Luxe Bidet W85 Review

Luxe Bidet has a wide variety of bidet attachment options to choose from. Even though we chose their least expensive bidet, it has several wonderful features, including a self-cleaning dual nozzle, a simple water pressure adjustment, and more, which we will go into detail about in this review.

However, remember that since this is only an attachment and not a seat, you won’t benefit from heated seats, warm air drying, or a deodorizer. On the other hand, an attachment is the easiest to install and utilize. Additionally, these fewer complex attachments typically cost much less.

So, now that you have a general idea of what you’ll be getting, let’s dive into the review to learn more about the firm and its W85 bidet in depth.

Luxe Bidet W85 Review

Luxe Bidet W85 Review

Brand overview

Luxe is a well-known bidet manufacturer. What’s amazing about the company is that the inventor organized the toilet design to improve issues he discovered in his bidets. This concept is so cohesive and ideal because of his personal experience with bidets.

To ensure the finest bathroom experience, the Luxe offers both high-end and several reasonably priced bidet alternatives. They make toilet seat bidets, handheld bidets, computerized bidets, and many other accessories to improve your experience. Bidet attachments are their most popular offerings.

As a result of conserving paper and preventing the destruction of millions of trees, the brand has developed into one that values the environment. Their reputation is built on producing bidets that are gentler on the skin, making it possible for those with hemorrhoids and other disorders to use them without difficulty. Additionally, using less toilet paper results in fewer clogging problems.

The newest series of bidets is reinventing bathroom hygiene for the future with an eye toward innovation. Luxe Bidet is modern and gives your bathroom a touch of class. You should consider this brand, as it is one of the most popular bidet brands in the United States, serving over one million customers nationwide.

Product review

One of their most popular bidet attachments is the Luxe Bidets W85. Unlike some of the more expensive bidet attachments, they do not replace the toilet seat. The Luxe Bidet W85 is a non-electric, mechanical bidet attachment with two nozzles that uses fresh water instead of toilet paper to improve hygiene and cut down on paper use. 

Dual nozzles on the Luxe Bidet W85 allow for frontal and rear washing. New or expectant mothers strongly advise using the frontal or feminine wash, a softer, lower-angled spray that is helpful for monthly cycles. A chrome-plated water pressure control knob that you can use to activate and modify water pressure is included with the Luxe Bidet W85.

The bidet’s settings are properly labeled, making it simple for both young children and older people to use. The bidet has a handy, hygienic nozzle guard gate for enhanced protection and simple maintenance. The bidet is always prepared for clean operation thanks to the hygienic nozzle guard gate, which may also open for simple access to the nozzles. 

The nozzles retract for sanitary storage while the bidet is not in use, providing a second layer of security behind the nozzle guard gate. A novel self-cleaning sanitary nozzle that streams clean water straight over the nozzle for rinsing before or after use is another feature of the W85.

  • Due to less complex functions, more user-friendly
  • Contains every accoutrement
  • Simple to maintain, simple to install, and easy to clean
  • A nozzle that retracts for a cleaner experience
  • It is simple to change the water pressure
  • Simple to attach and remove
  • Dual nozzles serve two distinct wash modes
  • Strong, waterproof metallic components
  • Temperature and pressure adjustments are permitted
  • Comes with an 18-month warranty
  • Cleaning the nozzles is quite effective
  • An incredibly robust device with a longer lifespan
  • Uses both hot and cold water
  • For delicate skin, a feminine nozzle gives a softer spray
  • The bidet is maintained in a clean state by running fresh water over the nozzle
  • Features a safety gate to prevent splashback on the nozzle
  • The item remains out of stock due to high demand
  • Water pressure is frequently too high

How to Install Luxe Bidet W85

Features of Luxe Bidet W85

Durable & slim design

The internal hoses and robust, sleek design of the W85 help the bidet toilet attachment last longer and be more durable by appropriately channeling water. Although smaller designs on the market claim to be more durable, this can be compromised by the lack of space for internal hoses and general flimsiness.

Being only 9 millimeters thick, the bidet is thin enough to accommodate the inner hoses and structure without compromising its strength or functionality. Enjoy the greatest cleaning without any headaches.

High-quality components

The products are made with top-notch, long-lasting components that are made to last and handle the water pressure that will run through them. W85 Bidet Attachments are designed with braided stainless steel hoses rather than conventional plastic hoses and high-pressure faucet quality valves with metal-ceramic cores. A metal cold water t-adapter is also included with the W85 series.

Guard nozzle gate

The bidet has a handy, hygienic nozzle guard gate for enhanced security and simple maintenance. The bidet is always prepared for clean operation thanks to the hygienic nozzle guard gate, which can also open for simple nozzle access.

Cleaning nozzles made simple

This type includes a unique self-cleaning sanitary nozzle that sprays fresh water directly over the nozzle for rinsing before or after use, in addition to the retractable nozzle that is intended to be kept clean by the bidet.

Designed to fit any toilet

The W85 is made to snugly fit beneath regular toilets, leaving no space between the seat and bowl. Thinner designs on the market offer no advantage in terms of putting the bidet under the seat because any interference with the seat is caused by the nozzle housing extending into the bowl rather than the thickness of the bidet. 

Going thinner than 9 millimeters can compromise the bidet’s strength and endurance while providing little benefit. Any seat that a thinner design can fit under will suit the bidet.

Warranty & service

The manufacturer’s warranty on all Luxe Bidets is for 18 months. However, it may be extended to 2 years by registering your item on the official website of the brand.

Activate and adjust water pressure easily

A chrome-plated knob on the inconspicuous control panel lets the user activate and modify the water pressure. Children and elders can easily handle the bidet thanks to its specified settings. A second knob alternates between nozzle cleaning, the softer frontal feminine wash, and the stronger rear wash.

Dual nozzle design

The back and frontal wash nozzles on the Luxe Bidet W85 are both separate nozzles. The feminine wash or front spray is softer than the back spray. New or expecting mothers highly suggest it and say that it can be helpful for monthly periods. The two nozzles are employed in separate modes, although both males and females can use them.

Cost of installing Luxe Bidet W85

How Does Luxe Bidet W85 Work?

Simply use the side knob to alter the settings on the Luxe Bidet W85 to your liking. Two main settings are available: “Women” (feminine wash) and “Wash” (rear wash). Additionally, there is a third setting called “Nozzle Cleaning” that accomplishes just what it means. This fantastic function will guarantee that your bidet attachment is always sanitized and germ-free.

The “Women” option is gentler, whereas the “Wash” setting is a touch more strong. The water flow was more restricted in the “Women” setting, allowing for better control and a more focused clean. It had the best aim as well.

When it comes to its sprayer, the “Wash” setting has a wider range. This setting seeks to clean a greater surface area, but it also makes it more difficult to manage the water’s directionality. When using this setting, be prepared for a little bit of extra wetness on your bum.

The experience was greatly improved by changing the water pressure. It may take longer to complete the task if the pressure is too low. Being under excessive pressure might be uncomfortable. Your preferred pressure may change over time; thus, it’s important to have an attachment with changeable water pressure.

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What is a Luxe Bidet W85

Benefits of Using Luxe Bidet

Supporting women’s cleanliness

With its dual nozzle system, the Luxe Bidet product leaves ladies feeling fresh and clean. Many women feel that the relaxing qualities of the bidets can help reduce the discomforts associated with constipation, yeast infections, and urethra irritation. Warm-water washing is especially effective during menstruation.


Luxe Bidets are especially helpful while you’re on your period. Menstrual blood is not the only substance seen; endometrial fragments and cervical and vaginal mucus are also present. This liquid starts to disintegrate and occasionally has a strong odor when it comes into touch with airborne germs.

The feminine wash gently cleans the region, gets rid of any odor, and makes what may be a painful time of the month a little more bearable. Additionally, the dual-nozzle mechanism of the Luxe Bidet helps keep the rectal area clean.


One of the more urgent questions is whether or not the bidet is a safe and hygienic substitute for regular toilet paper. The overall cleanliness of the Luxe Bidet, including the warm water feature and the bidet-using process, is one of their advantages. In actuality, using a Luxe Bidet product is more hygienic than wiping.

Its bidets include hygienic nozzle guard gates and are designed with comfort and safety in mind. After each wash, the nozzle automatically retracts behind the security gate to keep it safe until your next use.

In order to prevent contamination, no portions of the bidet operation will come into contact with anything. Before and after each usage, the retractable spray head feature of all the models undergoes a comprehensive self-cleaning and sanitation function.

Affordable products

Given how frequently toilet paper is used, a household of four may go through two rolls or more per week. Over a year, at a minimum of eight rolls each month, that quickly adds up to more than $1,000 in toilet paper expenses. 

The global market for toilet paper is worth over $30 billion a year, and all of that money is spent on single-use paper goods that clog up septic tanks and local sewers. Even if you still occasionally bring in a few rolls for bidet-shy houseguests or other cleanup emergencies, switching to Luxe Bidet products will save you hundreds of dollars annually on toilet paper. 

The W85 bidet that we reviewed in this article is currently priced only at $25. A low-cost bidet like W85 is an all-in-one solution to getting started on saving the environment. Cutting back on single-use paper items like toilet paper could help save money for a family vacation or a room redesign at home.

Benefits of Using Luxe Bidet

Reduced mobility

Temporary or permanent loss of mobility can be unpleasant, irritating, and frequently make it difficult to carry out daily tasks that were once fairly simple, including using the restroom. Conditions include arthritis, broken bones, Dupuytren’s disease, hernias, and rectal surgery can cause partial or total lack of motion.

Over 70 million Americans suffer from arthritis or joint inflammation, which frequently leads to severe debility that inhibits movement. People with illnesses like these can restore the comfort and dignity of using the toilet on their own, thanks to the Luxe Bidet.

Benefits for men

Men can improve their anal cleanliness by using Luxe Bidet’s product posterior wash, which uses soothing warm water to treat constipation and hemorrhoid irritation. Cleaning time on the throne is made more pleasant by the heated water.

Features of Luxe Bidet W85

How to Install Luxe Bidet W85?

Step 1. Gathering the tools

As a famous bidet manufacturer, Luxe has included practically everything you need to install this W85 model in its package. It contains the main unit, a water hose, a T-adaptor, a roll of Teflon tape, some gaskets, and even a tiny plastic wrench.

To capture the water still in the tank or hose, all you need to do is prepare a bucket or some soft cloth. You might need to have an adjustable wrench ready if you discover that the water supply line’s end is too difficult to remove.

Step 2. Turn off the toilet tank water supply

Find the water valve that shuts the water off to the tank in your toilet. Some will immediately close if it is a wall-mounted toilet. To stop the flow of water to the toilet, turn the water valve counterclockwise.

Remove the lid from your toilet tank and flush the toilet while keeping an eye out for any refilling of the tank. Flushing the toilet will remove the water from the tank and allow it to drain from the line, protecting you from becoming wet when you remove the flexible water line in the next step.

Step 3. Remove the water supply line

The water supply line will still contain some water. As a result, you must get a bucket or a soft towel to collect water. Occasionally, you can manually disconnect the water supply line from the water tank intake. But occasionally, a wrench will be necessary. Put the disassembled water supply line end into a pail or soft cloth to stop water from spreading across the area.

Step 4. Remove toilet seat

Lift the toilet seat from the toilet bowl by loosening the nuts at the base of the toilet seat bolt. Before reinstalling all the components, this is a great opportunity to give the toilet a thorough cleaning.

Should I buy Luxe Bidet W85

Step 5. Attach the T-adaptor to the tank inlet

The T-adaptor is used to simultaneously direct water to the toilet and bidet. This is the most important component of the Luxe W85, except the main unit. The T-adaptor is a metal part that is part of the kit and is built of durable material to last for many years. 

Do not forget to tightly screw the T-valve after placing the gasket at the top of the T-valve. You can use your hands to attach it, but a wrench would also work.

Step 6. Reattach your toilet seat

Use the original toilet seat hardware to reinstall the toilet seat on top of the bidet attachment. To guarantee that the bidet attachment and toilet seat do not move, make sure the bolts are tight.

Step 7. Connect luxe bidet W85 to T-valve

The bidet attachment is now securely mounted to the toilet. Obtaining a water source is the next stage in order for it to begin operating. To accomplish that, you must connect the W85 and the T-valve using the bidet hose. 

You can tighten the nuts on the hose’s ends with the use of a wing-nut tool. The T-bottom valve’s thread will be linked to one end of the hose, and the side panel’s bidet inlet will be attached to the other end.

Step 8. Turn on the water supply and check for leaks

At this point, all of the necessary connections should be in place. You can now restart the water supply. In case of leaks, have a towel and bucket ready. Turn the water valve clockwise to activate the water supply line.

The toilet tank will start to fill with water while you listen. As you listen to the tank filling, look for leaks. Make sure no water drips are coming off any connections by inspecting each one.

Step 9. Test Luxe Bidet W85

The Luxe Bidet W85 installation is now complete and ready for testing. This Luxe Bidet has a fairly strong water pressure because it uses the home plumbing system. Therefore, we advise testing it at the lowest pressure setting.

A bucket should be used to collect the water from the nozzle. If not, it will spread to the floor and wall. Test out the self-cleaning function; it’s crucial for your personal hygiene.

How to Increase Luxe Bidet W85 Water Pressure

How to Increase Luxe Bidet W85 Water Pressure?

Check for leaks and damages

Fixing damage and leaks is the first step in restoring your Luxe Bidet W85’s low water pressure. Be cautious about turning off the water supply before checking for cracks. When all other appliances are in good functioning order, and the bidet is the only one experiencing low water pressure, this solution can be useful.

This problem might be caused by a leak, particularly in the fittings specific to the bidet spray. Technically, you would be aware of a leak if water was on the floor. But it is always advisable to double-check to be certain. As you can see, this is one of the first steps to determining whether there is a low water pressure issue.

Open the shut-off valve totally

Any clog in the shut-off valve could be the cause of your Luxe Bidet W85’s low bidet water pressure. You may not have fully opened the shut-off valve after installation. Verify whether the shut-off valve causes any obstruction. If so, correctly open the valve to allow the water to flow.

Change spray modes

When purchasing and installing bidet sprays, there are a few things to remember. There are numerous modes on bidet sprays that alter the water pressure from the bidet nozzle. To avoid causing skin harm, some family members might prefer to apply soft pressure. 

Luxe Bidet offers a variety of spraying options. When using Luxe Bidet spray in your separate houses, be sure to routinely inspect the spray settings.

Check the water pressure regulator

Using a water pressure regulator, you can stabilize your home’s water pressure. It can be turned either clockwise or counterclockwise to change the water pressure. The water pressure in your home may be sufficient to meet the needs of your existing facilities, but not your new Luxe Bidet W85. 

In this situation, you can slightly raise the water pressure to enable the bidet to function. A faulty water pressure regulator can also cause low pressure, so get a new one. You can check it by turning on the sink’s faucet and observing whether the water pressure drops concurrently.

Clean the nozzles

Additionally, the wand of the Luxe Bidet W85 can clog. Your local tap water supply may contain debris, sand, and other particles that might clog the nozzle openings and slow the water flow. Installing a water filter is one approach to lessen the likelihood of this occurring, but doing so requires regular cleaning.

Even though most nozzles have a self-cleaning feature, we suggest that you periodically physically clean it with little vinegar. The water pressure will rise to its normal level once these buildups have been removed.


This concludes the Luxe Bidet W85 review. We hope that our Luxe Bidet W85 review was helpful and that it gave you the knowledge you needed to make an informed choice. 

We personally would only even consider the W85 model because of its warm water feature. The components are finely crafted and long-lasting. Simple controls are provided. The pressure is also good. 

And we advise you to avoid letting the cold water from the bidet touch even more delicate areas if you live somewhere where winters might produce water that is painful on the hands. Therefore, if you have a very limited budget or live somewhere with mild winters, you may find the product to be quite suitable.

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