use the plus and minus buttons to raise or reduce the amount of water pressure you have.

Up and down arrows

You can also use the up and down arrows to move the spray nozzle forward and backwards. Before and after each use, the nozzle will clean itself by spraying a small amount of water.

SmartBidet Design

The SmartBidet SB-3000 includes three led lights in the upper left corner: occupied sensor, energy saver, and power. The power button remains illuminated while the item is plugged in or while the power button on the remote is pressed. 

The occupied light will illuminate when you sit on the toilet seat and for a few seconds after you get up. Finally, if you push the energy saver button on the remote, the energy saver light will illuminate. The energy-saver mode maintains a constant water temperature of 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is a button on the right side of the bidet where the power wire comes out that you can press to remove the toilet seat from the bracket. If you don’t want to use the remote, there are buttons on the left side of the toilet seat that you can use to control the bidet. 

Only the rear or feminine wash can be turned on or off. The square indication serves as the unit’s power button. The item also has a built-in night light. It is not motion-activated and will remain on at all times.

Benefits of Using SmartBidet

Benefits of Using SmartBidet

Bidets have many advantages; after using one, you’ll feel clean and fresh all day. Once someone sees the amazing features of the SmartBidet, their bathroom habits begin to change. The warm water jet and air dryer in this SmartBidet leave delicate regions dry and clean. Your household needs to avoid a severe infection brought on by toilet paper residue in the anus.


SmartBidet is quite affordable compared to other high-end bidet products so you can get the best-rated bidet toilet seat with many great features for a reasonable price. 

Environmental friendly

Contrary to bidets, toilet paper can clog toilets, necessitating extreme procedures to clear them. The technician can be in danger if they attempt to open the toilet to remove the obstructions. 

The SmartBidet 3000 can lessen the demand for toilet paper, the production of which releases poisonous fumes that may be hazardous to human health. Our forests and ecosystems are destroyed when hundreds of trees are taken down to make toilet paper.

Clean and hygienic

After using the restroom, dry toilet paper leaves residues on the skin, making you feel dirty. A bidet cleans and leaves the remaining skin dry and soft. Most infectious diseases are spread by skin-to-skin contact, putting the entire family in danger if just one person is sick.

How to Install SmartBidet

Step 1

Cut the water supply off. Turn off the valve and completely drain the toilet tank. Then, disconnect the existing water supply pipe from the fill valve.

Step 2

To remove the existing toilet seat from the toilet, remove the mounting bolts.

Step 3

Remove the existing supply hose from the valve and connect the T-valve with the packing.

Step 4

Connect the toilet tank supply pipe to the t-valve. If the current connection is damaged, use the supplied hose.

Step 5

Insert the rubber nuts into the toilet’s mounting holes.

Step 6

Align the bolt with the top of the base plate and insert it into the bolt case. Place the bolt and bolt housing on the base plate. After that, use the screwdriver to insert it into the rubber nuts.

Step 7

Push the main unit into the base plate until you hear a “click.”

Step 8

Connect the flexible tube from the T-side Valve to this product. Adjust the Angle. To fill the water, close the valve.

SmartBidet Design

How to Clean Smartbidet

Using a bidet is simpler than you think, and cleaning it is much easier. Cleaning a bidet is similar to cleaning a showerhead and toilet.

Cleaning the bowl

Step 1

At least once a week, wipe down the bidet. Using a damp cleaning cloth, spray vinegar or a light home detergent. Wipe the cloth over the bidet and let it air dry. Rinse the cleaning cloth with hot water after use to keep it clean.

  • Keeping a cleaning cloth and a pack of disposable gloves close to the bidet can assist and urge everyone who uses it to keep it clean
  • Use gentle cleaning products. Since the bidet’s porcelain surface is easily scratched or damaged, use vinegar or a light detergent and a soft cleaning cloth to clean it

Step 2

Use mild detergent to clean underneath the bidet seat. If your bidet has a seat, wipe it underneath at least once a year. You can raise the seat by pushing the button on the side of the seat near the electrical cable and lifting it with your hands. If there isn’t a button, pull the seat up and forward. Use a light detergent to clean beneath the seat.

Step 3

Replace the deodorizer with carbon. Unlike aerosols, which mask odors with another odor, carbon air deodorizers filter the air, leaving it odor-free. Replace the carbon air deodorizer when it no longer works to provide a fresh, clean aroma.

  • Most carbon air deodorizers have a lifespan of a few years, and others are built to last as long as your unit

Cleaning the nozzle

Step 1

If available, use the self-cleaning feature. Many bidet nozzles have self-cleaning capabilities, making maintenance a breeze.

Step 2

If you don’t have that feature on your bidet, manually clean the nozzle with vinegar and a toothbrush.

Step 3

To unclog a detachable nozzle tip, soak it in vinegar. If the nozzle has little water pressure, it is most likely obstructed.

Step 4

SmartBidet SB-3000 nozzle

Using a Ziploc bag of vinegar, unclog a non-removable nozzle tip. If the nozzle does not have a removable tip, extend the nozzle and unplug the device, then use a rubber band or tape to secure a vinegar-filled Ziploc bag to the nozzle to ensure the nozzle tip is completely submerged in the vinegar.

Removing tough stains

Step 1

Overnight soak the aperture at the bottom of the bowl in vinegar. If water is within the bidet bowl, blot it out with an old cloth before pouring a liberal amount of white vinegar inside. Allow the vinegar to sit in the bowl overnight.

Step 2

Use toilet paper dipped in vinegar to remove stains from the bowl’s edges. Wads of toilet paper or paper towels should be dipped in vinegar and stuck to the stained regions around the edge of the bowl or any other location where the vinegar cannot reach directly. Allow them to sit overnight.

Step 3

To remove the remaining stains, scrub the bowl with a cleaning cloth. Remove the toilet paper and scrape the bowl’s interior with a vinegar-soaked towel. You should then rinse the bowl with water. If required, repeat the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a SmartBidet do?

The SmartBidet SB-3000 is a plug-in bidet with numerous functionalities. It offers warm water, a heated seat, numerous tushy washing settings, feminine washing options, and air drying.

Are smart toilets sanitary?

Smart toilets are considered more hygienic than standard toilets because of the wash-and-dry function, rimless technology, and other automated and hands-free functionalities.

Do doctors advise on bidets?

A bidet can sometimes provide a better cleaning experience than toilet paper. It all starts with the fact that water can remove trace amounts of fecal matter after you poop better than a few squares of dry toilet paper. Another advantage of a bidet is that it is softer on your skin.

Is it possible for pee to go on the bidet?

The ability to pee in a bidet is dependent on the sort of bidet you have. Electronic bidets or bidet attachments for toilet seats allow you to pee and clean yourself with the same device. Although technically possible, you shouldn’t pee in stand-alone ceramic bidets.

Is my current toilet seat necessary to remove?

How Does the Product Work

For the seats with electric bidets, yes, you need to remove it. The SmartBidet is simply mounted onto your toilet. If it’s a manual bidet attachment, you don’t need to remove it. Just put it in place between your current toilet and toilet seat.

Do I still need to use toilet paper if I have a SmartBidet?

If you use the bidet correctly and have a high-quality bidet, you shouldn’t need to use toilet paper to clean yourself. A good bidet will clean your backside better than any amount of wiping. However, you may wish to dry yourself with a small amount of toilet paper.

Is it necessary to plug in electric bidets?

Some bidets don’t require any power at all. A basic bidet attachment is an example of a mechanically powered bidet that doesn’t require electricity, even with temperature control. Bidets with extra features, on the other hand, usually require power.


The SmartBidet SB-3000 is an electronic bidet toilet seat specifically made to fit the majority of regular elongated toilets. It has all the functions required to fully satisfy the personal hygiene requirements of men, women, and kids.

Additionally, there is a Warm Air Dryer, an Automatic Deodorizer, and a 3-in-1 innovative Stainless Steel Nozzle that automatically cleans itself before and after each wash.

In addition to everything else, this electronic bidet toilet seat has a streamlined built-in operation panel on its right side that even incorporates a Backlit LED Nightlight for enough illumination at night. Not to mention, it also includes a large wireless screen remote control for simple configuration and functionality tweaking.

Overall, the SB-3000 is a terrific addition to any bathroom. It’s instrumental in homes with elderly residents because it is simple to use and incredibly convenient.

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