Moen 5 Series Bidet Review

Due to the pandemic, many people have increased their hygiene consciousness and decided to make some changes in everyday living. 

Maintaining hygiene in the bathroom should always be a priority. Bidets are one of the most popular and best-selling hygiene toilet attachments that many people use to increase hygiene levels in their restrooms.

Initially, bidets were a common toilet attachment in Europe. In the past years, they have also become popular in the USA. If you are interested in purchasing a bidet, we warmly recommend you Moen – a trusted and reputed faucet brand.

A bidet is a hygienic option that replaces traditional toilet paper wiping with warm water sprays. Many bidet fans claim that they feel their backsides are fresher, cleaner, and healthier. Also, the bidet is a relieving option for people who recently got surgery or gave birth and feel some difficulty going to the toilet.

The bidet keeps your arms and backsides cleaner. Research has shown that many bidet users are less exposed to urinal bacteria. Let’s dive into the Moen 5 Series Bidet review to find out more about it.

Moen Overview

Moen values ingenuity, ideas, and innovation. These three define the quality of the Moen products and its intention to respect individual uniqueness and personal differences and promote sensitivity and inclusion.

Moen 5 Series Bidet Review

The company believes its products can deliver water solutions for a better living. Its mission is to delight every customer with the highest value innovative products. Choosing Moen means choosing a lifetime-long lasting product.

The brand got its name from Al Moen, a young man who once went to wash his hands in an old-fashioned two-handle faucet. A sudden hot water burst made him jump back reflexively, lighting his brain bulb to do something useful and innovative.

It took him 2 years to finalize his invention, and in 1947 he began manufacturing Moen single-handle faucets. Year after year, he started manufacturing new, revolutionary faucets and many other kitchen and bathroom products, including the Moen 5 Series Bidet.

Technology development made this man sharpen his skills and make some innovative creations that are unique all around North America and even further. Moen’s products have won hundreds of awards in the past few decades.

A big part of Moen’s products can be found online, on its official web store, and on many online retailers, including Amazon.

Moen 5 Series Bidet Review

The Moen 5 Series Bidet is actually an installed toilet seat that fits many toilets’ sizes and shapes. The seat has an elongated shape and a soft close system that makes no noise. Its innovative design gives the seat exceptional beauty and comfort.

The seat is also compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA, making the Moen 5 Series Bidet and many of its faucets suitable for people with disabilities. The seat comes with an electric remote control and a warm air drying system.

The dimensions of this bidet toilet seat are 20⅜ inches or 52 centimeters in length and 15⅚ inches or 38.8 centimeters in width. The height of the back part of the water system is 5¼ inches or 13.3 centimeters. The dimensions fit the most elongated toilet seats, but it is always best to measure your existing toilet and see if the toilet will cover the entire toilet surface.

Moen 5 Series Bidet is made by multiple market standards:

  •  ASME A1 12.4.2 / CSA B45.16 – standard for personal hygiene devices for water closets (this standard includes IAPMO / ANSI Z124.5 conformity standard for plastic toilet seats)
  • CSA C22.2 number 68 – standard for motor-operated household appliances
  • CSA C22.2 number 64 – standard for household liquid heating devices


Manufacturer: ‎Moen
Item Weight‎: 11.68 pounds
Package Dimensions: ‎22.5 x 21.25 x 7.5 inches
Shape‎: Oval
Warranty: 3 years warranty period
Batteries Required: ‎Yes
Batteries Included: ‎No

Ratings by feature

Remote Control: 5.0/5
Easy to install: 4.2/5



The EB2000 Moen 5 Series Bidet has the best features of all other bidet toilet seat models of Moen. The cleansing system has an anterior cleanse feature, posterior cleanse, oscillating cleanse, water pressure control, water temperature control, nozzle position adjustment, and instantaneous water heating feature.

The numerous cleansing modes and functions of this bidet model guarantee high safety and hygiene levels. The bidet is the right option if you seek something for an extra clean and hygienic at-home-use product.


The air controls of the EB2000 bidet seat have two main features: an air drying system and air temperature control. The bidet works using water, which automatically triggers the need for a feature to dry the excess water and leave the seat washed and dry after every use.

The air temperature control is a feature that heats the water that cleans your backside. You would not experience sudden cold water flush, which is especially good for the winter days.

Operational control

Moen 5 Series Bidet remote

The EB2000 bidet comes with two manuals. The first one is attached to the seat, while the other is remote and can be held in hands or attached to the wall. Anyway, you can manage the water intensity, nozzle position, temperature, and other features by pressing the controls on the seat or on the holding remote.

Also, some of these features can be set on auto mode, and you would not need to manage the remote every time you use the bidet.


The material of EB2000 bidet seat is made out of high-quality antimicrobial materials, allowing the seat to stay clean and disinfected for longer. The seat is easy for hygiene maintenance, and you can easily just wipe the surface with a wet towel for extra cleansing.

Also, the seat has a mechanism that allows the seat and lid to close without making a loud noise. We all know how loud noise can be with an accidental lid close, which is pretty disturbing for the other family members if it happens at night. You would not face that issue with a Moen 5 Series bidet because its soft-close mechanism allows the lid and seat to close slowly.

Besides the heated water, the EB2000 bidet model has a feature to heat the seat using a heating system. Forget about sitting on an ice-cold toilet seat in winter. The EB2000 bidet model can increase and decrease the seat’s temperature based on your preferences.


The EB2000 Moen bidet model has an excellent hygiene system and features. You can feel safe while using the toilet because of the multiple hygiene systems plus the antimicrobial toilet seat material. This bidet has an antibacterial nozzle with a silver nanotechnology system.

The self-cleaning nozzles clean themself with water after every use. The self-cleaning system has another upgraded feature for nozzle sterilization for extra hygiene.

Under the seat, you might notice a blue light, which is actually a UV light for sterilization. The UV rays literally kill all microbes and bacteria that somehow end on the lid or toilet’s surface.

The nozzle is also replaceable and allows you to change it in order to maximize the hygiene in the toilet. All replaceable parts of this bidet are available on the official Moen website or the retailers’ websites.

Also, the cleansing part of the bidet is made of stainless steel, which is proven to be more hygienic and longer-lasting compared to industry-standard plastic. The stainless steel allows fresh aerated water to flow through the nozzles. The nozzles have seven adjustable positions and multiple water pressure adjustments.

Energy saving

You can manage the energy-saving function or just choose automatic mode. The bidet needs electricity for heating and air drying, which is unnecessary when you don’t use the toilet, right?

So, you can press the auto energy-saving feature and allow the bidet to work only when someone uses it. Also, you can turn it on and off with the manual that comes together with the toilet lid and seat.


The EB2000 Moen bidet has two sensors; one is for the seat, and the other for night mode. The luxury bidet will turn the blue light on during the night so that the users can easily find it while sleepy.

Where to Buy Moen 5 Series Bidet

The bidet has a sensor for automatic lid opening and closing. After finishing the use, it performs a self-cleansing process, cleaning the nozzles and the entire toilet. When the self-cleaning process is done, the drying sensor turns on and dries the seat.


The bidet seat comes with two warranties. The first is a limited 3-year warranty against defects and leaks to the original consumer purchaser, and the second one is a 1-year warranty if the product is used in commercial installations.

You can open the complete list of details and limitations on the official website to find out more about the warranty coverage.

  • The bidet is easy for at-home installation
  • The features can be operated via remote control
  • Two remote controls (one installed on the seat and another portable one)
  • Adjustable water pressure modes
  • Multiple adjustable water spraying levels
  • Elongated and modern bidet design
  • A soft-close seat feature that makes no noise
  • Auto close and night light sensors
  • The UV and Led lights can also destroy bacteria and microbes
  • The surface is made of antimicrobial materials
  • The bidet has an auto cleaning feature on the nozzles
  • The bidet has heating installation to warm the seat
  • Unlimited amount of warm water
  • The product comes with an installation guide and warranty
  • Available for purchase from other retailer web stores
  • The seat fits most, but not every toilet
  • The product often goes out of stock on Amazon

How Does Moen 5 Series Bidet Work

The Moen bidet should be installed on the toilet, with the previously removed regular seat and lid. The bidet works using electricity, so you must ensure that there is a power socket near the bidet. It has an energy-saving feature, so you can set it on auto or manage it as you wish.

No more toilet paper

The bidet works in a traditional way like many other bidets. Its main function is to replace toilet paper with clean, warm water. The heaters heat the water immediately, allowing you to use the cleaning feature anytime.

Benefits of Using Moen 5 Series Bidet

Using a bidet attachment is pretty simple. On the side of the toilet seat, you have a remote control with multiple functions. Using the buttons, you can manage the position of the nozzles, water pressure, water spray mode, and more. After cleaning, the nozzles go back inside the bidet, where they clean themselves with hot water and UV rays that eliminate all bacteria and microbes.

In the end, the air dryer turns on and dries the wet areas. The air dryer leaves your backside clean and dry, without a need to use toilet paper at all. The water sprays can be used as much as you want since the fast water heating system offers warm water all the time.

After usage, you should close the lid or set the automatic functions so the bidet will close on its own by turning on the sensors. You can also turn on the UV light to destroy all bacteria that might have been attached to the lid or toilet.

Benefits of Using Moen 5 Series Bidet

Moen 5 EB2000 bidet is not just a regular bidet. It has many functions and manageable modes that many similar bidets lack. The bidet has automatic functions for maximum hygiene maintenance, sensors, and heating features that make the experience satisfactory.

The first benefit is that you can save the money you usually spend on toilet paper. Secondly, your hands will remain clean, and the toilet will sterilize on its own, leaving the sanitized seat for the next user.

Multiple studies have shown that using water instead of paper is much better for overall health. The water might limit the germ spread and prevent urinary infections. Also, it might limit the risk of hemorrhoid appearance.

Further, the EB2000 Moen bidet seat is suitable for individuals with disabilities. The seat and its functions can be managed using the remote controllers, and there is no need to rotate and use your hands.

Another money-saving benefit is that you would not have to pay for a plumber to clean your clogged toilet. You would not have to use and throw toilet paper in the toilet, meaning your toilet would have no reason to clog.

Installation Guide

The installation guide is included in the bidet package. The bidet comes with multiple parts that should be installed together to enable proper bidet and sensor function.

Bidet ED2000 Items

  • One piece smart EBidet seat with water mechanism, seat, and lid
  • One piece T-valve and included reducing adapter
  • One piece catch plate
  • One hose
  • Two AAA batteries
  • Two screw component sets (screw, adjustment plate, expansion nut, and metal washer)
  • One set remote controller (holder and two expansion screws)
  • One piece fixed card
  • One piece seat bumper

Ensure all the parts have arrived with the EB2000 Moen bidet, and consult the seller immediately if you notice something is missing.

Requirements before installation

Before jumping onto the installation process, you must ensure that you have the essential requirements for the bidet to work properly.

The bidet uses electricity, so you must ensure you have all the power requirements, including:

  • Power outlet of 120V AC and a minimum 15A circuit
  • The outlet should be closer to the toilet to reach the power cord by 47 inches and far from the water source to ensure nothing unwanted happens, and the power remains further from the water reach
  • The product must be grounded. The wiring should be done by a professional. (don’t do anything on your own if you have no experience with electricity and wire installation)

Besides the power requirements, you should also meet the water requirements:

  • The minimum flowing water pressure required for the bidet is 0.08MPa or 11psi
  • The maximum static water pressure is 0.8MPa or 116psi
  • Ensure the water pressure does not exceed the minimum and maximum requirements to prevent unwanted effects on the product’s performance

In the end, ensure your existing toilet meets the sizing requirements of the Moen 5 Series EB2000 bidet seat. Measure the toilet and compare the measurements with the bidet.


  1. Remove your editing toilet seat and its seat mounting bolts. Wipe the toilet and ensure it is clean of bacteria and unwanted stains.
  2. Then, insert the expansion nut into the mounting holes on the toilet bowl.
  3. Place the fixed card on the toilet bowl. Ensure the wash and dry gates of the bidet are close to the rim and pointed down.
  4. Install the Catch Plate. Cover with a metal washer, and place the ceramic fixing plate in a rectangular box on the mounting paper card. Cover with a metal adjusting sheet, and tighten the screws.
  5. Install the Ebidet toilet seat. Remove the fixed cards and press the release button. Slide the seat into the Catch Plate and adjust its position by removing the seat and loosening the screws. When adjusted well, retighten the screws and reinstall the seat.
  6. Connect the T-Valve to the toilet water inlet.
  7. Connect the exiting water supply connector with the T-Valve. Then, connect the hose (one side to the T-Valve and the other to the EBidet).
  8. Turn on the water and check for leaks to ensure everything is connected properly and tight. Then, insert the plug into the power outlet.
  9. Install the remote by adjusting its position on the wall using the holder and screws.
The Benefits of Using Moen 5 Series Bidet

Where to Buy Moen 5 Series Bidet?

You can purchase the Moen 5 series bidet from Moen’s online store or some of its online retailers. The online retailers where you can find a large number of the Moen products are Amazon, Walmart, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Ferguson, ACE,, Wayfair, Doi it Best, Faucet Direct, Bed Bath & Beyond, Build with Ferguson, Houzz, True Value, and Menards.

How to Maintain the Moen 5 Series EB2000 Bidet

Before maintaining the bidet, ensure the power is turned off. 

Nozzle maintenance

You can maintain the nozzles by clicking the “Nozzle clean” button on the remote controller. This function will clean the nozzles automatically. You can also pull the nozzles gently with your hands and clean them with a toothbrush if something has been left on the surface.

Steel mesh filter maintenance

The steel mesh filters should be cleaned and replaced over time. Replacement of this filter is essential for your health. When you notice the water pressure getting weaker, it is time to clean or replace this filter. Clean the filter with a brush and install it again. This is recommended to be done every two months.

Maintenance of the plastic parts

The maintenance of the lid, seat, and all plastic parts can be done with a soft cloth dipped in warm water. Ensure the cloth is soft and friendly to make sure you do not damage the surface. Wiping with a wet cloth also prevents static electricity on the product, meaning it would not accumulate dust and become dirty often.

For a deeper cleaning of the plastic part, you can remove the EBidet to clean the surface beneath. The bidet release can be done by pressing the release button on the right side of the bidet. Slide the bidet seat, and it will easily come off.


Our Moen 5 Series Bidet review comprises all essential information for installation, use, and maintenance. We are happy if you opt for this product because it is a real must-have product for your toilet.

Bidets are mainly popular in Europe, but they have as well reached their popularity in America. The safe and hygienic process might save you money spent on toilet paper and plumbing for a clogged toilet.

The installation is fast and simple, and you would not need any professional support. The package arrives with all necessary parts, an installation manual, a remote controller guide, and two warranties of 1 and 3 years of limited protection.

You can purchase the Moen 5 Series bidet from many retailer websites.

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