Best Round TOTO Washlets for Round Toilets

So you decided to ditch or reduce the use of tissue paper for a bidet, you have a circle toilet and the round TOTO washlet is your brand choice for it? Well done! You have opt-in for one of the best brands when it comes to bidets. For some bidet companies, less attention is placed on the production of round bidet seats. It is because the elongated toilet tends to be the most used toilet, unlike the round ones.

On the other hand, TOTO is one of the reputable brands in the bidet market that makes the provision of a round washlet for round toilets. This also makes it the “best option” for interested users with round. However, even with its provision of round washlets, there are very few TOTO washlets in the market for round toilets. That is, not all their washlets come in an oval shape.

While we are not sure why all their washlet doesn’t have an alternative for round shapes, the ones available are well-known and have been on the market for quite some time.

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In this article, we have listed all the round TOTO washlets and also made a comparison of them. This buying guide will assist you in choosing the best TOTO washlet for your round toilet.

In a hurry? Use the tables below to easily navigate and find the best round TOTO washlets for your round toilet. You can be assured we only choose the best products…

Best Round TOTO Washlets for Round Toilets

Best Round TOTO Washlet for Round Toilet Reviews

TOTO S350e

While this list is not made or listed according to top priority, we can’t afford to not mention the TOTO SW583#01 S350e as the first when mentioning the best TOTO washlet for round toilets. This is because this washlet is one of the top premium bidet toilet seats from TOTO.

However, it was upgraded to the TOTO S550e, which is a compliment to most of the features missing in the TOTO S350e. However, the S550e, which is the highest and premium TOTO washlet, does not come in a round shape. Instead, it comes in an elongated version only. Yet, going for the S350e, be sure to get almost all the benefits similar to the premium one.

The S350e comes with the Ewater+ technology, which is only available in all TOTO premium washlets. What this advanced technology does is make use of electrolyzed water. This electrolyzed water is produced through an advanced technological procedure. The water is then transformed into a harmless yet potent compound that spreads on the toilet bowl after every use.

This Ewater+ technology helps to prevent the further use of harsh chemicals for washing the toilet bowl. Aside from the Ewater+ technology is also the function of the PREMIST feature, which mists or sprays on the toilet bowl before every use to prevent sticky feces on the bowl of the toilet.

One downside of this bidet seat is that despite all the features, its mechanism sometimes doesn’t function as expected. This is why there was an upgrade to the S550e.

  • The seat lid automatically opens and closes
  • The design is quite sleek as it is tankless
  • There is a mountable wireless remote control to control the features
  • Comes with a heated seat
  • There is also a provision of warm water which is instantaneous
  • Comes with a deodorizer
  • Ewater+ technology
  • Air-dryer for drying up
  • The installation is easy
  • It is also easy to use
  • Available Premist function
  • White LED nightlight for night navigation
  • The self-cleaning nozzle comes with a front and rear wash and oscillates while washing.
  • Ability to customize the nozzle spray, water pressure, water temperature, and temperature of the seat to preference.
  • Sometimes mechanisms tend not to be as expected
  • It can be quite expensive for some users

TOTO S300e

The TOTO S300e washlet for a round toilet is the lower version of the S350e and also the S500e. It comes with almost the same features as the S350e but does not come with an automatic open and closing lid. If this feature is the top priority you need in a premium round bidet seat, then this bidet may not be the right bidet.

Though, it comes with a soft-closing lid that prevents the constant slamming of the toilet seat. This feature can also contribute to the durability of the seat; thus, making it last longer. There is also an Ewater+ technology feature for the maintenance of the toilet bowl. This also includes the PREMIST feature.

It also has wireless remote control, which is wireless and can be mountable on the wall of the bathroom. This remote controls all the functions of the bidet seat, and it can be powered with two AA batteries. Although, all TOTO remote controls are battery-powered. You can also customize the washing process, pressure, and even the temperature of the seat from the remote control.

As much as this bidet functions well, it has its downside. One of the down parts is that there is little price difference from the S350e. Been that it does not have all the functions in the S350e, we expected more price difference. Also, the installation process may come easy for some users, while it may be the opposite for some users.

  • Has the Ewater+ technology
  • The seat is heated
  • The design is sleek as it is tankless
  • Easy to use
  • Prompt warm water supply
  • Available premist function
  • Has an external remote control
  • It also has air-deodorizer
  • Soft closing lid
  • Has an air-dryer
  • The self-cleaning nozzle has a front and rear wash and also pulses while cleaning
  • Users can also adjust the temperature of the heated seat, nozzle, water, and the pressure of the water flow.
  • No LED nightlights
  • Automatic opening and closing LED
  • The price tends to be high


If you are looking for the best round TOTO washlet for a round toilet that is budget-friendly, then the TOTO SW2033R#01 C100 should be your option. Even though this bidet seat seems to be among the basic in TOTO’s collection of bidet seats, it still functions properly and serves its users right.

It is perfect for most people who don’t need all the advanced or premium features in a bidet, but the basic features. These basic features are good enough to give you the perfect wash and, at the same time, dry you up. Thus, you should know you don’t need a bidet towel or tissue paper to dry off after using this bidet seat.

While it does not come with the superior Ewater+ technology available in the luxurious bidet seat, there is the presence of a PREMIST. Just so you should know, the TOTO C100 washlet is one of the least in the washlet category that comes with a PREMIST. Although the nozzle, which has a front and rear wash, also self-cleans and oscillates, it does not pulse when washing.

Also, it does not come with an automatic open and close but comes with a soft closing lid. Thus, the toilet seat does not slam nor encourage noise. One down part some users may not fancy about this bidet is the non-provision of external remote control. Therefore, the control panel of this TOTO washlet is by the right side of the toilet seat. Also, as it is not tankless, the appearance tends to be bulky, and the warm water supply is not instant.  

  • Soft-closing lid
  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • There is an available premist function
  • Comes with a deodorizer
  • It also comes with an air-dryer
  • The seat is heated
  • Has a right-side control panel
  • Warm water supply
  • The oscillating nozzle self-cleans and comes with a rear and front wash
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable nozzle, water temperature, water pressure, and temperature of the heated seat
  • Comes with less advanced features
  • The nozzle does not pulse when washing
  • No external wireless remote control
  • May seems bulky for some users


The C200 round TOTO washlet bidet toilet seat is an upgraded version of the C100 TOTO washlet we discussed above. By far, for a TOTO washlet for round toilets, we can say this bidet seat can be given the honorary title of the ‘best value.’ The reason is that it comes at a relatively budget-friendly price with useful advanced features.

Even though it is not a premium bidet seat, it comes with some decent features that make the bidet pleasant to use for both beginners and experts. This includes a pulsing nozzle that is not present in the TOTO C100. You should know that why an oscillating and pulsating nozzle may seem necessary for some users to have in a bidet seat is because of its tendency to help with an enema.

However, the design of the C200 is not something we can call ultimately “sleek,” even though it came with a wireless external remote control. Since it is not tankless, the upper part of the seat tends to be colossal. The warm water supply is also not instantaneous, as found in premium TOTO washlets.

The installation process of this TOTO washlet poses easily; thus, it is. However, one issue some users do encounter in it is that the fill value that comes with it does not fit in properly. Thus, you may need a TOTO THU9090R. In some cases, solving this leaking issue might just require you to purchase a cone washer, which costs less than $10 from a local plumber. While for some users, they did not encounter any issues during the installation.

Since this washlet is one of TOTO’s best washlets, we are still not sure why this issue hasn’t been entirely resolved, especially for some American toilet users. Nevertheless, aside from this installation issue, this round TOTO washlet is a good use for a round toilet.  

  • The price is reasonably budget-friendly
  • Come with an external wireless remote
  • It is easy to use
  • There is a premist function
  • Comes with an air-deodorizer
  • There is also an air-dryer
  • The seat is heated
  • Warm water supply
  • Soft closing lid
  • The nozzle, which self-cleanses, pulses and oscillates, comes with a rear and front wash
  • You can also modify the position of the nozzle, the temperature of the warm water, heated seat, and also the pressure of the water
  • Some users may need to get a TOTO THU9090R or a cone washer if there is any leakage
  • Although the added features are great, it still does not include many premium features

Buying Guide and All You Should Know About the Round TOTO Washlet

Should you install a TOTO elongated washlet on a round toilet?

Some bidet users usually ask this question whenever you tell them to go for a round bidet seat if they own a round toilet or an elongated bidet seat if they own an elongated toilet. This question does arise as some may find their favorite bidet seat in an elongated form.

The reason you should choose the exact shape of your toilet is because of the look and suitability. When you use an elongated bidet seat on a round toilet, there is extra space at the front of the toilet. This makes the toilet look less attractive. Also, when a user sits on it, it tends to slip. This could lead to damaging the bidet seat.  

How do you know if your toilet is elongated or round?

While we encourage the use of the appropriate bidet seat for the right toilet, knowing the shape of your toilet is the first step to take. So how do you clarify if your toilet comes in an elongated or round form? Which is, you need to measure it.

Though the difference can be noticed from merely looking at it but measuring still helps a lot. Start by using tape to measure, starting from the mounting bolt at the top to the front of the toilet bowl. For the round toilet, it’s about 16 1/2 inches, and for the elongated toilet, it’s about 18 1/2 inches. That’s a difference of 2 inches.

How do you install a round TOTO washlet?

Installing a round TOTO washlet on a round toilet is the same process as installing an elongated one or any other bidet seat. You can install it yourself and don’t need to pay a plumber to do it for you. Or else, you personally choose to. For better understanding, below is a video installation process from TOTO.

How to use a TOTO washlet?

  • Cleaning with tissue paper (or not), the point is, the amount of tissue you use after using the toilet will certainly reduce.
  • Turn on the bidet and wash up. Customize the settings as you desire.
  • When you are done washing, make use of the air dryer to dry up.
  • You can then use a deodorizer to eliminate any unpleasant odor, though this may be optional. The deodorizer does not give any particular fragrance but just focuses on eliminating bad odors in the air.

How much electricity does a TOTO washlet consume?

The TOTO washlet makes use of electricity because of the heated seat, water, and the adjusting of other electrical functions. However, the consumption of power is not as massive or as much as most people may think.

In total, using a TOTO washlet can incur about $60 per year in electricity bills. However, this price can still be lowered if you turn off the features you aren’t making use of. Moreover, all TOTO washlets come with an energy-saving feature that assists in the preservation of power.


Whichever TOTO washlet you intend to install in your round toilet, the most important thing is that it should come with the features you want in it. Remember, it’s a one-time purchase. However, if you still can’t find a preferred one from the list above, don’t be afraid to check out other brands’ round bidet toilet seats. Though they may not be TOTO products, there are good qualified brands that have worthy round-shaped bidet seats.

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